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LCL Shipment from China: The Ultimate Guide to Help Your LCL Shipment

If you cannot hire a whole container, then try LCL shipping from China.

You can ship small orders or few products from China to your home country.

But, how does it work?

Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to learn here – from basic definition, advantages, disadvantages, how it works, shipping options, etc.

By the end of this guide, you can confidently make a decision whether LCL shipping from China is suitable for you or not.

Let’s start right away:

LCL Shipping

LCL Shipping

Chapter 1: What is LCL Shipping from China?

LCL is an initial that stands for less than container load.

It is a type of shipment which you will use in transporting cargo that is too small for a container.

That is, it makes no sense to get a whole container for goods that will not fill the limit of the container.

It is the reason why dealers often come up with the best deal of getting the less than a container load.

Note that, you are not the only person experiencing the problem of shipping merchandise that is too little for a container.

So, the dealer will group collect all your goods and book space for them in one container at a price.

You can also refer to it as groupage shipping where the pallets of goods are put in one container for transport.

Empty shipping container

Empty shipping container

The pallets of goods on one container must be going on the same route to make LCL easy.

As the ship docks at various destinations, it gets to drop every pallet of the goods at its destination.

Basically, most of the factors on shipping the merchandise will remain the same as other modes of shipping.

These factors include time, sea or rail route, mode of container handling, and incoterms among other key factors.

The time it takes for you to receive your goods will depend on:

i. How far your destination is from the supplier making the route a factor to consider.

ii. The speed of the cargo ship or train that you are using to transport the cargo.

The packaging requirement should be according to the international standards of shipping merchandise.

Packaging requirements

Packaging requirements – Photo courtesy: Freight Filter

 It has to be the same to all the other packages in the container and also on the ship.

Make sure that the labeling on the package is proper to improve the security of the goods in the container.

Do not forget that there are certain countries that have specific requirements for packaging the goods.

It is important to know the destination country and the packaging requirements to avoid the rejection of goods on arrival.

The LCL shipping agent is in a position to assist you in the packaging depending on the destination of merchandise.

Apart from that, make sure that you know the restricted and prohibited goods in every country.

There are certain procedures that LCL shipping will not allow in certain countries.

In other words, there are goods that you can transport using LCL shipping while others are prohibited.

As an example transporting a house or household goods from China is appropriate for LCL shipping.

It becomes a different case when you intend to transport a vehicle as the authorities may not allow certain procedures.

Different sizes of shipping containers

Different sizes of shipping containers

There are also specific goods that the international law may not allow that you have to know.

All the matters on LCL shipping or groupage shipping rest with the shipping agent.

It is important to consult the agent for most of the details before transporting.

They have a wealth of experience in the field of shipping and yours might be one of them.

LCL shipping is under the coordination of the NVOCC or the non-vessel operating common carrier.

They reserve full containers of different sizes from different shipping companies by looking at the traffic volume.

They are able to book space for your pallets in a container at a better price than FCL.

The LCL shipments to various major ports all over the world occur every week or every two weeks.

The shipments to secondary ports may run from two to three weeks depending on the destination of the merchandise.

This may be because of the waiting period for the pallets to fill different container sizes.

LCL shipping to a secondary port can experience a lot of issues on transit to the destination.

Your transporter may offload the merchandise at a different location as it waits for others to fill a container.

You should be able to learn a lot about LCL shipping to avoid such delays on the way to a secondary port.

Chapter 2: Advantages of LCL Shipping from China

There are many companies and business that use LCL shipping from China.

Of course, this is due to the benefits it comes with.

The importer is, therefore, able to expand the market reach and sell more products due to the following advantages:

a) A Reasonably Low Cost of Shipping Imports

As an importer, you will only pay for the space that the merchandise will occupy in a container.

It allows you to transport your cargo in the mix of other types of cargo at a very low cost.

It makes a lot of economic sense to pay for space in a container instead of hiring a whole container.

This is especially true when you need to transport small sizes of cargo from China to the destination country.

In the past, many of the importers were waiting for their goods to fill up an entire container before transporting.

Blue opened container with carton boxes inside

Shipping container

The wait for a container to fill up will waste a lot of time and the trader might lose customers in the process.

It is, however, smarter to import the cargo using LCL shipment as soon as the supply begins to diminish.

