Best 10 sourcing agent in China

Best 10 China Sourcing Agent That Will Make Your Shipping from China Easier

If you are importing from China, and want to get a good sourcing agent in China, you are in the right place.


Because as the leading freight forwarder in China, we know tons of sourcing agents in China, and can help you review the best Chinese sourcing agents.

And in today’s guide, I’ll recommend the best 10 sourcing agent in China to help you source products.

Quick Note:  This is an exclusive list. All the winners were selected based on a certain number of factors and it can’t be modified.

Sourcing Wise.Contact this Sourcing Agent Now!

Sourcing wise is a professional sourcing agent located in Yiwu, I know the founder several years ago, a nice and professional man. If you are looking for a reliable sourcing agent in China, to make your importing from China easier, Sourcing Wise is your best choice.

Hi, I am Max, the founder of SourcingWise. Through ten years of sourcing experience, I established this organization to benefit all global importers worldwide who come to China to trade.

How can we make sourcing from China wiser?

Our local team can source and communicate with selected factories in China more quickly and respond to your questions no later than 8 hours; you can spend more time with your family or expand your business.

We have a 10,000-square-meter warehouse for you as temporary storage, and our quality inspector will do a careful quality inspection before shipping the goods out. These two services are free, saving additional costs each time;

We will sign a Chinese contract with the factory, add law protection to your order to ensure your legal right under Chinese law; simultaneously, your information is very sacred to us; it will not be leaked or sold to anyone.

We know ruthless can make the business grow fast in a short period, but we know there’s a better way; we believe business can grow with a conscience and succeed with a soul.

SouringWise — Help you sourcing wiser in China!



Jing Sourcing Contact this Sourcing Agent Now!


Jingsourcing is a very professional sourcing agent located in Yiwu, China. They aim to help small businesses import products from China with good price & quality when facing 1,000+ suppliers for the same product in Alibaba.

They have around 40 professional local Chinese employees to handle your projects. So if you are looking for the sourcing agent in Yiwu, Jing will definitely help you out.

The Founder Words to You

Hi, I’m Jing, the founder of I started the company in 2015 from just myself in the apartment, and grown up to 40+ staffs in 3 years.

We like helping small to medium business or even new importers source good price and quality products in China, helping them avoid all kinds potential importing risks. Our service is very friendly to them, which is $100 minimum charge.

Our sourcing service is free, and you don’t need to pay anything until purchasing what you like. 5%-10% is our service rate, and it includes services like product sourcing, production management, quality inspection, shipping arrangement and product photography.

Unlike inspection company that can only send you inspection report, we help you negotiate with suppliers on your behalf, and fix quality problem before products leaving China. You will never feel so secure when import from China through us.

In the past 3 years, we’ve supported 1,500+ American Amazon sellers build their ecommerce business, and also helped a European company grow from 0.5 to 4 million USD annual import amount. I always believe that we make you succeed, then we will succeed.

Meeno Group Contact this Sourcing Agent Now!


Meeno Group is another professional sourcing agent located in Yiwu, China. Their founder Max is a very nice man and he does everything super carefully.

Meeno Group provides complete sourcing service in China,  their services include and not limited to: Quality inspection, sourcing products in China, warehouse storage, customs clearance and ship management.

The Founder Words to You:

Hey, this is Max, the founder of Meeno Group. We provide a complete sourcing service in China.

What’s our difference with others?

I believe it’s radical transparency. The supplier’s information, commission rate, shipping method, all information you need is public when you cooperate with us.

In case you are still looking for a trustworthy agent to save time and cost, contact us today!

Sourcingbro Contact this Sourcing Agent Now!



If you are looking for sourcing agent in Shenzhen China, then you can consider Sourcingbro. Their founder Jack, has vast experience in the Shenzhen marketing. Their sourcing products types from handmade gifts to electronics.

The Founder Words to You:

“cross-culture” is my passion and that propelled me to start my career as an International Trade Specialist since 2012.

Today, 6 years later, I am among the most respected and most experienced sourcing business providers in China.

During my stint and experience in the industry, I saw that overseas buyers still struggle to have a hassle free business transaction in China and I decided to devise certain solutions that they needed. This is what gave rise to my business which I named Sourcing bro.

If you are ready to import from China, get in touch with us and discover the growth that we can bring to your business.

 LazPanda Contact this Sourcing Agent Now!



Lazpanda is another good sourcing agent located in Shenzhen, China. They have a young sourcing team to help their clients source different products in China.

If you are looking for a professional sourcing agent in Shenzhen, you can try them.

The Founder Words to You:

For most business importers, China is a Gold Mine. You can find hot products you wanted and make you rich.

When people source products from China, but they’re not familiar with Chinese, like the story “Blind men and an elephant”, they will easily get scammed.

The best way to get rid of scam is hiring a trusted partner Chinese sourcing agent.

That’s Lazpanda’s job.

We help people choose the right suppliers, decrease cost, and reduce the risk when you “mining” from China.

I’m Keen, founder of Lazpanda, 5 years experience in Electronic markets. If you want some messages about Shenzhen Huqiangbei or Electronic industry, lazpanda is your right choice.

Foshan Sourcing Contact this Sourcing Agent Now!


China sourcing agent Foshan sourcing

Ok, just as the name, if you want to find a sourcing agent in Guangzhou, you can contact Foshan Sourcing.

The founder Kensen has over 10 years of sourcing experience in China, he and his team are very professional on the products sourcing.

Their team come from different cities where are famous for the industrial clusters such as Chenghai (toys) , Chaoyang (under wares), Zhongshan (lights), Foshan (tiles, furniture, windows and doors), Chaozhou (sanitary wares) and so on.

The Founder Words to You:

Unlike other China based companies, Foshan Sourcing is based in the Foshan if you want to source building metirails from China.

We have a stable network of more than 250 quality suppliers from industries of furniture,tile,light,sanitary ware , who are all verified and audited by the company.

With services like factory audits, inspection, price verification, and compliance assurance, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the products while working with Foshan Sourcing.

