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Importing Chairs from China
Importing Office Chairs from China
Importing Office Chairs from China

Choose from a large selection of office chairs in China. Where most of suppliers and manufacturers offer an office chair including computer, desk, ergonomic, and leather for every budget and style costumers have. There are almost a thousand suppliers and manufacturers of office chairs in China that manufactured wide office chair products of high quality. China office chairs let stylish & comfortable more close to you.

Importing Living Room Chairs from China
Importing Living Room Chairs from China

Create an inviting atmosphere with new living room chairs. China has manufactured living room chairs including silhouettes, sizes, patterns, materials and colors for every style. Select living room chairs that offer comfortable seating in your home that match your budget. Decorate your living space with styles you wanted to be, with the amazing living room chairs from China.

Importing Wooden Chairs from China
Importing Wooden Chairs from China

If you have an appreciation for wooden chairs of various designs, China is your ideal place to be. There are lots of supplier and manufacturer of wooden chairs in China, especially in Guangdong. They manufacture a wide variety of wooden chairs like interesting backs and lovely legs. Whether you are looking wooden chairs for home use, business or other usages, Chinese wooden chair manufacturer can meet your needs.

Importing Antique Chairs from China
Importing Antique Chairs from China

Shop the largest selection and best deals of Antique Chairs in China. Almost 50% of suppliers and manufactures of antique chairs are based from Guangdong province. Check out China’s antique chairs selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from their furniture factory. Get your ideal Antique chairs that often contain last for a longer period of times.

Importing Event Chairs from China
Importing Event Chairs from China

Every event needs tables and chairs, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Adding variety and creativity when selecting these event basics is one simple way to set the stage for your overall event design and really make your occasion stand out. Planning a wedding, a gathering or a function very soon? Find out which types of chairs for events are perfect for the occasion. Find great deals in Guangdong, China for Event Chairs in Restaurant and Catering Chairs and Seating.

Importing Dining Chairs from China
Importing Dining Chairs from China

One of the most favorite places in a house as it is where families gather, guests are served well, and the food is found in the dining area. Make sure you have the most eye-catching chairs. In China, you can import high-quality with competitive price dining chairs most in Guangdong and Zhejiang. Make your every meal more enjoyable and relaxing with fabulous dining chair collection. Transform your house into some ideal homes and begin it with your chairs.

Importing Monoblock Chairs from China
Importing Plastic Chairs from China

One- piece stacking plastic chair is part of daily life all over the world. China’s plastic chairs offer a durable, affordable and convenient furniture ideal for everyday use. Buy plastic chairs at a low price in Guangdong, Zhejiang Jiangsu, China for your home, office, restaurant and other needs. China’s manufacturers are working towards a more circular economy with its latest chair design which features a body made entirely from waste plastic and a subframe made from repurposed steel.

Importing Tub Chairs from China
Importing Tub Chairs from China

If it’s a comfortable, stylish chair that you’re looking for, then Tub Chair is what you’re looking for. China design quality Tub Chairs that won’t break your bank. Whether you’re looking for occasional chairs or tub chairs, you’ll find the perfect one at Guangdong and Zhejiang. Shop unique tub chairs from this certified supplier and manufacturers. The distinguished look of the tub chair makes it a welcomed addition in homes, office, hotels and other establishments it used to, China tub chair manufacturer can satisfy your needs.

Importing Folding Chairs from China
Importing Folding Chairs from China

Finding the right folding chairs can make or break your next event. From ensuring the comfort of your guests to adding to the overall look of the day, China has the best selection of folding chairs in the industry. Buy your own stylish folding chairs and take it anywhere you want. You can also easily hide and keep it when not in need. You could find most suppliers and manufacturers in Guangdong province.

