How to Buy from AliExpress?

How to Buy from AliExpress – The Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking to generate revenue online or purchase products in larger quantities conveniently, then AliExpress is the ideal option.

In this guide, we’re giving you a comprehensive overview on AliExpress.

You’ll also be aware of some of the common concerns when it comes to purchasing products from AliExpress.

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress refers to a popular Chinese-based online retail website store for buying different types of products mainly from Chinese suppliers.



This Alibaba’s subsidiary brings together numerous small scale producers selling various items to wide-ranging international markets.

AliExpress also acts as an eCommerce platform for cloud computing, business to consumer, consumer to consumer, and payment services.

The business module for AliExpress strictly allows Chinese producers and suppliers to sell to international customers only.

In short, citizens from Mainland China are not permitted to purchase commodities from AliExpress.

Difference between AliExpress and Alibaba

Since AliExpress is a subsidiary of Alibaba, there is a thin line between the two.

Nevertheless, the design for both entities targets different customer-base.



The primary difference is AliExpress operates on a business to consumer model.

On the other hand, Alibaba works from the business to business model perspective.

Simply put, AliExpress allows you to order different types of products irrespective of the quantity.

In contrast, Alibaba is only ideal for purchasing commodities in bulk directly from the manufacturer or supplier.

The other difference is AliExpress is suitable for new traders in a bid to try out their trade with different types of products.

Therefore, it makes it possible for such newbies to earn passive income.

Alibaba, on the other hand, is ideal for experienced traders with an already established market base.

AliExpress allows you to purchase different individual items, albeit at relatively high rates.

However, with Alibaba, you can create custom products by utilizing your custom design to fit your requirements.

There is no shopping cart on Alibaba.

Essentially, you’ll need to work with manufacturers and negotiate MOQ as well as the unit price.

AliExpress, on the other hand, provides a shopping cart hence making it easy for you to determine the net price.

AliExpress has a few manufacturers on it since the majority of sellers are trading companies and relatively small-scale distributors.

Alibaba, in contrast, primarily deals with manufacturers given its business module is business to business.

Why you should Buy from AliExpress

AliExpress offers a wide range of beneficial reasons, thus making it an ideal choice for online shopping.

Some of these advantages include the following;

a) AliExpress allows you to purchase different types of products at relatively low rates.

It is necessary since it enables you to obtain the commodities you desire, especially when operating on a tight budget.

b) Communication on this website is quite convenient since it majorly uses English as a default language.

This is vital, particularly for non-Chinese speakers given the platform target international customers only.

c) The customer is likely to benefit from free shipping in almost all the commodities offered on this ecommerce platform.

d) AliExpress offers secure online payments, which offers convenience to both the customer and the seller.

e) There is buyer protection in the unlikely event you’re your item is not as described or in case you never received it in 60 days.

f) It gives buyers an option of reviewing their experiences with the seller. The essence here is that it gives you more confidence when transacting business with a specific seller.

g) This platform combines different small-scale traders. Thus, it implies you can always find all types of products you’re looking for due to the broad availability options.

h) The MOQ is relatively flexible; hence you can buy any item irrespective of the pieces you require for your specific demands.

i) It serves almost 200 countries all over the world. In that sense, it means the website’s network is widespread, which helps in enhancing efficiency in service delivery.

Best Products to Buy from AliExpress

 Product category on AliExpress

Product category on AliExpress

AliExpress offers almost all products manufactured in China.

You can get different types of high-quality items as long as they are legal in your country.

The fact that it brings together different small traders and suppliers indicates you can get all the products you’d require.

Nonetheless, some of the best items to purchase from this platform include;

  • Clothing
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Sporting products
  • Gaming devices
  • Home appliances
  • Gardening tools
  • Shoes and accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Toys
  • Automotive accessories
  • Home improvement equipment
  • Computers
  • Healthcare products
  • Beauty products

Disadvantages of Buying from AliExpress

The common shortcomings you’re likely to experience when buying from AliExpress include the following;

a) In some instances, your order may take longer before getting to your delivery destination. It depends on the shipping method the supplier chooses since in many cases, this service is usually free.

b) There could be a language barrier, especially among international customers who do not comprehend English.

You need to read and understand product description to know what it entails.