Sending smaller amount of merchandise frequently will keep the supply of the products constant and thus economically viable.

b) Scheduling and Time Management for Imports is Easier

The service provider who can either be a freight forwarder usually has people in place for better management.

They usually have a team which dedicates its time in scheduling pick-ups, transport and delivery of the merchandise.

The freight forwarder will notify the importer on every step that he decides to take when transporting the merchandise.

Loading container

 Loading container

It will give you time to organize and plan for the outgoing and incoming shipments.

You can work with the freight forwarder who will have a complete schedule of delivery under certain circumstances.

By having a secure LCL shipment freight, you will only pay for space on the container according to the agreement.

The freight forwarder will also expect the goods according to the agreement and organize the most economical mode of transport.

It will lead to more savings for the importer and greater load capacity for the freight forwarder.

c) Easy to Optimize the Shipping Process

LCL shipments make it easy for optimization especially when you have changes in the business schedule.

Changes in the business schedule lead to different changes such as mode of transport.

In this case, transporting FCL will be a huge problem for the transporter if the picking and delivery schedule changes.

 COSCO Shipping Lane

 COSCO Shipping Lane

This is because he will have to change the whole schedule if he is working for more than one person.

He may not have the space to accommodate full container loads if the schedule changes.

It is therefore important to change the shipment to LCL which the transporter can accommodate if the schedule changes.

In other words, it is a very flexible mode that allows you to adjust faster whenever your schedule changes.

It will also allow your business partners such as cargo transporters to adjust faster and efficiently.

d) No More Worries when Shipping from China

It allows you and your employees to have more time and space to focus on other things.

This is possible if you get a freight forwarder who is reliable and can handle all the shipping processes for you.

In this case, you will focus your energy and time in striking other deals as your cargo is on transit.

It will relieve your employees from the hustle of tracking, scheduling, and tracing of the shipments.

These tasks usually bog down many importers and do not give them time to do other things.

In LCL shipments with a good freight forwarder, you can channel your efforts elsewhere for the benefit of the company.

e) Allowing to Pick Cargo at the Offloading Warehouse

Apart from that, you are also able to freely pick your cargo at the offloading warehouse.

You don’t have to rely on middlemen to take care of the picking of the goods for you when it arrives.

YiWu China

YiWu China

In the process, you will save on the cost of hiring middlemen and you can check on your cargo personally.

By the way, the time for transporting the less than container load is also the same as that of full container loads.

You don’t have to worry about any inconveniences in the time it will take for you to get the cargo.

Chapter 3: Disadvantages of LCL Shipping from China

After looking at the advantages of LCL shipping, you should also note that it has certain demerits.

Some of the major drawbacks of using LCL shipping from China include:

LCL Shipping

LCL Shipping

a) Can be Time Consuming Especially During Inspections by Customs Authority

As the cargo is on transit, the customs department has the authority of inspecting cargo that is on board.

It is an obligatory process that will ensure that the goods are safe for admission in the country.

In the process of inspecting one box, the customs department will also go through every other box.

The process is not only time consuming, but it will lead to a lot of other costs that you did not plan for.

The cost of repackaging the box after the inspection process and other costs which you will share with other consignees.

b) There Could be Possible Delays

It is true that the time it takes to receive the LCL cargo is the same as the time for the whole shipment.

However, LCL usually experiences other forms of delay especially when the freight forwarder offloads the merchandise at different locations.

The process of offloading will take some time and so will the inspection process.

In the long run, the importer at the final destination of the ship will have to wait longer for the goods.

You will also wait for a day or two to allow for the processing of the container at the port.

After that, you have to go through customs and wait for the loading and unloading of the cargo.

c) Be Cautious to Avoid Incurring Extra Costs

The cargo that you are importing may incur extra costs that you did not intend to pay for.

It also has a higher service charge when it comes to the cost of shipping per unit in comparison to FCL.

The extra cost may be as a result of:

  • The shape of cargo which might alter the volume of the cargo thus increasing the cost.
  • Damage on the goods thus rendering the cargo to be useless and therefore you have to ensure the goods. You must have insurance for the cargo which is an additional cost but very important.

Chapter 4: How to Choose Between FCL vs. LCL Shipping from China

As a businessman, the main aim of doing business is to maximize the profit that you make from your business.

