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electric golf cart
Importing Electric Golf Cart from China

China electric golf cart manufacturer and supplier are most in Guangdong and Zhejiang. Manufacturers specialize in designing and developing electric golf cart that is quiet and has enough power to get you up to the hills. Whether you need electric golf cart for personal or business, you can always find a trusted factory that works with you.

designer golf cart
Importing Designer Golf Cart from China

If looking for a wide variety of designer golf cart, Chinese suppliers and manufacturers provide you with only the best quality products and services. Manufacturers are focusing on product development and quality enhancement designer golf cart products. So you can assure your designer golf cart’s best quality. Most of these suppliers are based in Guangdong province.

remote control golf cart
Importing Remote Control Golf Cart from China

Find the best remote control golf cart to keep your upper body strong and ready for the course. China professional suppliers of remote controlled golf cart offer a wide variety of remote control golf cart that is suitable for your business. Leading remote control golf cart suppliers are based in Guangdong and Zhejiang province.

push golf cart
Importing Push Golf Cart from China

China push golf cart manufacturing factories are most in Zhejiang and Guangdong. Find the best push golf cart that’s right for you and your business. You can import a great new push cart that is best for your customers for the coming golf season. Choose a supplier that offers quality assurance push golf carts in every number of orders.

gas power skateboard
Importing Gas Power Golf Cart from China

If you are about to import a gas golf cart in China, Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces are your ideal place to be. You can import gas power golf cart including newest design, great sizes, etc. There are lots of manufacturers that provide a wide variety of high-quality gas power golf cart. Find great deals of this product that will help your facility needs.

luxury golf cart
Importing Luxury Golf Cart from China

In China, you can find the most professional luxury golf cart manufacturers in Guangdong, but there are also in other provinces like Fujian and Jiangsu. Manufacturers provide high-quality luxury golf cart supplied by verified and experienced Chinese manufacturers. Find out the best luxury golf carts and Bansar will recommend and help you decide which one supplier is the best for you.

pull golf cart
Importing Golf Pull Carts from China

Travel the course with ease with golf pull carts. Find the golf pull cart that’s right for your business in China leading suppliers and manufacturers mostly based in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. Select the best golf pull carts that can make your walk on the golf course easier with a cart designed to hold your items. Whether you need golf pull carts for personal needs or business, Chinese suppliers can satisfy your needs.

golf cart batteries
Importing Golf Cart Batteries from China

There are lots of golf cart batteries supplier in China, you can mostly found them in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces. Keep your golf cart running at full power with golf cart batteries from one of the leading suppliers of golf cart accessories in China. Import deep cycle golf cart batteries that are reliable and long-lasting for consistent performance, day in and day out.

club car golf cart
Importing Club Car Golf Cart from China

In China, Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces have the most supplier of club car golf cart. Choose a supplier that offer a wide variety of club car golf cart options and providing very good technical support. So, whether you need club car golf cart for personal, business, and golf operations deliver, you can find a reliable Chinese supplier that meet whatever your needs.

multi passenger golf cart
Importing Multi-Passenger Golf Carts from China

Find the coolest multi passengers golf carts, perfect solution for transporting your clients, employees, or even VIPs from one point to another. Leading suppliers from China are mostly located in Guangdong province. Appreciate the quality, comfort and style of the best multi-passenger golf cart Chinese offer. You can surely get a vehicle that can handle your specific needs without breaking the bank.

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Rail Freight Shipping from China 23
Shipping your golf cart by rail is also good for your little urgent orders. The cost is in the the middle of sea and air freight.
Picture Frames Door to Door Shipping from China 2
Bansar can help you ship your order to your warehouse or home. You can save time, efforts and can deliver your cargo without inconveniences.

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Best 20 Golf Cart Manufacturer in China

1 Suzhou Eagle

Founded in 1999, with 20,000 square meters workshop area, Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is a leading manufacturer specialized in designing and manufacturing 4-wheel electric vehicles including electric utility car, electric golf cart, electric personal carrier, electric industrial car, electric shuttle bus, diff. customized electric vehicles based on standard ones, etc. Eagle was awarded a Certificate of WMI Code (L4F) in 2006 and ISO9001-2008 certificate in 2003.


Dongguan Excellence Golf & Sightseeing Car Co., Ltd, was founded in 2006, located in Dongguan City, Guangdong, Southern China. As an ISO 9001, CE authenticated company, EXCAR is a professional manufacturer of low-speed electric vehicles with an experienced and professional R&D team. They have developed various types of vehicles that surely meet your needs.

3 ChinaGolfCarts

A leading golf cart and manufacturer in Shenzen Guangdong China, founded in 2003. Shenzen Aoxiang Industrial Development Co., Ltd are operating with 15 years of manufacturing experience. They cover an area of 25 000 sqm. The company ensures high assurance of their product. Expect that they designed unique and attractive golf carts, sensitive steering systems, stable rideability, a comfortable hand feel, and a smooth outlook make its perfect or ideal cart for all golf courses.

4 Marshell

Marshell is one of the most popular manufacturers of electric golf cart vehicles in China. They also manufacture high-grade batteries related to automotive electronic components in China, cleaning vehicles, mobility scooters, electric forklift, electric stacker, electric pallet truck, electric tractor, etc. Marshell now has three large factories in China located in Shanghai, Zhaoqing, and Anhui that own 300,000 sqm. workshops area with over 100 experienced staff and more than 1600 expert workers.

5 Guangdong Yatian Industrial Co., Ltd.

As one of the most innovative technology companies in the vehicle industry in China, Guangdong Yatian Industrial Co., Ltd. specialized not only vehicle technologies, but also international business and service. They developed a wide range of unique models for electric cars, utility vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, and quads since its incorporation in 2001. They passed an ISO certificate, CCC national certificate, EEC certificate, and DOT certificate. You can trust them!

6 Trolli King Manufacturing Factory

Located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong China, Trolli King is your one-stop-shop for your wide range of medical products, such as golf carts, wheelchairs, and rollators. Established in 1978 specialized in R&D and manufacture for almost 30 years. Own advanced CNC manufacturing equipment and production lines that ensure to manufacture high precision products ISO9002. Their main products have passed CE certification in the EU and SG certification in Japan.

7 Tianjin Zhongyi Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Located in Tianjin city. A famous manufacturer of golf carts with a novel, beautiful and fashionable appearance at a very competitive price. The main products of Tianjin Zhongyi include electric sightseeing cars, electric golf carts, electric patrol cars, electric vintage cars, etc. Productions with advanced fields both abroad and at home. Their products are now broadly used in airport halls, theme parks, railway station patrolling, tourist attractions, and community commuting due to its reliability and long-lasting performance.