Foshan Sourcing also promises to get you a better price with a dedicated negotiation team and access to a network of ground level factories that offer competitive prices but offer the same quality products as any other factory.

If you’re looking for a sourcing company that offers a full range of sourcing services for house buidling , hotel project,building metarial agent, Foshan sourcing is the right option.

B2C Sourcing Contact this Sourcing Agent Now!


b2c sourcing

If you are looking for a Ningbo Sourcing agent, then B2C sourcing is right for you.

Listen to what the founder said:

Hi, this is Sheng from B2C Sourcing. I’m a product development specialist with 10 years of experience in both product development and product sourcing, I have developed products for major clients such as Disney, Speck Products, Philips Lumec, and other great companies during my career.

In 2015, I founded B2C Sourcing Ltd, a sourcing company focused on products sourcing for small business owners like Amazon sellers,eBay sellers, and other offline business owners.

Colleagues know me as a professional product development specialist who can always be trusted, But I know that the client’s business comes first, and I never try to impose my ideas on others. Instead, I spend a lot of time understanding the business and products before developing.

Leeline Sourcing Contact this Sourcing Agent Now!


leeline sourcing team

With 10 Years of Experience in China Sourcing Agent Business, LeelineSourcing are Committed to Sourcing High Quality Products With a Best Possible Cost via a Complete Transparent Process!

We offer you Amazon seller services, from product procurement, to brand labeling, quality inspection, packaging services, product photographing and also shipping of products to FBA warehouses.

Just tell us what you need, and we will help ship your products to your warehouse at lightning speed.

The Founder Words for You:

Hi, this is Sharline from Leeline Sourcing, ten years ago I enter in the field of international trade, I am familiar with all process of purchasing from China and Shipping worldwide, I met so many customers which meet Variety problems during sourcing products in China:

  • Expensive charge when flying to China for buying
  • Cost much time to contact different suppliers at the same time
  • Quality can’t be guaranteed
  • Goods can’t be delivered as promised
  • Sometimes being defrauded and suffer great losses

For the above bad buying experience, they need someone who can trust to help control everything in China.

In the beginning, Sharline help customers to source as part-time job.

As time goes on, more and more clients and clients’ friends ask her for help.

Considering that there was not enough time to take care of all orders, she decided to build a sourcing company, which mainly help oversea clients source products in China.

We leeline sourcing will use our 10 years of sourcing experiece to help you negotiate best prices with right suppliers and we have experienced FBA Sourcing China Company With local office in china, with many years of experience with sourcing, preparing and shipping products to Amazon FBA warehouses.

We serve Professional Amazon sellers all around the world with A – Z service and more FBA Sourcing China services.

Now our company is growing like a tree. More and more excellent talents join us . Our service is known by foreign businessmen increasingly.

Our Chinese buying experience blogs get a large number of subscribes and are shared in SNS such as facebook,linkedin, twitter and so on.

Import Dojo Contact this Sourcing Agent Now!


Manuel is not Chinese, his company Importdojo in Hongkong, China, and he is very professional when it comes to sourcing from China. So I add him to my list as a special one.

Manuel Becvar is the founder of A educational blog on sourcing from China and selling on eCommerce sites such as Amazon. Apart from educational blogs, ImportDojo also offers online courses that teach you on how to source in China and import to your home country. On top of that ImportDojo also offers sourcing services within China.

Manuel’s professional career started in 1998 when he worked for Austria’s biggest DIY retailer (bauMax). He moved to Hong Kong in 2005 to work for one of the biggest Sourcing Offices in Hong Kong with a staff over 200 people. For more than 12 years he worked with the biggest retailers in the world on developing, sourcing and finding new products for them. These retailers included: Metro, Rewe, OBI, Carrefour, Tesco, WalMart, Amazon, Auchan, Lowes, Sears, Homedepot and many others.

Manuel speaks publicly at large events within Asia, Europe and North America. You can find a selection of interviews, podcast & magazines contributions on

Apart from running Manuel also has his own Amazon and eCommerce business selling well over 1Mio USD per year.

 Riwick Contact this Sourcing Agent Now!


Riwick is a professional sourcing agent located in Longjiang Town, Foshan City.

They are expert when it comes to sourcing furniture from China.

So your home or your business needs to import furniture from China, you can contact them.

The Founder Words to You:

Hello, everybody. Foshan is famous for its furniture, sanitary industry, ceramic, deco.etc. We are experienced and professional in handling household items. You can get the best service from us.

As long as you tell us the style and requirements you want, you can choose the products you like in these large furniture markets. Not only can you choose from a few big-box stores, but you can also go to the showroom in the factory. In this way, you will get the most reasonable price from the supplier.
You will enjoy the considerate service of pick up, translation, quality inspection, shipment, and billing, etc. From the purchase of household goods to shipping the whole process, there is our intimate service, you just enjoy shopping fun.

If you want to import household items, we are ready to be your best agent. Select us, you are worth it.”

Extra Recommend: If you want to import hotel motel furniture from China, this hotel furniture supplier you can try.


best sourcing agent in China

FAQ Guide on How to Find the Right Sourcing Agent from China

Importing from China isn’t easy work for a lot of importers, and Chinese local sourcing agents will help you out.

Of course, the must thing is: You choose the “right”  buying agent in China.

and below guide, you will find every question you may have about China sourcing agents.

Keep reading:

Q: Who Need Sourcing Agent in China?

If you are a startup company, you need to find a Chinese sourcing agent.

You are going to start up your company, and you are planning to import from China. Because you don’t know the Chinese market, and you don’t know how to find a good supplier on platforms like Alibaba or madeinchina.

Then you need to find a sourcing agent in China, they will help you handle everything in China and teach you how to source product from China.

A good sourcing agent will really help you a lot.

