Best 300 Shipping Companies in The World 2021

Best 300 Shipping Companies in The World 2021

There are thousands of shipping companies you can use to ship your goods, but you may not know which shipping company is best for your business, as a professional freight forwarder in China, Bansar collect the best 300 shipping companies in the world, choose the one you like and start your cooperation.

1. Atlantic Container Line

ACL is one of the top international shipping companies in the world. Atlantic Container Line or ACL provides the most flexible options to and from North America and Europe.

ACL offers efficient transportation services that will minimize the negative environmental impact with their greener, new, G4 vessels reducing emissions per TEU by 65%. ACL will be available online 24/7 to support your growing business.

2. Bering Marine Corporation

Bering Marine Corporation is a leading general cargo carrier in Alaska. If you’re searching for the best shipping company, then Bering may suit your needs. They are highly specialized and been providing marine services to have outstanding water-locked villages or other remote locations in Alaska.

3. Crowley Maritime Corporation 

Crowley was established in 1892. This company is a US-owned, privately-held, and operated logistics, marine, government, and energy solution company based in Jacksonville, Florida.

They provide their services globally thanks to their four primary business units – Crowley (Government) Solutions, Crowley Logistics, Crowley Fuels, and Crowley Shipping.

4. Finnlines 

This company has ordered two Superstar eco-efficient ro-pax vessels and three hybrid ro-ro vessels. Their ro-ro services concentrate on shipment between Finland. Also, they have major trading partners in Europe.

This company also owns offices in Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Poland, Russia, Germany, as well as the United Kingdom along with its extensive international network of relationships. Hence, the high-quality service of Finnlines is guaranteed.

5. The Great Lakes Group

Looking for a one-stop marine transportation organization solution? You can count on The Great Lakes Group. This company is from the diversified marine-related companies group, operating on the Great Lakes.

Their group includes Tugz International LLC, The Great Lakes Towing Company and Great Lakes Shipyard, and Soo Linehandling Services, Inc. This company promises to improve their level of quality and safety in order to achieve the best customer satisfaction.

6. Hapag-Lloyd Container Line

Boost your business with the Hapag-Lloyd Container line. Hapag-Lloyd is one of the best shipping companies in the world. Wherever you are, they can connect to you! In fact, Hapag-Lloyd Container Line is one of the biggest logistics companies worldwide.

Via the Internet, Hapag-Lloyd will increase speed and convenience when solving your particular transport assignment. Just use their real-time online quotation tool Quick Quotes. It’s easy, fast, and available anywhere, anytime.

7. Matson Navigation Company

Matson now offers direct service to Asia from Alaska with Alaska – Asia Express (AAX). You will appreciate their convenience of direct westbound service from Dutch Harbor, Alaska to Shanghai and Ningbo, China. They also transfer at their hub in Shanghai to other cities in Asia via Matson’s partner network.

8. Northern Transportation Company Limited

Looking for a one-stop shipping solution? Northern Transportation Company, working in Canada is a leading pan-Arctic marine operator. They provide reliable, cost-effective, and comprehensive marine transportation and related services throughout Northern Canada and the Arctic.

9. NSC Arkhangelsk

NSC Arkhangelsk, founded in 1870 is the main timber carrier and the oldest Russian shipping firm. A Russian shipping company, Northern Shipping Company (JSC NSC, Arkhangelsk) is one of the major in the Northwest of Russia.

They provide carriage by sea throughout the world, including the Northern Sea Route. Let NSC Arkhangelsk help you boom your business!

10. Polynesia Line

No matter where you are, you can work with Polynesia Line. This company is The China Navigation Company Pte Ltd branch. The Polynesia Line has outstanding regional partnerships, customer relationships, and wide market coverage throughout the world.

They operate modern tonnage and offering a cargo profile, which includes the full range of containerized options, unitized, project cargoes, and breakbulk.

11. RMS

If ever you are looking for the best sea freight companies, you may count on RMS for your best shipping partner. This company is operating a fleet of modern vessels for coastal and sea-river trades in sizes ranging from 1.000 to 4.000 tdwcc. Besides serving as a hub for goods and multimodal handling transport, they are also experts in handling a place for temporary storage.

Also, wherever you are, you can get benefits with their excellent industry knowledge. They will work with you to develop solutions for getting goods to your destination efficiently.

12. Samson Tug & Barge

This company is one of the top shipping companies worldwide. Samson Tug & Barge is an Alaskan owned company. They have regular schedule for barge service between Seattle, WA, and Alaska. They are competitive when it comes to their services. In fact, Samson is offering weekly and bi-weekly schedules.

They have a complete range of cargo and barge hauling services. Definitely, Samson is the best company for your business.

13. TaiYoung Shipping

Taiyoung Shipping, one of the top shipping companies in the world is working 16 general cargo vessels in Asia – from Northeast to Southeast Asia. They offer excellent services with trade routes to Japan, Korea, China, and Russia.

Get benefits with their 60 years of experience in this industry. They will guarantee you excellent services that you can turn to with prompt, safe, and accurate cargo transportation.

14. COSCO (H.K.) Group Limited

One of the best shipping companies you can rely on is COSCO group Limited. Why? Because this company is an owner of a modern ocean-going fleet and works with more than 100 modern vessels, collecting to more than 5 million deadweight tonnes.

COSCO supplies spare parts and marine equipment, enhancing their customer experience with a one-stop technical support service.

15. DS Noren

Founded in 1871, DS NOREN has built a good reputation for supplying stability in an industry defined by volatility. They hold the intelligence they have acquired, gathered, and developed to provide solutions that are tailored to the realities of the marketplace.

They strive to deliver the results to their customers and investors can rely on them.

16. Egon Oldendorff

Their current fleet list comprises Self-Unloaders, Bulk carriers, Container, Open Hatch Vessels, as well as Multipurpose Tweendeck/Container Vessels.

17. Maersk Line

Maersk Line is one of the largest companies around the globe. They have bulk carriers and container ships that are seen in ports all over the world. With Maersk Line, they can manage your logistics and shipments online easier.

From making bookings and finding a price to submitting documents and tracking cargo, you can truly rely on Maersk Line.

18. MOL Corporation

They are a Japanese logistics and shipping company operating 350 vessels world-wide including general cargo, gas tankers, and passenger’s vessels.

19. APL

They are one of the world’s largest ocean carriers. Thanks to their international shipping network, they can provide container transportation. It combines outstanding quality intermodal operations with advanced equipment, technology, and e-commerce.

With more than 170 years of experience, knowledge, and expertise, they are able to help you grow your businesses. They also negotiate in an increasingly complex and ever-changing global marketplace.

20. Reederei NORD Klaus E. Oldendorff

Established in 1964, Reederei NORD Klaus E. Oldendorff is a family-owned international ship management and shipowning company with offices in Limassol, Cyprus, and Hamburg, Germany. It controls a fleet of 37 Tankers, Container vessels, and Bulk carriers.

21. Yang Ming Line

Yang Ming Line is operating fleet currently comprises 46 vessels with a total tonnage of more than two million DWT. They are dedicated to providing sophisticated and global marine transportation services.

They aim to provide you with high-quality “speedy, punctual, economical, and reliable” services. In fact, Yang Ming has become one of the leading shipping companies in the world.

22. Aasen Shipping & Aasen Chartering

Established in 1981, Aasen Shipping acquires a modern fleet of self dischargers. It ranges from List of Best0 to 4.600 tons deadweight. All are equipped with a traveling excavator. They are looking forward to working with you.

23. Canada Steamship Lines

If you are looking for the top shipping companies worldwide, Canada Steamship Lines may help you. They work the world-leading fleet of self-unloading bulkers and moving 30 million tonnes of cargo annually. In fact, the flexibility and size of their fleet guaranteed you an efficient, cost-competitive, and reliable service to their customers.

The cargo they transport includes ore, iron, coal, ilmenite, salt, limestone, slag, dolomite, corn, wheat, canola, soybean, and gypsum.

24. Fednav

Since then, Fednav has been continually perfecting services and standards. They consider being the best leader in international ocean shipping in the world. Fednav never does things the easy way.

They are dedicated to doing it the right way and to provide you excellent services. Excellent services, customer satisfaction, reliability, and fast delivery of your cargo is what Fednav promises always keeps. You can truly rely on FEDNAV for the same level of service you are accustomed to.

25. Gearbulk

Gearbulk is one of the leading carriers of non-ferrous metals and unitized forest products. They operate the world’s largest fleet of open-hatch gantry craned vessels.

In more than 70 countries, their ships make a thousand port calls every year. And take note, within five continents. Their logistics and terminals services guaranteed their dedication to detail throughout the supply chain, as well as their people, onboard, and ashore, make it all happen.

26. Akbasoglu Group

Akbasoglu Group is a Turkish owner of a chemical parcel tanker fleet. They work a young and modern fleet of coastal and regional tankers providing reliable, high-quality, and safe transportation services to the world’s leading oil majors and chemical manufacturers.

Their fleet of small-sized barges and ships plays a big role in their customers’ global supply chains.

27. EnerSea Transport LLC

They are a leading ocean transport of liquified natural gas. Enersea Transport LLC has approvals from the world’s two leading maritime classification societies. It is the Det Norske Veritas (DNV-GL) and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

28. Frontline

Frontline is a well-known leader in refined products and crude oil through international seaborne transportation. They work with a fleet of modern tankers in the Suezmax segments and VLCC. They can be your best shipping company for your business.

29. Herning Shipping A/S

They are providing world-wide chartering of management tonnage, owned tonnage, and time-chartered tonnage. Herning shipping possesses by Nordic Tankers Group. Its fleet is promoted together with other Nordic Tankers owned companies through the Nordic Tankers brand and website.

30. Navigazioni Montanari SpA

Navigazioni Montanari Spa is one of the op shipping companies worldwide. They have been extended their job to the industry of crude oil maritime transportation that highly specialized vessels are needed. The building features of the vessels like the longitudinal bulkhead, double hull, high pumping capacity, and dimensions make the vessels reliable and safe. It complies with the latest requirements for oil pollution prevention and respect for the environment.


CMA CGM Group attains its name from the French acronym “Maritime Freighting Company – General Maritime Company”. Wide range of international services is what you expect with CMA CGM Group, a leading shipping company in the world.

CMA CGM Group offers vessel solutions and container fleet management, cargo cruises, freight delivery, and logistics. This company serves about 420 of the world’s best commercial ports and about 200 shipping lines of its fleet of 509 vessels.


The company is started trading in April 2018 and is a joint venture between Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Nippon Yusen Kaisha, and K-Line. In spite of being a relatively youthful company, ONE has a sizable fleet that contains 31 container ships and 240 container vessels.

Each has a capacity of 20,000 TEU. Meanwhile, the company has more than 14,000 reefer containers.

33. Evergreen Marine Corporation

The Evergreen Marine Corporation is a professional Taiwanese container and shipping transportation company. The group is divided into 3 divisions: Evergreen UK Ltd, Uniglory Marine Corporation, and Italia Marittima S.p. A. 

Countries like the Southern Hemisphere and the Far East, Northern Europe, the Americas,  and the East Mediterranean is their primary trade route. You can count on Evergreen Maine Corporation for your business.

34. Pacific International Lines

Looking for the best international shipping company? Pacific International Lines (PIL) focuses primarily on container shipping. They may be your best shipping partner you’re looking for. The PIL fleet consists of 153 ships and serves more than 500 locations around the world.

The company’s primary routes are between Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, but it also stops at North America, the Black Sea, Australia, New Zealand, and India.

35. Hyundai Merchant Marine

An international shipping company, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) is a leading shipping company globally. Their fleet incorporates more than 130 vessels. To more than 100 ports, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) covers around 50 sea routes worldwide

In addition to international shipping solutions, the company also offers its clients customized supply chain solutions for refrigerated, dry, and specialized cargo.

36. Zim Integrated Shipping Services

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services is a prominent international carrier and Israel’s largest shipping company. The logistics and shipping provider’s headquarters are in Israel, Virginia, Haifa, Norfolk, and Hamburg, Germany. The company also has 170 offices and representatives around the world.