The translation to other languages can as well be misleading hence an inconvenience.

c) Most sellers rarely accept PayPal, which is the popular payment method for a wide range of online transactions.

This can hinder the purchase process, especially if you cannot access other locally acceptable payment methods.

d) AliExpress is not friendly to returns and refunds. It is entirely dependent on the supplier you are purchasing from hence can be somewhat difficult to obtain.

e) The quality issue can always arise when purchasing from AliExpress, given the images on the website may be different from the actual item.

f) There are some instances where the seller can take up to seven days or more before shipping your order.

This can be inconvenient, especially when you require the commodities urgently.

Creating an Account on AliExpress

Before you can start using AliExpress, you ought to have an account.

However, to have an AliExpress account means you have to create one by providing all the required details and documents where applicable.

The first step towards this process is signing up through the sign-up link.

When you visit the AliExpress official website, you can access the link in the top-right corner of the homepage.

Manually enter your email address in the sign-up form.

Also, ensure you fill the form accordingly depending on the information required.

While at it, AliExpress will ask you details such as your name, nationality, gender, and year of birth.

It shall also provide a selection of several shopping categories in line with your interest.

Additionally, you’ll also need to fill in your marital information, average income, your children if any and their respective birthdays.

You may also be prompted to provide details surrounding other online shopping outlets you use.

After filling all these information, your profile is set-up, thus allowing you to access the platform and browse different elements.

However, there are also other steps for verification of your user account.

In this case, you’ll need to provide relatively confidential identification information.

Upon reviewing and confirming the authenticity of the identification details, you’ll be able to obtain the AliExpress user verification badge.

And this makes it easy for you to carry out a wide range of transactions on this website.

How to Search for Products on AliExpress

Ideally, AliExpress has millions of products to select from.

This is advantageous since it broadens your choices, but it can as well be overwhelming to effectively get the best item.

You can search for products on this platform is via the search bar at the top of the site.

You merely need to type the item you are looking for, and a list of similar products will pop up.

To simplify the process and make it relatively effective, here are the ideal steps to execute when searching for these products;

· Check out Best AliExpress Sellers

Go straightaway to AliExpress homepage and find out some of the best-selling highlighted commodities.

The official ranking page of this platform also highlights the best-selling and most popular listings across its 13 categories.

You’ll be able to see a broad overview of a variety of products, which are selling well at a specific moment.

· Filtering the Search Results

For relatively more in-depth research, find the category or sub-category, which match the demands of your business.

Alternatively, you can type the specific keyword of the product on the search bar on the homepage.

You’re likely to see thousands of products popping up; hence you can narrow down the options using filters.

Filtering the products allows you to quickly find an overview of products you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for more in-demand products on this platform, you can sort the results by “Orders” instead of “Best match”.

This allows you to see listings with highest sales.

In essence, cheaper commodities tend to have highest orders.

Therefore, setting a minimum pricing parameter allows you to find products, which can enable you to make a reasonable profit.

Other elements you may as well consider to use in filtering your search results based on your needs include;

  • Product Rating
  • Sellers response rate
  • Country to ship from
  • Free shipping

How to Find the Best Prices on AliExpress

AliExpress is generally a platform, which offers most of its products at relatively low prices.

However, in the sense of maximizing profits, it would be ideal to go for best prices.

Some of the suitable ways for finding best rates on this website include the following;

· Use AliPriceCompare

This is a tool, which allows you to filter the respective products you’re purchasing from AliExpress.

It makes it easy for you to search for similar products and lowest prices.

You’ll be able to differentiate similar goods based on their specifications and prices using this tool.

Moreover, AliPriceCompare also allows you to find and determine the best vendors.

This is in addition to finding out the ideal vendor with best shipping costs.

This tools also come in handy in finding the specific product even when your supplier is out of stock.

In general, it makes your work easy as far as sourcing the products at best rates is concerned.

· Filtering using Price Range

You can also choose to filter the products based on the price range.

You can always set price below a particular range on this platform to suit your budget.

In many instances, this feature is essential since it allows you to buy relatively cheap products.

· Using a Sourcing Agent

It is also an ideal way you can use to purchase products cheaply from AliExpress.

Sourcing agents are individuals or entities certified to obtain products on behalf of the customers.