8 Langqing Electric Car

A factory approved by ISO9001, IOS14001, OHSAS18001, and CE certification. Founded in 2000, Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co., Ltd is located in Nansha District Guangzhou that covering an area of 150,000sqm. Specializing in the production, research, sales and services of electric vehicles, 8-seater golf cart, mini golf cart for sale, electric shuttle bus, electric tow tractor, electric shuttle car, and so on. At present, they have fixed assets of 200 million RMB, and more than 200 professional employees. They ensure high-class golf cart vehicles at economical prices.

9 Alwayszev

Alwayszev starts Electric Vehicle business in 2008, focuses on R&D and Manufacturing of Low-speed electric vehicles which include Golf Car, Sightseeing Bus, Passengers Bus, Fire engine Car, etc. They have rich experience and a strong team that provides the most popular Vehicle for both domestic and international markets that offer a favorable price discount.

10 Golden Motor

GoldenMotor is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu China. A confident provider and manufacturer with top quality products and services at a competitive cost for over 50 countries. GoldenMotor offers a full range of products, including golf carts, motors, controllers and battery packs, and accessories. You don’t need to look elsewhere, Goldenmotor provides all your needs.

11 Yongkang Suncart Industry Factory

Mainly based in Jinhua, China, Yongkang Suncart Industry Factory provides any kinds of golf carts such as steam-driven golf carts, electric golf carts, and many more. The company is integrated with professional technical unity control and energetic customer support. Their team still strives to expand and develop a variety of products. With their great market feedbacks, many other countries continue to collaborate with them.

12 Kunshan Yujiang Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd.

In China, Kunshan Yujiang Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd is remarked as 4th leading manufacturer of outdoor-used vehicles such as golf carts. This corporation was founded since the year 2013 and now has free rights of export and import. One of our main products is a mini-golf cart and golf ranger with a capacity of 2-4 seaters. This huge factory in China strictly performs quality checking and performance examination before delivered. They export quality golf carts for more than 20 global companies.

13 Changzhou Dorlin Electric Vehicle Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Since the company was established in 2001, Changzhou Dorlin Electric Vehicle Manufacture Co., Ltd has a wide knowledge of manufacturing and designing electric vehicles especially golf carts. They also offer customization for electric golf carts according to the client`s ideas. We accept orders not only in China but also in orders from foreign companies. With unified manufacturing, design, and research team, we finally produced stylish, standard quality golf carts. And because of their capabilities and quality products, they are now vastly famous in other countries outside China.

14 Chongqing Ocots Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Chongqing Ocots Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, also called Ocots, began to supply high-quality golf carts since 2015. They are one of the mature companies with over a decade of manufacturing experience. Capable to produce 30000 product sets per month. An OEM manufacturer that originates multi-functional golf carts. One of the company`s mission is to attain trust from its customers by offering top-class products and friendly customer service.

15 Shandong Super Motor Power Tech Co., Ltd.

Shandong Super Motor Power Tech Co., Ltd is known as a reliable provider and manufacturer of golf carts in China. They are proud to offer top-selling products not only golf cart but also electric 4 wheelers, forklift trucks, sightseeing vehicles, and more electric vehicles. As one unified team, they able to test, design, and even manufacture precise golf carts to meet your own standards. Per month, they can supply more than 5000 product sets.

16 Shenzhen Marshell Green Power Co., Ltd.

Per year, Shenzhen Marshell Green Power Co., Ltd can produce 15000 pieces of golf carts to support your business. At competitive prices, you can get high-quality products, friendly service, and on-time delivery. As a world-top manufacturer, their business grow with 2,000 trained workers and 100 professional designers.

17 Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd is a subordinate company of Dong Feng Motor. Founded in 2001, DFEV is very professional in the mass production and research of golf carts. As a sophisticated corporation, we are in control of creating high-quality gold carts. And because of that, DFEV gained accreditation of TS16949 and ISO9001 international certifications.

18 Qingdao Chengtai Hand Truck Co., Ltd.

This company carries exceptionally built golf cart parts such as tube tires, tubeless tires, and more. They are officially established in 2003, coupled with over 300 professional workers. The company itself owned sound manufacturing amenities and improved manufacturing technology systems. With the main principle of “high prestige, high-standard, high starting point, high efficiency”. A reliable manufacturer that serves both international and domestic clients.

19 Wuhu Fourstar Machinery Share Co., Ltd.

As a secondary company of Sino Fourstar Group Co., Ltd, Wuhu Fourstar Machinery Share Co., Ltd provides the most exceptional golf carts. They are working in Wuhu City, part of China, certified by ISO9001:2008 quality control system. With over 16 years’ development and endeavor, they have finally found a contemporary research center, perfect quality control technology, total equipped production lines, and more. Every week, the company can supply 5000 pieces of golf carts within China or abroad.

20 Zhuhai Inpower Electric Co., Ltd.

Zhuhai Inpower Electric Co., Ltd started in the business since 2005. One of the world`s professional manufacturers dedicated to the development, sale, production, service, and research of electric vehicles especially golf carts. Recently, their corporation proudly introduced high-quality golf carts that received CE and ISO9001 certificates. Their company always welcome ODM and OEM orders. They only produce high-quality products to be delivered all across the country.

Golf Cart Manufacturer China: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re looking for high quality and reliable golf carts from China.

Or, you would like to find a golf cart manufacturer in China you can trust.

Whichever the case, this guide provides basic and fundamental information about golf cart manufacturer China.

Read this guide if you want to learn more.

Are Chinese Golf Carts Durable?

There are different models of golf carts that originate from China available for your consumption.

Your golf cart selection depends on the number of passengers alongside other elements such as color and shape.

The durability of Chinese golf carts is one you rely on, given the numerous quality tests they undergo.

Additionally, these golf carts conform to internationally set standards that ensure your rights as consumers are protected.

Furthermore, Chinese manufacturers offer you a guarantee upon purchasing their golf carts.

This assures you of their quality.

You also benefit from aftersales service for a defined period to mediate any issues that might develop.

Yamaha golf cart

Yamaha golf cart

How do you get the Best Prices from Golf Cart Manufacturer China?

You find different prices offered for golf carts based on variables such as engine design and passenger capacity.

However, you can purchase a golf cart at the best price by shopping directly from manufacturers avoiding intermediaries.

You find golf carts on many online marketplaces such Made in China, and Alibaba, offering different prices.

When surfing through these marketplaces, you can get better prices by checking golf cart listings by the manufacturers themselves.