Here is a good post on China Manufacturing: To Sourcing Agent or not to Sourcing Agent

Q: What Kinds of Products Can a Sourcing Agent Help to Source

Generally speaking, products like apparel, Jewelry, toys, Electronics, Furniture, Kitchenware, Hardware & Tools, Home & Garden etc, you can find a sourcing agent to help you importing from China.

When you visit a sourcing agent website, you will find the products they are expert in, for example, below is the product Meeno Group can source for you:

product sourcing from China

But if you import industry products like pharmaceutical machines, duplex strainers, copper nickel pipe, pool enclosure, then the most sourcing agent cannot help you. Because they are too professional and very few agents know about the products.

You need to search on google first.

For example, you need to source the pharmaceutical equipment in China, then google ” pharmaceutical equipment in China”, then all done.

sourcing pharmaceutical equipment in China

Q: What Kinds of Sevice You can Get from Chinese Sourcing Agent

  • Help you find a read factory in China who manufacture your products

Find a real manufacturer is really a hard work if you are not local Chinese, the sourcing agent know where to find the manufacturer in different cities of China.

And if you want to try yourself, here is 17 manufacturing cities for different products in China . For example , you can find wedding dress supplier in Huqiu, toy manufacturer in Shantou etc.

China manufacturing cities

  • Manage production of your products

A really good Chinese sourcing agent will help you manage the production very well. They will go to the factory very often to check every process of the product manufacturing.

product manufacturing in Chinese factory

Another important thing, both your sourcing agent and the factory boss say Chinese, their comunication will be much easier than you.

  • Inspect the quality of your products

Quality is key. Your sourcing agent will be like your worker in the factory, they inspect quality of every piece of product.

Inspect the quality of your products

This will make you enjoy your family and life at home, and at the same time, you have a trusted guy work for you.

  • Arrange shipment of your products

When your goods are ready, your sourcing agent will contact the freight forwarder to ship your goods. As the professional freight forwarder in China, Bansar actually worked with a lot of sourcing agent in China.

Based on your schedule, you choose the shipping type, by sea , by air or by railway.

shipping from China

Then you stay at home and wait for your goods shipping to your warehouse(under the incoterm DDU).

Q: What is the Sourcing Agent Commission Rate and Fee Structure

Commission Rate of sourcing agent in China

Most sourcing agents in China charge the commission rate on every order. Maybe 1% to 5% depending on your order amount.

Some agents also charge yearly commission rate. Like $100 to $1000 every year.

There are also service fee for customizing your product & packaging, follow up producing, inspect quality, and arrange the shipping.

Q: How to Find a Perfect Sourcing Agent in China

It will be a disaster if you find the wrong sourcing agent in China.

Money may not a big thing, but you have to find better agent again, and your order delayed.

so here I suggest you some practical tips when looking for a buying agent for your business.

  • Ask for the agent’s website and check every detail on the web

The website is very important for any online business.

Check your agent’s website, and check their design, their word, about their company, the founder story.

Chinese best air freight forwarder Bansar

when you can feel that the agent does perfect in every detail of their website, the web design, copyrighting, image quality , blog article etc. Then this is the right agent for you.

They may care about your business just like their own website.

  • Ask a video chat with your agent

video chat is the best way to know your sourcing agent directly. If they are willing to chat on video, then at least show three things:

  • They are confident
  • Their English is not bad, so you will not have problems on communication in future
  • They care about you

In another hand, during the video chat, you can see your agent directly.

Normally we understand a person with the first face, if you find this is a very man, and then, listen to him, talk about their business, their company, you will really get to know the agent very quickly.

talk on video with your sourcing agent in China

  • Test your agent with a small order

Never give very big order at first. You’d better give them small order, but with very complicated things.

For example, you need one ski goggle sample.

But you need very high quality, optical class 1, the ski goggle needs very good anti-fog performance, anti-scratch performance, the goggle need to change color when in the sun.

sourcing ski goggle in China

Give your requirement, and then you see, how long they help you find the product, how they handle every step, every detail, how they communicated with you.

All these will not cost you over $ 300, but with this, you know your sourcing agent is a good fit for you.

Q: How much can I Save by Sourcing from China?

The amount of money you can save when sourcing for your goods from China will depend on many factors.

First, I will advise you not go it alone – get a reliable sourcing agent in China.

They know how to negotiate with the suppliers and factories.

Hence, you stand of getting better prices.

Second, even if you hire a Chinese sourcing agent, you need to follow these simple rules:

Q: Get Sourcing Agent from Right City

Chinese manufacturing cities are divided into 5 main manufacturing zones.

You can have a quick look at the table below:

Chinese cityProducts
ShenzhenElectronics manufacturing hub
ShanghaiBiomedicine, communication equipment, automobiles, steel products, petrochemicals and electronics
BeijingPharmaceuticals, electronics and information technology
TianjinAutomobiles, mobile phones, aerospace and aviation equipment
GuangzhouNearly from automobile parts to toothpicks

So, you must get your sourcing agent from the right manufacturing city.

Otherwise, you may end up spending a lot of money on transport.

· Get Quotes from different Supplier or Factories

Even if you hire a souring agent in China, comparing prices is still important.

This way, you will choose a supplier with the best market prices.

· Quality is key – Get a third Party to Inspect Goods

I will not lie to you:

Buying substandard products at a low price is a waste of time and money.

You may end up losing your entire investment.

And finally, you must have accurate specifications for your products.

You can go with your designs and specifications for custom products.

By the way, in case you want to learn more about this, I have some links here for you:

Q: Is finding a Chinese Sourcing Company Online Enough? And, can I trust them?


Of course I know searching for a Chinese sourcing company will begin by doing a random search on the internet.

Obviously, by the end of your search, you will get a few sourcing agents.

Take for example, when you use “Chinese sourcing company”, “Chinese sourcing agents” or “Sourcing agents in China”, there will be a list of some agents or companies.

Look at this:

search sourcing agent of China on Bing

Search results from Bing on 13|04|2018

Here is the truth:

A random online search should only give you a hint of the name of the Chinese sourcing companies.

From here, you must do further research to establish their authenticity and credibility.