You should use the right method of shipping your merchandise ensuring that it is the most cost-effective method.

FCL Shipping vs. LCL Shipping

FCL Shipping vs. LCL Shipping

Whenever you are deciding on the right mode of transport, some of the factors you need to look at include:

i. A shipping mode that will ensure delivery of goods on time.

ii. The shipping mode must optimize the cost of freight.

iii. It should also be a simple mode of transport that ensures the safety of the cargo.

FCL is an initial for full container load where an importer hires a whole container and exclusively ships his cargo.

The traders who use this service usually import cargo that is sufficient enough to fill a container.

It is an appropriate and cost-effective method that you can use when transporting goods in bulk.

LCL, on the other hand, involves smaller pallets of cargo from different people put in one container by the agent.

It allows the importers to transport smaller amounts of goods without hiring a whole container.

is a cost-effective measure that allows an importer to transport smaller units of cargo without hiring a container.

Choosing between FCL shipping from China and LCL shipping from China will depend entirely on the type and amount of goods that you need to import.

FCL shipping is more appropriate when transporting goods that are larger than 15 cubic meters in a 20 ft. container.

The cargo might be too small for a 40 ft. container but can easily fit in a 20 ft. container.

It makes a lot of economic sense to hire the 20 ft. container for the cargo of that magnitude because:

20 ft Shipping container

20 ft Shipping container

i. It will ensure that the goods arrive at the destination faster

ii. It will make sure that the goods are safe as you will not mix them with other types of goods.

iii. You are sure of the security of your goods as the container will have very few handlers.

In many cases, an importer should look at the checks and balances before deciding on the most appropriate shipping mode.

Prior calculation of the cost that you will pay and the risks of a particular shipping mode is important.

It will assist you to understand the pros and cons of a particular shipping mode depending on the size of goods.

Consulting the freight forwarder who has a wealth of experience in the industry will also assist you in decision making.

They will advise you on the best shipping mode depending on the type and size of the products.

Remember that there are different circumstances that will favor LCL over FCL and vice versa so you need to be careful.

Chapter 5: Less than Container Load Shipping from China Options

There are two main modes of transport under LCL shipping from China.

You can either choose to transport the goods through the sea or by train from China.

The two modes of transporting the cargo will also depend on various factors that you are about to find out.

· LCL Sea Shipping from China

LCL sea shipping from China involves transporting the goods by sea from China to the destination country.

It is the best option for LCL transport or maybe the only option for transport that you may have.

your country has a seaport, then you are lucky to have the goods on transit via the sea.

Sea shipping

Sea shipping

The ship carrying the LCL container will drop the cargo at the port destination of choice.

It is the method that importers in countries where there is no direct railway line will use.

Importers in landlocked countries can use the port of the nearest country and transport the rest by road.

There are certain logistics that you have to go through such as the customs department to clear the goods.

You will also pay for the customs duty and taxes at the destination country before you get the goods.

Inspection of the goods will occur at the seaport as soon as the cargo arrives.

· LCL Rail Shipping from China

The second option is LCL rail shipping from China which involves transporting the cargo on a train.

The process of loading the cargo on a container remains the same except for the mode of transport.

Importers will refer to the loading port as the dry port since it does not involve any transport on water.

YiWu London Train

YiWu London Train

Rail shipping from China is possible in countries that have a railway connection with China.

The country might have both seaport and dry port enabling both sea and rail shipping from China.

The logistics remain the same except for the fact that you can recover your goods in case of an accident.

The main railway line from China connects to Europe giving the Europeans a transporting option.

It is faster than sea transport even though you will have to pay more to get the goods.

It also involves dropping goods at various destinations along the rail route subjecting your goods to more inspection.

It is an eco-friendly and sustainable mode of transporting cargo and is flexible on the last mile of delivery.

Rail transport limits the container sizes to 40 ft. and may not allow the 20 ft. containers on board.

It can, therefore, carry many goods at a time but not as much as the ships at sea.

Chapter 6: Calculating LCL Shipping Rates from China

To get the cargo that you need from China through LCL shipping there are certain rates that you will pay.

There are two main methods that you can use to know the amount of money that you have to pay.

Please note that in LCL shipping, there might be additional costs that you have to prepare for in advance.