 Golf cart on Alibaba

 Golf cart on Alibaba

How much does the Chinese Golf Cart Cost?

You can now employ golf carts for different transport purposes in addition to movement within a golf course.

You can use a golf cart to travel within parks, carry out patrols, and be a vehicle for sightseeing.

A Chinese golf cart will set you back between $3,000 and $10,000 when new and lower amounts when used.

You find the following factors affect the cost of Chinese golf carts:

  • Manufacturer
  • Engine design
  • Shape and body build
  • Age and condition of the golf cart

How do you Find Golf Cart Manufacturer in China?

When it comes to golf carts in China, there are many manufacturers you can find.

Golf cart manufacturers offer you their vehicles for sale across various marketplaces on the online platform.

You can search for golf cart manufacturers in China using online search platforms such as Google and Baidu.

By following the search results’ links, you can access different web pages of golf cart manufacturers in China.

Why Buy Golf Cart from China?

Manufacturers in China offer you golf carts for use in various movement expeditions on golf courses and other designated areas.

Several reasons persuade you to buy golf carts from China:

  • Golf carts from China allow you to accommodate multiple passengers with a capacity of up to eight seats.
  • You will spend significantly less on purchasing golf carts from China compared to other golf cart manufacturing countries.
  • While you benefit from low costs, the quality of golf carts from China is uncompromised.
  • You have the option of customizing your golf car to suit your needs when you purchase it from China.
  • Manufacturers in China provide you with aftersales services and guarantees when you purchase golf carts from them.

Which Features should you Consider when Importing Golf Cart from China?

When purchasing a golf cart, you need to consider the following features:

Car-size and Seat capacity

You find golf carts available in different sizes with different seat counts.

The number of seats is instrumental with your intended use of the golf cart.

When you buy a golf cart for use with your family, you have to consider your family size.

Consequently, the number of seats in your golf cart depends on the number of persons in your family.

Source of Power

You have the option of two golf cart types from China: those that are electrically-powered, and those that are gas-powered.

The two golf cart types differ in their transmission and care, and maintenance routines.

While you will spend more to purchase and maintain a gas-powered golf cart, you’ll extract a longer service life from it.

However, while the electric-powered golf cart will cost you less in maintenance, it will have a significantly lower performance level.

Budgetary Needs

Obtaining and maintaining a golf cart requires you to have a significant amount of resources.

While some golf carts are excessively costly with high maintenance needs, some are affordable.

You can purchase used golf carts from China instead of new ones to cut on costs.

Additionally, going with the electrical type rather than the gas-powered type considerably lowers your costs.


Safety is an important feature to consider, especially when you intend to use the vehicle with a younger company as kids.

For instance, you need your golf cart to have safety brackets along the sides to prevent falling off.

Additionally, a top cover can offer you protection from the elements such as rainfall and excess sunshine.

When used on standard traffic infrastructure, you find the top cover useful in protecting you from falling objects.

Which are the Main Components of the Golf Cart?

You find the following main components of golf carts from manufacturers in China:

 Parts of gold cart

Parts of golf cart


Seats accommodate you and your fellow passengers when riding on a golf cart.

You can find seats fabricated with brackets to provide support and protection from falling over, which is especially useful to children.

Top Cover/Foof

The roof of a golf cart offers you protection from direct sunlight and showers.

Furthermore, you are well protected from falling objects when you are under the hood of a golf cart.

Bumper/Crash Bar

The crash bar is reinforced aluminum and placed at the front of your golf cart.

The bumper serves to prevent damage to your golf cart and injury to you in case of a crash incident.


The golf cart has tires accustomed to all-terrain, allowing you easy maneuverability regardless of the surface’s nature.

You get a good grip for sand, grass, stone, and tarmac offering you a smooth ride with such tires.


The mudguard is present for all the tires preventing splatter of dirt and mud on you when riding.

You find the mudguard composes of aluminum sheets extending over the tires.


You find some golf carts from China furnished with windshields made from clear glass.

A windshield protects you from elements such as rain, dust, and headwinds.

You also find the windshield useful in protecting you from impact by objects thrown your ways, such as twigs and pebbles.

Signaling System

When riding, signaling is vital to inform other people around you of your intended movements.

Golf carts from China come with a signaling system that ensures you keep yourself and others safe while navigating your way.

Directional Switch

When using vehicles, determining movement direction is an essential aspect of driving, with two possible directions forward and reverse.

The directional switch allows you to toggle between going forward or in reverse when using a golf cart.

Parts of golf cart

Parts of Golf Cart

How does Golf Cart Work?

A golf cart is a small vehicle you use for transport powered by fuel or electric power.

Therefore, you find two different workings for the golf cart, depending on their power source.

For the gas-powered golf cart, you use gasoline to provide power to an engine that moves the vehicle.

Contrariwise, an electric golf cart derives power from a battery source.

In standard cars, you use a keyed ignition to start and stop the engine.

However, with the golf cart, you ignite the engine by depressing the gas pedal and stop it when you release it.

You consume little fuel with this kind of operation, thus lowering the number of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

Furthermore, the lack of a keyed ignition keeps the engine running quiet, reducing the noise levels experienced.

With electric golf carts, you use rechargeable batteries to provide power to a motor.

You carry out charging through plugged cables via a wall socket similar to most electronic devices.

The rechargeable batteries convert the stored chemical energy into electrical energy that powers the motor.

A solenoid is connected to the motor to regulate the amount of power transmitted by the motor.

You also have a controller for speed in the form of a variable resistor that causes a voltage drop in the circuit.

The voltage drop is caused by varying the circuitry’s electrical resistance allowing you to regulate the golf cart’s speed.

Do Golf Cart Manufacturer China offer a Warranty?

When purchasing a golf cart, you have the option of buying new or used.

You have several advantages and disadvantages to support your choice based on different factors.

One factor you find essential when purchasing golf carts is the issue of warranty.

A manufacturer or dealer provides a warranty to safeguard your purchase in case of an inherent failure or problem.

However, you only benefit from a warranty when you make a new purchase of a golf cart.

In China, golf cart manufacturers offer you a warranty on their products for varying periods depending on the manufacturer.

Should you buy Directly from Golf Cart Manufacturer China or Online Marketplaces?

The decision of where to buy typically follows your decision of whether to buy new or used.

You can buy directly from golf cart manufacturers in China; otherwise, you can use online marketplaces.

There are several reasons to encourage you to buy directly from golf cart manufacturers in China rather than online marketplaces.

  • When you buy directly from a golf cart manufacturer in China, you can trust the product’s quality.