Importing Outdoor Chairs from China
Importing Outdoor Chairs from China

If you need modern outdoor chairs for your garden or patio, buying from China will never be out of your choice. Well, there are thousands of supplier and manufacturer of outdoor chairs in China. Any types of outdoor chairs like wood, iron, plastic, wicker cane and fabric you could choose from. China’s quality outdoor chairs are stylish at an unbeatable price and quality.

airport chair
Airport Chair Importing from China

Here in China, there are lot of Airport Chair manufacturers who offers high quality products at an affordable price. These manufacturers are mostly in Guangdong, Henan and Zhejiang. Let us know if you have some questions about these manufacturers.

bamboo dining chairs
Bamboo Dining Chairs Importing from China

Check out bamboo dining chairs from China in selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from their dining chairs shops. Chinese bamboo dining chair manufacturers are mostly found in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Fujian. They provide high quality products at an affordable price.

banquet chairs
Banquet Chair Importing from China

There are around 112028 banquet chair manufacturers from China mostly from Guangdong, Hebei and Zhejiang who provides high quality and affordable banquet chairs that omes with different unique designs. If you want more information about these manufacturers, Bansar is ready to help you.

barber chair
Barber Chair Importing from China

Need new chairs for your barber shop? Import from China. Chinese barber chair manufacturers are mostly found in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Hebei. Chinese barber chair manufacturers provides different types and designs of barber chairs made with high quality materials but with a competitive price. We will provide you details about these manufacturers.

bean bag chair
Bean Bag Chair Importing from China

Get comfy bean bag chairs from reliable and most trusted Chinese bean bag chair manufacturers. You are rest assured that you will get a high quality bean bag chair that comes with different sizes and designs. These manufacturers are mostly found in Zhejiang, Guangdong and Jiangsu.

bent wood chair
Bent Wood Importing from China

Explore China’s best and high quality bent wood chairs. You can find Chinese bent wood manufacturers from Guangdong, Zhejiang and  Shandong. They have rich experience in exporting and they have their own QC system.All the products have guaranteed quality,competitive price and more value. Their company regards”reasonable prices,efficient production time and good after-sales service”as their tenet. You are assured that they are professional and spare no effect to make it best!

casino chair
Casino Chair Importing from China

Well-designed casino chairs and slot stools also help add to the beauty and style of a casino. Chinese casino chair manufacturers’ custom casino seating is created with true ergonomics in mind. Every chair they build is not only durable, but also designed and tested to ensure the best possible gaming experience for your players. Their casino seating is ANSI/BIFMA certified, meeting or exceeding the most stringent quality control standards. They have served numerous high-end casinos across the country that have been thoroughly satisfied with their custom casino chairs and seating.

dental chair
Dental Chair Importing from China

Are you looking for dental chair for your dental services? Chinese dental chair manufacturers has a lot to offer. These manufacturers have won a good reputation for product quality among its clients, and gained respects of from domestic counterparts as well. They are operating strictly in accordance with relevant local country laws, regulations and rules of the WTO requirements. Import dental chairs now from China!

electric wheelchair
Electric Wheelchair Importing from China

High Return Low Risk Investment, Strong Policy Support, Favourable Electric Wheelchair ! Chinese electric wheel chair manufacturers offer Detachable, Lightweight, Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchairs. To know more about thes manufacturers, Bansar will give you more details.

hair salon chair
Hair Salon Importing from China

Chinese hair salon chair manufacturers offers a wide variety of affordable salon styling chairs to match any salon’s look and a warranty on the hydraulic pump, most of their hair styling chairs are available in a number of styles and colors with multiple base and footrest options. In addition, many of their affordable styling chairs also have matching shampoo chairs, dryer chairs, and reception chairs to choose from. From chairs for your customers to wait in, to chairs for them to get their hair cut in, Chinese hair salon manufacturers are sure to have the perfect hair salon styling chair to match your style and your budget, guaranteed. Import now from China!

leather chair
Leather Chair Importing from China

A good leather chair is the perfect piece of leather furniture to add to your home when you want the material but can’t afford a leather sofa. Chairs are much more affordable and they’ll be timeless in your living room. Purchase your leather chair from China! Chinese leather chair manufacturers offers high quality products at an affordable price. They are mostly found in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Hebei. We will provide you more details about these manufacturers if you desire to.

