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Express Shipping from China
Express Shipping from China

Express shipping is more expensive than regular freight, so there will be a reasonable fee. However, Bansar requires low, competitive rates, while providing urgent and quality service. Depending on the location, we can ship your cargo in 1-8 business days. For example, express shipping from China to US takes about 4-6 days. You can choose your arrival schedule and conditions. We will take care of all documentation in the shortest deadlines.

Competitive Rates
Competitive Rates

What you pay us depends on how fast you need the shipment, the precise schedule you set, and how much cargo you need shipped. We have partnerships with reputable carriers, so your fee will be lower than the market standard. Save on expenses by choosing Bansar!

Express Air Freight
Express Air Freight

Air freight is the fastest way to ship goods, so our express shipping is via air. Especially so, for international shipments. You can request FCL or LCL express shipping, and we will find a suitable airline to support your shipment from China.

Fast Customs Clearance
Fast Customs Clearance

Professional Bansar agents can get customs clearance done in a single day. This is because we are registered with different customs bureaus, so we will give you the privilege of express clearance. We will clear customs in China and at your destination in the blink of an eye.

Online Tracking
Online Tracking

We offer you online tracking of your express cargo. You will be able to see when we complete each milestone of the shipping process. Plus, you will get real-time updates with photographs—if you want.

Express Shipping Schedule
Express Shipping Schedule

While requesting express shipping from China, you will be able to choose the schedule. Do you want your goods to arrive in the morning of your time zone? Maybe in the afternoon of a particular day is more convenient? Bansar will arrange everything for a competitive price.

Door-To-Door Shipping
Door-To-Door Shipping

We will pick up your goods from a supplier in China, and ship to your warehouse, office, or home via air freight and truck freight. Door-to-door express shipping from China with Bansar is a reliable and low-priced option.

Industry-Specific Services
Industry-Specific Services

If you have specific requirements as to how your cargo should be handled, we will arrange everything accordingly. We offer temperature-controlled, sensitive, and urgent express shipping from China.

Amazon FBA Express Shipping
Amazon FBA Express Shipping

Bansar will arrange for your express shipment from China to Amazon FBA. We will take care of regulations and documents.

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Your Most Reliable Express Shipping from China Freight Forwarder

If you have large demand or specific time-sensitive products, then express shipping from China is for you.

Express shipping is best for cargo less than 500kg, then it starts getting expensive.

Also, certain products cannot be express shipped via air freight, such as lithium batteries.

We will provide you with the fastest shipping time from China to any destination.

Bansar is a professional freight forwarding logistics company in China that handles express shipping FCL or LCL from China.

You can rely on our airline partnerships and fast routes and efficient transit time.

You can also be sure that we will supervise loading and unloading to ensure the safety of your cargo during express shipping.

If you request, we will also arrange for other services, such as pick-up & delivery, door-to-door, consolidation, etc.

You can choose the shipping arrival schedule, and see online tracking.

As part of our logistics services, we will manage express customs clearance in China and your destination.

Bansar is your reliable freight forwarder to do express shipping from China worldwide.

We offer low rates, fast shipping, and countless services—all to help your business skyrocket.

Express Shipping from China – The Complete FAQ Guide

I know you want to learn how express shipping from China works.

Or, you have questions about express shipping from China.

Whether you are buying from online market places such as Alibaba and Aliexpress or from YiWu wholesale market – this guide will help you understand everything about express shipping from China.

The best part – it will help you save cost and time.

So, before you go for express shipping from China, read this guide.

What is Express Shipping?

Express shipping is the expedited mode of transporting goods from the marketplace to the delivery destination.

Most of the tome, it uses air couriers since the consignment often needs to get to the customer within shortest time possible.

Provision is usually made to ensure the delivery of the orders take place overnight, or at least the next day.

Express shipping

Express shipping

When should you Consider Express Shipping from China?

Express shipping comes in handy when you are urgently in need of obtaining the order within the shortest time possible.

Most of the time, it is ideal when perhaps you have a stockout of certain products in your inventory.

It is also ideal when you are buying some kind of perishable or delicate products which can wear out or damage before you receive them.

In essence, other modes of shipping may take longer, which at times can lead to damage of the particular commodities.

Also, you may consider express shipping if you’re buying a relatively expensive item.

In many instances, express shipping is typically thorough.

Therefore, it becomes easy for the handlers to ensure the product is not tampered with or mishandled in any form.

What is the Benefit of Express Shipping from China?

This mode of shipping presents a host of advantages, especially when you are buying products from different Chinese suppliers and dealers.