A privately-owned company, Wan Hai Line Ltd provides a wide array of solutions. The services include international logistics and shipping, ship and container rental services, port container terminal operations, and ship and container trading. Wan Hai Lines is the only Taiwan-based carrier that has exclusive terminals in Taichung, Keelung, and Kaohsiung. 

38. Zhonggu Logistics Corporation

Looking for the top container shipping to help you in your business? A Chinese coastal logistics company, Zhonggu Logistics Corporation focuses on container shipping. They may help you with your business to improve. You can get benefits on their fleet of more than 150,000 standard containers, 60 vessels, and works international routes. The company also stops at more than 100 major commercial routes.

39. Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines

The company has primary activities.  Mainly are cargo transportation, container transport, shipping services, and ship management, in the Caspian Sea.

40. Korea Marine Transport Company (KMTC)

Founded in 1954, KMTC is one of Korea’s biggest container shipping solution providers. They have offices in Incheon, Busan, and Ulsan. Their services are 60 ports in China and 30 ports in Japan.

In addition, the company has 22 global networks in Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.

41. Shandong International Transportation Corporation (SITC)

The company provides international clients with transportation solutions and integrated logistics. Shandong International Transportation Corporation has two service segments. First is sea freight logistics, which provides marine transportation services.

The second, segment is land-based logistics, which provides warehousing, integrated freight forwarding, depot, and trucking solutions in Asia.

42. X-Pres

The company is an independent common carrier. They provide international shipping and logistics services. X-Press Feeders Group works routes in Asia, the Middle East, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Mediterranean.

The company is located in Singapore, but it has offices in many countries like Hamburg, Dubai, Barcelona, Panama, and Southampton.

43. TS Lines

TS Lines operated chartered vessels after its formation. Meanwhile, TS Line is expanding its self-owned fleet. They also expect to own 20 vessels within five years. The company currently works on a total of 36 chartered and owned ships.

44. SM Line Corporation

The company is a South Korean transpacific shuttle service. SM Line Corporation uses Busan as a hub port. The company offers a time-and-cost-effective connection between Long Beach and Busan with an immediate response to their customer demand as an independent carrier.

In order to enhance its financial structure, SM Line Corporation separates operation and vessel ownership. By that, they will ensure a rapid response to changes in market demand. SM Line Corporation is also considering a partnership with COSCO for joint activities on routes within Asia. 

45. /EMES

Looking for a multi-dimensional shipping company? This company may help what you need. They work on several levels such as port operations, ship operations, and logistics services. Arkas Line is working in 23 countries through 59 offices such as Greece, Turkey, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Algeria, Marocco, Egypt, and Ukraine.

They also represent companies like OOCL, PIL CCNI,  and UOL. The Arkas has a partnership with a European rail transporter and overland, DB Schenker. What’s more, Arkas has a merchant marine fleet that consists of 37 vessels. This fleet is also Turkey’s largest. 


Sinotrans provides container yards, warehousing, terminal services, and freight stations. When it comes to logistics and freight forwarding, Sinotrans also offers express services, truck transportation, and shipping transportation.

47. Sinokor Merchant Marine

Sinokor Merchant Marine Company offers worldwide container liner solutions, which include shipping, container load services, consultation services, and logistics services.

The company’s container liner services are now cover 16 countries through 60 ports. It includes Russia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and Myanmar. The company also has offices and subsidiaries in Vietnam, India, Cambodia, Bangladesh, the UAE, and Pakistan.

48. Regional Container Lines (RCL)

A Thailand-based company, Regional Container Lines carries out international vessel operations. They own a fleet of outstanding container vessels, which calls on destinations in Asia, Australasia, and the Middle East.

Their core business lines include shipper-owned-container, carrier-owned-container, and value-added logistics services. Also,  their services include a range from domestic haulage, custom house brokerage, and contract logistics arrangements. Cross-country haulage and multi-country supply chain management also fall under this service category.

49. PT Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines

They are an inter-island freight forwarding company headquartered in Surabaya, Indonesia. PT Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines operates with a fleet consisting of 73 vessels. This company also has 29 offices in many strategic locations throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

Its mission is to meet the increasing demand and grow its coverage for inter-island shipments. Since 1996, PT Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines increased its provision from handling breakbulk cargo to efficient transportation with unitized containers.

50. Unifeeder

A Denmark-based container company, Unifeeder has a work route between Rotterdam, Gothenburg & Hamburg, and Bremerhaven. According to the company, Unifeeder has the biggest network in northern Europe. They cover 45 ports in western Europe and offer door-to-door solutions to land-locked countries like Switzerland and Austria. You can really count on UNIFEEDER for your shipping needs!

51. Niledutch

NileDutch is a popular container shipping company in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. They focus primarily on the links between West Africa and the rest of the world.

Niledutch has been an established network of offices and agents and been an active firm for more than 30 years. The company is also familiar with the African market and can respond rapidly to changes in the economies.

52. Swire Shipping

Swire Shipping is the business name for the shipping services that The China Navigation Company works. Swire Shipping’s shipping services cater to the South Pacific regions and Asia, Australia, North America, New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East, and the Indian Subcontinent.

Swire Shipping has a multipurpose vessel fleet that can cover a wide range of cargo types. Also, they can carry containerized cargoes and heavy project lifts.

53. Grimaldi (Napoli) 

This company is an Italian conglomerate of companies. They offer a wide array of shipping and logistics solutions. They also have subsidiaries such as a cargo and ferry company, Grimaldi Lines, a container-based cargo service, Atlantic Container Line, and Minoan Lines, these are a ferry company that works between Greece and Italy.

They are a primary shipping company that is experts in the maritime transport of automobiles, shipping containers, and other vehicles, and machinery. In order to support Italy’s automobile industry, they have an excellent fleet of car carriers.

54. Emirates Shipping Line

Founded in 2006, the Dubai-based company, Emirates Shipping Line works 9 service routes to the China, Middle East, India, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

If you are importing products from and to your location, Bansar can help you connect with them.

55. Interasia Line

Founded in Tokyo, Japan, the company Nichinankaiun co., Ltd was established in Sept. 1967. They work hard for developing non-regular and regular sea route logistics in Southeast Asia.

Interasia Line has been a long operating service between Singapore and Japan in particular. Through the years, Interasia Line has widened its service network to different countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Myanmar, and Korea.

56. Tanto Intim Line

If you’re looking for the best shipping partner, Tanto Intim Line may help you. They have been working in this industry for more than 40 years. Through the years in service, the company has to cater to different industries in their cargo solutions.

Tanto Intim Line will be your dependable partner for future and present cooperation. Additionally, they can comfort you with exact decisions by applying a customer-oriented business operation.

57. Seaboard Marine

Established in 1983, Seaboard Marine is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seaboard Corporation. They are a world-class ocean carrier that offers shipping services between the Caribbean, North America, Central, and South America.

58. Meratus Line

Meratus is one of the best Indonesian shipping companies. The company is consistently enhancing its service quality to meet your satisfaction.

Their container liner service networks connect and cover all areas in Indonesia. Their comprehensive network combined with the regularity of professionalism, their services, and the expertise of their team makes shipping your product a hassle-free and easy process.

59. Ningbo Ocean Shipping Company

Want easy and hassle-free processes for your shipping needs? Founded in 1979, Ningbo Ocean Shipping Company is what you need. They excellent transportation support services. The company was renamed Ningbo Ocean Shipping Supply Co., Ltd. after transforming in June 2001.

The company specializing in ocean shipping supply that includes screws’ articles of daily use, marine articles, bonded store, marine accessories, spare parts, equipment in Port of Ningbo.

60. Transworld Group

Transworld Group of companies is a shipping agency, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai).  Established in 1977, Transworld Group is trusted for handling an extensive range of solutions from ship owning to project logistics to warehousing.

Definitely, Transworld Group will be your reliable long-term partner for corporations seeking associated services and world-class logistics.

61. Great White Fleet

Serving Central America from the United States and Europe, Great White Fleet is here to handle your cargo needs.

62. Shanghai Jinjiang Shipping

Shanghai Jinjiang Shipping Group Co. Ltd. provides shipping services. The Company offers international container transportation, international shipping logistic, ship leasing, cargo agency, and other services.

63. Linea Messina

Messina Line is the maritime shipping division of Ignazio Messina & C. They are one of Italy’s most historical shipping lines. The company is working a total fleet of 41,000 TEU containers and 21 ships in between owned and chartered.

64. Samudera Shipping Line

Samudera Shipping Line positions themselves as a dependable logistics partner for their customers who manufacture and/or distribute such cargoes.

In order to provide stable and reliable sea transportation solutions for their customers, they invest in modern & young tonnage of size optimum for their customers’ needs.

65. Dalian Trawind Marine Shipping Company

Dalian Trawind Marine Shipping Company offers discrete, fast, professional, and creative Vessel Tracking and Marine Investigation services. Those include Asset Searches and a wide variety of other research and investigation suited to your specific requirements.

66. Namsung Shipping Services

Founded in 1953, Namsung Shipping Services provides marine transportation services. They lead logistics innovation in Asia with more than 400 trained employees, 19 owned ships, and a cutting-edge IT system connecting 34 in Japan, 6 ports in Korea, 7 in intra-Asia, and 10 in China.

67. Temas Line

TEMASLINE offers a one-stop service in providing services to customers throughout Indonesia Archipelago. Beside sea transportation service, and other services.

68. Shipping Corporation of India

The SCI also has substantial interests in different segments of the shipping trade. In fact, their owned fleet includes Crude oil tankers, Bulk carriers, Phosphoric Acid / Chemical carriers, Container vessels, Product tankers, Passenger-cum-Cargo vessels, LPG / Ammonia carriers, and Offshore Supply Vessels.

69. OCL

OCL is a leading shipping company that works a container feeder service between Duqm and Salalah in Oman, Jebel Ali in the UAE, and Sohar, the Gulf Express Service (GEX). As the best liner operator, they have been made the strategic transition to being a third party feeder operator.

70. Tote Maritime

The group is dedicated to exceeding their clients’ expectations with integrity, efficiency, and unparalleled customer service.

They are equally committed to their own employees such as fostering a working environment where they are inspired, respected, and recognized for excellent work.

71. Dole Ocean Cargo Express

Dole Ocean Cargo Express provides dependable service to commercial customers on Dole’s vessels. Their outstanding fleet of chartered and owned vessels lessens the efficiency of marine transportation. Also, they address the condemning issues of moving time-sensitive perishable products between the United States, Latin America & Europe.

72. Chipolbrok

Founded in 1951, Chipolbrok is a Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Shipping Company. They are the first joint venture in the People’s Republic in China.

Chipolbrok enjoys a premium professional fleet for project cargo transportation and heavy lift to provide differentiated, better, and professional services for every client with diversified and customized needs, improving its young vessel age, ever-increasing capacity, streamlined structure, energy conservation, excellent performance, and environmental friendliness.

73. FESCO Transportation Group

FESCO is one of the largest transport and logistic company in Russia. They provide door-to-door logistics solutions and control almost all steps of the intermodal transportation value chain.

74. Westwood Shipping Lines

Are you searching for expert shipping companies to handle your cargoes? Westwood Shipping Lines is the answer. They are a non-alliance independent carrier that has been considered a transpacific trade lane expert for over 35 years.

Westwood serves customers in China, Korea, Japan, and North America with a fixed-day sailing schedule. Also, they provide on-time, predictable, transportation alternatives for containerized, forest products, and oversized cargo.

75. Log-in Logistica

Log-in Logistica Intermodal SA is a professional freight transportation company. They can provide container and rail-shipping services. Log-in Logistica owns a fleet of cargo ships. They also have container terminals located in the states of Espirito Santo, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, and Bahia.

76. Straits Orient Line (SOL)

Straits Orient Lines is a part of Transworld Group in Singapore that formed with the aim to be your number one choice. SOL provides a network of reliable container feeder services thanks to its fleet of owned and chartered container vessels connecting transshipment ports in Singapore, Malaysia, and Colombo with India Sub-Continent.