· How to Use LCL Shipping Calculator

The shipping calculator for determining the rates to pay is the same in all modes of shipping.

It has various slots that you need to fill in order to get the right rates.

In this case, you will have to specify the category of shipping as LCL to get the right rates.

The LCL shipping calculator involves all the surcharges and fees available for trucking and ocean shipping.

It does not have the customs duty and charges which you will encounter at the destination port.

The first step in the shipping calculator in determining the shipping method and in this case it will be by sea.

After that, you will indicate the location where the cargo is coming from and where it is going to.

Shenzhen Port

Shenzhen Port

Specify the type of commodity that you are transporting and the value of the commodity.

After that indicate the type of load which will be LCL in this case.

Under LCL shipment, you will have to specify the gross weight and the volume of the commodity.

After that, remember to indicate the accessorial charges which can either be hazardous or has an inclusion of insurance.

From that point, you will be able to get a rough estimate of the rates that you will pay.

· LCL Shipping from China Cost of Different Containers

The second method is determining the cost of different containers under LCL mode of shipping.

There are two main types of containers that you can use in LCL shipping which include:

i. 20 ft. Container

ii. 40 ft. Container

Different sizes of shipping container

Different sizes of shipping container

The rate of shipping the container will depend on the size of the container.

The 20 ft. the container is cheaper in comparison to the 40 ft. container.

Even though you will pay for the space in the container, the size of the container will also matter.

Remember that the distance that the ship will cover to your destination is also important.

Chapter 7: How Less than Container Load (LCL) Shipping from China Works

The introduction of stackable, standardized, shipping containers is the cause of many transformations in the shipping industry.

Most of the cargo that is not too bulky will go into a container for transport leading to groupage.

It is the process of grouping or amalgamating small pallets into a cost-effective and bigger container.

Choosing LCL transport requires the importer to make sure that they have a consolidating warehouse at the port of origin.

Make sure that the service provider that you choose has a warehouse at the port to avoid damage on goods.

The main source of damage on goods comes from inadequate and insufficient packing of the merchandise.

The first step in this process involves properly preparing the goods for LCL shipping.

In this case, you should take extra caution in the preparation process to avoid any damages from container sharing.

Note that there are certain insurance companies that will not cover damage in less than container loads.

It involves finding proper packaging for the merchandise and it is not a risk that you should take.

Make sure that the package is fitting the product well with enough allowance depending on the product.

Fragile goods require special packaging to ensure that the goods arrive at the destination safe and sound.

International shipping process

International shipping process

The major factors that you need to look at when preparing the cargo for LCL shipment include:

i. All the merchandise should be in boxes and not bags or suitcases. There are special boxes that you will get from the service provider for exporting the merchandise.

Make sure that you properly package and seal every box to avoid damages.

Fill the boxes with special plastic bubbles if you are transporting fragile merchandise to protect them from damage.

Note that the boxes will go through rough tides in the sea and you have to package them properly.

ii. All the packages must have visible and clear labels on them with the following information:

  • The name of the shipper
  • The name of the consignee
  • The country where the product is going to or the destination country
  • The name of the freight forwarder
  • The booking number which the freight forwarder will provide

You should be extra careful when labeling the fragile goods.

Make sure you indicate on a special tag or on the label that the merchandise is fragile.

Ensure the fragile label is visible by putting it on every side of the box.

Labelling shipping box

Labelling shipping box

The box might go through various stages of loading and unloading, therefore, the labels have to be visible.

iii. The third factor is numeration where you have to indicate a number on each box indicating the merchandise position. Examples of the numbers are 1 – 20, 2 – 20, 3 – 20, 4 – 20 or 5 – 20 depending on the package. In case your shipment has 30 boxes, make sure you label it as:

  • Box # 1 of 30,
  • Box # 2 of 30
  • Box # 3 of 30 till you get to the last box with box #30 of 30.

The numbering can be on the main label of the box or on separate labels on the box.

iv. The fourth factor is palletizing and you should know that after palletizing the weight and volume may increase.

The material of the pallets can either be fumigated wood or plastic material.

You should notify the freight forwarder early enough if the pallets are not stackable.

To get a quote for the goods that you intend to transport, make sure that you provide the correct volume.