If you choose to work with a reliable sourcing agent, it becomes easy to obtain goods at cost-effective rates.

Most of these agents know several suppliers and place to get these products at cheaper rates.

On the same note, you should also be wary of items offered at a super low price.

Always ensure the price of a specific item is somewhat reasonable to its value.

Some of the super low-priced items could be the Chinese knockoffs, which imitate the genuine product.

When to Use and Avoid Free Shipping from AliExpress

Free shipping is one of the top benefits of purchasing goods from AliExpress.

It enables you to cut cost and other related logistic charges.

One ideal circumstance for using AliExpress free shipping is when shipping a few items.

In many instances, it can be costly even if you choose to pay for shipping charges for small items.

AliExpress free shipping

AliExpress Free Shipping

The other suitable circumstance is when the value of your goods is not necessarily high.

It thus implies it will be unnecessary to pay for shipping charges, which is of higher value than the cost of items.

Additionally, when you do not have any pressing urgency of receiving the goods, you can as well consider going the free shipping option.

Essentially, there could be a delay in shipping items due to varying situations hence the need to factor in whether or not it might affect you.

Nonetheless, there are always a few instances when you need to avoid seeking or using free shipping when buying from AliExpress.

For instance, when the value of your goods is high, it would be ideal to consider using reputable and reliable shippers.

Primarily, this guarantees insurance of the products hence making it easy to obtain compensation when the need arises.

Another instance to avoid AliExpress free shipping service is when you are purchasing relatively delicate products.

The risk of the product breaking or damaging in transit can be high with free shipping.

The reason is most handlers in the process are rarely concerned about the condition of the product.

This can be inconveniencing given the return, and refund policy on AliExpress is comparatively unfriendly.

When you are in urgent need of receiving the items, it would be suitable to avoid AliExpress free shipping.

Typically, free shipping is often sent through national post service.

This always takes long before the items arrive.

In that case, you may consider using some companies offering decent shipping services such as DHL, FedEx and EMS, among others.

Modes of Shipping from AliExpress

The commonly used techniques include the following;

AliExpress shipping

 AliExpress shipping

· AliExpress Standard Shipping

Ordinarily, AliExpress often offer free shipping services to most of the product purchased on this platform.

The common mode of shipping such items is through national post service.

Therefore, the customer needs to always provide the postal address when placing the order to facilitate shipping.

The standard shipping can take several days at a time, even months, depending on the specific delivery destination.

However, you can always choose to seek other modes of shipping when purchasing products from AliExpress.

Some of these options include the following;

· EPacket Delivery

It is arguably the most popular shipping option among AliExpress buyers.

It is affordable, faster, safe and convenient than a wide range of conventional shipping modes of similar price range.

In some instances, the cost of ePacket shipping can be free, depending on the type of product you are shipping.

· Express Shipping

Thus is the other method of shipping you can opt for when purchasing items from AliExpress.

You receive your goods relatively fast when you choose this method, often between 8-48 hours.

This option is however expensive and thus necessary for shipping products, which are super-urgent or somehow highly perishable.

· Air Freight

It entails using cargo planes to transport the products from China to the delivery destination.

This method is faster, safer and often take up to eight days or thereabout to receive the items.

Air freight is also comparatively expensive.

· Ocean Freight

This shipping method is common when purchasing bulk goods from AliExpress.

It is regarded as the cheapest method you can ever use to ship bulk and large quantity products.

With ocean freight, it may take up to about 60 days, depending on the delivery destination.

Key Steps before you Add Product to Cart on AliExpress

Buying products from AliExpress entails a variety of elements, which you ought to understand to get desirable results.

Some of the core steps you have to figure-out when adding a product to cart on AliExpress include the following;

1. Verify Product Details and Specifications

Suppliers usually post their products and tagging along with the specifications and a wide range of details regarding the same.

When selecting an item, you must ensure its details and specifications are correct and match the requirement you’re looking for.

Many suppliers will hardly accept returns if you confirm and get the commodity and notice later it doesn’t match the specifications.

2. Check Reviews

The second aspect of this process is making sure you check the reviews and feedback the seller receives from the buyers.

This action can help you to avert some common problems such as delivery delay, rogue sellers and bad quality among others.