makeup artist chair
Makeup Artist Chair Importing from China

Are you a makeup artist looking for makeup artist chair? Don’t worry! Bansar will help you find the best and most trusted Chinese makeup artist chair manufacturers. These manufacturers offers you a wide selection of makeup artist chair that is made with high quality materials that comes in different sizes and designs according to your preference. Import your makeup artist chair now from China!

massage chair
Massage Chair Importing from China

Most trusted and reliable massage chair manufacturers are in China. These manufacturers offer the highest quality and unique massage chairs that comes in different designs and preference according to your desired use. Import now China! They can be your best partner for your massage service.

phlebotomy chair
Phlebotomy Chair Importing from China

China has the leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality medical supplies to hospitals, surgery centers, outpatient clinics, home health care providers and physician such as phlebotomy chairs. Professional Chinese Phlebotomy chair manufacturers offers a high quality phlebotomy chairs that Keep patients comfortable while getting blood drawn. Import Phlebotomy chairs for your medical services from China!

restaurant chair
Restaurant Chair Importing from China

Are you a restaurant owner? Don’t worry for the chairs because Chinese restaurant chair manufacturers has a lot to offer. These manufacturers provide high quality chairs and they can custom designs according to your preference. If you want to know more about these manufacturers, Bansar is willing to help you.

school chair
School Chair Importing from China

Is your school lacked of chairs? Import now from China! Chinese school chair manufacturers provide high quality school chair that comes with different designs. Bansar will help you find the right manufacturer.

sex chairs
Sex Chair Importing from China

Are you looking for sex chairs for your personal use? You can import from China! Chinese sex chair manufacturers have the most comfortable and all the best ideas in one place for orgasmic sex! Bansar will give you details about Chinese sex chair manufacturers.

tiffany chairs
Tiffany Chair Importing from China

China is the Source of high quality Tiffany Chairs supplied by verified and experienced manufacturers. They provide tiffany chairs with different sizes and designs and they can custom your tiffany chair according to your design. Import now from China!

wedding chair
Wedding Chair Importing from China

Wedding chairs are absolute essentials for your big day. Your guests will need a place to sit during the ceremony and throughout the reception, but the types of chairs you choose can also affect your wedding decor and overall aesthetic. Don’t worry! Bansar will help you find the right manufacturer of your wedding chair for your big day or your business. Cooperate with us for more details about these manufacturers.

zero gravity chair
Zero Gravity Chair Importing from China

With the Zero Gravity Reclining Chair created by Chinese chair manufacturers, you’ll never find a better way to relax and find comfort – anytime, anywhere! Import Zer gravity chair now from China. Chinese Zero gravity chair manufacturers are scattered around China. Import now and we will help you get details about these manufacturers.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Chairs Shipping from China?

Chairs Sea Freight Shipping from China
When your orders are very large and not urgent, you can use sea freight. Lower cost and can offer the highest carrying capacity.
Chairs Air Freight Shipping from China
Safer and efficient way for your urgent orders. Also provides high level of security for your chairs.
Chairs Rail Freight Shipping from China
Ship by rail is more economical and much quicker form of transporting chairs, especially when your distant away from China.
Chairs Door to Door Shipping from China
Bansar can help you ship your order to your warehouse or home. You can save time, efforts and can deliver your cargo without inconveniences.

Save Bansar as Your Next Freight Forwarder for Your Chairs Shipping from China

  • Reliable and efficient services for chairs safety transport
  • Competitive shipping rates for your chairs shipping from China
  • Professional paperwork and customs clearances in China
  • Deals with all the warehousing and  loading solutions

Importing Chairs from China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you are importing chairs from China, you can’t miss this guide.

You will get benefits from reading this guide and help you become an expert in chair market in China.

What are the Benefits of Importing Chairs from China?

Several advantages come with importing chairs from China.

The fact that China is one of the leading manufactures worldwide, many wholesalers prefer to purchase from there because;

Chinese furniture

· Affordable Prices

The cost of your purchase has to be the main factor you might be considering before embarking on importing chairs from China.