The volume that you will provide should also include the volume of the pallets.

Provide the details on the weight and volume after palletizing the cargo to avoid extra charges.

It is important to know the type and number of pallets for your goods to assist in calculating shipping charges.

There are two main types of pallets which include:

  • Standard: 47 ¼” X 39 ⅜” or 1.2m X 1m
  • Euro: 47 ¼” X 31 ½” or 1.2m X 0.8m
  • Remember to arrange the merchandise uniformly and evenly by avoiding protruding parts and extra weight on the merchandise. The cubic volume of the shipment determines the charges of shipping thus making it non-uniform increases the volume and cost.

v. Pack loose cargo in cardboard boxes or other packaging material and place them on pallets. Furniture is an example of loose merchandise and requires plastic wrappers and pallets before shipping.

After packaging the merchandise properly, it is important to know the total volume of the merchandise.

This will assist you in determining the charges to pay the service provider for the transport services.

The weight and volume of the package determine the amount to pay and you will pay for your cargo space.

Loading a shipping container

Loading a shipping container

Generally, the factors to consider when calculating shipping rates are:

i. The volume of the cargo that you are transporting. The bigger the volume of the cargo, the more money you will pay for transport.

ii. The weight of the cargo, where the heavier the material, the more you will pay.

iii. The destination of the cargo where the longer the distance, the more money you will pay.

You should note that if the volume exceeds 353 feet, check the price difference between FCL and LCL.

It will be more cost effective to ship using FCL than LCL if the volume exceeds 530 cubic feet.

Chapter 8: Learn How LCL Shipping with Alibaba Works

Alibaba is one of the online shopping sites where you can simply get in touch with a supplier in China.

The importer will get in touch with the supplier, make his order and let the supplier take care of the rest.

The supplier will charge the trader for every cost the cargo will incur and he will make sure the cargo arrives.

The importer will take care of the customs charges or maybe allow the supplier to take care of everything.

The supplier will make sure that the packaging and labeling of the products is right before sending them.

Since it is a small product, the only option available for them is LCL shipping.

Chapter 9: LCL Shipping from China to Global Destinations

Ideally, you can use LCL shipping from China when importing to any global designations.

Take for example:

Ship from China to Global designations

Ship from China to global designations

· LCL Shipping from China to the Philippines

China ships a lot of goods to the Philippines through sea freights according to the demands of the customer.

Importers who import smaller volumes of cargo to the Philippines usually use the LCL mode of shipping.

The types of goods importers buy from China include furniture GI wires and steel pipes among other goods.

· LCL Shipping from China to Singapore

Singapore is another country that imports a lot of goods from China.

Most of the goods that are smaller in volume arrive at the port in LCL shipments.

There are quite a number of logistics companies in China who take care of the exporting of goods to Singapore.

· LCL Shipping from China to Vietnam

China has many customers in Vietnam who import small volumes of cargo through LCL shipments.

It is one of the destination countries that use the sea as the major route for LCL shipments.

Importers can order their goods and receive them every week at affordable prices.

· LCL Shipping from China to Indonesia

China exports furniture, antenna, clothing, machines, and electronics to Indonesia in small volumes through LCL shipping.

The shipping schedule from China to Indonesia is available every week for you to transport goods.

It serves ports such as Jakarta, Semarang, Belawan, and Surabaya at very affordable prices.

· LCL Shipping from China to Malaysia

Importers get some of the best rates of shipping their cargo from China to Malaysia through LCL shipping.

You can receive your goods from any port in China all the way to your destination in Malaysia.

Apart from that, there are additional services such as door to door which you can enjoy.

· LCL Shipping from China to India

India is among the biggest markets for Chinese products thus a steady supply of the small volumes of goods.

The major ports receiving LCL shipments either by sea or rail in India include Pipavav port and VIA Nhava Sheva.

You can get your order through the 2 to 4 sailing schedules to India every week.

· LCL Shipping from China to Cambodia

The LCL shipping schedule to Cambodia from China is available every week.

You can transport your cargo easily through Vietnam and receive it the final port in Cambodia.

You can also get direct shipments to Cambodia through Sihanoukville at very competitive and affordable prices.

· LCL Shipping from China to Thailand

Thailand is one of the biggest outlets for Chinese goods and you can expect to receive your cargo every month.