You are provided with a warranty ensuring you receive free service for a period after purchase saving you money.

  • Many golf carts listed on online market places as new are usually refurbished vehicles with no warranty.

While they may look new, you find the features underneath to be a far cry from advertising.

  • Furthermore, these golf carts are usually very old and would offer you a reduced service life once you purchase them.
  • The parts used to refurbish golf carts sold on online marketplaces are usually inferior and fickle.

Consequently, when used in these vehicles, they fail you at some point, requiring you to replace them, thereby increasing costs.

  • Furthermore, where electric golf carts are involved, you find low-quality batteries on many online marketplaces.

Low-quality batteries offer you poor service and performance on a single charge and eventually require replacement, costly.

Do Golf Cart Manufacturer China offer Replacement Parts?

 Some golf cart replacement part

Some golf cart replacement parts

When you purchase from golf cart manufacturers in China, you get a warranty that secures your purchase.

Your golf cart is serviced freely for issues that are not of your own making with a warranty.

For instance, when a part of your golf cart malfunctions or fails, your warranty comes in handy.

You can take your cart to the nearest appointed dealer for a replacement of parts.

Furthermore, even beyond your warranty, you may find the need to replace a worn-out or damaged part.

Golf cart manufacturers in China understand this and provide you with replacement parts at a fee.

Should you Buy a Used or New Golf Cart from China?

The decision to buy a used or new golf cart from China is one you evaluate based on several factors.

A used golf cart is one you find to have prior ownership since its first purchase.

The following are some of the arguments for and against purchasing a used golf cart:

  • Used golf carts will cost you much less than a new golf cart saving you quite an amount. New golf carts are expensive, costing over four thousand dollars, whereas half the amount can afford you a used golf cart.
  • When you buy a used golf cart, you can carry out parts replacement and repairs at a small cost.
  • However, when you purchase a used golf cart, you need to avoid purchasing an extensively damaged cart.

A defective cart will cost you in repairs drawing back on the savings you made from not buying new.

When it comes to purchasing new golf carts from China, you consider the following factors:

  • New golf carts are expensive, requiring you to part with large sums to acquire them.

However, a new golf cart comes with a warranty that offers you free service for a defined period.

  • You can trust the quality and reliability of a new golf cart from China. A new golf cart has not been in prior use and cannot have underlying issues requiring maintenance.
  • When you buy a new golf cart, you enter uncharted territory concerning handling and how it operates.

Which is the Fastest Golf Cart in the Market?

You find the golf cart has evolved from just offering movement within golf courses and resorts.

You can use a golf cart for neighborhood patrol, sightseeing, and movement in controlled environments such as airports.

Golf carts are not regular motor vehicles, and you, therefore, find their speed limited.

Many golf cart manufacturers provide a maximum speed limit of between 14 to 19 mph for their carts.

Additionally, your country/state of residence laws determine the maximum speed achievable with a golf cart.

These laws can determine the speed limit of your cart, its passenger capacity, and tonnage.

You find golf carts converted for use as a regular motor vehicle with over a hundred mph speeds.

For instance, the Plum Quick Golf Cart Racing company has made a golf cart to achieve 118 mph.

How do you Power Golf Cart from China?

You find a golf cart made by Chinese manufacturers powered by either electric power or gasoline.

With increased environmental awareness, you find electric vehicles encouraged as they have very low emissions.

Golf carts powered by gasoline have combustion engines that burn fuel to produce kinetic energy.

You will find golf carts with two-stroke or, more commonly, four-stroke engines.

Electric golf carts convert stored chemical energy in rechargeable batteries to electrical energy burn that to run motors.

You find battery packs with a voltage rating of either 36 or 48 volts used in these golf carts.

How does Electric Golf Cart from China compare to Gas Golf Cart from China?

There are many factors you need to consider when purchasing a golf cart from China.

One important decision you need to make is whether to go with a gas-powered golf cart or an electric golf cart.

Your choice of golf cart will depend on where and what you intend to use the golf cart.

Additionally, the area of coverage and nature of terrain will also influence your decision.

You accrue the following benefits when you employ an electric golf cart from China:

  • The maintenance needs of an electric golf cart are minimal.

You only have to recharge the batteries when they are low, unlike gas engines that require frequent engine checks.

  • Acquiring electric golf carts is cost-effective, considering their low maintenance needs.

A gas-powered golf cart requires you to spend on fuel and engine servicing after purchase.

  • With increased environmental awareness, the use of efficient energy systems is highly encouraged.

Electric golf carts have no carbon emissions, and when you employ them, you protect the environment.

  • An electric powered golf cart has low operational noise levels, which is ideal in environments where noise is undesired.

However, you find the electric golf cart limited in the following ways:

 Elecric golf cart

Electric golf cart

  • You are limited in the distance you can cover to prevent running out of charge far from a charging terminal. You find electric golf carts can cover between fifteen and twenty-five miles on a single charge before running out.
  • The power generated by an electric golf cart is low compared to a gas-powered golf cart. Therefore, you find using electric golf carts in some terrains problematic due to their underpowered engines.
  • The uptake of electric golf carts is still low, causing them to attract higher prices when you sell them as used. Therefore, you will find it difficult to dispose of an electric golf cart due to its unpopularity.

On the other hand, you find gas-powered golf carts with the following advantages:

 Gas powered golf cart

 Gas-powered golf cart

  • You benefit from the increased power a gas-powered golf cart offers compared to an electric golf cart. A gas-powered golf cart can generate up to twelve horsepower instead of a paltry five generated by electric carts.
  • Due to the increased power generated by gas-powered golf carts, you can perform more powerful tasks with these vehicles. For instance, you can ride steep terrains and haul heavier cargo when using a gas-powered golf cart.
  • When riding a gas-powered golf cart, you are not limited in range as with the electric powered cart. You can achieve up to ten times the range of an electric golf cart before requiring refueling.
  • You will make more from disposing of a gas powered golf cart than an electric cart. Replacing the batteries in an electric golf cart is usually expensive making them unpopular in the used cart market.

Conversely, you have a few disadvantages in employing gas-powered golf carts:

  • You find maintaining a gas-powered golf cart to be costly due to the frequent engine checks you need to make.

A gas engine requires regular oiling and changes of the filter and spark plugs, which make up extra costs.

  • When you compare fueling a golf cart and charging one, fueling costs more in the short run.

You only incur costs when you have to change the battery pack, which occurs after a couple of years.