77. Peel Ports

Peel Ports is one of the UK’s largest port workers with facilities in Heysham, Clydeport, Dublin, Liverpool, Great Yarmouth, London & Manchester.

78. Qatar Navigation Logistics

If you are looking for the best logistics company in the world, you are in the right place. You can choose Qatar Navigation Logistics. This company is a firm of public shareholding maritime and logistics company. Qatar Navigation Logistics provides you with integrated transport and supply chain solutions.

79. Caribbean Feeder Service (CFS)

If you are searching for a shipping company with excellent service. You can always trust Caribbean Feeder Service. They are experts in handling your shipping needs in the easiest and hassle-free process.

80. Chun Kyung Shipping Company

Chun Kyung Shipping Company provides General Transportation and other services in Seoul, South Korea.

81. VASI Shipping

This company counts on a trusted global network of ship owners that assures safe, economical, and smooth delivery of their client’s cargoes, anywhere in Asia and beyond.

VASI Shipping specializes in container services that are cost-effective, dependable, and focused on catering professionally handled, customer-oriented shipment solutions.

82. Turkon Line

Turkon Line was established in 1997. They are active in container transportation services in European, the American, Mediterranean, and Black Sea markets. The mention places are one of the leading brands in the industry.

Turkon Lines owns offices in America, Ankara, Bursa, Mersin, Izmir, Istanbul, England, Germany, and Belgium. The company continues to improve its service network with agencies it has contracted in different parts of the world.

83. Boluda  Lines

The company offers maritime transport services. They are dedicated to international freight management and comprehensive maritime transport.

Boluda Lines is an expert door-to-door services provider. The company works shipping lines connecting the Iberian Peninsula with the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Italy, Northern Europe, the west coast of Africa, and Cape Verde.

84. Taicang Container Lines

Taicang Container Lines is located on the south bank of the Yangtze River. The company’s development speed is fast, which is at the forefront among the national provincial local shipping companies.

85. Independent Container Line

If ever you look for professional shipping companies, you can choose Independent Container Line.  They are a world-class steamship line that provides international container transportation between the East Coast and Northern Europe. The company works the industry’s most dependable container shipping delivery network connecting the United States and Europe.

86. Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines

Looking for the best shipping partner for your business? You may trust Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines with its excellent services. The company is an expert in offering specialized containers, oversize cargo ocean transport, and vehicle as a world leader in logistic services and integrated transportation services. With Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines, shipping a full range of cargo types between the Mainland and Hawaii has never been so quick, easy, and trouble-free.

87. MTT Shipping

MTT Shipping was established in 2010. They developed into one of the leading carriers in Malaysia through the continuous delivery of quality and reliable services.

88. Interworld Shipping Agency

If you’re looking for an expert company that can handle your shipping needs. Then Interworld Shipping Agency is your shipping partner. This company has rich experience in the maritime and shipping industry. Interworld Shipping Agency is committed to shipping what they promise by supplying quality standard crew providing confidence and trust to their partners for their business continuity by protecting the environment, securing life, preserving the asset, and protecting company reputation.

89. EAS International Shipping Co., Ltd

Established in Hongkong in 1989, EAS is working and providing excellent services that cover Tianjin, Yantai, Dalian, Qingdao, Shanghai, Lianyungang, and Ningbo, Kwangyang, Incheon, the 7 main ports in China and Busan, Gyeong-in, and Pyeongtak, and the 5 main ports in Korea.

EAS has achieved a complete near-sea network in China/Korea regional area with as many as 27 schedules a week.

90. Baltic Reefers

Founded in 2009, Baltic Reefers specialized in supplying logistical services, shipping agencies, protecting the commodity trade from and to Ecuador.

They provide all your information regarding the arrival of the loading schedule and the vessel, provide stevedores with detailed load-plan in accordance with cargo booking, arrange logistic involved in container movements in the ports, and many more services offered.

91. Marfret

Looking for the best sea freight partner? Marfret may be the one you are looking for. They are professional in shipping lines and direct sea routes. With almost 100 ports of call globally, the company ships containers on a global scale.

Marfret is a run shipping and family-owned company specializing in container trade focusing on different countries like Europe, the Caribbean, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

92. Eimskip

The company is a hollow player in forwarding services specializing in reefer forwarding. Also, Eimskip focuses on selling forwarding services by making use of its global network of the Company’s international deep-sea lines, its own offices, and its associates.

Eimskip is a specialist in the transportation of temperature-controlled cargo, where seafood products play an essential role.

93. Pan Ocean

Pan Ocean is a worldwide shipping company representing Korea. This company obtain a global reputation and gaining trust not only in the bulk carrier services but also in high value-added ships services like tankers, container ships, and heavy lifter vessels.

94. King Ocean Services

King Ocean Services is one of the best freight forwarding companies in Miami. They offer the highest level of global cargo shipping services throughout the Western Hemisphere.

The company offers an array of maritime-transport services between its ports in the state of Florida. They also offer more than a dozen ports throughout South, Central America, and the Caribbean.

95. Far Shipping

Established in 2002, Far Shipping is one of the world-leading container feeder services connecting the Indian Subcontinent with hub ports in Singapore.

Meanwhile, Far Shipping operates with many different Cellular Container Vessels of varying capacities, which provide time-bound sailing options linking all the Subcontinents’ major ports.

96. Philippines Span Asia Carrier Corporation

Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corp. is one of the biggest domestic shipping companies in the Philippines. The company has a great number of gross tonnage and vessels. Also, they provide inter-island cargo services throughout the major ports and cities in the Philippines.

97. Samskip

The largest network in Europe, Samkip company specializes in high-frequency services, linking across the world such as the Baltic States, Russian, Europe, and Central Asia.

They offer both quay-to-quay and door-to-door by combined transport utilizing a wide array of trucks, trains, vessels, and containers.

Sanskip has offices in 35 countries across America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. They offer excellent transport services and related services by sea, rail, land, and air, throughout the world, focusing on cost reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions.

98. Dongjin Shipping

They are a registered container ship that was established in 2011. Dongjin Shipping will be your reliable shipping partner for your business!

99. Pan Continental Shipping

Pan Continental Shipping company’s operator and ship-owner have provided global shipping services including their own full container services in Korea-Hongkong-Vietnam-Thailand and Korea-Japan-China trades.

100. Tehama Shipping

They represent some of the world’s largest and renowned Shipping lines. They have a break-bulk team with knowledge in handling all types of vessels that covers an extensive range of cargoes like cement, steel, plywood, timber, sugar, wheat, rice, etc.

101. Borchard Lines

A British company, Borchard Lines has been operating services of liner shipping since 1933. Well, in fact, its origin as the owner of the ship goes back to the 19th century.

Borchard Lines is a joint liner service and works independently that provides weekly sailings between numerous ports within Europe and the Mediterranean. With the emphasis on regularity and dependability, Borchard provides industry-leading reliability with over 93% on-time arrivals.

102. Shin Yang Shipping

Shin Yang Shipping is engaged in property holding. They are involved in the provision of regional and domestic, and international shipping services, shipping, and forwarding agency, ship repair, shipbuilding, and fabrication of metal structures.

103. China United Lines

Established in 2005, China United Lines is a rapidly growing shipping liner by Unitrans Group Co, Ltd. They engage in cross Taiwan Strait liner services, domestic liner services, international container liner services,  chartering services, and Yangtze River feeder services.

104. Bengal Tiger Line

Wanting a hassle-free to export or import your needs? Bengal Tiger Lines may be suited for you. They offer worldwide air freight services. They have a trained and professional team handling all your export and import needs regardless of the type of shipment you plan to ship.

The company has a Head Office located in Singapore, the midships of the Asian economies. Bengal Tiger Line will be the best place to react quickly to market demands and take advantage of  Regional development.


Wanting a hassle-free to export or import your needs? ADNATCO may be suited for you. They offer worldwide air freight services globally. They have a trained and professional team handling all your export and import needs regardless of the type of shipment you plan to ship.

106. Rong Shang Logistics

The company is an international logistic company in Tianjin, China. They are approved and qualified Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC).

They rely on a unique business philosophy, as well as the tireless spirit and innovation, developing domestic and overseas business.

107. Neptune Pacific LInes

Looking for the best logistic companies for your business? Then Neptune Pacific Lines company may you need. They are one of the best international freight forwarding companies. The company will bring cost-effective solutions throughout the Middle East and the CIS thanks to their project logistics and relocation management.

108. Kambara Kisen

If you’re looking for the best logistic companies for your business? Kambara Kisencompany may you need. The company is one of the best international freight forwarding companies in the world. They are committed to providing excellent services that respond to your different needs. And that’s the core of the company.

109. Grupo Sousa

Since then, Grupo Sousa acquires customer trust and loyalty by rapidly responding to the inquiries of the customer. With its leadership, enthusiasm, and unwavering design, the company has become one of the best freight companies in the world. They are committed to providing outstanding services to suit all your needs.

110. Imoto Lines

Founded in 1973, Imoto Lines Company caters to a wide array of freight forwarding services such as international ocean freight, air freight, insurance, warehousing, customs brokerage and clearance, distribution, and computerized cargo tracking.

Oceanic Cargo Lines has over 14 years of experience in the liner business. The company offers outstanding services that not found in other container shipping organizations.

If you have a business, Oceanic Cargo Lines will be your outstanding shipping partner as they offer all cargo and shipping requirements such as hauling, trucking, equipment rental, brokerage, cargo consolidation, container freight service, and container yard operations.

112. TCI Seaways

In 1995, TCI seaways became an independent sea cargo division. The division has 7 vessels and 6200 containers. The company provides excellent services like Charter/Liner/agency activities/Project Handling/Stevedoring, ship management, Multi-modal, and transportation services.

TCI Seaways does Coastal Shipping under domestic services, containerized business and project cargo, Agency Service, and under International Services Break Bulk.

The cargo of TCI Seaways includes a wide variety of products including reefer and perishables cargo, cattle, and general cargo to the islands.

113. Dalian Jifa Bohai Rim

They are located in the Liaoning Province of China. They are a shipowner, ship manager, and other services they provide. Dalian Jifa Bohai Rim short for DBR is a professional container line company.

Dalian Jifa Bohai Rim is one of the biggest feeder service company in China, providing professional service for you. They are looking to further improve their business with you!

114. StreamLines (Seatrade BV)

StreamLines is a professional and specialized reefer operator. In fact, they work a fleet of around 100 specialized reefer vessels. StreamLine company is particular in handling your refrigerated cargo.

Their highly skilled and flexible team and agency network allow them to go a step further and accept a great variety of dry and breakbulk cargo.

The services provided by StreamLines offers fast delivery of your cargoes to and from a wide range of ports in the Caribbean, Central America, the USA, and Europe.

115. SASCO (Sakhalin Shipping Co)

SASCO or Saudi Automotive Services Company is a  leading public shareholding company in Saudi. their activities are mean in a number of motels, car service center, fuel transportation, restaurant, the provision of beverages as well as the import and sale of equipment supplied using a well-maintain and modern equipment.

The company is operating within a framework of values that they believe will help them to achieve their vision and mission. All of the employees in SASCO are very responsible for acquiring professional conduct guaranteed the highest standards including fairness, honesty, and commitment.

116. ASEAN Seas Line

ASEAN Seas Line was founded in 2001. They are a leading carrier from China does tracking numbers in the following online tracker system in order to trace and track your Container, Cargo, Shipment, and Get Real-time delivery. They have rich experience in container liner fleet operation.

117. Pendulum Express Line

Pendulum Express Line offers different feeder services as a vessel operator. Pendulum is one of the best and experienced feeder businesses in the country. Additionally, the company launches services to India. Pendulum will be your best shipping partner for your business.

118. Del Monte Fresh Produce

Del Monte Fresh Produce is a professional upstanding integrated marketer, producer, and distributor of outstanding quality fresh vegetables and fresh-cut fruit.

