Economy Shipping – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Economy Shipping – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know probably, you have any questions about economy shipping.

A reason this guide will make everything easy and simple to understand about this type of shipping.

The best part – you’re likely to save a lot of money.

Let’s find out how it works.

What Is Economy Shipping?

Containers in a ship

Containers in a ship

Economy shipping is for the common people. It is the most inexpensive and secure way of

transporting a product.

Although economy shipping is not faster than standard or expedited shipping when it comes to reaching its destination, economy shipping is cheaper.

Besides, it is more reliable than any other transporting service.

Almost every courier delivery company offers economy shipping. If you don’t have an urgent delivery that cannot be delayed, then economy shipping is the best option for shipping.

Usually, fragile, bulky goods are being transported domestically since economy shipping can prevent fragile products from breaking in transit.

This method of transporting is environmentally friendly and comes with options like biodegradable Styrofoam.

How Does Economy Shipping Work?

Economy shipping offers many services, including international shipping.

So when you order a product via the economy option, courier services pick your product up from the assigned warehouse.

They then move that product just like any other product.

It’s been done alongside their supply chain. However, when it’s time for final delivery, it arrives at the closest hub and is then handed over to USPS.

The post office then makes the delivery to your house. That is why economy shipping is more affordable.

The package is delivered just like any other mails you receive daily.

Shipping containers in port

Shipping containers in port

What Is The Difference Between Standard Shipping And Economy Shipping?

There are three key differences between economy and standard shipping.


The expenses of these two shippings are the biggest difference between them.

Economy shipping, as the name suggests it is economy friendly. It’s way cheaper than standard or express courier services.

You can easily ship bulky items with less price. Standard shipping usually delivers smaller items with much higher prices.

Delivery Time:

Another difference between economy shipping and standard shipping is delivery time.

Since economy shipping is more affordable and does not have any urgency in delivering products, it takes more time than standard shipping for package delivery.

Economy shipping is done on land via the post office, so it takes longer than standard shipping.

The difference in delivery timing can range from 2-10 days.

Standard shipments are delivered more early because of the urgency of the product.


Tracking an economy shipping is more efficient than standard or express shipping.

Economic shipments have scan codes printed on them when they are collected and when they have been delivered.

Since economy shipping is cheaper and happens in bulk, the tracking is limited, and there is less scanning potential.

On the other hand, tracking standard shipping is more difficult than economic shipping.

Why Should You Consider Economy Shipping?

Nowadays, online businesses are growing rapidly, so shipping has also become a crucial part of it.

However, shipping is a long process and expensive.

That is why E-Commerce firms want their shipping to be timely and less costly so that their customers can get the products in time with less money.

Economy shipping delivery

Economy shipping delivery

If your product does not have an urgency for delivery, then economic shipping is the most reasonable way of shipping your products.

Economic shipping is more effective when it comes to delivering products domestically.

You can easily track down your economy packages.

Many online retailers use economy shipping to avoid any damages to the product and also to afford the shipping charges.

Almost every courier service, including UPS, FedEx, and USPS office chair low cost economy shipping. You can also use economy shipping for international products.

Although economic shipping takes a longer time than standard for express shipping to deliver products, it is less costly and more safer.

If you are shipping heavy or fragile products, economy shipping is a more suitable and reliable option for you.

Another reason why you should consider economic shipping is because it is eco-friendly and offers packaging options.

These include options like biodegradable Styrofoam to avoid fragile items from breaking in transportation.

Can You Save Money Using Economy Shipping?

The answer to that question is yes.

You can save a lot of money using economy shipping since economy shipping does not have any urgency when it comes to delivery.

Also, economic shipments are usually delivered via the post office, so it’s more affordable.

Confirm delivery

Confirm delivery

You can easily ship heavy or frag products using economy shipping to avoid items from breaking in transportation.

Many companies offer discounts of up to 70% to their customers.

What Are The Benefits Of Economy Shipping?

Economy shipping has more benefits than cons. Here are some benefits of it.

  • As we have already mentioned before, economy shipping is less costly since the post office delivers the product.
  • It is the ideal shipping method for delivering bulky or fragile items. Also, it’s a better option for shipping in bulk.