You must not trust them simply because they come first during your random search.

Once you get the name of the company, go ahead to further search to establish its reputation.

Besides, you need to know whether it can supply the products you need.

Just in case you want to learn more on these, here are some useful links:

Q: What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) a Sourcing Agent in China Can Process?

Well, this will depend on the sourcing agent in China.

However, quite a number of Chinese sourcing agents allow small minimum order quantity.

Take for example, Meeno Group allows for as low as $500 MOQ.

On the other hand, Jing Sourcing has their MOQ as $1000.

Of course, this refers to the value of the product in monetary terms, which you must purchase.

On the other hand, there are Chinese sourcing agents that use the number of items you want to buy as the MOQ.

Of course, they set all these depending on supplier or factory requirements.

Take for example, in case you want to buy WeeTect Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Sheet, you must order at least 100 pieces.

Have a look at this:

MOQ when sourcing from China

Photo Credits: Alibaba

So when you do a quick math here, it is evident that the MOQ ranges between $200 to $5,000 depending on the types products.

The bottom line:

Discuss this with the sourcing agent.

For more information on MOQ here is a good infographic: Learn why Chinese Suppliers Require MOQ.

Q: What are the Benefits of Buying Products through China Purchasing Agents?

  • Sourcing agents will be your local representatives
  • You don’t have to do price negotiations since sourcing agents will do it for you
  • At about 3% to 8% commission, you will get all your products without necessarily traveling to China
  • You will benefit from the large database of suppliers, factories and manufacturers they have at their disposal
  • No more language barrier – sourcing agents will also be your translators
  • With their strategic locations, China purchasing agents know the ins and outs of the Chinese export and import market.
  • Souring agents perform major tasks for your business such as doing follow-ups, packaging, performing regular quality inspections, etc.
  • You don’t have to waste time looking for quality products, sourcing agents in China will do it for you
  • Help and assist in drafting negotiations so you don’t have to go through the tiresome process of knowing Chinese laws and regulations

sourcing from China

Photo Credits: Discover Sourcing

Here is the secret:

With Chinese sourcing agents, you will definitely get value for your money.

Q: How Long Does it take to Source from China?

Saying that it will take you a week or a month to source from China will be a lie.

I can’t give an accurate time on this.

However, the following factors will determine when you’ll get your goods from China?

  • Have you identified a sourcing agent? If yes, then sourcing time will be short if not, it will obviously be longer since you must get one.
  • Which products are you sourcing from China? For custom design, it will take a long time since the manufacturer or supplier may have to modify the production process.
  • Change in government regulations; in case there are new regulations in place more so when it comes to electronics, the sourcing process may delay. Also, in case of sanctions by other countries, your sourcing process may also delay.
  • Experience and expertise of the Chinese sourcing agent will determine the time frame

You need to discuss this with sourcing agent – they will give you an accurate time.

Product sourcing time and date

Product sourcing time and date depend on the above factors

During your free time, you can also read this research by the Jönköping International Business School on Problems and Challenges of Global Sourcing (A Study of Chinese Manufacturing Enterprise).

Q: Do Sourcing Agents in China Check Quality of Products?

Yes, they do.

In fact, quality inspection and verification is one of the many services the sourcing agents in China offer. Among the key services Chinese sourcing agents do when it comes to this include:

  • Visit the factory or manufacturing site to ensure all your products meet the appropriate specifications – be it dimensions, weight, color, etc.
  • Audit the overall performance of the company
  • Check the company’s registration and quality certifications
  • Research about the company to establish if there are any complaints
  • Working with third parties to verify the quality of products
  • Regular inspection of the product during and after the manufacturing process

simple quality verification process

simple quality verification process – Photo Credits: ARCGIS PRO

Here are some links on quality control:

I need a Shenzhen Sourcing Agent; How can I go About this?

Well, finding a Shenzhen sourcing agent is a simple process. You can follow the same process as that of finding a Chinese sourcing company.

benefits of china sourcing agent

Photo Credits: Investopedia

However, here you have to be careful and optimize the search to STRICTLY Shenzhen.

I believe by doing so there is a specific product you want to source in Shenzhen – most likely electronics.

Here is the process:

  • Use a term like “Shenzhen sourcing agent” to do a random web search.
  • Pick about 10 sourcing agents in Shenzhen or with offices in this region
  • Contact them and schedule for a meeting – you don’t have to go to China, Skype video call can do
  • Try if you can contact a few of their past clients
  • Check whether they have the necessary experience and knowledge about your product. Besides, they should care about their customers.

Once you identify a good Shenzhen sourcing agent, you can try them with a small order. It is after this that you can engage them in serious sourcing business.

Q: How Long will it Take for the Products to Reach Me Once I get a Chinese Sourcing Agent?

Estimating an exact time for this also depend on a number of factors.

You need to share this with your Chinese sourcing agent. However, among the key factors that will determine when you’ll get the products from China include:

  • Time it takes to source for the products from different factories and suppliers
  • Whether the products need special packaging or not
  • Finding the right shipping company for instance, Bansar arranges for shipment as soon as they get the products
  • Mode of transportation; sea freight may take more time than air freight
  • Distance from your location to China
  • Natural calamities and change in government policies, among other factors

Sourcing from China to other parts of the world

Sourcing from China to other parts of the world

As you can see, there are many factors that will determine how long it will take to get your products.

I am sure, your Chinese sourcing agent, together with the shipping company, will give you an accurate time estimate.

Q: Can a Sourcing Agent in China Sell my Design to my Competitor?

I can say no and yes.


It will all depend on the type of sourcing agent you opt for.

In case you hire a professional sourcing agent in China, you will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Besides, you will have a binding contract between you (buyer) and the sourcing company.

NDA you sign with china sourcing agent


Under such circumstances, there is no way the sourcing agent in China will sell your design to the competitor.

However, when you hire unprofessional sourcing company in China, you should prepare for a rude shock.

They will obviously sell or share the information with your competitor.

I know you would not want to hear this, but it is the reality.