The company is also a professional manufacturer and distributor of prepared food in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

119. Intermodal Shipping

Established in 1970, the company is licensed to work as a manning and shipping agency as defined by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), and other relevant Philippine regulatory authorities.

120. Philippine Transworld Shipping Corporation

Founded in 1977, Philippine Transworld Shipping COrporation will be your best shipping partner in the Philippines. They provide reliable, fast, and guarantee the highest quality service to their customers.

They will provide you the most convenient, highest quality, efficient, and economical services obtainable by building close. They are committed to lifelong relationships with their customers and to innovative performance and approach to meet customer’s expectations and goals.

121. AAI Worldwide Logistics

Are you looking for the best air freight forwarding company? AAI Worldwide Logistics, founded in 1981 is your best partner. Their office is 50 sqm headquartered in Tramo, Pasay, Philippines.

They have 500 employees and 51 hectares of warehouse space to cater to your needs. Services of AAI Worldwide Logistics are air freight, sea freight, forwarding, distribution, warehousing, project cargo, business process outsourcing, and more.

122. Norbulk Shipping

Get benefits with Norbulk Shipping’s 35 years of experience in crewing, technical ship management, and technical services to ship owners. Through the years, they constantly provide their clients with the highest standards of services and operations.

They are aiming to excel in the services of ship management and to ensure the well-being and safety of their seafarers and the protection of the environment for future generations.

123. Pinoy Box Express

Established in 2009, Pinoy Box Express is a world-leading cargo forwarding company with offices in the Philippines, specializing in consolidation, packing, and shipping of balikbayan boxes to the Philippines.

Pinoy Box Express is a partner you can trust. They are committed to high-quality and customer satisfaction. They provide very low and affordable services.

124. F2 Logistics

They are a leading provider of value-added services. They will be your best partner in your shipping needs since they vast experience and expertise of a team of devoted logistics practitioners and professionals and who will ensure excellence in all facets of the supply chain.

F2 Logistics has grown to be a comprehensive integrated business solution partner, offering diverse and cost-efficient logistics services to all market segments in all channels across most industries.

125. Infinity Logistics Philippines

Infinity Logistic was established in 2005. They started as a licensed international freight forwarder and NVOCC. The company is professional in land transportation and sea freight cargos services.

In terms of services and coverage, Infinity Logistics has grown and expanded. Nowadays, the company offers different cargo, shipping, logistical, and handling requirements of Multi-Modal transportation.

126. Cheska Freight

Cheska Freight is capable to facilitate the process in order to keep away from delays in your business operations and supply chain. You can really trust their customs clearance agents to know the outs and ins of the process.

Their team is knowledgeable in export and import guidelines in the Philippines that help simplify the customs clearance process. Cheska Freight knows the local shipping requirements, prohibited products, and other relevant information to expedite your shipment.

127. Manila Forwarder

Manila Forwarder is an independent business company, providing the best possible balikbayan box service at very affordable services. You can truly trust their services for all your needs to reconnect to the country through travel, door-to-door shipping, and money remittances services.

Manila Forwarder provides the best alternative to those who want security, efficiency, and safety in balikbayan box cargo shipping at a reasonable cost by making use of the latest technology, dependable team members, and network that drives them to be one of the most trusted balikbayan box company in the world.

128. ATE Freight

The company is responsible for responding to all customer’s inquiries concerning air freight and sea freight shipment, export, and import requirements. They are consisting of customs representatives, documentation staff, and supervisors.

ATE Freight can handle no matter what your requirements are. Whether COntainerized (FCL), Consolidation (LCL), and CY-to-CY, Door-to-Door, airfreight and sea freight department from ATE Freight can handle it with care.

129. Pacific Cargo Services

Pacific Cargo Services is a leading logistics and freight provider. They offer end-to-end and tailor-fit services to clients. They have a proven track record in seamless customs releasing and freight forwarding, which enables them to maintain excellent service delivery for air and sea freight alike.

The perseverance, motivation, willingness, and loyalty of their staff to strive for excellence. These made it possible for them to compete successfully in the global marketplace.

130. Majestic Group Global Logistics

The company provides timely, cost-effective, and top-notch logistics solutions to its customers in both the exportation and importation of goods. They treat their customers the way they wanted to be treated.

Majestic Group Global Logistics Inc. is a team-driven in gaining the repeat and respect businesses from every customer they take by providing utmost importance to their logistics obligations.

131. Susumi Philippine Logistics

Susumi Philippine Logistics was established to produce outstanding financial returns for shareowners. This company is professional in providing high value-added transportation, supply chain, logistical services, business, and related information.

With Susumi Philippine Logistics, your requirements will be exceeded in the highest quality manner appropriate to each market segment served.

They will strive to produce mutually rewarding relationships with their partners, suppliers, and employees. At Susumi, safety is the first consideration in all their operations. And corporate activities are all realized to higher ethical and professional standards.

132. Dependable Global Express

Dependable Global Express or DGX is one of the respected international air and ocean freight service providers. They serve worldwide air and ocean destinations through most airports or ports, from and to any point in the United States, as well as between foreign points.

The company has gateways and terminals in Oakland, Long Beach, Portland, New York, Chicago,  Seattle, Atlanta, and Houston. Additionally, DGX has 14 offices located throughout Oceania, Pacific Rim, Asia, and the Pacific Islands.

133. GCLPI

GCLPI was established in 2007. The company has a highly experienced team, PROFESSIONAL ENTREPRENEURS, within the realm of forwarding, shipping, warehousing, customs brokerage, and trucking.

The company sustains its integrity and strength in line with clients’ expectations for value and quality for money, they make sure that they serve their needs with excellent service performance.

134. Cadano Cargo

Cadano Cargo is a leading International Freight Forwarding Company. They studied the customer’s peculiar circumstances and requirements. For there, they advise clients on the best methods to import or export their goods.

As a leading shipping company, Cadano Cargo offers a wide array of solutions not only on the logistics and supply aspect of their transaction. But also on the potential Financial, Legal, Compliance Issue, and Accounting when necessary.

135. Ernest Logistics

Ernest Logistics Service started was established in 2009. The company is a trucking business that provides containerized hauling of cargoes for the domestic market.

However, the company had a greater determination and larger vision to improve its business which eventually leads to the launching of its domestic forwarding services and freight management in the very same year.

The company’s core values include innovation, customer-centered, strong work ethic, commitment, efficiency, efficacy, teamwork, accountability, and integrity.

136. UMAC Express Cargo

UMAC maintains an in-house fleet of delivery trucks. Unlike other competitors, UMAC ensures that your boxes get to your loved ones efficiently and safely. UMAC will be the trusted shipping partner of your friends and family abroad.

For almost 31 years in the service of delivering love, UMAC is your most trusted freight forwarder!

137. Johnny Air Cargo

Johnny Air Cargo provides a way to send packages from the USA to the Philippines. With Johnny Air Cargo, you are guaranteed that your packages are shipped to your loved ones efficiently, quickly, and for the lowest amount of money.

138. AP Cargo

AP Cargo is one of the leading domestic logistics and shipping providers in the Philippines. The company involves quickly into a nationwide air-shipping pioneer in the years to come.

A well-known shipping provider, AP Cargo remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering more possibilities whether through air, land, or sea. This company is the only logistics company that handles packages, partnerships, and people with care.

139. ATN

All Transport Network is one of the leading pioneers of the industry in the Philippines. They have been providing international freight forwarding services for 30 years.

The company is committed to supplying the most sensible transport solutions – aiming for efficiency, reliability, and quality whilst keeping overhead costs down.

140. Able Cargo

Able Cargo is over 35 years of experience in the shipping industry. They offer comprehensive air transportation and ocean shipping service. Their biggest asset is customer service, with a global perspective.

Able Cargo believes in giving their customers a “Top Class” service along with the least pricing. The company has warehouse locations throughout the USA and in all US Major ports for receiving goods for international shipments to all worldwide destinations.

141. Sky2c

Sky2C is a US-based Freight Forwarding company. The company is committed to providing businesses throughout individuals and diverse industry verticals worldwide. Sky2C Freight Systems Inc, was established in February of 2000 and has been serving a wide range of customers worldwide for over 20 years.

This company is a leading relocation services provider and global freight provider, headquartered in San Francisco, California USA. At Sky2C, they offer their clients a comprehensive suite of logistics services and shipping solutions.

142. Belize Concierge & Shipping

Belize Concierge & Shipping (BCS) is an operated business and Belizean owned business. They are a full-line freight business that receives goods from different countries to forward to Belize.

They ship electronics, appliances, furniture, construction supplies, and consolidated barrels and boxes.  In addition to transporting items from Los Angeles and Las Vegas to Belize, the company also provides expatriates and Belizeans from different countries worldwide the luxury of shopping online and receiving their consolidated packages in Belize.

143. International Package Shipping

International Package Shipping has six decades of experience. Through the years, they have been trusted to direct delivery to receivers through their trusted network of Air, Trucking, Ocean, and Package carriers with tracking through the journey of your package.

The company is one of the most experienced and well-known customer-to-customer shipping company with service to Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Albania, Finland, France, Germany, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Bosnia and Hercegovina,  Denmark, Estonia, Great Britain, Greece – mainland (not islands), Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain,  Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

144. Pacific Crating & Shipping

More and more clients have trusting Pacific Crafting & Shipping for their more than 30 years in the service and employees relocating overseas. The company is committed to providing superior custom crates, problem-free international moves, and dependable shipping services.

The company is fully bonded and licensed. They maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for more than a decade. Also, Pacific Crafting & Shipping is also a member of the Household Goods Forwarders Association of America and the International Association of Movers.

145. Planet Express

If you collect all packages in their warehouse they can consolidate them in one bigger box. That is the main way how to save money on shipping. Planet Express ships a big volume of the package. That’s why Planet Express gets a big discount on shipping. They pass the discount to their customers.

146. Fast Pack & Ship

The company can ship and pack almost anything to anywhere in the world. Shipping is only one way they can help to make their customer’s life easier. In addition to their ship and pack and ship service, they are also Fresno’s premier copy, print and document services center.  Large or small, black and white or color; if it can be printed, Fast Pack & Ship can handle it!


The company provides their clients with specialized final mile delivery options.  It is an especially useful service for businesses with large items, unpacked, or packaged.

The company serves all of California, they work with their clients to create uniquely tailored logistics plans. A final mile delivery service designed for you and the needs of your business.

148. Direct Express Auto Transport

Direct Express Auto Transport is offering online visitors, a quick vehicle shipping rate. There’s no personal information needed to receive a quote. The company was the first shipping company that utilizes instant online auto transport quote.

If you need a hassle-free to export or import your needs? Direct Expres Auto Transport is the answer! They have a trained and professional team handling all your export and import needs regardless of the type of shipment you plan to ship.

149. General Logistics Systems US

General Logistics Systems US is formerly known as GSO. This company is committed to providing you and your customers a delivery experience and high-quality shipping.

More than just a freight delivery and parcel provider, General Logistics Systems US looks beyond your shipments with their dedicated account managers focused on building the optimal solutions for your specific shipping needs.


A truckload or delicate art pieces of wine bottles needs extra care. Different types of damages can occur during transport. If you want timely delivery and guaranteed safe delivery of more than just affordability, you can rely on The Box Zone company in California. It is the best way to make sure that your items reach their destinations intact and on time.

Many companies seldom offer competitive prices as The Box Zone can. You can visit their shops anytime to avail of high quality yet affordable freight services, Orange County and Long Beach can offer.

151. Purolator

Purolator is over 50 years in the industry. You can really trust their services as they continue to expand its renowned service levels, reach, reliability to more businesses, people, and more places throughout the country and the world.

The company will deliver your shipment on-time and safely, within the U.S or to Canada and international destinations. Give your business a competitive edge with Purolator Freight and get coast-to-coast freight shipping throughout Canada and the U.S.

152. eShipper

eShipper is your reliable one-stop shipping solution in the Cloud. When you bear with them, they can give you carrier comparison and instant quotes on all your shipment.