Benefits of Economy Shipping

Benefits of Economy Shipping

  •  Economy shipping is more time-consuming. However, when you are shipping products domestically via economic shipping, it can be as quick as standard shipping.
  • Economy shipping can be easily tracked. So it’s more reliable and safe.
  • Economic shipping is environmentally friendly. It offers packaging options like biodegradable Styrofoam so that the items don’t get damaged in transportation.

 Who Delivers Economy Shipping?

Almost every courier service nowadays offers economy shipping to their customers.

However, these companies offer the most reliable and cost-friendly economy shipping.

They are DHL, FedEx, USPS and UPS. Let’s take a look at them.


DHL is one of the biggest shipping giants in the world. They provide B2C economical delivery to more than 220 countries. With DHL, you can easily deliver products weighted up to 2 kg.

However, if you want to ship items heavier than you may have to go for another company.

It is the most reliable and trustworthy courier service for economy shipping.

DHL is the best option when you are shipping small items worldwide.

They offer economy shipping with less completed customs clearance.

Loading shipping containers

Loading shipping containers


FedEx is one of the famous courier services that offer economy shipping to over 215 countries. It is a United States based company. Usually, they offer delivery within  2-5 business days.

However, there is a limit on the size and length of the package. You can only ship products weighed up to 150 pounds domestically.

FedEx also offers international Economy shipping.


It takes up to 2-8 business days to deliver via USPS economy shipping.

The duration of the delivery depends on how far the delivery has to make.

It is usually delivered by the post office, so it can take a little longer. So if you don’t have an urgent delivery, USPS is the best option for shipping.

However, just like any other companies, there is a limit to the package’s size.

You can only ship products up to 70 pounds and up to 130 inches in length and width.

They do deliver items heavier than the limit, but then the price of those deliveries will be even higher.


unlike the above companies, UPS is faster. They offer quick economy shipping within 1-5 business days.

Although there is a size limit when you are sleeping heavy products, UPS is more secure and more reliable when it comes to economy shipping.

Is Economy Shipping Safe?

Economy shipping is more reliable and safe if you are trying to ship heavy products or products in bulk.

Standard or express deliveries are much quicker, but most of the time, the quality of the delivery service is so poor.

The items are not packed well and take and break easily in transportation.

Economy shipping is safer because they don’t have urgency in delivering, so the items are being well packed, and then they are delivered.

Economy delivery can also be easily tracked down so that the customers can rest assured that their products are being delivered properly.

How Long Does Economy Shipping Take?

Unlike standard shipping or express shipping, economy shipping takes a longer duration of time when delivering products.

Domestically it can take around 1-8 business days to deliver the package. The duration of delivery time also depends on its destination.

Internationally, economy shipping can take up to 15 business days or more. Usually, economics shipping delivers heavier items or items in bulk that do not have any urgency.

However, you can make your delivery faster with economic shipping, but then you may have to pay more in order to do so.

But you can easily track down your economy shipping and see when your package is right now.

Packaging for economy shipping

Packaging for economy shipping

Is Economy Shipping Better Than Standard Shipping?

One of the main issues of economy shipping is the duration of the delivery. Compared with standard shipping, economic shipping takes longer to deliver items.

However, the difference between these two is only visible in international shipping. Domestically, economy shipping can be as quick as standard shipping.

The reason behind this standard shipping is more expensive than economic shipping.

Usually, standard shipping delivers smaller and less items.

That is why the delivery is faster. Economy shipping also delivers small items, but you can also ship heavy items with more safety.

Economy shipping is cost-friendly and environment friendly.

Standard shipping has many issues with the quality of the delivery. However, customers can rest assured when they choose economy shipping.

Do International Courier Companies Offer Economy Shipping From China?

There are many international companies that offer economic shipping from China. Also, there are many China-based companies that offer economy shipping globally. These are:


DHL or DHL Express is an international German courier service that offers economy shipping from China. The Chinese head office of DHL is located in Beijing.


FedEx is a US-based courier service that has its Chinese head office located in Shanghai. Also they have more than 82 branch offices and 220 cargo flights that deliver from China every week.


UPS or United Parcel Service is also a US-based courier service that has its office in China. UPS also offers economy shipping in China domestically.


TNT is an international courier company bought by FedEx in 2015.

It has its head branch located in Shanghai along with regional offices in more than 37 cities in China. TNT offers express economy delivery.

Packaging ready for economy shipping

Packaging ready for economy shipping

China Post:

China Post Group Corporation is a state-owned Chinese courier service. The head office is situated in Beijing.