  • Using gas-powered golf carts contributes to greenhouse gases emission, which negatively affects our environment. You observe carbon emissions affect climate resulting in disrupted weather patterns that impact negatively on food production.
  • The noise levels produced by gas-powered engines are high, causing them to contribute to noise pollution. Also, this noise makes these carts unfavorable for use in calm areas.

Do Golf Cart Manufacturer China Support OEM Businesses?

An Original Equipment Manufacturer is an entity that makes components used in another entity’s product before being introduced to the market.

You find companies can employ different OEM firms to produce a single product offering.

You find golf cart manufacturers in China enlist OEM firms’ services to provide components for their golf carts.

OEM firms make golf cart components such as the all-terrain wheels and the crush bar.

Are Yamaha Golf Carts made in China?

Yamaha is a Japanese conglomerate you know to produce motorcycles, marine engines, and vessels such as boats, snowmobiles, and golf carts.

You find Yamaha motor plants across various countries, including China, to cater to the large market served.

Yamaha golf cart

Yamaha golf cart

Which Brands do Golf Cart Manufacturer China Offer?

There are many brands offered to you by golf cart manufacturers in China.

Some of the golf cart brands from which you can purchase are as follows:

Suzhou Eagle

The Suzhou Eagle brand is an electric golf cart made by the Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

You find this company specializes in the design and manufacture of electric vehicles, including golf cart.


The EXCAR brand is by the Dongguan Excellence Golf & Sightseeing Car Co., Ltd. In this company, you will find electric vehicles with low speed, such as the golf cart.


The Shenzen Aoxiang Industrial Development Co., Ltd is headquartered in Shenzen and manufactures the ChinaGolfCarts brand.

You find this golf cart offers impressive performance with a sound steering system and smooth engine.


You find Marshell golf carts widely popular in China and produced in Shanghai, Zhaoqing, and Anhui.

You can also purchase high-quality batteries from Marshell for use in golf carts and other small electric vehicles.

Guangdong Yatian Industrial Co., Ltd.

You find this company’s innovation levels to be impressive, given the remarkable golf carts they produce.

Their variety of light utility vehicles provided under the brand name Yantian with the option of electric golf carts.

Trolli King Manufacturing Factory

The Trolli King Manufacturing Factory has a history of investments in the research, design, and manufacture of golf carts.

Golf carts channeled from advanced assembly lines using CNC machinery that has provided them with ISO certification.

Tianjin Zhongyi Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.

The Tianjin Zhongyi brand is stylish, unique, and highly reliable while maintaining its price at competitive levels.

You will find golf carts from this firm in exotic golf resorts, airports and railway stations, and theme parks.

Langqing Electric Car

With the full name of Guangzhou Langqing Electric Car Co., Ltd., this factory only produces light electric-powered vehicles.

You find their golf carts to be exquisite and affordably priced, with options for different seat capacities.


This is another company you find specializes in making light electric vehicles with a low-speed feature.

Alongside golf carts, they make utility vehicles for police patrols and sightseeing with the capacity to ship across the globe.

Golden Motor

Golden Motor is in Changzhou, with an international reach of over fifty countries.

While you can purchase golf carts from Golden Motor, they also offer OEM services making batteries, motors, and controllers.

Yongkang Suncart Industry Factory

The uniqueness of golf carts from Yongkang Suncart Industry Factory is they have a variety of power sources.

You will find electric powered golf carts, gas-powered golf carts, and even steam-powered carts.

Kunshan Yujiang Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd.

You find this company to be among the top producers of light vehicles used for outdoor travel, such as golf carts.

You find many golf carts made with two or four seats and a mini-golf cart that seats one only.

Changzhou Dorlin Electric Vehicle Manufacture Co., Ltd.

The Changzhou Dorlin Electric Vehicle Manufacture company specializes in designing and producing electric vehicles such as golf carts.

You can also internationally place your order and have a golf cart customized to your taste.

Chongqing Ocots Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

This is a large scale manufacturer of golf carts to produce about 30,000 golf carts in a month.

Also simply referred to as Scots, you can engage this company as an OEM supplier with quality component production.

Shandong Super Motor Power Tech Co., Ltd.

You find the reliability of Shandong Super Motor Power Tech Company in making golf carts is unquestioned.

They also produce other light electric and utility vehicles to build new designs and test them.

Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.

The Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Company is a subsidiary of Dong Feng Motor invested in golf carts’ design and production.

You find this company produces reliable gold carts capable of offering you a long service life.

Qingdao Chengtai Hand Truck Co., Ltd.

The Qingdao Chengtai Hand Truck Company prides itself as a competent and technologically advanced OEM firm.

You can source quality parts for your golf cart, including tubed and tubeless tires, bumpers, and controllers.

Wuhu Fourstar Machinery Share Co., Ltd.

A division of the Sino Fourstar Group Company Limited, this firm manufactures reliable golf carts with an impressive performance in China.

You find this firm can produce over five thousand golf carts with an international presence.

Zhuhai Empower Electric Co., Ltd.

You find the research, design, development, and manufacture of golf carts a core mission for this company.

Additionally, they offer both ODM and OEM services to other firms internationally recognized by their ISO certification.

Which Quality Standards do Golf Cart Manufacturer China Adhere to?

The standards used by golf cart manufacturers are guided by the vehicle industry and set up by authorities.

You find golf carts are subject to standards identified for Personal Transport Vehicles (PTVs) and Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs).

The identities are defined by the ground speed cap when used on a level surface and the area of use.

You find the following standards commonly used for golf carts by manufacturers:

ANSI Z130.1-2004 Standard

You use this standard to define the specification of a golf cart regarding safety and performance.

The golf cart is a vehicle explicitly used for the movement of golfers and their gear.

ANSI Z135-2004 Standard

Manufacturers have to adhere to this standard when you intend to use a golf cart as a Personal Transport Vehicle (PTV).

It describes these vehicles as those used on specified pathways or in secluded communities as allowed by local authorities.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) for Low-Speed Vehicles

In China, golf cart manufacturers have to adhere to this standard when working on orders destined for the US.

Vehicles with four wheels, such as golf carts, are targeted with this standard guiding maximum allowed speed on shared roads.

You note that a speed limit of 40 kph/25 mph is set for these vehicles when operating on public roads.

Alternately, these vehicles are expected not to exceed 24 kph/15 mph when operated on a golf course.

Additionally, the above standards stipulate a braking system capable of stopping the car within 8-15 meters.

Note that this distance is when the speed is at a maximum between 24-32 kilometers per hour.

In short, the golf carts must conform to all safety standards and requirements.

How do you Test the Quality of the Golf Cart from China?

When you test the quality of a golf cart from China, you determine its reliability in performing the expected function.

Testing of a golf cart’s quality essentially begins during design and development.