If you want to drive the eCommerce business forward, you can count on eShipper because they integrate all major shopping carts. With eShipper, you can focus your bottom line to grow! Whether you are shipping 1 or 100, eShipper will assist you to decrease spend and increase performance.

153. Freightera

If you’re looking for the best and reliable online freight marketplace, then Freightera, which operates from Canada is what you need. They are a leading online freight marketplace that brings your freight shipping easy and transparent.

Their services allow wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers to quickly find the best all-inclusive rates from hundreds of FTL and LTL carriers in the US and Canada, they are online, 24/7.

It matches empty trucks with shippers searching for great deals and removes inefficiencies of traditional broker freight, eliminating untold amounts of wasted time, money, and energy.

154. CSA Transportation

CSA Transport, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada builds good relationships by taking the time to understand the shipping needs of its customers. Their custom-tailored solutions, no voicemail policy, and friendly attitude guaranteed a pleasant experience.

155. SLH Transport

SLH Transport was founded in 1985. They were initially created to bring efficiency to the transportation segment of the Sears supply chain. SLH Transport serves a wide array of retail outlets and vendors throughout the USA and Canada. It was a great training ground and foundation for delivering just in time truckload services.

Over 20 years later, the company still maintains long-term relationships with its original customers but has multiple service offerings, added hundreds of other customers, and a variety of equipment types.

156. C&D Logistics

C&D Logistics serves North America since 1999. The company is a full-service 3rd party logistics operation. Their mission is to help you simplify your logistical needs while allowing you to save your money and time by using their large network across North America and around the World.

C&D Logistics has over 1000 freight businesses across North America and throughout the world. They can help you to reduce your shipping costs and committed to improving their customer service levels.

The company knows that they have trained logistics professionals working for them, ensuring that their freight is moved at the lowest cost in a safe and secure manner.

157. Polaris Transportation Group

Polaris Transportation Group, headquartered in Mississauga, Canada has won the prestigious CCJ Innovator of the Year Award. Generally, the award is a gathering of trucking-industry executives, meeting for three days of networking and presentations.

The award was given for the company’s unique technology of robotic process automation that digitizes information and processes. This could ensure that all your shipping needs will be precisely handled with Polaris Transportation Group.

158. RoadLINX

If you are looking for a reliable shipping company in Canada, RoadLINX is one of the top international shipping companies and freight trucking. The company has built its services on being the top trucking companies. They offer safe, reliable, and cost-effective transportation in the US and Canada shipping along with intermodal services.

At RoadLINX, trucking companies are being more than just transportation services providers in Toronto. By hiring the best drivers, technicians, and brokers, they’re able to serve as transportation Canada can truly rely on for even the most difficult shipments.

159. Ontario Container Transport

Looking for a reliable container transportation company? You can count on Ontario Container Transport Inc. They utilize truck drayage to provide freight services to container providers. The company proceeds ramp-to-ramp, containers door-to-door, or any combination. At Ontario Container Transport, they can move your containers on-time and safely!

160. Universal Logistics

Universal Logistics is a family-owned company, innovating logistics solutions that never forgets the importance of family values. When you bear with them even just once, you will quickly discover the Universal Logistics difference.

It all started with an unmatched commitment to exceeding your shipping needs for innovative logistics solutions. And its finishes with a unique and equal commitment to honor.

All in all, the company is offering you the best of the future and the past with breakthrough services and products available exclusively from Universal Logistics.

161. star/trac

Star/trac is a private-owned company from Germany that experts in the intelligent implementation of automated. The company is efficient in transport management on industrial, chemical, and logistical sites. A wide range of global players of the industries have been their customers for many years and highly appreciated for their process consulting.

The core business of star/trac consists of well-tried standard products and individual solutions as well as their professional and pragmatical implementation.

162. Heppner

Heppner is a leading specialist in logistics and transport solutions with 8,000 customers, sales of 715.5 million euros, and 3,100 employees. Heppner will be your independent market leader and partner in an international exchange with France as the starting and destination country.

163. MSC

Founded in 1970, MSC is a privately owned global shipping company in Germany by Gianluigi Aponte. The company is one of the world’s leading container shipping lines headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. MSC works in over 493 offices across more than 155 countries worldwide with over 70,000 employees.

Additionally, the company accesses an integrated network of rail, sea, and road transport resources that stretches throughout the globe. They pride themselves on delivering global service with local knowledge.

164. Borealis Maritime

The company employs well-trained and qualified professionals anchored in the shipping industry. Their expertise draws from a proven track record in maritime assets management for financial investors such as ship finance, technical and commercial ship management, corporate and debt restructurings, maritime private equity, capital markets, brokerage, and investment management.

165. Mundial RoRo Shipping Service

Their ship management company is headquartered in Hamburg Port. Founded in June 1997, Mundial RoRo Shipping Service has made itself a constantly growing company to the task.

The company and its team adapt your choice to the changed conditions of the market and the customers. Also, their shipping agency specializes in the areas of port services, shipping services, the technical supervision of ships, customs declaration, the technical supervision of ships, and delivery of ship spare parts.

166. Hamburg Tankers

If ever you’re searching for the best shipping company, Hamburg Tankers is the solution. They specialized in Tankers operating out of Hamburg with the goal to realize economic, safe, and reliable transportation to the best satisfaction of the customers.


An international business consultancy, INVERTO is one of Europe’s leading specialists in supply chain management and strategic procurement.

If you want to stay competitive and become more efficient in your business, INVERTO can help you! Their customers include leading medium-sized companies, international groups from trade and industry, and some of the world’s largest private equity companies.

168. ACS

ACS is know-how and experience in the field of vehicle export and import as part of the family entity Hess founded in 1989. With the establishment of ALL CAR SHIPPING GmbH, Werner Hess and Hans Ries, the top transportation professionals made container transport and international shipment of trucks and other vehicles world-wide. These are the focus of their core business.

169. AB

If you are planning to move whether in the whole company or private sector, with AB your belongings are in the best hands. AB is a professional moving company, has been your competent contact in Munich and the surrounding area for several decades.

Get benefit from their many years of experience and their professional know-how. At AB, your next move is guaranteed to be stress-free and swift!

170. Hamburg Süd

Hamburg Süd has is an experienced international logistics service industry. They are one of the world’s ten leading container liner shipping brands.

The company is knowledgeable and committed to its employees, excellent customer service, it stands for quality, and a personal point of contact in over 100 offices worldwide.

Additionally, Hamburg Sud is affiliation with Maersk Line – the world’s market leader in international container liner shipping – Hamburg Süd’s customers also have access to the most extensive liner network and the largest shipping fleet in the world.

171. Stena AB

Operating in Sweden, Stena AB is one of the biggest family-owned companies. They work in six business areas such as Offshore Drilling, Ferry Operations, Finance, Shipping, Property,  and New Business.

With their core values, Innovation, Care, and Performance as guiding principles, their 15,000 employees all over the world operate every day to create value for their customers within their business areas Offshore Drilling, Ferry Operations,  Property, Finance, Shipping,  and New Business.

172. CLG AG

CLG is a modern and dynamic shipping company headquartered at Switzerland’s most important air freight hub – Zurich Airport. To exceed the requirements of their customers from commerce and industry, their customs handling and transportation services are available 24/7.

The company has been offering a complete array of shipping services for its valued customers since 2003. The International truckload shipments are just as much a part of their everyday work as global sea or airfreight shipments.

173. Apextrans

The company was founded in 1982 by Mr. Ernst Weber. Apextrans is a medium-sized company. However, they acknowledged early on that technology.  The company made the decisive difference that brings them forward and stands out from the competition. They already begin using the latest technology in the beginning for this reason and were one of the computer pioneers of the logistics industry in Switzerland.

174. Swiss Expo Logistics

Looking for a one-stop global project logistics and trade fair? Swiss Expo Logistics is the best partner. As a leading international shipping company, they take care of all your interests in association with your trade fair appearance.

From the planning stage until the final phase they can handle all the bureaucratical, organizational, and logistical issues so you can have a clear head for a strong performance and stress-free.

175. Five Star Logistics

Five Star Logistics was founded in 1974. The company stands for customer-oriented, high-performance, and competence. Additionally, Five Star Logistics offers customer-specific and standardized transport and freight forwarding solutions as well as the whole range of logistical services.

176. Gondrand International

The member of Nordic Transport Group A/S, Swiss-based Gondrand Group offers tailor-made transportation and logistics solutions worldwide. They have a strong presence throughout China and in Europe and a devoted worldwide network of partners.

The company provides specialist logistics for the machinery, automotive, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries and for trade fairs and events, as well as customs processing and international forwarding.

177. Eng Lee Shipping

The company provides reliable, trusted, and quality services, as well as the most competitive, freight in the market. The company is also owned Multi purposes Terminal located at Pekanbaru, Sungai Duku, and Meredan Jetty. These jetties provide unloading/loading Containers services, the CY /depo storage areas can store more than 2000 Teus.

Eng Lee Shipping is an expert in handling heavy-lift cargoes, General cargoes, and Project cargoes/. Also, they owned multi-purposes warehousing that can store more than 10,000 MT of all types of cargoes.

178. Worldwide Shipping Management

Worldwide Shipping Management was established with the intention of going into the field of crew management. The company provides competent crew and officers from Eastern Europe and Asia to clients based throughout the world.

Their professional manning services remain their core business while they improve to provide technical, chartering, ship management, and other related services in the market.

179. Sinoda Shipping Agency

If you’re looking for a professional shipping partner for your business, Sinoda Shipping Agency Pte Ltd has a solution. They provide expertise in marine services and ship agencies with competitive tariffs throughout the shipping community, from the heart of South East Asia to Singapore.

Additionally, the company has grown to become a well-known shipping agency and become popular as the most acknowledged shipping agent in Singapore. They are also an empaneled agent for The Sheriff of The Supreme Court of Singapore to look after arrested vessels pending auction, and agent for Naval vessels.

180. Pacmar Shipping 

Pacmar Shipping was established in 1993. The company has been 20 years in connecting continents and delivering the flexibilities and the highest standards for its customers.

With its professionalism, they have emerged as one-stop quality shipping in three main fields including Ship Chartering, Ship Agency & Ship Supply.

181. Singapore Shipping Corporation

Singapore Shipping Corporation Limited (SSC) is a well-established shipping group in Asia. In addition to this, they are listed on the main board of SGX.

It is a spin-off from Hai Sun Hup Group Ltd (now known as Stamford Land Corporation Ltd) when the latter de-merged its shipping and logistics businesses in 2000 to concentrate on its hotel and property businesses.


Global Energy is one of the biggest shipping companies in the world. The company is headquartered in Singapore. Their key businesses are in the supply and trading of marine fuels, freighting – transportation of petroleum products and they own tankers.

Since its Inception, the Group is devoted to providing the highest level of service and top quality products to its customers. They have grown to become among the leading marine companies in the region.

183. Samudera Shipping 

Samudera was established in 1993. They are one of the best shipping companies throughout the world. The group offers reliable feeder services between its “hub” port in Singapore and other “spoke” ports in Asia.

They also offer reliable container shipping services to exporters, importers, and manufacturers. The Group serves a wide range of shippers from its headquarters in Singapore, and via representative and agency offices in various cities in Southeast Asia, the Far East, the Indian Subcontinent, and the Middle East.

184. AAL Shipping

Headquartered in Singapore, AAL Shipping AAL is a global multipurpose shipping worker that serves the heavy lift, breakbulk, and project cargo industry.

The company has grown into one of the trusted and world’s biggest carriers and their customers represent industries like oil & gas, energy, mining, leisure, agriculture, forestry, and construction.

185. uParcel

Looking for the easiest way to deliver. No worries! uParcel from Singapore is what you exactly need. They are one of the best shipping companies worldwide.

Additionally, they provide 24/7 courier service anywhere in Singapore. They have realized location based identification. Their best suitable delivery crew will be assigned to pick up your parcel and ship them to their destination for as low as $6 per parcel.

You will get live tracking of the delivery and receive notifications on its status. Furthermore, you can contact the delivery agent directly to get updates.