So the bottom line – only hire a professional sourcing agent in China to protect your brand.

I had earlier explained how to get a professional sourcing company.

To learn more, follow this link: Non-disclosure Agreement.

Q: How do I start Working with Chinese Sourcing Agents?

It is this simple:

  • Identify reputable Chinese sourcing agents
  • Have a workable schedule on how to source and ship products from Chinese factories to your destination

what a sourcing agent do

Photo Credits: Foshan Sourcing

Remember, all you need is a reliable and reputable Chinese sourcing agent. One that is transparent and meet your sourcing needs.

Q: Which currency will Chinese Sourcing Agents do all Transaction in?

Basically, importing from China implies that you’re doing international trade.

Normally, a number of Chinese suppliers and manufacturers quote prices in U.S. dollar.

Also, you can always settle your payment in Renminbi (RMB).

It is an attractive payment system for most Chinese suppliers.

currency you pay to china sourcing agent

Photo Credits: FX Exchange

 The good thing about doing transactions in U.S. dollars is that it will save you from the unnecessary costs due to currency conversions.

Of course, this will also depend on your mode of payment which in most cases may include:

  • Telegraphic Transfer (TT)
  • Letter of Credit
  • Online Escrow
  • PayPal
  • Cash (I don’t recommend this)
  • Western Union
  • Credit Cards

Please, just ensure, you agree on payment terms early enough.

But, whichever currency or payment system you opt for, always try with small orders.

This will allow you to evaluate the efficiency and expenses with any payment method.

With the fluctuations in the global financial markets, geopolitical tension, sanctions, etc. there is a high risk of currency fluctuations.

For instance, there could be currency fluctuations between the day of making the agreement and that of settling the payments.

Note: So whichever currency you opt for, you need to secure the best exchange rate.

This is why you need the services of forward contracts who can secure better exchange rates for up to a year.

Here is a link to real time exchange rates: Forex Exchange Rates.

Note: Please contact your local bank to know their exchange rates.

Q: I have Identified a Supplier in China – How can a China Purchasing Agent Assist Me?

Here is the truth:

Even if you have identified a supplier, most definitely, you still need a China purchasing agent.

Like I started in the previous FAQs, they will help you:

  • Verify the company’s legal compliance and reputation
  • Assess the quality of products you intend to source from China
  • Help with other logistics procedures such as identifying the right shipping company, packaging, etc.
  • Consolidate goods and products from different suppliers
  • Be your translator since you may not be fluent in speaking Chinese
  • Negotiate prices since you stand a chance to secure better deals

Loading products after packaging

Loading products after packaging – Photo Credits: B2C Sourcing

The bottom line:

Yes, you still need a Chinese purchasing agent who will help you do all the above 6 tasks, amongst others.

Q: Who Operates a Sourcing Company? Is it run by a Chinese or a Foreigner?

Whenever you’re looking for a sourcing company or sourcing agent, you may get:

  • Foreign owned company run by foreigners who have learnt Chinese
  • Foreign owned companies operated by Chinese
  • Chinese owned companies operated by Chinese

Well, this may seem confusing, however, whichever option you go for, consider a sourcing company operated by a Chinese.


With such sourcing companies, you’re likely to get better deals and there is no possibility of misunderstanding or language barrier.

This is because Chinese is their first language and they understand their culture, besides knowing how to negotiate better deals.

Even if the sourcing agent or company has foreigners, there must be a native Chinese heading the sourcing operations.

Q: Whenever I am looking for China Agents, should I ask for Contact Details of their Previous Clients?

Why not?

I am sure if you’re dealing with a genuine Chinese sourcing company with nothing to hide, they will definitely give you.

Such companies are always proud of their happy clients.

tips for sourcing agent in China

In fact, they will give you their contact details without even asking for it.

However, once you contract China agents who are not willing to share these details, just avoid them.

Q: What Information Do I Need when Sourcing from China?

You need to pay attention to the following whenever you’re sourcing for any products from China:

  • Identify a reputable sourcing agent in China
  • Together with the sourcing agent, identify a trusted and genuine supplier for your products
  • Be clear on the specific products you want to source from China; this is critical when you need custom made products whose specifications are unique to your requirements. You must be as specific as possible to get quality products.
  • Have a budget; what approximate amount of products do you intend to source from China?
  • Consider government laws and regulations
  • Know the options you’ll use to make payment once you get the products
  • Identify a reliable shipping company for your products

In short, you must not take chances when it comes to this. In case you have any doubts about anything, you must get clarifications from both your sourcing agent and supplier.

Q:  Am Sourcing Products from China to Sell on Amazon; Can I get a Chinese Sourcing Agent who has Specialized in this Area?

Yes, you can.

And by the way, whether you are sourcing products from China to sell on Amazon or any local store the process is still the same.

Amazon Packing

Amazon Packing – Photo Credits: Sell at Amazon

All you need is a reputable Chinese sourcing agent who will help you in:

  • Getting the right suppliers
  • Negotiating better deals for your goods; remember, Amazon is a large online marketplace hence, price competitiveness is mandatory
  • Checking and inspecting the quality of all your products; when you sell low quality products, expect poor reviews and that will be the end of your business.
  • Customizing packaging for Amazon products
  • Delivering to Amazon warehouse with a professional Amazon FBA forwearder.

In short, a good sourcing agent for Amazon will help you grow your business.

And, I can tell you for a fact that you can get one for your business.

By the way, if you do not know how to ship your goods from China to Amazon FBA, Freightos just published an epic guide on it. Check it here 

Q: Is there something that can Go Wrong when Dealing with a China Sourcing Agent?

Nothing is 100% perfect, and it is a fact we cannot run away from.

However, when you hire professional China sourcing agent, there is a higher chance that nothing will go wrong.

This is because they will source from the right manufacturers, inspect quality and offer competitive prices.

So first, just ensure that you hire a reputable sourcing agent in China and all the other things will just fall in place.