For instance, you individually subject the components used in making golf carts to structural tests and fatigue tests.

These tests allow you to determine the tolerance of these components to wear and tear when in use.

You thereafter position the golf cart on a mechanical platform to subject it to stress through continuous vibration and shocks.

Mechanical parts should not drop off, signifying structural integrity, and component reliability.

Additionally, you subject a golf cart to an endurance test to determine how long it can go before requiring service.

You drive the golf cart on a test track, which is essentially a treadmill that simulates vehicular motion.

Besides, you also test the golf cart’s performance in different weather conditions.

You place the cart in a test chamber under different environmental condition simulations.

Also, you should subject golf cart parts such as transaxles to independent tests that highlight leakages and noise generation.

You also check electrical components and circuits for inherent shorts and opens alongside resistance values.

For gas-powered vehicles, you need to check the engine’s power using a dynamometer and temperature and leakage.

Checking for leakage and pressure in the gas tanks is also important for such golf carts.

Alternately, for electric golf carts, you need to check the voltage output for the batteries and their amperage.

These batteries should also be compliant with the certification stipulated by the Underwriters Laboratory.

Before releasing a golf cart to the market, you perform a final performance test.

You use this test to determine the response of the vehicle when accelerating and braking is prudent.

What are the available Color Options for Golf Carts from China?

You have a host of color options for your golf carts and an option to customize your colors.

Alongside the traditional colors of black, white, red, green, and blue, you also have several variants of these colors.

You find variants of blue such as electric blue and patriot blue.

Shades of red you can use include burgundy, flame red, and inferno red.

For grey color, you have the option of using charcoal grey, platinum grey, and dark grey.

Which Type of Maintenance does Chinese Golf Cart Require?

For you to enjoy an extended service from your golf cart, you need to carry out regular maintenance.

Periodic maintenance ensures your cart does not require repairs on a large scale over time.

The following maintenance procedures will help you effectively manage your golf cart:

  • For an electric golf cart, you charge your batteries before retesting. You have a limited range on a full charge; consequently, a low charge is detrimental.
  • Furthermore, you need to check the batteries’ water levels frequently to ensure efficient operation. You need to ensure the lead plates in your battery are completely inundated for correct functionality.
  • Cleaning the battery terminals of your cart is another effective maintenance action.

You find this especially useful in countering corrosion and accumulation of dirt, which can cause interruptions in the connection.

  • You also need to carry out checks on the engine of gas-powered carts to identify faults such as leakages.

Besides, you need to maintain the engine oil at a certain level and replace the filters from time to time.

  • You have to frequently check your tires for air pressure to ensure you always have the required amount.

Appropriately filled tires ensure your ride is smooth and reduces the rate of wear on them.

  • While golf carts have limited speeds, thus requiring less braking from you, inspecting the brakes is nonetheless essential.

You can check the brake components such as pads, cables, and drums to ensure they’re in good condition and functioning alright.

  • Good maintenance is also in the way you handle your golf cart when putting it in use. You need to follow the recommended load capacity to prevent overloading the golf cart, which soon wears down the cart.
  • While you can effectively carry out these routine maintenance procedures by yourself, you also need a professional diagnosis.

Also, you can have your golf cart professionally checked at least once a year to unearth concerns you could’ve missed.

  • Learning to understand your golf cart is also useful in ensuring a proper maintenance regime.

You should not ignore issues such as strange sounds; instead, cease using the cart and address such immediately.

Do Golf Cart Manufacturer China have a Product Return Policy?

Golf cart manufacturers have a product return policy, albeit under a predetermined set of conditions.

You can only return a golf cart after purchase when you buy new rather than used.

Several reasons can cause you to request a golf cart return, including a change of mind.

You can also return a golf cart if it doesn’t match your order or if it is damaged/defective.

Some of the conditions set for return include:

  • You have to officially request authorization to return the golf cart within thirty days of receiving the order.

Moreover, you have to return the golf cart within thirty days of approval of your request.

  • Furthermore, the manufacturers reserve the right to inspect the golf cart upon return to ensure it is in a good state.

The cart should meet the definition of being new, unaltered, and unused, lacking marks of wear and tear.

  • You also have to provide the original receipt of sale for the returned golf cart. Additionally, the package has to have a valid RGA number
  • You return a customized golf cart if it is defective and the defect is the manufacturers.
  • You get an exchange or refund when you return your golf cart, depending on the manufacturer’s policy.

Moreover, you have to allow between thirty to sixty days for the completion of a return query.

Will Golf Cart Manufacturer China offer Aftersales Service?

After-sales service is offered to you as a customer by sellers and manufacturers after you purchase a product.

You find this service involves offering you support, such as servicing a warranty, upgrades, training, and repair.

When a manufacturer offers you after-sales service, you derive increased value from your golf cart purchase.

Manufacturers use after-sales service to increase brand loyalty through customer satisfaction.

Additionally, manufacturers can benefit from marketing through word-of-mouth on the strength of their after-sales service.

Consequently, many golf cart manufacturers in China offer you after-sales support when you purchase from them.

Why do you need Freight Forwarder to Import Chinese Golf Cart?

A freight forwarder is an entity that ships packages on your behalf rather than have you directly ship an item.

There are many advantages you will find when you use a freight forwarder as follows:

Lower Shipping Cost

When importing your golf cart from a Chinese manufacturer, you have to pay for shipping to get the product.

Shipping directly is an expensive venture, primarily if you handle it individually.

However, when you use a freight forwarder, you can save significantly on shipping costs.

You find forwarders transact large volumes of cargo, thereby considerably reducing the unit charge of shipping.

You Engage Fewer Entities.

When you employ a freight forwarder, you only engage a single entity in ensuring you receive your golf cart.

However, importing individually may require you to have up to three different entities to traverse, sea, air, and land.

Simplifies the Import Process

Using a freight forwarder simplifies the import process for you, unburdening you with the task of ensuring your cart’s safe arrival.

You can rest assured that you will receive your cart in good time and condition with the freight forwarder’s experience.

Forwarders are Highly Flexible

When importing products, they pass through different ports of entry and may encounter different circumstances.

For instance, you might have delays or diversion of shipments and government interference such as port closure.

Such circumstances are stressful when handling shipping yourself as you might be at a loss of what steps to take.

However, the experience of a freight forwarder will help in ensuring your cargo arrives as expected.


Sometimes unforeseen circumstances such as sudden port or boundary closures will delay your cargo.

You will require a warehouse to store your purchase until you identify an alternative.

When importing directly, you accrue a high storage cost that will increase the value of your purchase.