One thing for sure is that you can purchase quality chairs at relatively low prices.

Why am I saying so?

There are hundreds if not thousands of chairs manufacturers in China.

This implicates stiff competition which forces the manufacturers to sell their products at competitive prices.

To add on that, buying your chairs in bulk might attract a higher discount rate and therefore you will end up cost-saving.

Remember, you can as well bargain the price from the one that is offered and end up purchasing your chairs ten times less than the selling price.

Are you lucky?


· Huge Profit Margin

You are bound to get huge profits if you purchase chairs directly from the manufacturer, in our case China.

Once you purchase the chairs at discounted rates, you will be in the position to increase profits.

Take for instance a company sells chairs at $15.

Once they get it from the manufacturer they will buy at discounted rates let’s say of about $7.

This means they will have a profit of $8.

The bottom line here is that the higher the discount the higher the profits.

Remember, most manufacturers will offer discounts on bulk purchases only.

· Quality

Chinese are known to be experts in the production and manufacturing industry and this is no different from the manufacturing of chairs.

There are a variety of designs to choose from and quality is one of the key things you need to consider.

To get a nice quality, it’s important to visit the country and find out from different manufacturers.

However, if traveling is not your option, you might as well consider checking different reviews of different manufacturers online.

Platforms such as Made in China, DHGate, Alibaba and Ali express will be ideal to check the rating of each manufacturer.

· Unique Products

China has thousands of unique products not excluding chairs.

Depending on your preferences, you have the opportunity to choose the type of chair you want.

Without forgetting that you can as well request for custom made chairs from your manufacturer.

Where is the Popular Furniture Market in China?

If you are looking forward to visiting a furniture market in China then Shunde, China furniture wholesale market should be your first stop.

Shunde market which is located at Shunde district is a popular furniture market in China and is home to over 1500 manufacturers and thousands of furniture dealers.

Here you will be able to have a variety to choose from as well as weigh prices of different manufacturers.

Can you get Chairs in China International Furniture Fair? Which Furniture Trade Show in China can you Recommend?


In the China International Furniture Fair, there are different types of furniture displayed not excluding:

  • Home furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Hotel furniture
  • Commercial furniture
  • Outdoor furniture, among others.

You can easily find distinctive designs of chairs and build bonds with the different manufacturers in the fair.

And that’s not all; several other trade shows in China are scheduled every year.

If you are interested in this type of occasions, then I would recommend you to attend trade shows such as;

Furniture fair

 Furniture fair

These are just some of the many other trade fairs that exist.

As you can see, some trade fairs major on a specific type of furniture such as office furniture China.

Depending on what suits you, you can choose the appropriate type of trade fair.

How do you Find China Furniture Suppliers?

Finding your desired furniture supplier is not as hard as it may seem.

You can do that from the comfort of your home.

Online platforms such as Alibaba, Made In China, Global sources and Aliexpress just to mention a few.

They have hundreds or rather thousands of manufacturers as well as suppliers.

To add on that, you can easily assess them based on their ratings.

On the other hand, paying a visit to China would help you get your preferred supplier.

You will be able to create a stronger bond as well as easily negotiate on prices.

Attending the annual trade fairs in China such as canton fair, China International Furniture Fair among many others.

They would expose you to the different furniture manufacturers as well as suppliers.

Depending on what suits you best, you can use any of these ways to locate your furniture supplier in China.

Which Chairs can you Import from China?

There is no limit to which chairs you can import from China.

Depending on the type of material, design as well as the purpose of the chairs, you can whichever chairs that satisfy your interest.

These include;



  • Office chairs
  • Wooden chairs
  • Antique chairs
  • Restaurant chairs
  • Massage Chairs
  • School chairs
  • Dental chair
  • Makeup artist chair
  • Bean bag chair
  • Casino chair
  • Outdoor chairs
  • Barber and salon chairs
  • Dining chairs
  • Zero gravity chair
  • Wedding chairs
  • Electric wheelchair
  • Sex chairs
  • Airport chairs
  • Dining chairs

How do you Ship Chairs from China?