Q: Once a Products Sourcing Agent in China gets a Supplier, Can I meet him Too?

Why not?

For the purposes of accountability and transparency, you can meet the supplier.

In fact, there are situations where the product sourcing agent may not have the expertise to interpret your technical drawing.

Such situations, you have to work closely with the sourcing company and the supplier or factory.

Always remember:

Even as you try to engage the supplier alongside the product sourcing agent, professionalism is important.

Do your part and let the sourcing agent do his or hers. This way, I am sure you will get the best products for your business.

Q: Should I get a Buying Agent in China or Go it alone; and how will any of these Options Affect my Business?

It’s this simple – get a buying agent in China.

Earlier in this FAQ, I had listed the benefits of hiring a sourcing agent in China.

Still, I will make a quick summary of some important aspects when it comes to this.

There is a likelihood that you don’t understand the Chinese language, leave alone their culture. Therefore, to avoid instances of language barrier, you need a buying agent in China.

The agent will be your translator.

Also, once the Chinese suppliers realize that you’re a foreigner, I can tell you for free – you’re likely to buy goods at high prices.

Therefore, by hiring a buying agent in China, you will get better prices.

In short, when you hire a buying agent in China, there is a high chance that your business will succeed.

Q: Can you Please Help me Get a Reliable Yiwu Buying Agent?

Yes, the process is simple.

It is not difficult from other processes I had explained earlier such as finding Chinese sourcing company online.

In fact, the process is just the same as that of finding Shenzhen sourcing agent.

The only difference here is that you will focus on Yiwu. Therefore, you will have your search as – Yiwu buying agent,   Yiwu sourcing agent, Yiwu purchasing agent etc.

From this, you can evaluate your search results.

Section of Yiwu Market

Section of Yiwu Market

Q: Do I Need a Product Sourcing Agent in China with a Technical Expertise of Items I intend to Import?

If you can get one who understands the scope of your business or product you want to buy the better.

But still, this must not be a barrier to hiring other product sourcing agents.

At times, you can coordinate with both the product sourcing agent in China and the supplier or manufacturer.

It will be such that when the supplier or manufacturer wants technical specifications or further explanations, they will get that information from you.

Basically, the product sourcing agent in China will act as a link between you and the supplier.

Q: Is Experience of the Chinese Sourcing Agent Important when Importing from China?


It is through experience that the company will know the ins-and-outs of sourcing from China.

Furthermore, such Chinese sourcing agents have a large database of different suppliers and manufacturers.

This makes it easier to choose a supplier they trust or done business with in the past.

Under such circumstances, you’re likely to get high quality products in time.

I am not saying that you should avoid new Chinese sourcing agents – No, that’s not what I mean here.

It could be a new Chinese sourcing agent, but with experienced staff. In such situation, you can still expect seamless product sourcing process too.

Q: How do I know the sourcing Agent has provided a Fair Market Price?

This still goes back to hiring a professional sourcing agent.

Such sourcing companies will not collude with the suppliers or factories to charge you high prices simply because you’re a foreigner.

I am sure this is one of the most contentious issues when sourcing for products from China.

Anyway, let me give you a hint.

Even as you look for a sourcing agent in China, you can visit various online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or Alibaba.

Here, you will get a hint of what your competitors charge for the same product.

price competitors charge

The good thing about hiring a professional sourcing agent in China is that they will negotiate prices for you.

By the end of it all, I am sure you will get a fair market price – so you don’t have to worry about this so much.

Learn more about this:

Q: Can you Recommend a Guangzhou Sourcing Agent?

First, let me state here that there are many Guangzhou sourcing agents.

And, you can use the same process I illustrated when finding Shenzhen sourcing agent.

All you have to do is substitute the “Shenzhen” with “Guangzhou”.

From here, you can evaluate the search results to establish one that can meet your sourcing needs.

One of the most reputable sourcing agent in Guangzhou is Foshan Sourcing.

Of course, others include Vitasino, Amanda Intl. Group and China Source Link, just to mention a few.

Always remember to evaluate each sourcing agent, as you do a random search.

More importantly, do just rely on the information available on their websites.

Get a third party to know the nitty-gritty of the Guangzhou purchasing agent.

Q: Should I trust Product Sourcing Agents I Find in Forums such as in Guangzhou Sourcing Agent Forum?

I will say no and yes.

That seems a little confusing – don’t worry, I will explain.

Just like websites, Chinese agents may visit various online platforms such as the Guangzhou sourcing agent forums to reach out to customers.

China business forum to help you find sourcing agent in China

Besides, they may also have participants, just within the forums whose work is to market their ideas and business strategy.

Of course, that is what happens with sourcing agents’ websites.

In short, it’s all about expanding customer base.

So basically, even in forums, you will find both good and bad sourcing agents.

All you have to do before beginning any business with a sourcing agent is to conduct a thorough research. You should know:

  • Who they are
  • What they do
  • Experience
  • Reputation based on the sourcing services they have offered in the past
  • Have an idea of their business structure, etc.

So don’t trust or hate a sourcing agent simply because other people are talking bad about them.

Sourcing forums should only give you a hint, but go beyond this to learn more about the sourcing agent.

Q: What is the Typical China Sourcing Agent Fees?

Well, normally this commission may range from 4% to 8%. Of course, there are other factors may also determine the fee you’ll pay for instance, when the sourcing company offers extra services.

The best way to get accurate sourcing fee is to contact the sourcing agent.

Q: Can you trust a Chinese Sourcing Agent Who Receives Kickbacks from the Factory or Supplier? I am just Worried they can be Compromised.

No – don’t even try it.

You are likely to lose everything.

For instance, quality will not only be compromised, but you’re also likely to pay more for the product.

In short, you will not get value for your money.

Q: Can I hire more than one China Sourcing Agent?


There is no limit to the number of China sourcing agents you can hire.

It will depend on the amount of goods you want to ship from China.

Normally, this will also give you an opportunity to compare the services each sourcing agent offer, even after you hire them.