Altron was established in 1997 in Singapore. The company has grown from its humble beginnings to its renowned nationwide and worldwide reputation.

The company delivers all types of cargoes to just about any destination cost-effectively and promptly. They are a professional corporate team, which is constantly seeking to meet and excel in their performance.

187. Crystal Freight Services

Crystal Freight Services looking forward to being your One-Stop Logistic Partner with profitable and sustainable growth through Committed Team, Reliable Services, and Innovative Systems and Technologies.

188. RAK Logistics

The company has a global organization consists of 10 different organizations headquartered in 17 countries with well-trained local entrepreneurs and over 1,000 trained logisticians in an improving worldwide network of locations. They are progressive business group owners from all sides of the globe who have come together to create a unique enterprise.

Their vision is to be the leading ASEAN headquartered integrated logistics company. They have been developing works in all ASEAN countries plus they enjoy a strong strategic presence throughout the world.

189. M&P InternationalFreights 

M&P International Freights was established in 2006. They are a Singapore-based company, a devoted freight forwarder company with a worldwide outlook.

The company prides itself on being one of a comprehensive one-stop freight shipping services provider. They offer an innovative and extensive suite of services such as chartering, trans-shipment, container trucking, logistic freight services, pick and pack warehousing, and more.

190. Greenlane Supply Chain

Established in July 2020 in Singapore, Greenlane SC has been expanding from providing freight forwarding to assisting their customers in selective sourcing of materials for their production.

They had even operated with one of their customers to fabricate a 20’ sea container into a mobile soil testing laboratory! Nowadays, they cater to transporting with care, world-class wafer foundries, and their semi-processed materials across the globe.

191. Pinto Basto

Ten generations of the entrepreneurial and pioneering initiative. The prestige and success achieved by Pinto Basto, with a history spanning more than two centuries, has always been done with a keyword: pioneering spirit. Since its creation, Pinto Basto has always been at the forefront of the main events that have made Portugal’s history and progress.

192. Navex

NAVEX company is headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal. The company is part of the biggest Portuguese business groups in the area of port operations and shipping.

The Group specialized in unloading and loading, not only the pier but also the middle of the Tagus River, with barges and floating cranes. The Group today has a remarkable market share in the country in various branches of sea-port activities.

193. Atlantic-Lusofrete

Atlantic-Lusofrete was established through the merger of Lusofrete and Atlantic. Atlantic was created in 1985 and, since then, they have been dedicated to regular lines representation and the shipping agency business.

Lusofrete was incorporated in 1993 and since its creation, they had a relevant role in handling tankers at the ports of Leixões and Aveiro. Atlantic has acquired other similar companies that successively gave it new competencies and geographic cover.

194. Orey Shipping

Orey Shipping was established in 1886. With over 130 years in the industry, you can really count on their services. They have obtained experience in the most different types of ships and goods. Additionally, you can trust their international trade service with almost all countries in the world. The company is accustomed to seek to respond with rigor, quality, and confidence in the transport of your goods or in the agency of your ship.

195. OREY

Orey is a leading logistic and transport company that works in Portugal, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Spain. Orey was established in 1886 and with more than 130 years of history.

The company consolidated itself as a reference in the market in the Logistics sector, Transport, and demonstrating adaptability and flexibility to the worldwide market, in addition to its high resilience to different political and economic cycles.

196. Burmester & Stuve

The company is over 125 years as an independent shipping agency in Portugal. Through the years, they coped with the profound changes that shaped the maritime industry, without compromising their corporate identity and business philosophy that are both keys to their on-going success.

197. Portmar

They have 30 years of experience in the industry. The company is an eminent player in the Portuguese market. Servicing multiple prominent Shipping Lines, Portmar can help you program the good arrival of even the most challenging cargo to most main ports in the world.

198. Logimaris

The company is a shipowner minded. Through the years, they become regular bulk operations and liner containerized services. The company also is simultaneously a proactive commercial stance.

They are devoted to exceeding the requirements and needs of the most demanding shoppers, based on personalized and good customer service, ensuring their total satisfaction, having obtainable experience through the rendering of integrated logistics services and activity of shipping agency.

199. Ground Force

Ground Force is looking forward to being your One-Stop Logistic Partner with profitable and sustainable growth through Committed Team, Reliable Services, and Innovative Systems and Technologies.

200. TIBA

The company is a professional logistic operator, customs broker, and freight forwarder, offering international airfreight and sea freight transport as well as customs brokerage all over the world.

The Group has its own offices in Cape Verde, China, Angola, Cuba, Portugal, SpainMorocco, and Tunisia. In fact, TIBA Group employs over 400 professional staff.

Discover their tailored solutions for each industry such as perishables and drinks, aerospace, automotive, hotels, renewable energy, retail, pharmaceutical, among others.

201. Nippon Express 

Nippon Express is a logistic consultant that provides one-stop business solutions by integrating marine, air, land transport, and diverse logistics mode. They streamline the transport flow of the product to guarantee its safety. They offer outstanding “strategic logistics” that combines unique information systems and logistics infrastructure. Their services and markets continue to develop quickly in Europe, America, South Asia, Oceania, East Asia, and Japan.

202. Yusen Logistics

Yusen Logistics is one of the world’s leading provider of international freight forwarding and contract logistics. They create solutions extending from stand-alone operations to global supply chains. They are implementing and designing award-winning solutions for complicated supply chain requirements. Also, they have skilled teams, sophisticated technology, advanced equipment, and deliver cost-effective results.

203. DC Logistics Brasil

DC Logistics Brasil is an optimized and innovative logistics solution. Their mission is to put the needs of their customers first. They have improved their mission for more than 2 decades. They have offices all around the world. They are found in the main Brazilian economic center. To enhance their logistic solutions, they grant agility, close partnerships, and flexibility.

204. Maxitrans

Maxitrans was established in 2003. As a professional provider of logistics services, they stand out in the transportation market and in both international and national logistics. They have advanced logistics and transport solutions tailored to your request with an innovative profile. They have a perfect agreement with the demands of each sector.


205. Serveporto Group

Since 2010, the Serveporto Group is a company providing its customers the chance to fix packages of all services. They are working in northern Brazil and they provide their customers with the best experience and work for all kinds of vessel’s call. They are dedicated to establishing and developing a strong link among the promising region and important commercial areas.


206. Super Terminals

Super Terminals is well-known as the major differential because of its most well-organized private terminal in Manaus Industrial Complex. They are well-positioned because they are more focused on their company and also on importing cargo. They are part of the group that has almost 30 years of experience in the logistics market and transportation. Super Terminals serves the market with excellence and professionalism for 20 years.

207. Sea Brazil International Logistics

Sea Brazil International Logistics is an international freight company that is specialized in agency operations in filled container loads to all cities and ports globally. They are offering full support according to the requests and needs of their customers. They are handling cargoes for road transport, air transport, and sea transport for import and export in all continents.

208. Pronto Cargo

Pronto Cargo was established in 2011. Their purpose is to add efficiency and difference to the business of their clients, present reliable logistics solutions based on technology, planning, process, and technology. They control, plan, and promote continuous improvements to logistics flows with the best quality and service. They contribute to the success of the business of their clients.

209. Depolli Group

Since 1975, Depolli Group is focused on logistics and warehousing. They are focused on the field of road freight shipping and transportation. They played a very significant role in domestic logistics. They offer differentials including cubic optimization of vehicles, fleet monitoring, process customization, risk management,  strict damage control, and always investing in human capital.

210. Mecalux

Mecalux is one of the top companies in the intralogistics technology and storage systems market globally. They are specialized in designing, manufacturing, selling, and serving metal racking, automated warehouses, warehouse software, and other storage solutions. In Spain, they are the top storage company and they ranked third in the world. They have 50 years of experience and are committed to innovation and satisfaction of their customers.

211. Posidonia

Posidonia is a Brazilian shipping company that is specialized in coastal shipping, long haul, project cargo, general cargo, maritime support, and operating in the transport of liquid and solid bulk. They are focused on international and coastal shipping, ship management, and offshore operations. They are also operating in wet and dry bulk, general cargo, rolling cargo, and offshore operations.

212. World Shipping

World Shipping is a full-service shipping company that strives to give its customers the highest level of customer and tailor-made services. They have more than 20 years of experience and they are managed by experienced professionals. They have exposed to freight operations and commodities trading desks in Brazil and Europe.

213. Atlantic Shipping

Atlantic Shipping is an experienced shipping agency found in Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil. They have a skillful and professional team that is always willing to provide an excellent quality service. As a professional shipping agency, they ensure quickness in solving problems and responding to demands. They have extensive knowledge of maritime navigation, commercial practices, posts, and regulations.

214. Sul Trade

Sul Trade was established in 1997, they are a professional cargo and shipping agency. They are well-known due to their respect for their customers, excellent work on the multimodal market, and because they are using ethics as a principal value. Sul Trade is providing a 24 hours of high-quality service to its customers.

215. Lyra

In 2012, Lyra was founded by a team of experts with extensive experience. They have experience in the maritime market and committed to offering an effective new alternative for the shipping of bulk cargo in long-haul and coastal routes. They are consistent in the distribution of freights on the Brazilian coast and in imports/exports. In order to perform a high-quality service, they in the process of Brazilian flagged vessels regularly.

216. RB Logistics

With RB Logistics, you can ship your freight anywhere in the Canada and US effectively for a reasonable price. RB Logistics is specialized in all kinds of shipping such as closed trailer loads and flatbed. They provide door-to-door and hassle-free air freight services. They have been in the shipping industry for almost 15 years.

217. TOTE Maritime

TOTE Maritime is one of the leading shipping companies in the industry. To save time, they are dedicated to featuring an effective roll-off/roll-on system that speeds up the unloading and loading of your freight. To ensure that the cargo will arrive safely, they improved their containers, terminals, equipment, and technology.

218. Lynden

Lynden offers solutions to shipping, logistics, and transportation challenges. They are focused on putting their customers first and deliver quality. They are capable of shipping through sea, land, and air. Lynden helps its customers get solutions in challenging areas such as Russia, Alaska, Western Canada, or wherever in the world. They have a complete freight transportation package.

219. Omni Logistics

Omni Logistics is a professional shipping company in Alaska. They are a top tier global 3PL provider. To improve every step of your supply chain, they specialized in distribution, warehousing, and both international and domestic freight forwarding. They can minimize the pressure while providing you a smooth international moving experience.

220. Alaska Air Forwarding

Alaska Air Forwarding is offering full-service airfreight forwarding through North America and anywhere in the world. They provide door-to-door service in order to save time. They treat freights with importance and care. They have a network of five-hundred partner agents all the way through the United States and the world. They are experienced enough to get the shipments efficiently.

221. FreightCenter

FreightCenter is the best choice when shipping cargo, especially when shipping to or from Alaska. Their booking process and simple quoting will allow you to get competitive freight rates from leading shipping companies. FreightCenter makes it reasonable to transport intermodal freight, truckload freight, LTL freight, and rail freight to or from Alaska, or anywhere.

222. Sunset International Shipping

Sunset International Shipping is a shipping company with almost 15 years of experience. They have a network of more than 150 agents globally that can handle any of your international freights. They also provide complete services such as door-to-door, international moving by sea, or by air, as well as special crating, packing services, storage in transit, consolidated shipping, customs clearance, full containers, and others.

223. National Freight Incorporated

NFI is a reliable shipping company that offers transportation management solutions. They have deep knowledge of temperature-controlled cargos that ensure your cargos won’t be wasted. They serving their customers globally across a variety of industries. They are dedicated to providing customized and engineered solutions that push a business to be successful.

224. Alaska Marine Lines

Alaska Marine Lines is one of the Lynden family of companies. They are a marine shipping company that gives services to or from Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and other countries. They have a wide range of intermodal door-to-door fully covered freight management. They can move all sorts of cargo such as cars, groceries, oversized cranes, bulky materials, and so on.