The main seaports receiving LCL shipments include Laem Chabang and Bangkok ports in Thailand.

You can order and receive your cargo in Thailand at very affordable prices under the right time schedule.

· LCL Shipping from China to Pakistan

LCL shipments from China usually arrive in Pakistan by sea through Lahore, Qasim and Karachi ports.

The most common incoterms in use under this type of shipping are FOB, EXW, and DAP.

The shipping schedule is weekly and you can get the cargo at your doorstep at very affordable prices.

· LCL Shipping from China to Bangladesh

China also serves Bangladesh with some of the goods that they manufacture in different factories.

Bangladesh is able to receive the cargo at various ports such as Chittagong through affordable and competitive prices.

Importers are lucky to have the option of receiving the small volume cargo through LCL shipments.

· LCL Shipping from China to the UK

The UK is another destination for Chinese goods and you can get the goods through sea or railway transport.

The railway service is available for a few countries that have the railway connection from China.

Despite that, you can be sure to receive your LCL shipment at very affordable prices.

· LCL Shipping from China to Germany

Germany also imports some of the products from China through LCL shipments at competitive prices.

It is one of the countries that enjoy the railway service presenting more options for importers.

Most of the LCL shipments are under the FOB incoterms making the whole process of importing merchandise from China very affordable.

· LCL Shipping from China to Italy

Italy is another European country that imports different materials from China for trade and other purposes.

The country is able to receive the LCL shipments from China through the sea according to the normal schedule.

Apart from that, the pricing rate for the LCL shipments are standard and many importers can easily enjoy.

· LCL Shipping from China to France

The French and the Chinese have meaningful trade relationship where most of the goods are bought from China.

The Chinese companies ensure that the goods arrive at the final destination at the seaports in France.

The charges for transporting cargo are reasonable and one can expect to receive their cargo according to the shipping schedule.

· LCL Shipping from China to Latvia

Every month, the Chinese suppliers often send their products via the sea to Riga port in Latvia.

You can order small volumes of goods in Latvia and receive them through LCL shipments at the Riga port.

The cost of shipping LCL cargo to Latvia is very affordable and will help boost your business.

· LCL Shipping from China to Ireland

Importers in Ireland have the advantage of importing all types of goods from China through LCL shipments.

The prices are competitive and affordable since you will only pay for space you book in the container.

The freight forwarder will ensure the safety of your goods as they are on transit and deliver them in time.

· LCL Shipping from China to the Netherlands

Rotterdam is one of the main ports in the Netherlands for collecting the cargo you import from China.

LCL shipments through the sea are the main route for bringing in affordable goods from China to the Netherlands.

The distance between the two countries is reasonable and you should expect to receive the goods on time.

· LCL Shipping from China to Spain

As an importer, you should be sure of getting space for the cargo that you need to transport to Spain.

The main mode of transport is through the sea and at competitive and affordable prices for your business.

You can receive your cargo at any of the ports in Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, and Valencia.

· LCL Shipping from China to Estonia

Tallinn port in Estonia is the destination port for the LCL shipments from China.

The main mode of transport for the LCL shipments is through the sea at very affordable rates for your business.

The transit time for the goods is very short and will not inconvenience your business if you plan well.

· LCL Shipping from China to Russia

The importers in China are lucky enough to receive cargo from China through the sea and also by the railway.

It means that you can take the goods through inland cities in Russia such as Ufa, Kazan, and Moscow among others.

Apart from that, there are also warehousing services for your cargo as you wait to pick them at affordable prices.

· LCL Shipping from China to the USA

USA imports some of the goods that the Chinese produce in their country through the numerous seaports.

Depending on the destination, you can get affordable prices for the cargo through the LCL shipments.

The main mode of transport for the goods is by sea and the goods will arrive right on time.

· LCL Shipping from China to Canada

China also exports some of the products that they manufacture to Canada through the ships at sea.

The goods from China on LCL shipments are very affordable and you will receive them in a week.

The destination charge is almost negligible and you can also make an order for doorstep deliveries.

· LCL Shipping from China to Mexico

There are quite a number of carriers that you can corporate with to help you get your cargo to Mexico from China.

You are able to make your order according to the two shipping schedules available every week.

It makes it very easy to have a continuous supply of cargo through LCL shipments from China.