Some of the benefits include the following;

· Faster Delivery

This mode of shipping offers relatively more speedy services compared to traditional delivery systems.

You can get your items within the day using express shipping, which is critical, especially when you order time-sensitive commodities.

· Highly Convenient

The more reason people often go for express shipping is the convenience it tends to offer and guarantee.

Thus, you’ll hardly worry about the status of your package or even bother with calling the shipper to find out where the items have reached.

· Relatively Cost-effective

The notion that express shipping is expensive is entirely misplaced.

The type of service, convenience and speed at which you obtain your package using this method is worth the price you pay.

In some instance, you may end up losing a significant deal merely due to delayed delivery.

· Highly Reliable

When using express shipping for your consignment, you can be certain of receiving it as stipulated in the terms and conditions.

Most service providers are also trustworthy when it comes to handling your package to ensure there is no damage.

In other words, you’re guaranteed of receiving your orders safely.

· Friendly Service

Most of the express shipping courier employees are familiar with different places they operate in.

They are also highly skilled at getting the deliveries to your home or business.

Moreover, most of these staffs understand the essence of material you are shipping and the reason you chose this mode of transportation.

Therefore, they tend to offer the utmost professional and friendly service for all your package delivery requirements.

What is the Difference Between Standard Shipping and Express Shipping from China?

Standard and express shipping varies in a wide range of aspects, which include the following;

COSCO Shipping

COSCO Shipping

FedEx express shipping

FedEx Express Shipping

· Delivery Time

It is the main difference between express and standard shipping.

Express shipping involves one day delivery of the package since air couriers are often used.

By contrast, in standard shipping, the delivery time may range up to 21 days or more depending on various prevailing factors.

· Special Provisions

Express shipping incorporates special provisions as well as overnight or next day shipping.

Standard shipping, on the other hand, doesn’t include any special provisions when it comes to delivering products to the intended destinations.

· Shipping Cost

Standard shipping is relatively cheap compared to express shipping.

In many instances, standard shipping involves use of trucks to ship via surface couriers.

However, express shipping mainly uses air couriers since the shipment must be delivered urgently, thus making the cost a bit higher.

· Dispatch from Warehouse

In express shipping, the goods leave the warehouse almost immediately and not more than two days after payment of the order.

On the other hand, goods may take up to 8 days before they are dispatched from the warehouse for delivery.

How does Express Shipping from China Work?

It is a process, which involves several aspects.

Some of the vital elements defining how this mode of shipping works include the following;

Assuming the order is already processed awaiting shipping, booking of these shipment takes place during the day.

In many instances, booking often happens during the day to provide enough time for overnight or next day transportation.

Booking merely involves capturing of useful information regarding the consignment such as address, weight and size among others.

The package is then loaded to the aircraft once it arrives from the supplier’s warehouse.

Each courier offering this service usually guarantee next day delivery.

Therefore, they often do their best to ensure the customer receives their package the next business day.

Even so, at times it may prove difficult to achieve it with 100% success due to many prevailing circumstances.

In such a case, the guarantee, thus implies you’ll need to get a refund of the shipping fees if since your shipment isn’t delivered as promised.

The cut off time of most couriers offering express shipping services is usually between 6:00pm and 7:00pm.

Nevertheless, some may work over the weekends or holidays, but it means you’ll have to pay an additional charge.

How Long Does it take for Express Shipping from China?

Typically, the duration for express shipping from China often depends on a host of variables.

However, the common element is the distance from China to the actual country of delivery.

Express shipping to countries, which border China or are closer to China may take up to two days.

However, in countries, which are far away from China, express shipping may take up to about four days.

The other element is the specific courier service you are using for express shipping.

Different couriers have varied shipping timelines for wide-ranging routes.

Therefore, you need to inquire beforehand to determine the precise duration the specific express shipping courier takes for your route.

Also, the number of establishments the courier has in the country of delivery is another determinant factor of delivery duration.

Some express shipping couriers have a well-established network in different countries and regions.

It thus makes it easy to deliver packages to customers within the region relatively fast.

In general, most of the express courier services often strive to deliver packages to clients within the shortest time possible.

However, the duration may vary from 1-4 days, depending on the abovementioned elements.

How much is Express Shipping from China?

There is no fixed pricing when it comes to determining the cost surrounding express shipping.

Ideally, numerous factors come to play in figuring out the exact fee.

Some of these factors include the following;

 DHL packaging for express shipping

DHL packaging for express shipping

Package weight – It is usually based on actual or dimensional weight of the specific package.

In many instances, relatively heavy shipment tend to be more costly than light shipments.

Shipping distance – This merely refers to the distance between point of origin and the delivery destination.