Check the seller’s ratings and also read the product reviews as well as photos of the product other users have added.

3. Confirm AliExpress Price for Products

You also need to verify the unit price for the specific products before you add them to cart.

Different sellers often price their products differently.

However, it is prudent to compare the pricing before finally adding the item to your cart.

Product pricing comparison enables you to get the ideal ones at cost-effective rates.

And this allows you to save a considerable amount of money.

4. Remember to use AliExpress Coupon

AliExpress has different categories of buyers.

There are some categories, which qualify for coupons and can use them for purchases.

Where possible, always use these tickets as a way of obtaining a financial discount or rebate.

It goes a long way of helping you to save a substantial amount of money.

5. Check Product Specification

At this point, you need to countercheck the product specification one more last time before adding it to cart.

Confirm all the relevant details and ensure they match the specific requirements.

6. Add Quantity/Pieces of Product you want to Buy from AliExpress

Now decide on the exact quantity of the product you are buying.

The essence here is also to provide you with the net amount you need to pay for all the products.

If you’re purchasing different types of products, you also need to combine all of them and add to the cart.

It gives you the estimated amount of money you need to pay for the entire order.

7. Choose Country you Want to Ship To

Before checking out, you’ll also have to include the delivery destination for the shipment.

The essence is to facilitate shipping of the commodities to the respective buyer’s destination.

At this point, you also ought to decide on the specific mode of shipping you’d prefer.

Several options are often available; hence you can explore the most suitable one based on your needs.

How to Verify AliExpress Suppliers

You can use several ways to validate the suppliers on AliExpress before thinking of doing business with them.

Some of the pointers to look into in the process include the following;

Select sellers with positive feedback – A general rule of thumb is always to ensure you purchase from suppliers with at least 95% positive feedback.

The feedback score indicates the sales volume of the supplier.

The positive feed rate indicates the feedback the supplier has received.

AliExpress seller since – Confirm the registration date of the supplier. This is a suitable measure of validity given it indicates supplier’s reliability.

It also shows the supplier has been operating on AliExpress for longer.

Item as described – This section is of great prominence when verifying suppliers on AliExpress. It provides an analysis of the products’ condition and determines whether it complies with adverts and description quality.

Communication – This pointer shows how the supplier is responsive and active towards customer’s queries.

The higher the number, the more active and faster the supplier responds to customers issues.

Price comparison against competitors – Compare prices of different suppliers selling a similar product.

Always avoid suppliers selling products way much cheaper than competitors.

Chances are high the commodities could be knockoffs imitating the genuine products.

Shipping speed – Shipping consignments globally from China is also a significant measure of AliExpress suppliers.

Confirms the average shipping speed of your preferred supplier to determine whether or not you may consider them.

Feedback history – This provides supplier’s historical feedback hence ideal for analyzing it given seller’s validity can decline or improve with time.

Check out for seller’s guarantees – Different sellers offer varying guarantees.

A reputable supplier will always provide valid and reasonable guarantees.

And if the product is found to be counterfeit, you are certain of getting a full refund including shipping cost.

How to Check Quality of Products on AliExpress

Buying from AliExpress is relatively cheap, which attracts different buyers from across the world.

However, it is always necessary to consider the quality of the products as much as they are affordable.

Quality in this sense revolves around production, assembling and material used on the commodity.

Some ways to look into quality of the products on AliExpress include the following;

Verify the actual product photos – In some instances, you can find real images of the commodity in the description.

This makes it easy for you to validate the quality.

View users submitted photos – Popular products are often submitted with images, which contain reviews.

In many instances, such images were submitted by users after purchasing and receiving the product.

They help in giving an idea of the quality of the product.

Number of orders – It is also an ideal way to gage the quality of the product, especially where there are no photo reviews.

Many customers will always purchase a product repeatedly even without leaving feedback if at all, it is of high quality.

User reviews – Some customers will always provide feedback based on their experience with the product in terms of quality.

Reviews give you an idea of whether or not it would be suitable to give the product a try.

Look for similar products – You can as well choose to search for similar products from different competitors.

In AliExpress, you are likely to get at least three different suppliers selling a similar commodity.

This way, you can compare and determine whether the quality match your demands.

Search on google – You may also decide to do a Google image search to identify quality of the product.