225. Don Hammer Trucking Corporation

Don Hummer Trucking Corporation is an Iowa-based truckload transporter providing internationally or nationally transportation and shipping services. They are large enough to handle your freight to or from every country but they are also small enough to value the importance of your freight. They provide excellent service and deliver shipments on time.


If you want to boost customer satisfaction and empower your brand, RUBY HAS, a full-service fulfillment provider walks alongside your brand as a committed partner.

The company’s achievement leads the third-party logistics (3PL) industry with an uncompromised commitment to quality, cutting-edge technology, and seamless integration. They have four warehouse locations across Canada and the US that allows you to lessen freight costs up to 45% and ship faster with bicoastal fulfillment solutions.

227. NY International Shipping

A leading family-owned overseas moving company, NY International Shipping is licensed by the NVOCC. The company provides attentive, professional services of international relocation for you, relocating to destinations throughout the globe.

You can trust NY International Shipping for their professional international relocation with more than 50 years’ experience.

228. International Sea & Air Shipping

International Sea & Air Shipping is one of the most expert international moving companies in the industry. They will offer you with door to door services from and to the United State with custom clearance, complete documentation, insurance, storage, shipping, and inland transportation.

If you’re relocating internationally, International Sea & Air Shipping can surely help your needs. International Sea & Air Shipping is an international mover you can trust to simplify your move.

229. MO Trucking

MO Trucking is a NewYork based trucking company. MO Trucking is an expert in handling services like Full Truckload (TL), Less Than Truckload (LTL), and Time Critical deliveries. The company works 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Additionally, MO Trucking has been in business since 1998. For 2 decades in this industry, they are committed to providing efficient and fast service throughout New York City – including Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, and surrounding areas. Also, they do operate at the major New York-area airports.

230. Supreme Systems Global

Are you looking for reliable one-stop shipping solutions? Supreme Systems is the best place. They are headquartered in New York offering cost-effective, fast, and efficient tracking and courier solutions for any and all of your delivery and logistics needs.

No matter your size, the company takes pride in being the one-stop any business needs. They will be your leading shipping partner that will save your thriving businesses money and time.

231. M&E Warehousing

Looking for the best shipping partner without any hassle? At M&E Warehousing, they take the hassle out of all your storage and shipping needs. They have professional staffs that are always ready to serve you and very responsive to the way you want to be served.

With M&E, they can meet all of your storage and shipping needs. In fact, the company manages the inventory, installation, shipping, and storage of every major appliance sold by General Electric and Home Depot in their service area.

232. Avio International Freight Forwarders

A leading international freight forwarding company in New York, Avio International Freight Forwarders was established in 1973. The company is fully licensed for air and ocean freight shipping, and US trucking. They can handle shipments from any point in US / Canada to any point worldwide.

233. Pegasus Maritime

Pegasus Maritime, Inc. is an International Freight Forwarder and FMC licensed NVOCC. They are one of the leading names in International Maritime trade.

As a company, their strength and reputation are founded on an organization comprised of team members and solid infrastructure with experience within the Logistics Industry and years of hands-on training.

234. Fetch Logistics

Fetch Logistics is a leading company in the 3PL industry. And for you to know, they are the ones who sent the truck full of Ramen noodles to the grocery store. Be one of their customers. Mostly, their carriers and customers put their faith in them to coordinate their shipping needs all across the nation 24/7/365.

They are willing to help thousands of carriers and customers with their transportation needs and it takes a team to make it happen.

235. BZS Transport

BZS is a leading non-asset-based freight provider in New York. They professionally handle all modes of transportation for their customers in Canada and the USA. The company serves its customer’s diverse shipping needs with the highest level of service matching capability and capacity of carriers for quality control and greater efficiency in load transportation.

236. Escro Transport

Are you wanting to maintain a position of competitive strength through timely transportation and cost-effective solution? Escro Transport Ltd. is what you search for. They can help your business updated of the competition as they ensure the efficient delivery of your company’s freight coast-to-coast.

Escro Transport is devoted to providing the highest quality service to all their business partners across the continental United States.

237. Empire Auto Transportation

Looking for the best shipping partners for your business? In New York, Empire Auto Transportation is one of the biggest transporters of personally owned vehicles in the country. They cover all 50 states and offering a commitment to moving their customer’s vehicles and an outstanding level of service.

Empire Auto Transportations has over 10 years of experience in this industry. Choose the right partners to handle all of your transport needs. Choose Empire Auto Transportation. Their priority is to deliver and pick-up your car to you in a timely manner and safely.

238. TD International Shipping

A leading NVOCC and Freight Forwarder company, TD International Shipping Inc. is bonded and fully licensed for moving cargo worldwide. The company offers a huge amount of exports via air, ocean, and inland. Shipping with TD International Shipping Inc. is like placing your confidence with reliable, fast, and top-quality services.

The company operates around the globe and around the clock to ship your cargo promptly and safely. Dealing with a highly specialized company, TD International Shipping Inc. will bring you the necessary answers to all your particular transportation requirements.

239. ESPA Cargo

Established in 1994, ESPA Cargo is an operated and family-owned transportation logistics provider in New York. They are a full-line service international freight forwarding company devoted to the quality in customer service and personable touch.

The company provides global integrated transportation logistics. Their specialty offers for you are Door-to-Door Relocations to Spain and Chile where they have produced a unique relationship with a different network of agents who are responsible and knowledgeable leaders in the industry. They handle the relocations of household goods, personal effects, and automobiles via ocean freight.

240. ARC Air Freight

ARC Air Logistics was established by a group of dedicated professionals, each with decades of experience in the freight forwarding industry.

Their expertise caters a wide array of freight forwarding services such as international ocean freight, air freight, insurance, warehousing, customs brokerage and clearance, distribution, and computerized cargo tracking.


It is their pleasure to introduce themselves as a hardworking and competent full service; “International Freight Forwarder”. The company provides logistic service to a wide range of exporters and importers from & to Jordan.

The company also requesting possible cooperation globally for mutual benefit so that they can develop traffic in order to handle logistic, shipping services.

242. Jordan Global Shipping Agencies


Jordan Global Shipping & Agencies Company, Ltd (JGSACO) is an international shipping company located at the heart of the Middle East in Jordan. Offering a wide range of activities

243. Leen Cargo

Leen Cargo was established in 2003. Since then, they obtained customer trust and loyalty by rapidly responding to customer inquiries. With its leadership, enthusiasm, and unwavering design, the company has become one of the best freight companies in Jordan. They are committed to providing services to suit all of their customers ’needs.

With several years of experience in this field, Lynn Shipping has started attracting international companies to facilitate their freight traffic.

244. Jerasa Logistics

Looking for the best logistic companies in Jordan? Then Jerasa Logistics company may you need. They are one of the best international freight forwarding companies. Project logistics and relocation management companies will bring cost-effective solutions throughout the Middle East and the CIS.

Jerasa Logistics produces extensive project logistics, freight forwarding, and relocation service plans custom to exceed your specific requirements.

245. Freedom Sky Logistics

Freedom Sky Logistics is one of the biggest and trusted Cargo Companies in Jordan (AMMAN). You can truly trust their reliable, consistent, and on-time delivery cargo service.

Additionally, Freedom sky logistics & agencies known as THE SON OF MOTHER INTERNATIONAL GROUP COMPANY since 2009. They aim of constructing value with conscientiousness, passion, and integrity for excellence. Also, the company offers something beyond button-pushing to differentiate themselves.

246. Majlan Group

If you’re searching for the best shipping partners in Jordan to help in your business, then Majlan Group may the best place. The company became the TOP three companies in the field of the air freight industry in export in Jordan. Choose Majlan Group now, it’s your origin for air freight services with workable to meet your changing needs.

247. Eagle

Established in 1993, Eagle Transport Services Company is one of the top limited shareholding companies in Jordan. Their vision is to provide clearing and forwarding needs.

The company builds a department for the land, sea, and air freight, packing, leasing of heavy cranes, loss adjustment, containers, forklifts, border points, customs clearance at all customs terminals, sea, and airports to serve you to the maximum level.

248. Al Amal Lines

Al Amal Lines was founded in Jordan Amman. Their services extend to cater to the whole area of Jordan, including all Middle East regions and throughout the world. The company cooperates with businesses with a wide array of commercial, industrial & Agricultural, and medical firms in addition to international companies. Besides this, they work a comprehensive range of trucks of different sizes in and outside Iraq.

249. Octopus Shipping

Octopus Shipping has more than 30 years of experience in the logistics industry. They covered businesses from North America to GCC areas like UAE. After that, they will stall in the best part of the Middle East – the Jordan area, a trusted and reliable area. Octopus Shipping can expertly handle all your logistics jobs in the Middle East region.

250. Rightway Logistics

Wanting a hassle-free to export or import your needs? Right Way Logistics may be suited for you. They offer worldwide air freight services in Jordan. They have a trained and professional team handling all your export and import needs regardless of the type of shipment you plan to ship.

Additionally, Right Way Logistics provides an extensive range of ocean export and import freight services in Jordan such as specialized items, general cargo, heavy equipment, oversized loads, and hazardous materials.

251. Tianteng Forwarding

If you want to experience an excellent export and import service, find Tianteng Forwarding. Tianteng Forwarding is a professional Freight Forwarder and Shipping Company. They offer freight shipping services such as air freight, ocean freight, and road freight forwarding. They are also offering freight sterilization and crating. They are superior in providing excellent freight shipping services.

252. Glamco Aviation

When seeking an experienced shipping company, find Glamco Aviation. In Brunei, Glamco Aviation is leading in the aviation industry. They have more than 30 years of experience in this industry. Also, they are able in handling large sizes or bulks of outbound and inbound shipping through the land, air, and sea.

253. Tri-Star Shipping & Trading

Find Tri-Star Shipping & Trading when you want a reliable and leading shipping company. Tri-Star Shipping & Trading is a trustworthy logistics company in Brunei. They are trusted by their international and local customers. They are providing a reliable shipping solution in handling the export and import of a wide range of cargo. They offer the most reliable freight forwarding through air and sea.

254. Jayapuri

At Jayapuri, they offer and provide personalized service shipment according to your specifications. They are a committed freight forwarder that provides specific solutions for shipping any kinds of freight through air freight, land freight, and sea freight transportation. They are also able to ship whatever the bulk and size of the cargo is


MOC SDN BHD is a private company in Brunei. They have continued their progress in the freight shipping industry and they become one of the top companies in this industry. They provide an extensive range of services such as air forwarding, sea forwarding, land forwarding, marine services, worldwide movers, warehousing, haulage, and so on.

256. APL Logistics

When you have transportation problems, you can rely on APL Logistics. They are well-known for providing flexible answers to difficult transportation problems. APL Logistics offers advanced and international transportation of freight through six regions. They also provide air freight forwarding, sea freight forwarding, land freight forwarding as well as rail transportation.

257. B.T. Forwarding

is an international freight shipping company located in Brunei. They offer the best services such as international and local transportation of cargos. They are offering logistic solutions that can surpass their customer’s satisfaction and expectations. Their focus is primarily on offering services including warehousing, distribution, removals of personal effects, sea, and air customs brokerage services, and etc.

258. Sivli Logistics

If you want a long-term business partner in logistics solutions, Sivli Logistics is the best solution. Sivli Logistics is able to handle your shipping problems, logistics, delivery, and supply-chain solutions. They have an extensive range of services such as sea freight, land, freight, and air freight transportation. Aside from that, they offer door-to-door delivery and household effects packing.

259. L. Mark Express

L. Mark Express is an experienced and dedicated international shipping company. They can ship cargo through air, land, and sea. They also offer a door-to-door service internationally and locally. Aside from that, they can pack whatever size of cargos nicely and with care. L. Mark Express is a key player in the logistics industry.

260. Brunei Transporting Company

Brunei Transporting Company is a transport company that became the top logistics company in Brunei. They have the best solution for the transportation of freights internationally and locally. They are also leading in providing a door-to-door delivery. They have a wide range of international cargo shipping services and they continue to improve it. They guarantee fast and safe shipping of your cargo.