However, freight forwarders can store your cargo alongside others in their warehouse networks at no extra cost.

Which Documents do you Require to Import Golf Cart from China?

When importing, it is necessary to possess documents allowing you to bring in the product.

There are several reasons, such as taxation, that necessitate possession of authorizing documents.

You find different countries will have additional requirements for the importation of a golf cart, for instance.

While some countries might ask you for documentation highlighting the vehicles’ carbon emission level, others will not.

However, the following documents will suffice when importing a golf cart from China:

  • A certificate of origin
  • An airway bill or bill of lading
  • An invoice for the golf cart
  • A certificate for Imports Standard Mark (ISM)
  • A packing list
  • An import license

How many Duties will you Pay to Import Chinese Golf Cart?

The amount of duty you pay for importing a golf cart from China varies with the country of arrival.

Duty is payment levied on exports or imports by the revenue authority or customs services.

You pay duty and a host of other charges such as insurance and fees.

You pay import duty when shipping in a golf cart from China alongside additional mandated processing fees.

How do you Ship China Golf Cart?

After purchasing a golf cart from China, you need to have it delivered to you in your country of residence.

Shipping is, therefore, essential for you to receive and enjoy your golf cart.

You can select one of three shipping modes for your golf cart:

Air Freight

When you ship via air freight, your golf cart is loaded to a cargo plane and flown to your location.

You find this process to be faster than the other methods but will cost you more.

Roll on Roll off (RoRo)

You find low cost attached to this shipping method that involves moving vehicles within enormous cargo ships.

You note this option is only viable when a vehicle is in good working condition and drivable.

Furthermore, you can only procure this option when working between major seaports.

You might also have to incur additional costs if you are located further inland from the port of arrival.

Using Containers

Using a container is another inexpensive way of shipping your golf cart from China.

You can use a single container to ship your cart or consolidate your cart with other vehicles headed in your direction.

Consolidation is much cheaper as you share the shipping and clearance costs with the other vehicles’ owners.

However, this method is slower as the container has to be filled first before being shipped.

Will Golf Cart Manufacturer China help in Shipping?

Golf cart manufacturers handle the way shipping in China differs from one entity to another.

You find some manufacturers who only sell their golf carts locally with no international distribution.

You can, however, purchase from these manufacturers and involve agents to arrange to ship for you.

However, golf cart manufacturers with an international presence arrange shipping for you through contracted couriers.

How do you Test China Golf Cart Battery?

The battery is a crucial component in your electric golf cart, without which your cart will not function.

Therefore, you first have to test the functionality of your battery when you encounter a problem with your cart.

Before testing your golf cart battery, you have to know how long since it was last charged.

Charging only works when the battery has some voltage, usually at least twenty volts.

You can use various equipment to conduct a test on your batteries while taking the necessary safety measures.

Commonly used tools include a voltmeter/multimeter, a hydrometer, or a load tester.

 Electric golf cart

Electric golf cart

Using a Multimeter

Connect your multimeter to individual batteries with the appropriate terminal arrangement setting it at a 200-volt output.

Check the power output by the charger by connecting it to the multimeter too.

The multimeter pointer deflects in both directions and indicates the amperage.

When you observe a maximum deflection to the left, it signifies zero amperage, while the right indicates full amperage.

You have a low amperage reading than is required, and charge the battery until you attain the needed voltage.

When you cannot achieve the desired voltage despite charging for long, you need to consider replacing the battery.

How do you Maintain China Golf Cart?

After purchasing your golf cart, the maintenance handbooks provided to you are essential in ensuring useful service life from your cart.

When handling maintenance issues, you concentrate on the storage of your cart, the engine, battery, and braking system.

You have to handle repairs on your engine as they develop and carry out frequent preventative maintenance.

You avoid later expensive costs this way since small problems do not develop into significant complications.

Checking your engine involves changing the engine oil, replacing spark plugs, filters, and timing belts.

Where you cannot perform the tasks yourself, you indulge a professional technician in making the diagnosis.

Both electric golf carts and gas-powered golf carts employ batteries in their transmission system.

You use automotive batteries to ignite and power the electric control panel in gas-powered vehicles.

Electric powered carts use deep cycle batteries to convert chemical energy into electrical energy that powers the motor.

Batteries in gas-powered carts require frequent cleaning to prevent terminal corrosion and required levels of distilled water.

You offer the electric golf cart batteries similar care while also ensuring the charge is above the minimum volt level.

Also, ensure you position the battery pack appropriately to prevent shaking during movement.

You also need to maintain your golf cart brakes to ensure they serve their purpose.

Brakes are especially useful when stopping the cart or controlling your speed.

Replacing brake pads and changing the braking fluid are some of the direct measures you take to maintain your brakes.

Keeping the tires’ pressure at the required level is also useful, ensuring you don’t overexert the braking system.

Which Type of Engine does China Golf Cart use?

The engine is the heart of any automotive vehicle as it generates the power transmitted to the wheels for locomotion.

In China, golf cart manufacturers employ two engine types: the gas-powered engine and the electric engine powered by batteries.

The gas-powered engine is usually a four or two-stroke engine with one cylinder made subject to weight and performance.

You find this engine can output up to twelve horsepower and achieve a speed of about thirty kilometers an hour.

The electric engine used in golf carts derives its power from a battery stack of 36 or 48 volts.

The engine attains about five horsepower output requiring you to recharge the batteries to above 20 volts frequently.

Do China Golf Carts have VIN Numbers?

A VIN is a Vehicle Identification Number used for tracking standard vehicles employed on public roads.

Generally, golf carts are ideally not provided with a VIN but just a serial number.

A manufacturer provides a serial number to a golf cart to identify it from others uniquely.

You find a golf cart’s serial number can identify the model and year of manufacture.

Golf carts do not have VINs since their use is not on public access roads.

However, you can modify your golf cart for use on public roads by tuning the engine and raising the chassis.

When you repurpose your golf cart to use it on public roads, then you’ll require a VIN.

Transport authorities will use the VIN to identify your golf cart as any other standard transport vehicle.

What is the Turnaround Time for Gold Cart Manufacturer China?

The time it takes to complete a product from the time production was initiated.

Gold cart manufacturer China has different turnaround times depending on the design and order size.

Automation has greatly enhanced the turnaround times of manufacturers, increasing production up to ten times.

You can find turnaround time for gold cart manufacturer to range from a few hours to days.

Can Chinese Golf Carts go up Steep Hills?

When you purchase a golf cart, you expect it to move you around regardless of the terrain’s nature.