It is simple since all you need to do is dragging the image on Google image search section.

You will get all the relevant information, including reviews hence making it possible to arrive at the purchase decision.

Understand AliExpress Product Return Policy

AliExpress has put in place measures, which enables sellers to reach an amicable arrangement for returning, replacing and refunding an item.

Ideally, AliExpress suppliers often set their specific return policies.

Therefore, the customer will always have to work directly with the seller to work out on returns, replacement and refunds.

Even so, in instances where you can hardly reach an agreement with the supplier, AliExpress may as well intervene.

The judgment will be based on the evidence presented.

AliExpress return policy stipulates that returns are only acceptable of product isn’t as described, and the customer pays return shipping fee.

Alternatively, the customer may choose to keep the product and agree on a refund with the supplier.

Therefore, it means the first action to take when you realize you have issues with the product is contacting the seller.

Engage them and try to reach an agreement on a reasonable resolution.

However, if you reach an impasse, you can always opt for AliExpress dispute resolution where fair judgment will be provided.

Nevertheless, customer’s timeline for opening a dispute with the supplier on AliExpress typically starts six days after shipping of the order.

The deadline, however, varies depending on the specific mode of shipping you chose for your order.

It could range up to about 40 days.

AliExpress is always willing to settle disputes between sellers and buyers in case there is disagreement on either party regarding returns.

The most important thing is making sure you launch your complain within the specific timelines as guided by terms and conditions.

How to Solve Disputes with AliExpress Suppliers

Primarily, on AliExpress, you ought to log in to the platform, find the order you have an issue with an open dispute.

Fill the form accordingly, provide all the relevant details regarding the order or product.

You also need to indicate whether you need replacement, full or partial refund.

You must also provide detail information regarding the issue of the order and the reason you cannot resolve it with the seller.

In many instances, pictures for the same product are also necessary since they serve as evidence in your dispute.

You will communicate and negotiate with your seller.

When you contact the AliExpress seller and fail to reach an agreement regarding a return, you’re advised to escalate the dispute.

The essence is to find a mediator who will assess all the provided evidence and offer a fair judgment.

The issue will be forwarded to AliExpress Dispute Team.

The team evaluates the evidence on both parties and ultimately, rule in favor of the buyer or seller.

Learn How to use AliExpress Tracking System

Tracking shipment from AliExpress

 Tracking shipment from AliExpress

Essentially, shipping AliExpress orders may take quite long at times up to 90 days depending on various circumstances.

As such, it becomes fundamental to always know best approaches to tracking the order to give you assurance and peace of mind.

AliExpress has a tool you can use for tracking the consignment.

But before thinking of using the tool, it is necessary to find out the tracking number from the seller.

Also, remember the number has to be tracked to make it easy for you to obtain desirable results.

The tracking number is an essential code assigned to an order by the postal service.

So the first step in using AliExpress tracking system is to log in on the website and then go to “My Orders” section.

In this section make sure you select your specific order then click the details link.

The link shall take you to exact information of the order where they are displayed on the opened page.

Get the tracking number of your order and paste it inside the form on the opened page.

Once you are done, you may then click the button “Track Parcel.”

Within a short period, the parcels service shall track your consignment and provide relevant information regarding the status of the same.

You will as well obtain necessary information about the exact location of the parcel.

And when the parcel cannot be tracked, make sure you contact the seller.

Of course, the sellers’ reaction may vary since some will help, and others won’t.

In case of the latter, ensure you open the dispute to fast-track the process.

Since AliExpress offers a delivery warranty, chances are high you’ll win the dispute.

AliExpress Refund Tricks you should Know

Here are the tips you need to execute when in need of refund from AliExpress sellers;

· Always buy from Sellers with High Ratings

In many instances, suppliers with higher ratings tend to be reputable and reliable.

In case you raise a refund dispute, it becomes somewhat difficult for them to let you down.

In essence, they value the ratings significantly, of course, for better business opportunities.

Therefore, they wouldn’t necessarily want to risk high ratings for a dispute.

· Always Save Product Description Information

Most rogue sellers often alter the description of products from time to time.

To avert such incidents ensure you save the information possibly using screenshot feature when making the order.