Four main types of shipping can be applied when shipping from China.

  • Sea Freight Shipping – This is one of the best and most affordable means of shipping. Despite it being the slowest, it’s the ideal one when you are shipping in bulk without urgency.
  • Rail Freight Shipping– As compared to sea freight, shipping by rail is faster. To add to that it is quite economical. This means can be used if the destination country borders china and has an established rail network.
  • Door to door shipping – This involves shipping your products right at your doorstep or warehouse. It’s the best means to use with fewer inconveniences and efforts as the forwarder will be responsible for the entire shipping process.

What is the MOQ when Importing Chairs from China?

Plastic chairs

Plastic chairs

The Minimum order quantity is the least amount of Chinese furniture that a supplier or manufacturer is willing to sell.

The MOQ is meant to allow the supplier or manufacturer to maintain its profitability state.

Different suppliers will have different MOQ with some ranging from as low as two pieces to as high as 1000 pieces or more.

You should understand that most manufacturers and suppliers are not willing to lower their MOQ unless if the deal is profitable to both parties.

However, you can try negotiating with your supplier but don’t expect much from this.

How do you pay Chinese Chair Suppliers?

Chinese suppliers accept several modes of payment and this might vary from one supplier to the other.

Some of the most common modes of payment used are not limited to;

  • Paypal
  • Online Escrow
  • Telegraphic transfers
  • Western Union
  • International Credit Cards
  • Cash
  • International Wire transfer
  • Letter of Credit
  • Payment via sourcing agents

Why should you use Sourcing Agents when Importing Chairs from China?

If you are planning to import chairs from China effortlessly, then sourcing agents are the ones to settle for.

Sourcing agent

Sourcing agent

Sourcing agents are well connected to different manufacturers and suppliers.

Therefore this makes it quite easy for them to ship your product to your desired destination.

Have a look at these extra services that they provide;

  • Quality inspection
  • Custom Clearance
  • Warehouse Storage
  • Sourcing products from China

Between FCL and LCL Shipping; What is the best Option to Ship Chairs from China?

FCL would be the ideal method to use since not only is your shipment secured but also fast as compared to LCL.

How much Import Duty will you Pay to Import Chairs from China?

Import duty will vary depending on the type of chairs you are purchasing.

Like for instance, some importers have attested to spending as much as 43.96% when importing sofa while some spent 29.8%.

Why Hire Chinese Freight Forwarders when Importing Chairs from China?

The main reason as to why most importers use freight forwarders from China is to escape the hustle and bustle associated with importation.

Here are some of the benefits of having a freight forwarder;

  • Freight forwarders will take care of your custom clearance
  • You will receive personalized service which also equates to increased customer attention.
  • Cost-effectiveness –Freight forwarders are familiar with most manufacturers and suppliers. They have adequate knowledge and experience in the field and therefore can get great deals both for the products as well as shipping costs.
  • A freight forwarder has adequate knowledge of the shipping industry and therefore does the work effectively.
  • Time-saving

Are there Benefits of Filling Form E when Importing Chairs from China? And, Who should provide Form E?

Form E is a document provided by the exporting country to certify the originality of the goods.

This form is of importance in that;

  • It certifies that the product has been produced or rather obtained from the exporting country.
  • Form E also shows the exporter’s declaration.
  • It helps in the international trade between countries as some countries may be exempted from paying the import duty depending on the trading relationships. Form E will help to easily identify such countries.

Which Chairs Importers from China are Eligible for ACFTA?

ACFTA only applies to chair importers who come from the member states under the ASEAN.

How do you Negotiate Price when Importing Chairs from China?

Importing Chairs from China

Importing chairs from China

Price negotiation is one of the key aspects which might determine your profit margin.

To do this, there are a couple of techniques that you can use to get your supplier to accept your preferred price.

Remember, you have to consider both parties as to the supplier also has to make profits and to add on that you don’t want instances whereby the calls go unanswered from the supplier’s side.