You can go up steep hills on Chinese golf carts, whether electric or gas-powered, especially when they are new.

Several reasons can cause your golf cart to fail to ride uphill. They include:

  • It could be your golf cart is too old with barely enough power to propel it uphill.
  • Having a golf cart with small tires will make going uphill a challenge for you.
  • When using an electric-powered golf cart, having a low charge can make riding up steep slopes difficult.
  • Sometimes you need to reset your motor in such an instance if your cart fails to move uphill.

What is the difference between 36v and 48v Golf Cart?

Electric golf carts use batteries that store charge in voltage form to power the motors.

Your battery’s voltage rating determines how much charge your cart can hold and how far it can go.

Therefore, a higher voltage rating signifies a higher power output for your cart.

The difference between a 36V and 48V golf cart, therefore, lies in their charge amount.

How many Miles can China Golf Cart go on Full Charge?

The range of a golf cart from China on a full charge will vary depending on several factors.

However, with batteries in good condition, you can achieve a range of between 20 – 40 miles with an electric golf cart.

Factors affecting the golf cart’s range include:

  • The age of the battery.
  • The configuration of the battery.
  • The battery voltage.
  • The type of battery you use.
  • The terrain you drive the cart.
  • The speed you drive the cart at.
  • The pressure of the tire.
  • The controller setting of the golf cart.

Are there Problems Associated with Electric Golf Cart from China?

You will encounter a few problems with your electric golf cart from China eventually at some point.

However, you can follow many maintenance protocols to ensure that day is far and long away.

The following constitute some of the problems you are likely to face with an electric golf cart:

Poor Batteries

Your batteries can become ineffective, losing charge quickly and therefore significantly reducing your range.

Batteries can degrade because of a lack of or poor maintenance practices and aging.

Issues with the Speed Controller

You notice issues with the speed controller when you cannot increase or reduce your speed.

Engaging a technician to help you solve the problem is the best bet in such a scenario.

Solenoid Issues

A solenoid is an electromagnetic device composed of wound wires over a metal rod.

The solenoid is an essential part of your electric golf cart engine that can break down, requiring repair.

Ignition Problems

Your electric golf art can develop ignition problems due to aging brought about by continued wear and tear.

Usually, you find a connectivity issue with the wires, and you can address the problem by replacing the ignition system.

Failure of the Direction Switch

You use the direction switch to put your golf cart in forwarding motion or backward motion.

As a part you regularly use when driving a golf cart, you expect it to wear down over time.

Replacing the direction switch is usually an effective solution.

Which Kind of Gas is used by Golf Cart Manufacturer China?

Golf cart manufacturers in China endorse the use of gasoline with 87 octanes.

An octane defines the combustion rate of gas.

Note that where you use gasoline with high octane, the combustion rate reduces while the opposite is true.

For high altitude areas, you need gasoline with a higher octane grade due to insufficient oxygen.

Using gasoline with a slower combustion rate is also useful where you intend to subject your golf cart to heavy use.

Do Golf Cart Manufacturer China, Install Seat Belts?

Seat belts are safety devices installed in vehicles to restrain passengers from sudden movement.

Golf cart manufacturers can install seat belts in your cart on request as they’re usually separately sold as accessories.

You’ll find golf carts intended for use on golf courses and other areas outside main public roads without seat belts.

However, when you have children on board, it is always safe to strap them in.

Moreover, when you intend to use a golf cart for transport as a standard road vehicle, you’ll need to install seatbelts.

Can you use Lift Kit in China Golf Carts?

A lift kit is a parts assemblage you use on your golf cart to increase your vehicle’s height.

You can use your lift kit to improve your golf cart’s height by up to eight inches.

Using a lift kit allows you to increase your vehicle’s ground clearance allowing you to conquer all terrains.

Furthermore, you can employ larger tires increasing your cart’s stability by providing a broader base.

Some standard lift kit types include the spindle lift kit, the drop axle kit, the A-arm, and block lift kits.

What is the Maximum Speed of China Golf Cart?

Golf carts are not for everyday road use, and so their speed is capped at 25 miles per hour.

You find vehicles with speeds exceeding 25 mph are considered transport vehicles requiring regulation and safety features.

Many golf cart manufacturers in China produce golf carts with speeds between 10 and 25 mph.

You find gas-powered golf carts are faster than standard electric carts, whose top speed is usually about 15 mph.

Do Golf Cart Manufacturers offer Front or Rear Wheel Drive?

Golf cart manufacturers offer golf carts with front-wheel drive and the engine at the front.

You observe this configuration best suited for a golf cart as provides the much-needed space for passenger and cargo.

You, not rear-wheel drives, offer excellent dynamics compared to front wheelers, especially concerning speed.

However, golf carts are low-speed utility vehicles intended for transport on a golf course carrying a player and kit.

What is the Rated HP of Gas Golf Carts from China?

Gas-powered golf carts are those you need to fuel to power their engines.

You find many gas-powered golf carts from China are more powerful than their standard electric counterparts.

A gas-powered golf cart can achieve thrice as much while a standard electric golf cart generates between 3-5 horsepower.

Gas golf carts from China will provide you between 10-15 horsepower.

How Often should you Replace Battery in Golf Cart from China?

When using an electric golf cart, you will need to replace your battery at some point due to deterioration.

You can expect a minimum battery life of about five years for a new golf cart or after installing new batteries.

Additionally, your battery’s lifespan is significantly affected by your handling and maintenance of the golf car.

However, you can always tell it is time to replace your batteries when you notice the following:

  • Your batteries take you longer to attain a full charge than before.
  • Your golf cart loses charge rapidly and thus attains a shorter range.
  • The acceleration of your golf cart reduces, making it difficult to attain top speed.
  • Navigating steep terrain becomes exceedingly problematic for your golf cart.
  • Leakage of acid from the batteries and visible bulge in the pack.

Why does Golf Cart Manufacturer China offer Low Prices?

You note the popularity of golf carts continues to increase, extending the golf courses.

Now you can find golf carts in closed neighborhoods, ranches, zoos, and even airports.

Golf cart manufacturer China offer you low prices for a variety of reasons:

 Golf cart in China

Golf cart from China

  • Raw materials for the manufacture of golf carts in China are readily available, making them cheaply affordable.
  • You also note that China’s cost of labor is relatively lower than that of other competitor countries.
  • Additionally, golf cart manufacturers in China incur relatively lower operating costs than their peers in foreign countries.

At BanSar, we help you ship golf carts from China to your home country.

Even if you want a reliable gold cart manufacturer China, BanSar will connect you with the right manufacturers – talk to us now.

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