It’s the biggest China-based courier service that offers economy shipping internationally.

China EMS:

China Postal Express & Logistics Co., Ltd is a China post group corporation on the mail service.

It offers economy shipping in all the cities in China along with shipping to more than 200 countries.

Hong Kong Post:

It is a state-owned courier service based in China and has its head office located in Hong Kong. It is one of the most prominent delivery services that offer economy shipping internationally from China and has more than 125 post offices in Hong Kong.

SF Express:

SF Express is also a Chinese own courier service that has its head office situated in Shenzhen.

It is the second biggest courier service in China. Economy shipping internationally and domestically are among its many services.

How Can You Track Economy Shipping?

Tracking economy shipping is much easier than other shipping methods.

Since it is limited to a scan on the package when the product is collected and when it’s in transportation.

Sometimes a second scan is needed at the time of delivery.

Tracking shipment

Tracking shipment

The reason behind this is economic shipping delivers products in bulk to keep them cheap.

That is why tracking down economic shipping is less complicated and limited to a few scanning.

Standard delivery or express delivery is more difficult to track since the shipping involves various processes.

Can You Deliver International Economy Shipping?

You can use economy shipping to deliver products domestically or internationally.

However, delivering packages worldwide, even if you are using economic shipping, can be more expensive and can take a longer period of time to deliver the items.

It is less cheap, however, compared to other shipping services.

Almost every courier service offers various International economy shipping services to eCommerce businesses and individuals. You can also ship heavy items internationally with economic shipping.

What Service Does Economy Shipping Offer?

Economy shipping is the cheapest method of shipping regionally or Internationally.

Economy shipping offers many services, including air courier service, ground shipping services and international shipping services.

Economy Ground shipping services include:

Ground Pick Up:

Shipping companies offer to take your package from your home and ship them domestically within 1-5 business days. You can track your package.

Ground Drop Off:

It means the shipping company will deliver your package to your doorstep within 1-5 business days. You don’t need to drop or take your package from the post office.

Confirming delivery during economy shipping

Confirm delivery during economy shipping

Economy international shipping services include:

Small Package Service:

Smaller items will be picked up from your house or work and will be delivered worldwide within 3-9 business days.

Ground International Drop Off:

Your package will be delivered at the nearest FedEx Drop Off location. And then it will be delivered to you within 2-5 business days.

Does eBay Offer Economy Shipping?

eBay is a US-based multinational e-commerce corporation located in California. They offer standard, express and economy shipping to their customers.

eBay offers really cheap Economy shipping both domestically and internationally.

eBay also has a protective cover option that you can choose when you’re booking your shipments. It may require extra money for it.

Can You Get Economy Shipping When Buying From AliExpress?

AliExpress is a Chinese online retail service. It is owned by Alibaba Group.

AliExpress offers a variety of shipping services within China and globally as well.

They include more than 1859 international economy shipping products to choose from when you’re making a purchase.

AliExpress offers Cainiao Super Economy when you can ship items globally with Paid + Free Shipping and Cainiao Super Economy Global service. However, you can not track your package.

Economy shipping

Economy shipping

What Are The Real Challenges In Economy Shipping?

Economy shipping may be the best option for big shipments and can help to reduce the risk of common issues related to shipping.

Still, there are many challenges when you choose Economy Shipping.

  • The most key challenge in Economy shipping is the duration of time. Economy shipping takes longer than other shipping services. You may have to wait forever for your package to be delivered.
  • Heavy industrial items sometimes are delivered via Economy shipping. If the quality of the shipping services is not good, the items can be damaged in transportation.

Offloading shipping containers

Offloading shipping containers

  • Even though Economy Shipping can deliver bulky items, there is a limit to the package’s size. If your package is heavier than the limit, you have to pay more for the shipping. It can become very expensive.
  • When shipping globally, the Shipping routes can be disrupted. There are many factors that can cause a delay in delivery, such as political unrest, natural disasters and pandemics.

Which Good Does Economy Shipping Offer To Deliver?

Usually, heavy items and items in large amounts are delivered using Economy Shipping.

Industrial companies or tech companies, or agriculture firms use Economy shipping for their products.

Goods, like heavy industrial machinery, papers that come with huge bundles, tech products, pesticides, or even large furniture are being delivered through economy shipping.

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