Often, the further the distance, the higher the shipping costs and vice versa.

Package Dimensions – The dimensions of the shipment significantly determine the pricing model.

Delivery time frame – In most cases, the faster the delivery time for the package, the more the cost you’ll need to pay.

Carrier shipping agreements – Varied courier services offer different rates for wide-ranging businesses depending on their policies.

The specific express shipping service also determines the cost you’ll incur to have your goods shipped.

In a nutshell, there is no one-size-fits-all as far as the cost of express shipping is concerned.

Where applicable, always inquire from your freight forwarder to have an idea of the overall cost of express shipping.

Can you Express Ship Perishables from China?


As long as these commodities meet the requirements of the country of destination, you can certainly express ship.

Therefore, you have to ensure the perishables you are shipping are not restricted nor forbidden in your country before shipping.

What are the Things to Consider when Express Shipping from China?

There are numerous elements you must have in mind whenever you’re using express shipping from China.

Some of the most important ones, however, include the following;

Courier service provider – You must ensure you go for a service provider who guarantees professionalism and reliability.

Most of the international couriers, nonetheless, tend to offer professional and reliable services.

Cost – It is necessary to know the amount you’ll need to pay as far as express shipping your package is concerned.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to avert providers who charge significantly low prices for this service.

Packaging – Always make sure your consignment is packaged in an ideal manner.

In essence, all elements surrounding packaging should guarantee the safety of the product, especially if it is fragile.

Speed – The essence of opting for express shipping is to attain speedy delivery for your package.

Therefore, look at the average speed your preferred express shipping courier to determine whether or not it suits you.

Areas covered – This comes in handy if you are making orders, which ought to be delivered to different locations within your country.

And if your business sells internationally, it also becomes important to consider express shipping courier handling the same.

How can you Track Express Shipments from China?

Typically, all international express shipping companies offer online tracking options.

Once the courier approves receipt of your order, you can request a tracking ID from your forwarder.

It is the tracking number that you’ll use for tracking your consignment online.

EMS tracking service

EMS tracking service

 DHL tracking service

DHL tracking service

Which are the Best Express Shipping Couriers from China?

The most suitable companies offering express shipping services from China you may choose to consider include the following;

· ePacket Shipping

This refers to a global courier service offered by third party logistics providers mainly in China and Hong Kong.

This shipping option enables merchants to offer a relatively fast and cost-effective deliveries of a wide range of light consignments.

This type of shipping is ideal for ecommerce given it allows customers to receive their shipments faster and more affordably from online stores.

The common marketplaces, which use ePacket shipping include, AliExpress, Oberlo and eBay among others.

However, it is an alternative, which any merchant can decide to use as long as the package meets the ePacket delivery requirements.

Any ePacket shipping package cannot weigh more than 4.4 pounds and the order value cannot exceed $400.

ePacket deliveries range from 4-9 days and it provides door to door tracking.

Additionally, this shipping option offers free returns on orders that are undeliverable.

· FedEx

This is a US-based courier service with offices in different countries and regions all over the world, including China.

Its Chinese head office is in Shanghai, but it has several satellite offices in other towns in China.


It is a German-based courier service provider offering different types of delivery and air freight services.

This company is among the highly rated courier services providers in the world and has a broad presence in different countries, including China.


This is a Belgium based renowned international courier services with its headquarters in Liege.

It is a subsidiary of FedEx but still operates independently.

TNT has been operating in China for the last 16 years with its Chinese head office in Shanghai and other regional offices in 37 different Chinese cities.


This refers to United Parcel Services, a US-based company with close to 20 years operating in China.

The head office of UPS in China is in Shanghai, but it also has other regional offices in Beijing and Guangzhou.

Other than international deliveries, UPS is also licensed for domestic shipping within China.

Moreover, they can arrange for deliveries from one supplier to another.

· SF Express

It is a China-based courier service with its headquarters in Shenzhen.

This courier company has almost half a million employees in its different offices within China.

SF Express operates in different regions including Mainland China, Japan, US, Hong Kong and Europe, among other international destinations.

· Hong Kong Post

This is a Hong Kong state-owned courier service offering both domestic and international delivery services alongside business solutions.

It has over 7,000 employee and more than 125 post offices in Hong Kong.

· China Post

This is a state-owned Chinese courier service provider. It is arguably the largest China-based courier service with over one million employees.

China Post head office is in Beijing but has more than 82,000 branches and post offices.

Additionally, this company has numerous courier aircraft.

· China EMS

Also known as China Postal Express & Logistics Co. Ltd, is owned by China Postal Group Corporation.