Q: Do Sourcing Agents in China Provide Logistics and Shipping Support?

Yes, some do.

In most cases, they partner with freight forwarding companies who ship and offer other logistics services once they have the product.

Shipping products from China

Shipping products from China

For example, Bansar works closely with many sourcing companies.

This makes it easier for them to receive goods faster ready for shipping.

Therefore, before you hire sourcing agents in China, confirm whether they know or can recommend a freight forwarding company.

You’re likely to benefit from both convenience and possible discounts.

Q: What is the Process of Sourcing for Products from China?

It’s very simple:

  • Know what you want to source from China
  • Identify, research and hire a professional sourcing agent
  • Sourcing agent gets you a supplier or links you with the supplier
  • Your sourcing agent receives goods, assess their quality, packages them appropriately ready for shipping

Normally, the only challenging process is finding a reputable and professional sourcing agent in China.

Once you get one, the process will be very simple.

I have some resources here for you:

Q: How can I become a Sourcing Agent in China?

This what you need to do in case you want to help importers get the goods:

  • Know the rules or laws governing export and import business
  • If possible, enroll for certificate, diploma or degree programs related to import and export business
  • Work under an experienced sourcing agent to get hands on experience on import and export business
  • Specialize in specific products
  • Begin to create links with the suppliers of those products
  • Register a company, get all the necessary papers and develop a website for your sourcing business
  • Set a commission rate and terms for doing business
  • Start looking for people or businesses that wish to import from China
  • Study the market trend and present importers with realistic schedule

how to become a sourcing agent in China

Once you get your first importer, do your best to provide services to his or her expectations. This is an obvious opportunity to shine.

From here, continue searching for more importers and grow your business.

In case you want to learn more on this subject, here is another link for you:

I know you could be having a question I have not covered here.

Feel free to leave a quick comment below, or send me an e-mail.

I will definitely give you an answer.

If I need a furniture sourcing agent to buy my furniture

If you want to buy furniture for you own home, two option:

  • Come to China furniture market and buy what you link
  • Find a furniture sourcing agent in Foshan furniture market

If you are an importer and do furniture business in your country, you may be an online brand, maybe you have a lot of furniture shop in your country, then you need to find some furniture manufactur, not an agent.

You can Search furniture manufacturer on google or directly on Alibaba.

Search furniture manufacturer on Google
furniture manufacturer on alibaba


With this sourcing agent guide, I think you will be much easier to find a sourcing agent in China, if any questions, freely to leave a comment below.

The Most Popular Questions about China Sourcing Agent

How to Get the Best Sourcing Agent in China

It is easy to search an agent on google , but get a reliable sourcing agent is a hard work.

First, you need to search on google and collect several agent,  send inquiry to them, put a small order to test all service quality of them.

In the last, you have 2 to 3 sourcing agent in hand, and leave your two middle order to each of them, then compare again.

It is not about if the team of the agent, it is more about how your agent care abou you and your business.

When You Need a Sourcing Agent

If you are new to importing from China, and you have a lot of different products to import, you need a sourcing agent to help you handle so many works like sourcing different suppliers, cut price, product inspection, shipping etc.

If you only need several types of products, you can search the product manufacturer directly, no need to increase your cost.

Sourcing agent can only help source common products for home use, if you need to import industry products, most agent cannot help you, you have to source suppliers yourself or come to China and visit some suppliers.

What Can a Sourcing Agent Help Your Business

A good sourcing agent can help you do below work:
-Factory audit
-Market Guide
– Manage Complex Orders
-Product inspection
– Re-packaging
-Arrange Shipping
– Preparing Custom Documents
-And more you want

What is the Sourcing Fee Structure

Most sourcing agent charge you based on your order value. Like 5% of your invoice value.

Some sourcing agents are just like the trading company, they source their supplier and quote you directly.

How Can you Resolve Disputes with Sourcing Agents in China?

Resolving disputes with your sourcing agents in China depends on the type of contract.

However, there are basic things that you must consider when a dispute arises.

For instance, the legal contract is a binding document for the two parties.

It should spell out ways in which to solve any disputing arising between you and your sourcing agent.

The contract has legal provisions on the venue of solving any disputes.

Where can you find China Sourcing Agents?

Among the various places that you can find reliable China sourcing agents include:

· Online Marketplace

It is an e-commerce platform that allows you to interact with various sourcing agents.

This way, you can get a sourcing agent who meets your expectations.

· Alibaba and AliExpress

This is a leading online platform in China that link potential clients with potential sourcing agents in China.

It is a reliable site since you can easily report a sourcing agent when there is a dispute.

Searching for sourcing agents via Alibaba

· Visiting Trade Fairs and Shows in China

If you have a flexible schedule, you can choose to visit trade shows and fairs in China.

Such events occur in different seasons of the year and offer you the opportunity of interacting with various sourcing agents.

Here is a link to know the China Trade Fair Dates.

Are there Licensing requirements for China Sourcing Agents?


A credible sourcing agent in China should have proper licensing before they start operating.

Such licensing requirements include one from the government, the regulatory body in China.

They also need the approval of relevant bodies to which they handle the different goods.

In most cases, you should work a China sourcing agent that is registered as a business entity.

What is the difference between China Sourcing Agents and Freight Forwarder in China?

The main difference between a China sourcing agent and a freight forwarder is in the services they offer.

A sourcing agent evaluates different manufacturers, contracts one to manufacture your goods, and inspects them on your behalf.

A freight forwarder is responsible for the shipping of your goods from your manufacturer’s premises to the place of your designation.

They will look for an ideal shipping method, clear the customs duties and pay for the shipping cost on your behalf.

However, this depends on the terms of a contract between you, your sourcing agent, and your freight forwarder.

At times, you may find some of the services they offer overlapping.

How can you Verify Sourcing Agents in China?                   

Verification helps you find a reliable and trustworthy sourcing agent in China.

You can check on the following when carrying out the verification process:

· Licensing

A reliable sourcing agent in China should have all the proper licensing requirements to carry out the sourcing business.