In the end, such information comes in handy, especially during dispute hence making it easy for you to win and get a refund.

·  Always Read the Product’s Description Carefully

Make sure you pay undivided attention when confirming the sizes in terms of units of measure.

Where there isn’t specific information regarding the size, inquire from the seller before making the order.

Also, check the quantity of the items you are purchasing.

Again, be strict with the delivery and refunds policies.

If the seller commits to delivering the product in, let’s say 20 days, always demand that they stick to the terms.

· Film the Unboxing Process

Anytime you’re unboxing the product, always make sure you make a close-up video.

Of course, the task may seem difficult, but it is worth it since you’ll provide the footage as evidence in case an issue arises.

· Always Fill the Dispute Opening Application Form Meticulously

In this case, be coherent enough when describing the situation to allow anyone reading to comprehend easily.

Be brief, clear and consistent and also use the figures and data you have.

Select the particular reason for opening the dispute.

In essence, never choose poor quality if the issue with the product is size.

Ensure the evidence is clear enough for anyone who might come across it.

Highlights the specific issues on the screenshots before attaching.

It makes it easy for the reviewer to get information as fast as possible and increasing your chances of winning the dispute.

· Keep the Receipts of the Pick-up and Tracking Information

In many instances, such information comes in handy when it gets to proving you received the parcel on a certain date from a particular courier.

How Buyer Protection AliExpress Work

AliExpress buyer protection is a program, which guarantees the buyer that every transaction they make on the platform is completely secure.

The AliExpress buyer protection takes effect immediately the seller ships the consignment to the buyer.

It guarantees the buyer full refund if they do not receive the items within the buyer protection period.

AliExpress buyer protection works in three main steps, which include the following;

i. Contacting the seller and customer support to raise your issue regarding the order.

ii. Open a dispute with AliExpress against the seller

iii. In case the seller fails to respond to your dispute, AliExpress guarantees a refund.

This program is divided into five parts, which consists of the following;

Payment protection – It implies the customer’s payment is rendered to the seller upon confirmation the product meets your purchase conditions.

Privacy protection – It guarantees secure online payment without worries of any potential risk of exposing your credit card details.

Guaranteed genuine – This protects the buyer from purchasing counterfeit products, thus compensating the buyer to up to twice the total amount paid for the product.

Delivery protection – It implies you’re eligible for a full refund if you never receive your order within stipulated delivery time.

Refund protection – This essentially enables you to get a refund if at all, you’re never happy with the transaction.

The dispute process is comprehensive, but you also have to adhere to specific regulations guiding the transactions.

Nonetheless, AliExpress buyer protection safeguards the buyer when product ordered never arrived on time.

It also protects the customer when the commodity received wasn’t as described and also when it is somewhat fake.

The AliExpress buyer protection allows you to resolve disputes with your suppliers within the shortest time possible.

It also enables you to get in touch with AliExpress Dispute team if negotiations fail to materialize.

How Drop Shipping with AliExpress Works.

Dropshipping primarily means when the end-user purchases from your site and instead you order and ship on their behalf from your supplier in China.

Therefore, you do not essentially need to hold any form of inventory or have worries regarding packaging or shipping.

To drop ship in AliExpress, you have to set up a store.

Alternatively, you may choose to have a place for selling the products.

You’ll use a specific application and integrate it with your system, which allows you to start importing product from AliExpress Marketplace.

The application or program you’re using should enable you to streamline and sync your imports from AliExpress with your storefront.

It comes in handy, especially when in notifying you on any price or inventory changes from the suppliers.

You’ll then have to set price for the products with a markup.

Immediately the customer makes a purchase you go ahead and place the order on AliExpress.

The seller will then package and ship the product to the end-user, and you’ll have the price difference as your profit.

The end-users can hardly tell the item is ordered from AliExpress.

Instead, they’ll believe it’s from your store since it conforms to all conditions as ordered.


 Drop shipping

Risks Mitigation Measures when Buying from AliExpress

When purchasing products from AliExpress, you have to exercise extreme caution and due diligence.

Some of the measures you must always keep in mind to avoid risks include the following;

· Buyer Protection

It is vital since it protects from a wide range of issues in case the transaction doesn’t materialize as expected.

In other words, no matter what happens as far as purchasing products from this platform is concerned, you can never lose your money.