It operates in all Chinese cities and a host of over 200 international countries.

This courier company offers more or less same services as China Post, and its head office is in Beijing.

How can you Reduce Express Shipping Costs from China?

Notably, the cost difference among different express shipping providers is negligible.

However, there are tricks you use to help you in reducing such and related costs.

Some of these tricks include the following;

  • Find a freight forwarder offering relatively high discounts
  • Use economy freight rather than express delivery

What happens is forwarders often sign binding contracts directly with several express shipping couriers such as DHL, FedEx, China Post etc.

So the role of the forwarder, in this case, is booking shipments on behalf of the thousands of customers.

While at it, they get significant discounts, which enables them to drop their prices.

In many instances, these discounts are also passed on to the customer, albeit partly.

How does Express Shipping from China to Amazon FBA Work?

This process starts y choosing to properly set up inventory placement for express shipping to FBA shipments.

Typically, when you send two or three boxes separately to different facilities, it is likely to be more costly.

Go to “settings” at the top right of seller central and click ‘Fulfillment by Amazon” then go to “inbound settings”.

You can always change “Distributed Inventory”, which is a default setting by editing it into “Inventory Placement”.

This makes Amazon to accept all products to one facility.

The next step to undertake is creating the shipment in Amazon then select how your items will get into Amazon.

If you’re sending products from your house, you would need to use your shipping services.

This includes FedEx, DHL, China Post, SF Express, and UPS, among others.

If you’re using a third party to send the shipments to let them provide you with the details of the party, they’re using to send the products.

While at it, you must also ensure you use your factory shipping account.

Most factories and suppliers in China have DHL accounts.

In essence, this helps you to get a pretty good deal.

It also allows you to get your quote, thus ensuring your supplier is giving you a discount.

At the same time, you have to ensure that all the shipping details are correct.

Find out the exact weight and dimensions of the package from your freight forwarder.

There are several FBA Prep requirements, which you must comply with to get your items accepted at the FBA warehouses.

If you’re not going to do the shipping yourself, it becomes necessary to send the file of these labels to the person who’ll do the shipping.

The moment you send your products into Amazon, you’ll get a tracking number from the specific shipping company you’re using.

For instance, if you send ten boxes, you’ll get ten different tracking numbers.

Importantly is to understand that express shipping costs from manufacturer to Amazon FBA vary depending on three factors.

These factors include; FBA fees, size and weight of the consignment and supplier and freight forwarder relationship.

Are there Goods Quantity Limitations for Express Shipping from China?

Not entirely.

However, it is often recommended to consider using the shipping method if your goods are below 100kgs or 0.5 cube meter.

Typically, the more the quantity, the higher the cost of shipping the products.

What are the Rules for Shipping Hazardous Goods via Express Shipping from China?

Any carrier for transporting hazardous goods must be certified.

The certifications often emanate from successful completion of a recognized training program.

Preparation of dangerous goods must be following IATA regulations for air transport.

This should be applicable within all the countries, which ICAO regulations apply to any carrier working under IATA regulations.

Carriers must always comply fully with all the regulations and conditions, which apply to express shipping of dangerous products.

Which Documents do you need from Express Shipping from China?

The documents required for express shipping often vary depending on different elements.

One is the type of products you’re importing from China.

Secondly, the customs clearance policies of different countries also vary.

Therefore, it also determines the precise documents you’ll need when express shipping goods from China.

Nevertheless, the standard documents you’ll need irrespective of these two aspects include the following;

How does Customs Clearance for Express Shipments from China Work?

There are specific steps you need to undertake to accomplish customs clearance process for express shipments in China.

They include the following;

  • First, you need to run through the list of prohibited items to ensure your shipments is not listed therein.
  • Make sure you consult the HS code to confirm accurate classification of your item
  • Coordinate with you clearing agent and supplier to organize and avail all the required documents related to your shipment.
  • Issue the documents along with the tariff fee to your customs clearance agent to handle the rest of the process.

If your package is relatively small, the seller will be responsible for ensuring it is cleared with at the customs department.

In case the shipment is a bit sizeable, you’ll need to engage a customs clearance agent to assist you in the process.

Primarily, the process goes through the normal checks and verification stages to ascertain; it meets the specific requirements.

You’ll then pay customs duty where applicable before the shipment is cleared and loaded to the aircraft.

Essentially, the customs clearance for express shipments from China is relatively less tedious.

The reason is most of these packages are usually small hence making it easy for manufacturer or supplier to easily clear with customs agencies.

Do you need to Hire a Freight Forwarder for Express from China?

Not necessarily.

For most express shipments from China, the manufacturer or supplier can perform the roles of freight forwarder.