To attain an equilibrium;

  • Start by quoting lower than your expected buying price.
  • Afterward, the supplier might suggest you increase your price. Instead, ask him to make his offer.
  • High chances are that he will lower the amount and at this point, you can start negotiating on the price until you both agree.

And that’s not enough, you can as well point out some of the competitor’s prices, find some faults with the products or ask for a quantity discount.

All these might lead you to agree on a much affordable price.

When Importing Chairs from China, which Incoterms should you use?

There are four major incoterms used when importing chairs from China;

Incoterms 2010

 Incoterms 2010

  • EXW(Ex Works)
  • FOB(Free On Board)
  • CIF(Cost Insurance Freight)
  • DDU

Each of these incoterms will be applicable under specific circumstances.

For instance, if you are a first-time importer, then DDU should be your choice.

When using DDU, the supplier will provide a freight forwarder who you will pay for.

The same applies to CIF which is one of the commonly used incoterms together with FOB.

On the other hand, EXW would be the ideal choice more so if you are importing small quantities.

As compared to DDU, EXW and FOB allow you to choose your freight forwarder as well as a clearing agent.

Which Shipping Documents are needed for Importing Chairs from China?

Shipping documents Bansar

 Shipping documents Bansar

Documentation is an important aspect of any type of import.

The different paperwork required varies from one country to the other depending on the type of shipment.

Here are some of the documents you will need when importing chairs from China.

  • Import/Export License –Certifies authorization of the imported products in the country of origin or delivery.
  • Packing list –It shows the details of the shipment such as quantity and type of goods being transported.
  • Insurance Certificate- Guarantees the goods are covered against damage or loss while in transit.
  • Bill of Lading- An acknowledgment receipt of the goods being shipped detailing the destination, quantity, type and consignee of the shipment.
  • Inspection Certificate- Used to approve the quality, price as well as quantity of the materials being shipped.
  • Country of Origin Certificate – Certifies that the goods have been produced or rather manufactured in the country of origin.
  • Sales Contract –An agreement between the importer and the exporter stating the terms and conditions governing the price, delivery or exchange of goods.
  • Import Declaration- Provides more information about the goods being shipped.

Who are the Trusted Plastic Chair suppliers in China?

There are several plastic chair suppliers in China some of them including;

  • Henan Duoxan Import & Export Co.Ltd
  • Xiamen Haosen Plastic Products Co.Ltd
  • Yong Shen Mould Company Limited
  • Xiamen Jingwei industry & Trade Co.Ltd
  • Foshan Hanz Funiture Co.Ltd

These are just some of the many plastic chair suppliers in China.

In order to easily get your trusted supplier visit online platforms such as global sources, made in China, Alibaba and check how each is rated.

Plastic chair

 Plastic chair

Why should you Import from China Furniture Wholesale Market in Shunde?

There are a couple of reasons as to why most importers purchase furniture from China Furniture Wholesale Market.

Here are some of the major ones;

  • Availability of quality furniture
  • Cost-effective –Furniture in China wholesale market are sold at competitive prices owing to the presence of many manufacturers.
  • Variety to choose from –You have a wide variety of furniture to choose from depending on your taste and preferences.
  • You are bound to get a high-profit margin as the furniture is sold at competitive prices.

Who are the Leading China Metal Chair Manufacturers?

Some of the top China Metal Chair Manufacturers include;

  • Xiamen Dongde Industry & Trade Co.Ltd
  • Foshan Shunde JiangChang Furniture Co.Ltd
  • Hangzhou Higer Metal Products Co.Ltd
  • Guangzhou FlyFashion Furniture Co.Ltd

You can easily spot many more by checking their ratings on online platforms such as Made in China, Alibaba, and Google just to mention a few.

Are there Specific Quality Standards and Regulations to Consider before Importing Chairs from China?

Yes. This is one of the most important factors to consider when importing not only chairs but also any other product from China.

China has thousands of manufacturers and not all produce quality products.

This might not only ruin your business reputation but also lead you to major losses.

The question remains, which are these quality standards and regulations?