The essence of this feature is to enhance reliability and ensure that a customer hardly loses money or has a bad experience.

· Dispute Resolution

Whenever you realize you have issues with the order you purchased from a seller; the first step is always to contact the seller.

Typically, some sellers would respond and actively engage you until you arrive at an amicable solution.

Other sellers, of course, will ignore the issue and cut communication between the two parties.

In case the latter happens, it is always ideal to escalate the matter to the AliExpress Dispute Resolution Team.

The entire resolution process takes all the relevant details and evidence into account.

Once they resolve the issue, they give a fair verdict based on the evidence provided.

And in most instances, you’re likely to win the appeal, especially if you present concrete evidence against the seller.

· Feedback Page

Always check the feedback page for the specific AliExpress seller you’re thinking to purchase products from.

You’ll get a rough idea of what other users say about the seller.

Therefore, it becomes easier for you to determine whether or not to do business with the supplier.

If you find too many negative reviews from other users and poor communication from the seller, you better avoid the supplier.

·         Seller Guarantees

In most instances, especially when you are purchasing expensive products always ensure they fall into certain guarantees.

This should be from the perspective of returns and refunds as well as the guaranteed genuine of the product.

Read the terms and conditions of the seller before you make your payment.

In case there are certain terms you do not understand, get a clear interpretation from the seller.

It comes in handy when incidences surrounding returns and refunds arise.

Ordinarily, the seller will only accept returns or refunds if there is a clause on terms and conditions stipulating the same.

How to Pay Suppliers on AliExpress

Some of the popular payment methods you can use for paying suppliers on AliExpress include the following;

Paying AliEpress sellers

Paying AliExpress Sellers

· Debit/Credit Card Payment

It is the preferable means often explored by several buyers.

AliExpress supports a wide range of credit/debit card including Visa, American Express, Maestro and MasterCard.

You can as well use virtual/prepaid cards and benefit from the advantage of safety given you can only spend money you already deposited.

· PayPal

AliExpress recently reinstated use of PayPal on some of its stores.

It is a convenient payment method since it involves a virtual transfer of money from buyer’s to seller’s account.

It is fast, safe and convenient and you can use it even when both parties don’t have credit cards.

The only challenge is most sellers on AliExpress are yet to embrace and accept it fully.

· Bank Transfer

This entails transferring money from your bank account to the seller’ bank account.

is suitable for orders above $20.

This option is relatively costly since you’ll have to cater for various charges such as international transfers and dollar conversion fees.

How to Estimate Delivery Time when you Buy from AliExpress

Typically, orders purchased from AliExpress take different durations to get to the delivery destinations.

Several factors also influence the overall delivery time upon buying goods from AliExpress.

Importantly, you ought to understand how shipments work on AliExpress to estimate the delivery time.

In many instances, the seller often provides an estimate of the delivery time, which always dependent on various factors.

Order processing is one element, which enables you to determine the delivery date when purchasing from this website.

The time it takes for the seller to fulfil the order often vary depending on the type and quantity of the product.

And you can only see the time it’s taking to fulfil the order if you’re using the AliExpress app.

Some of the factors, which you can use to estimate delivery time include the following;

· Mode of Shipping

You can use several methods to ship products you purchase from AliExpress.

However, the major difference lies between those shipped using main private couriers and the rest.

If you use private couriers such as DHL, FedEx, Aramex, and UPS, among others, you ought to expect your order within record time.

AliExpress often have deals with many local couriers depending on your country, and these make shipments a bit faster.

Generally, if you’re using registered mail, you’ll get your parcel faster than when using regular mail.

· Delivery Destination

AliExpress operates in a wide range of countries across the world.

However, your AliExpress shipment is likely to arrive faster if you reside in a country with good state postal addresses.

If the destination countries have logistic issues as far as postal network is concerned, the order is more likely to delay.

· Time of the Year

There are seasons know for bulk purchases among different customers across the world.

Therefore, the orders may delay due to upsurge of deliveries, which must also be fulfilled within a specific period.

Additionally, you must as well take into account the national holidays in China.

For instance, the Chinese New year is a national event often lasting for about two weeks.

Hence, if at all you purchase between those days, you’re likely to wait longer before your order arrives.