Most of these suppliers usually have integrated systems with customs clearance agencies.

This makes it easy to hasten the custom clearance process hence eliminating the need for a freight forwarder.

However, if the consignment is a bit bulky, you’ll require to seek the assistance of a freight forwarder.

In this case, several aspects are required when it comes to facilitating cargo movement from one point to another.

How do you Find and HireChina Freight Forwarder for Express Shipping from China?

When looking for the right freight forwarder for express shipping, you need to consider different elements.

Some of the ideal elements to consider when looking for and hiring the best one include the following;

Verify their reputation – Always go for a freight forwarder with a good reputation in this industry. You can check reviews and feedback online to determine the reputation of a particular freight forwarder.

Go for an experience – An experienced freight forwarder understand different dynamics of express shipping. This makes it easy to facilitate and make the process efficient.

Good network – An ideal express shipping freight forwarder should have connections and good relationships in this industry. The connections are what allows them to leverage carriers for better rates. Moreover, such connections also help to navigate through local authorities and paperwork effectively.

Cost-effectiveness – Choose a freight forwarder with a transparent pricing structure with no vagueness. It also helps you to plan and work within your budget.

Should offer cargo insurance – For express shipping, finding a freight forwarder who provides insurance cover for your cargo is essential. This gives you peace of mind and risk-reduction irrespective of its value.

Is DropShipping from China possible by Express Shipping?


However, you’ll need to set up a store or better still have a specific place for selling the products.

Also, you’ll need to integrate your system, which allows you to order for products from suppliers and ship them via express shipping.

Immediately your customer makes an order; you’ll have to go ahead and purchase the product from the manufacturer.

The supplier then packs the item and ships it to the respective buyer.

And so you’ll have the price difference as your profit.

In a nutshell, it is quite possible to drop ship from China by express shipping.

Do you need Insurance during Express Shipping from China?

Not in entirety.

Express shipping is the safest and most convenient method for shipping products from China to your delivery destination.

In such a case, most of the products are often safely handled to reduce any mishap, confusion and damage to a bare minimum.

Therefore, chances of losing your shipment or receiving it in a damaged condition are almost close to zero.

Moreover, most of the freight forwarders usually have insurance covers.

Therefore, you can be sure you’ll receive your package or compensation of the same in case of an unlikely event.

How do you Find Cheap Express Shipping Services from China?

The most appropriate way is by hiring a freight forwarder.

Essentially, this agent has vast networks of various carriers plying different routes.

Thus, it becomes easy to find affordable express shipping services through the agent.

Moreover, freight forwarders also benefit from discounts from carriers since they book shipments on behalf of many customers.

Most of the reputable freight forwarders then find it easy to pass the discounts on to the customers albeit partly.

Is Express Shipping from China viable for Goods Sourced from Alibaba or AliExpress?


Depending on the weight, dimension and quantity of goods, express shipping can be ideal for products purchased from Alibaba or AliExpress.

It can only be costly if you’re using this method to ship heavy, large and many items at the same time.

Can you Consolidate Goods from Different Sources for Express Shipping from China?

Absolutely yes.

Package consolidation is helpful when it comes to saving cost on express shipping from China.

And this is where use of a freight forwarder in express shipping from China comes in handy.

Ideally, package consolidation enables you to save up to 50% on shipping cost or more.

How do you Ensure Safety of Goods during Express Shipping from China?

Some of the aspects to have in mind when it comes to enhancing safety of products during express shipping include the following;

· Material

Always use quality material for packing your shipment.

This prevents it from damage, which may arise from weather conditions or other physical aspects such as mishandling in the transit process.

The type of material you’ll use for packing the shipment depends on the specific type of product.

Most importantly, refrain from using old boxes since they may have lost rigidity.

· Packing

During packing, always make sure you completely fill the empty spaces within the box.

This helps in preventing contents from moving during transit, which can damage both the products and the box.

The items you are shipping should be placed in the center of the box and should be at least six centimeters apart.

Also, ensure you wrap the goods separately and use dividers when shipping multiple products in one package.

· Sealing

Use the best sealing material to seal the shipment together.

It is essential when it comes to protecting the content of the shipment.

Always use pressure-sensitive tapes.

· Labeling

Labeling sticker is vital since it ensures the shipment moves swiftly through the carrier’s network.

Correct labeling on the top surface also helps in proper handling of the package in an upright position.

At BanSar, we help all our clients choose a perfect shipping solution from China.

Whether you want sea freight, rail freight or express shipping from China, we will help you get competitive rates.

Contact us now for the best rates when shipping from China.

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