  • Ensure that you purchase under a contract.
  • Inspect your chair manufacturing with the help of qualified and experienced inspection agents.
  • Informing your supplier that the chairs will be inspected by your qualified inspection agents will gear them towards providing quality products.
  • Work with a quality and experienced supplier.

What are the Popular Furniture Finishes on Chinese Chairs?

Furniture finishes might vary depending on your preferences. Whether you want wedding sofa or just ordinary chairs, there are specific finishes for you.

However, some of the common furniture finishes on Chinese chairs include;

  • Lacquer finish
  • Wax finish
  • Polyurethane /polyester
  • Varnishes

Why does Chinese OEM Chairs Manufacturer use “Make to Order” Policy?

Chinese chairs

 Chinese chairs

Make to Order Policy allows the customer to design or rather customize his or her chair as per his preferences and later present it to the manufacturers.

In short, the Make to Order Policy allows for customization which in turn helps in meeting the customer’s specifications.

What are the Approved Treatment for Wood Furniture?

Heat treatment and chemical treatment are the two main approved treatments to use on wood furniture.

Best 20 Chairs Manufacturers in China

1 Bestar Untied Co., Ltd

Bestar Untied Co., Ltd is a China chair manufacturer specializing in high-class office chairs, computer chairs, and bar stools. They are utilizing local materials and excellent human resources in designing and developing products. The product chair range is waiting for chair, office chair, dining chair, reception chair, and more. Bestar Untied Co., Ltd has a monthly production capacity of 30,000 pieces of the chair.

2 starts in the professional seating and office space solution business in 2003. It is a premier furniture company that committed to R&D, product planning, manufacturing, and customer service. products are recognized and highly respected by its customers around the world. They are also working with international designers such as Zooey Chu, Baldanzi, Novelli, and more. is serving 60+ countries and regions.

3 Foshan Highwey Furniture

Foshan Highwey Furniture is located in Longjiang Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, occupies 5,000 sq m area. This company starts in the furniture business in 2009. Their main products are banquet furniture, hotel furniture, and outdoor furniture. It includes a plastic chair, banquet chair, ghost chair, and more.

4 Lifan

Lifan has over 20 years of experience in creating workplace solutions. Driven by cutting-edge research, development, and manufacturing facility, they are able to create high-quality furniture products. Along with their products are office chairs, office workstations, height-adjustable desk, meeting room tables, and folding training tables. Their headquarter is based in Tian He District, Guangzhou Province.


Tianjin U-like Intl. Co., Ltd is an indoor furniture manufacturer and designer. It is based in Hexi District, Tianjin, North of China. They are a company with strong quality control and experience in furniture design. With the changes and progress in the market, U-Like adopts those current trends and continues to evolve.

6 Mige Office Furniture

Mige is a fresh and new company that focused on the production and distribution of metal furniture and mid-grade panel. They are involved in the production of office furniture including sofas, reception desks, coffee tables, conference desks ., etc, for more than 8 years. China Guangzhou MIGE Office Furniture Co. Ltd is working with customers around the world.

7  Anji Guyou Furniture Co., LTD           

Established in 2012, Anji Guyou Furniture Co., LTD recognized as leading professional manufacturer of office chair, gaming chair, bar stools, and racing chair conference. Their manufacturing factory is situated in Anji County, Huzhou City, with 50 workers. Anji Guyou Furniture has been in the business for over 20 years.

8 Vic Dental

Since 2006, Vic Dental is engaged in the dental chair and dental chair parts manufacturing service. In China, they are your best manufacturer. Specializing in dental products for many years, they satisfied their customers from different countries and regions. Affordable price products, stable quality, and diversified styles are some company advantages. Vic Dental passed ISO13485 and CE certifications.

9 Jianlian Aluminums Co., LTD

Jianlian Aluminum Co., Ltd is specializing in homecare rehabilitation products. It is located in Dali Xiebian, Nanhai District, Foshan City, established in the year 1993. They are a professional manufacturer and exporter with more than 200 employees. Along with their products are commode chairs, shower benches, steel and aluminum wheelchairs, walking frame, and more. For special applications, Jianlian can produce custom-design products.