How to Distinguish between Original and Replica when you Buy from AliExpress

On AliExpress, you can find both genuine and replica products depending on your needs.

Even so, it is always essential to know the difference between these two to make your choice easy.

Some of the ways you can always use to figure out difference between original and replica include the following;

· Check the Product Description

In many instances, original products often feature the “Guaranteed Authenticity” stamp.

When you see the stamp, you can be certain the product is truly genuine.

Imitations hardly feature such kind of stamp.

And in the unlikely event, you purchase a product with the stamp, and it turns out to be a replica, make a claim with AliExpress.

You will get your refund.

At the same time, also ensure to pay attention to the exact wording used in the description.

Some of these words include “Original” or “100% original”.

In such cases, you can as well be sure the product is 100% genuine.

And if not, you can still launch a claim immediately to receive your refund.

Nevertheless, even if the product reads 100% original, always ensure you read the description appropriately.

The reason is at times; there could be confusion among the sellers when mentioning originality of the materials.

· Check out the Prices

Generally, products on AliExpress are affordable.

Most suppliers sell them cheaply hence attracting customers from different parts of the world.

However, most replica products will always sell at far much lower prices than the original items.

· Check the Brand Name

Most of the bargains of products on this platform are often hidden behind acronyms.

Replica producers can never use original brand’s names hence finding it difficult to determine a specific brand.

Ordinarily, genuine products will have a brand name or logos displayed on them.

On the other hand, replicas will always use acronyms of the original brands.

In some instances, replicas would alter the wordings or logo of the original products.

In essence, this is always a way of avoiding copyright issues.

· Check Product Reviews

It also helps to read the reviews of the product from the previous users.

You will get an idea of whether the item is original or replica.

Most users often leave honest reviews regarding the products they purchase from this platform.

It could be as a sign of displeasure or satisfaction depending on their expectations.

· Check the Design Construction

In many instances, original products, especially clothing and other fashion items, often have solid and well-knit construction.

The material used is also of a relatively high grade.

On the contrary, replica items in many instances are poorly designed from the construction perspective and inferior quality material.

If you are keen enough, you can always see these from the photos the supplier posts about the specific product.

How to Cancel an Order when Buying from AliExpress

There are two instances when you can cancel an order when purchasing items from AliExpress.

The first instance is after adding the products on a cart but change your mind about it before payment.

And the other situation is when you’ve already paid and would wish to cancel the order for different reasons.

The process of order cancellation is quite simple and include the following steps;

  • Sign in to your AliExpress account and go to “My Orders” then locate the specific order.
  • There is always a button for cancelling order on the right side of your screen.
  • Once you click the “Cancel Order” button, a pop-up box emerges prompting you to provide the reasons for cancellation.
  • However, if the order is already paid, the cancellation request requires the seller’s approval before it is initiated.

Should you reach an agreement with the seller, the order will not be shipped, and transaction cancelled automatically.

However, if the seller fails to respond to the cancellation request within 72 hours, the order will close automatically.

Why you Should Review Seller Guarantee when Buying from AliExpress

Reviewing seller guarantee when buying from AliExpress makes it easy for you to safeguard your money when purchasing a product.

For example;

It makes it easy for you to claim a full refund when you buy a product with “Guaranteed Genuine” tag and later found out it is counterfeit.

Of course, this is essential, especially when you are purchasing expensive products since it prevents you from losing your money.

This action also enables you to return the goods you buy from the sellers if you never like them for whatever reason.

Additionally, you’ll know the specific time-frame to expect the products; failure to which the seller refunds your money.

Therefore, always ensure you go through the seller’s terms and conditions to determine to understand what to expect.

Paying Custom Duty and Taxes when you Buy from AliExpress

Typically, different countries have varying policies surrounding customs.

Of course, the shipping cost on AliExpress hardly includes customs duty and taxes.

Therefore, some buyers will always have to pay the customs duty and taxes upon receiving the items.

In many cases, though, customs duty and taxes are often levied on AliExpress products falling under specific import criteria.

And this often varies from one country to another.

Moreover, if the product is small in size and weight, you won’t necessarily have to pay customs duty.

The most important thing is to inquire from the customs department in your country to determine whether or not you’ll pay the charges.

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