261. Daily Express Forwarding

Daily Express Forwarding is a reliable freight forwarder and company in Brunei. They are offering services such as heavy-lift rental service, air freight, and sea freight shipping. They are able in packing, organizing, and handling the shipment of cargos. They can book freight space and make port payments.

262. Globex Global Logistics

Globex Global Logistics is one of the leading international shipping companies in Brunei. They are capable of providing complete logistics solutions. They are professional in forwarding cargos, handling cargos, and shipping cargos in both international and local. Moreover, they offer courier services, sea freight services, and air freight services.

263. Bolloré Logistics

If you want the best service at a cost-effective price, choose Bolloré Logistics. Bolloré Logistics ensures the quality, performance, and requirement of deadlines. They are providing a wide range of multimodal transport. Furthermore, they offer sea freight transportation, land freight transportation, air freight transportation, global supply chain, customs, and regulatory compliance services.

264. Bee Seng Shipping

If you have raw materials, supplies, or specialized cargo to ship, Bee Seng Shipping can surely help you. Bee Seng Shipping can help you find the correct vessel to ship your freight. They provide an extensive range of agency services for all kinds of vessels. All around the world, they have trustworthy forwarder and shipping companies, so you can guarantee a fast delivery of your cargo.

265. Morley Movers

Since 1974, Morley Movers has been in the moving industry. Morley Movers is a professional and experienced shipping company that provides cargo forwarding solutions internationally and locally. They are able to handle door-to-door service for household effects globally. They have a high-class suite of transport solutions that makes your cargo simple to ship.

266. United Parcel Service

United Parcel Service is a reliable shipping company in Peru. Around the world, they have shipping locations. Therefore, United Parcel Service makes it simple to discover reliable transport. Whatever size your cargo is, or wherever you want to transport it, get reliable, flexible, and inexpensive transportation solutions only at United Parcel Service. UPS ensures on-time and safe delivery.

267. Dimerco Express Group

Dimerco Express Group is an experienced logistics company. They have almost 50 years of experience in providing logistics solutions. They are providing transportation solutions such as air freight transportation, ocean freight transportation, rail freight transportation, and road carriers. Also, they are offering a flexible and worthwhile service in both local and international.

268. WEX International SAC

WEX is the perfect partner when you need the best-personalized service. They are focused on offering excellent service and the best delivery. To reach the satisfaction of their customers, they strive to improve and give the best service and solutions. They understand the requirements of their customers to earn trust from them.

269. Atlas Moving

Atlas is a moving company for over 30 years. They have been moving everything that needs to be moved internationally and locally. They offer services such as door-to-door service and specialized packaging to ensure that your cargo will be safe and secure. If you want a reliable and honest company, Atlas is definitely what you need!

270. Gold Cargo Group SAC

Gold Cargo Group SAC is an international logistics company. They are offering several logistics solutions for your freight. They are capable of providing air cargo transportation, maritime cargo transportation, and national land cargo transportation in both local and international. Gold Cargo Group SAC guarantees the service, safety, and quickness of the shipment of your cargo.

271. BDP International

BDP International is a private logistics company for more than 53 years. Their goal is to deliver the best shipping service and give the best logistics solutions locally and internationally. Until now, they continue to achieve that goal to receive the trust of their customers. As a professional logistics company, they can ship your freight safely and fastly.

272. Mediterranean Shipping Company

Mediterranean Shipping Company is an international company focused on the logistics and transportation industry. They are one of the leading vessel shippers in the world. Additionally, they can transport cargo and services to international and domestic customers. Those services include road transportation, rail transportation, overland transportation, sea transportation, and cargo bookings.

273. International Forwarder S.A.C.

International Forwarder S.A.C is an international logistics company. They are a key player in the logistics industry that offers excellent services to anywhere in the world. They can manage cargo shipping through land transportation, air transportation, and sea transportation in both local and international. Around the world, they have agents that allow them to export and import anywhere.

274. International Freight Shipping

The IFS Group is the best option when shipping cargo internationally. In the world, they are one of the representatives of Freight Agents. They are mainly focused on international freight shipping. They offer an extensive range of shipping services. Those services include door-to-door delivery, loose cargo service, sea freight, air freight, and land freight transportation.

275. Expeditors

Expeditors is a global logistics company. They are one of the top shipping companies. At Expeditors, they can customized transportation solutions. Their main services are air freight transportation, land freight transportation, and sea freight transportation. They are well-known for their excellent customer service and advanced technology. They offer the best shipping service at a cost-effective price.


If you want to experience first-class transportation, CARGOCORP is the best option! They offer first-class door-to-door service, sea transportation, air transportation, land transportation, and multimodal transportation. As an international logistics company, they give personalized and effective solutions to 5 continents. Your freight will be transported quickly and safely when you choose CARGOCORP.

277. Worldpass Cargo

When you choose Worldpass Cargo, your cargo will be in good hands. Worldpass Cargo is a dedicated international shipping company that also provides local transport, unloading service, warehousing, and etc. They import and export through air transportation, sea transportation, and land transportation. They can offer sea and air service globally; and land service to Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, and Peru.

278. Velkon Cargo

Velkon Cargo is the best option when you are looking for a shipping company that takes good care of your cargo. They offer services that can surpass their customers’ expectations. Velkon Cargo is an international shipping company importing and exporting by air transportation, land transportation, and sea transportation. They ensure fast-delivery, safety, and excellent service at an affordable price.

279. Cargo World

Cargo World is an international freight forwarder and logistics company that is focused on maritime transportation, air transportation, land transportation, multimodal freight. They have agents globally, therefore you can guarantee a fast-delivery of freight. They have the ability to manage all kinds of cargo and shipping quickly despite the distance.

280. Personalized International Cargo

Personalized International Cargo is a professional shipping company in Peru. Their focus is mainly on China and the United States. They are able to provide a wide-ranging service in both international and local. Their main services include door-to-door service, maritime freights, air freights, sea freights, distribution, ground transportation, and other transport services.

281. DHL Express Uganda

DHL Express is the leading logistics company in the logistics industry. DHL Express is able to transport everything, ranging from small to oversized cargo. To fulfill your logistics requirements, DHL Express provides an extensive range of transportation solutions and services. They have an incomparable selection of standardized and advanced logistics solutions.

282. AGS Movers

AGS Movers is an international moving company from Uganda. They are the best partner in the moving and removal industry. They have more than 23 years of experience in the industry. They are offering customized and advanced moving, removal, and storage services. Moreover, they are professional and expert in moving and they ensure professionalism and first-class solutions.

283. Daks Couriers Ltd.

Daks Couriers Ltd. is an advanced shipping company in Uganda. They provide the most advanced technology to their customers and they can customized transportation based on the customer’s requirement. They are focused on logistics, transportation, couriers, freight, and storage services. Their transportation solutions include air, sea, land, road, and rail transport.

284. Intraline Shipping & Logistics

Intraline Shipping and Logistics is a reliable shipping company that offers excellent services and solutions at a competitive price. Their main services are air freight, sea freight, packaging, removals, storage, warehousing, online purchases, importing, and exporting vehicles. Moreover, they know that giving a reliable service is the main part while offering a competitive price.

285. Fodap International Ltd.

If you want a shipping company that won’t disappoint you, you better find Fodap International Ltd. Fodap International Ltd. is a professional freight forwarder. They give the best service to satisfy your shipping requirements. Their main focus is shipping in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, and more. But they can fulfill your shipping internationally.

286. Spedag Interfreight

Spedag Interfreight is one of the leading logistics companies in East Africa. As a professional in the logistics industry, Spedag Interfreight can handle different types and sizes of cargo. Their main services include transportation, warehouses, storage, transshipment terminals, vessel yards, and so on. In South Africa, they are one of the experienced logistics companies.

287. ATACO Freight Services

Are you looking for a reliable, trusted, and dedicated shipping company that ships internationally and locally? ATACO Freight Services is the best option! ATACO Freight Services is an expert when it comes to freight forwarding internationally. They are the best solution that ensures that your freight will be shipped safely and quickly. They provide complete logistics solutions such as land transport, air transport, sea transport, and door-to-door delivery.

288. Shipping Great Lakes

Shipping Great Lakes is the best solution for shipping your cargo safely, quickly, and in perfect condition. They are able to improve your supply chain. They can manage logistics operations in both domestic and international. Your shipment will be transported with good care because Shipping Great Lakes ensures it.

289. Parth International Ltd.

Parth International Limited is an expert shipping company and logistics solutions. They have grown from a local logistics company to an international logistics company. They are dedicated and focused on improving their service and customer satisfaction. They are able to manage sensitive cargo through sea freight. They accept shipping small or oversized bulk of cargos.

290. Get Quick International LLC

Do you want a shipping company that will help you transport your cargo for less? Find Get Quick International LLC! They are offering their customers the best service at an affordable price. In the shipping industry, Get Quick International LLC is one of the most successful and respected companies. They continue to improve their services in order to earn more trust.

291. Celtic Shipping Agencies Ltd.

Celtic Shipping Agencies Ltd. is an expert freight forwarder and shipping company in Dublin. They are capable of managing any kind of cargo including liquid bulk, dry bulk, project cargo, vessels, cruise liners, and many more. They are providing a complete range of shipping services such as air transportation, land transportation, and sea transportation at a cost-effective price.

292. IPS Group Services Limited

IPS Group Services Ltd. was established in 1983. They are focused on providing air and sea freight services internationally and globally. They are the best in providing air freight services such as air freight transportation, international deliveries, and customs clearance globally. They are one of the most trusted when it comes to air freight services.

293. Spratt Personal Shipping

Spratt Personal Shipping is a leading shipping company and freight forwarder in Ireland. Their main services include household effects, excess baggage, car shipping, door-to-door delivery, warehousing, storage, air freight, road freight, and sea freight. They can ship any type of freight to anywhere in the world. They are one of the best and professional companies in Ireland.

294. International Freight Agency Ltd.

International Freight Agency Ltd. is an expert in shipping your cargos. They are an international shipping company that specializes in sea transportation and air transportation. Their main services are transportation, haulage, shipping freight, customs clearance, distribution, veterinary clearance, warehousing, cold storage, and so on. They ensure the fast and safe delivery of your cargo.

295. International Logistics & Consolidation Services Ltd.

International Logistics & Consolidation Services Ltd. is a dedicated shipping company that focuses on land transportation, sea transportation, and air transportation. In the shipping industry, their service and quality is incomparable. They aim to give an advanced and complete range of freight forwarding in both international and local to their customers.

296. Harbour International Freight

Harbour International Freight is a professional in providing affordable, secure, and fast logistics solutions. They are customer-oriented and also provide quality service. Harbour International Freight is the best partner for your business because of their experience, excellent quality service, and performance. They are providing also multimodal transportation and services.

297. Network International Cargo Group Ltd.

Network International Cargo Group Ltd. is an expert Logistics Company established in 1992. They are located in Ireland. They are offering international and local freight forwarding through land transportation, air transportation, and sea transportation. They guarantee on-time delivery and safe transportation. They provide the most secure shipping services to achieve the satisfaction of their customers.

298. Lanigan International Freight Limited

In Europe, Lanigan International Freight Limited is well-known for providing a wide range of sea and land services for shipping needs. Lanigan International Freight Limited focuses on safety and the best customer service. They always ensure fast sea and land freight forwarding to anywhere in the world. They have 25 years of experience as a shipping company.

299. Uniroad International Freight Ltd.

If you have transportation needs, Uniroad International Freight Ltd. is the best choice! Uniroad International Freight Ltd. provides a wide range of air freight services and effective customs clearance at a very affordable price. Their main services include door-to-door service, airport-to-airport service, nation-wide delivery, air freight services, sea freight services, haulage, and more.

300. Crane Worldwide Logistics

When you need to ship your cargo, find Crane Worldwide Logistics! They are an international ocean and air freight forwarder in Dublin. They provide comprehensive logistics solutions in both local and international. They provide all you need in importing and exporting cargos. They are experts in shipping break-bulk cargos for their customers.


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