They should be willing to share such information with you before you engage them.

Also, you need to verify with the relevant authorities if such licenses are valid before any transaction.

· Physical Address

A genuine sourcing agent should have a physical address where you can visit them in case you have any inquiries.

A physical address will help you when there are disputes you want to resolve.

· Past Activities

A reputable sourcing agent should willingly share with you examples of past activities that they have successfully carried out.

Such information builds the confidence necessary, especially when you have not physically met.

How does Sourcing Agents in China Support Amazon Sellers?

Sourcing agents in China support Amazon sellers by promoting their business.

This is through engaging them when there is the availability of potential clients who meet their requirements.

In fact, China sourcing agents will help you get products for Amazon FBA.

When working closely with a reliable freight forwarder, they will help you ship to Amazon FBA.

Obviously, this will give you a peace of mind and skyrocket your business on Amazon.

Will China Sourcing Agent help get Best Market Prices?

Yes. China sourcing agent can help you get the best market prices for your products.

Most sourcing agents in China have a wide range of manufacturers.

As such, they can negotiate for the best price for your goods.

When is the Best Time to Source Goods from China?

The best time for you to source for your goods from China is during the Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair).

It is an event that occurs twice in a year and involves three cycles of events.

China Canton Fair

The first event takes place during the spring session, which is between April 15 and May 5.

The second event takes place during the autumn season, which is between October 31-November 4.

The three phases of each event are:

  • Phase 1 deals in Electronics & Household Electrical Appliances, Lighting Equipment, Vehicles & Spare Parts, Machinery, Hardware & Tools, Energy + Resources, Chemical Products, Building Materials, International Pavilion.
  • Phase 2 deals in Consumer Goods, Gifts, Home Decorations.
  • The third phase deals with Office Supplies, Cases & Bags, and Recreation Products, Medical Devices and Health Products, Food, Shoes, Textiles & Garments, International Pavilion.

You can attend this trade fair, which occurs in China Import and Export Fair (Pazhou) Complex, 380 Yuejiangzhong Road, Huizhou District, Guangzhou 510335.

How does the process of using China Sourcing Agent Work?

The process of using a China sourcing agent follows a simple process. This include:

· Send your request to the Sourcing Agent

Once you have you have a sourcing agent, you need to send them an email or official communication.

Here, you need to explain all the details of your orders.

Such details should include the type of goods, the quantity and the nature of the goods.

· Quote your Request

You need to follow the email with an official quotation for your order.

This includes the price and quantity of your goods.

· Confirm and Advance Payments

Your sourcing agent is responsible for different sampling manufacturers and their prices for you to select one that suits you.

This usually is 30% of the total cost.

· Goods Production

Goods production starts when you select your manufacturer.

It is the responsibility of your sourcing agent to make sure the production process starts.

· Goods Inspection

During the production process, your sourcing agent will make regular inspections to ensure the manufacturing process adheres to your quality.

· Goods Report

When your sourcing agent is satisfied with the quality of the goods, he will send you a report on the same for your review.

You need to check the details and let them now if unsatisfied.

· Balance Payment

If you are satisfied, you go ahead and pay the balance through an approved method to your sourcing agent.

This is 70% of the total cost plus any other inconvenience fee that arises depending on the agreement.

· Arrange Shipment

You are now free to organize the shipping of your goods.

This can be through a reputable forwarding agent or by yourself

How can you Trust Sourcing Agents in China?

Developing a cordial relationship between you and your sourcing agent is critical in having trust with them.

You can achieve this by ensuring both parties adhere to the contract terms.

By carrying out business with a given sourcing agent for long helps in building trust.

You can also trust a reputable sourcing agent who has a long experience in the industry.

Effective communication between you and your sourcing agent helps in developing trust.

A sourcing agent who communicates regularly on the progress of your goods is transparent to you, which helps in creating trust.

Check for honesty when building trust with your sourcing agent.

Let them explain everything related to your contract simply and make follow up to ascertain if what they are saying is the truth.

This way, you can always build on trust as you expand your business.

Do China Sourcing Agents give a list of Suppliers or Factories to Clients?


A reliable sourcing agent will offer you a list of possible suppliers for your goods.

This helps in deciding the perfect supplier for your goods, depending on your requirements such as price and quantity.

Why is there a difference in Price between Sourcing Agents in China and Supplier on Made in China or Alibaba?

Sourcing agents in China are trade parties that engage in the business of matching potential clients to potential suppliers.

They don’t manufacture the goods on their own.

After matching, they inspect and report to the client on the progress of their order.

Supplier on made in China refers to industries or intermediaries who sell their products.

They are involved in the primary production or marketing of the products.

Due to this structure of business, you’re likely to notice a variation in prices.

Do China Sourcing Agents offer flexible Payment Terms?

Yes. Some sourcing agents in China offer flexible payment terms to their clients.

However, this depends on the contract you have with your sourcing agent and the relationship you develop with them.

What are the benefits of sourcing Goods from China?

Sourcing goods from China offers you a wide range of benefits both for your business and your finances. Such benefits include:

Sourcing goods from China

· Quality

You get quality when you source your goods from China.

The numerous manufacturers available in China have to ensure they produce quality goods for their business to survive.

· Variety of Manufacturers

There are different manufacturers in China.

This gives you the opportunity of selecting one that suits your requirements.

You also have the upper hand when negotiating on the minimum order quantity.

· Affordability

Most goods in China are affordable, and in some instances, you can quickly negotiate for a favorable price.

This is due to their cheap labor, which lowers the manufacturing cost.

· High production Capacity

Most Chinese manufacturers can deliver high quantity orders within the specified time.

This is due to their unique manufacturing technologies that ensure you get your goods within the given time frame.

As you can see, working with China sourcing agent come with so many benefits.

You can get better prices, the convenience of getting high-quality goods from China, faster sourcing, etc.

However, to ensure this process is successful, ensure you get a sourcing agent you can trust.

Besides, work on having long term cooperation.

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