10 Bonsuny

Founded in 2008, Bonsuny was established in Panpan, Guangzhou. This company belongs to Guangzhou Liangjiu Furniture Co., Ltd, a restaurant furniture supplier. Because they are located in easily reached areas, their transportation and logistics are convenient, which is essential when importing. Bonsuny Furniture is cooperating with foreign and domestic enterprises.

11 Yingfung Furniture Co., Ltd

Specializing in office furniture exportation, Yingfu Furniture Company became professional in the business. The company is engaged in the business for over 20 years. They had established a long-term relationship with their hundred office furniture customers. Yingfung Furniture Co., Ltd is providing a one-stop solution, even mixed products.

12 HOECARE Medical Equipment Co., LTD

HOECARE Medical Equipment Co., LTD is located in Guangzhou, China. It is a professional manufacturer dedicated to medical equipment R&D, production, and sales. This company is strictly adhering to ISO9001 and the 13485-2003 management system. Their main products are the electric bed, manual bed, wheelchairs, hospital bed, operating table, and more. There are a total of 200+ types of equipment available.

13 Topmedi Co., Ltd

Topmedi Co., Ltd is a company devoted to supplying medical products for elder and handicapped. Since established, Topmedi mainly involved in an electric wheelchair, shower chair, manual wheelchair, hospital bed, and walking aids. Topmedi products have been accepted in over 80 countries in the world. Among their products are famous companies, foundations, and more.

14 Zhejiang Senchuan Furniture Co., Ltd         

Founded in 2005, Zhejiang Senchuan Furniture Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer in furniture production. It has a high professional degree in plastic furniture research and development. Senchuan is situated in Binhai Industry Zone, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. They are involved in producing chairs, sofas, cabinets, tables, and other furniture accessories. Senchuan is producing and selling 300+ types of furniture products.

15 Xiamen Sunwee Outdoor Co., Ltd

Xiamen Sunwee Outdoor Co., Ltd start focusing on outdoor camping furniture in 1997. This company is located in Xiamen – the beautiful coastal city. It is near to Xiamen Airport and Xiamen Harbor. They are supplying their products to major retailers and brand holders in Australia, Europe, the US, South Africa, and more. Around 300,000 pcs is their monthly production.

16 Acrofine Industrial Co., Ltd

Acrofine Industrial Co., Ltd is an OEM manufacturer of furniture products. Their lines of products are office chairs, recliners, dining chairs, bar stools, and other relative products. Acrofine is serving 400+ customers in 73 countries and regions. E-commerce sellers, trading companies, hypermarket companies, wholesalers, and distributors are their customers.


LAICOZY is your ideal partner if you are looking for supplies connected to restaurants, hotels, furnished apartments, hospitals, and so on. The company focused on providing large groups such as Banquet furniture factory, Hotel equipment factory, Crowd Control System factory, etc. LAICOZY has more than 15 years of experience in providing packaging specific demand.

18 Westline Furniture (Anji) Co., Ltd

Established in 2008, Westline Furniture (Anji) Co., Ltd is engaged in designing and manufacturing high-quality office chairs. Over 12 years in the business, their professional operation will ensure your project safe and always get great service. The key advantage of the company is design ability, product quality control, and good customers’ service.

19 Anji Bregal Chairs Industry Co., Ltd

Anji Bregal Chairs Industry Co., Ltd is specializing in slot chairs, casino seatings, table gaming chairs, bar chairs, office chairs, dining chairs, bar stools, and more. This company is a professional manufacturer of seating products. They mainly export products to North American and European countries. Good and high-quality service is the company objective.

20 Tianjin Kingnod Furniture Co., Ltd

Tianjin Kingnod Furniture Co., Ltd is located in Tianjin the 2nd biggest port in Northern China. They are focus on a dining chairs, event chairs, bar chairs, garden chairs, and tables. There is 100 staff in their manufacturing company. Driven by advanced equipment and technologies, they are able to offer the best quality products at great prices. Kingdon Furniture starts in the business in 2008, and they get reputation in the market.

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