· LCL Shipping from China to Australia

Australia is another destination for LCL shipments from China to replenish the supply of merchandise.

The goods in the container are safe as they are n transit even though it might take a while to arrive.

The cost of shipping the cargo to Australia is affordable and ensures the profitability of the business.

· LCL Shipping from China to UAE

The main mode of transport for the LCL shipments to the UAE is by the sea.

It is one of the richest markets for Chinese products to a different destination such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi among others.

The shipping time is according to schedule and at affordable prices from China.

· LCL Shipping from China to Qatar

As an importer, you can get the best logistic solutions for the transport of your cargo to Qatar from China.

The main mode of transport is through the sea from different ports in China to port Hamad.

The prices of transporting LCL shipments is flexible and the cargo will arrive right on time.

· LCL Shipping from China to Brazil

The LCL shipping rates from China to Brazil are very competitive and you can receive the goods at the port.

Also, the destination charge is low and can fit the demands of your business and save you a lot of money.

Apart from that, Brazil and China do not have a railway connection, therefore, leaving the sea as the main route.

· LCL Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia

Freight forwarders in China are able to transport your LCL shipment from China to different parts of Saudi Arabia.

Normally, the prices are flexible according to the type of goods that you have and also affordable.

The freight forwarder should be available 24/7 to allow you to make inquiries about the product as it moves.

· LCL Shipping from China to Kuwait

You can get your merchandise from any supplier in China all the way to Kuwait through LCL shipments.

In most cases, the freight forwarder will organize on picking and sending the cargo by sea to Kuwait at a good price.

The goods will arrive on time and make sure you clear with the customs department before taking the goods.

· LCL Shipping from China to Egypt

Egypt is one of the destinations in Africa where you can receive the LCL shipments from different cities in China.

The distance and amount of goods on demand enables the country to receive LCL shipments every week.

The cost of shipment is pocket-friendly and you are sure of receiving cargo without damages.

· LCL Shipping from China to New Zealand

New Zealand imports a lot of cargo from China through the sea at very affordable and special prices.

In this case, the shipping schedule for the LCL shipments is twice in a week making it very efficient.

A customer can rely on this schedule to maintain a continuous supply of goods for the customers.

· LCL Shipping from China to Lebanon

As an importer, you are sure of getting enough space for your cargo even in the peak season to Lebanon.

It is one of the greatest outlets for Chinese goods and you can pick your cargo at the port in Beirut.

The prices are affordable and the cargo will arrive right under schedule.

· LCL Shipping from China to South Africa

South Africa is another recipient for the goods from China through the seaports in the country.

The pricing for the LCL shipment will depend on the type of goods that are available for transport.

The schedule for receiving the goods also depends on the demand for goods in South Africa.

· LCL Shipping from China to Kenya

China exports a lot of their goods to Kenya through different ports such as Lamu, Malindi, and Mombasa.

The average cost of shipping cargo from China to Kenya through LCL shipments are higher than FCL.

In this case, you can decide on the best shipping mode that will help you save money in the long run.

· LCL Shipping from China to Nigeria

Nigeria is another African destination for the LCL shipments from China at affordable and flexible costs.

The transit time between China and Nigeria is short and you will receive the cargo at the right time.

Apart from that, the flexibility of the prices will depend on the type of goods that you have.

· LCL Shipping from China to Ghana

Ghana imports a lot of different types of goods from China under the LCL shipping mode.

The main mode of transport for these containers is through the sea at affordable prices.

Ghana has ports that you can receive the goods but you can as well order for the door to door service.

BanSar LCL Shipping from China Services

BanSar is one of the greatest and most professional freight forwarders in China.

They are available to assist you in transporting LCL shipments to different destinations all over the world.

The pricing is competitive and they will link you with the best service providers in your country.

They have a state of the art tracking service for the LCL shipments and will ensure the cargo arrives safely.

Apart from that, there is a customer care service that will assist you with all the inquiries.

They have state of the art technology to assist you to receive the cargo as soon as possible.

For more information, please Contact BanSar.


LCL shipments may seem to be one of the most difficult modes of transporting cargo.

It is, however, a huge relief for the traders with small volumes of cargo to transport.

With this information at hand, you can be among the best traders with a constant supply of goods.

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