Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycle Shipping: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you’re looking for affordable, safe, reliable and convenient way of motorcycle shipping from China.

That’s why this guide offers a perfect solution that will help you import and ship motorcycles from China.

Keep reading to learn how to save cost and time when importing motorcycle from China.

What are the Available Options for Motorcycle Shipping?

The major options for motorcycle shipping are airfreight, trucking, and ocean freight.

The ideal choice between these two options is dependent on your preferred delivery time-frame.

However, the specific available methods of shipping motorcycles include the following;

Packaging motorcycle ready for shipping

Packaging motorcycle ready for shipping

· Terminal Shipping

This method is the cheapest but the most efficient one.

Even so, you’ll need to inquire from the carrier before the shipping date.

You’ll determine if they have a terminal in your location, both for pick-up and delivery.

It is the best method if driving to the terminal is not an issue from your end.

Moreover, it also allows you to save considerable money.

· Door-to-door Shipping

It is a common method used by various motorcycle shippers.

Such shipping companies often offer door-to-door services for free or at lesser charges.

However, you’ll need to organize with the shipping companies to determine whether they can pick and deliver it accordingly.

· Enclosed Trailers

This motorcycle shipping method is regarded as the most expensive option.

Nonetheless, enclosed trailers offer more protection to your motorcycles from damage and even theft.

Enclosed trailers are ideal if you’re shipping the motorcycle over a long distance.

It is also suitable if you don’t have a specific delivery date.

You can also consider this option if you’re shipping a relatively fragile or expensive motorcycle.

The advantage of this method is some enclosed trailers have air-ride suspension components and soft-tie strapping systems.

If you’re planning to ship more than one motorbike, you can use this method to get all of them on a single trailer.

· Open Trailers

It is a comparatively cheap method than using an enclosed trailer method and excellent depending on your needs.

On the flip side, your motorcycle will be subjected to different weather conditions and other environmental elements.

Additionally, this option hardly protects your motorcycle from theft or damage.

Therefore, it is an ideal method when shipping the motorbike over a short distance.

You may also opt for this option if the motorcycle is relatively cheap, and you have an exact delivery date in mind.

What Motorcycles can you Ship from China?

Currently, there are over 200 individual motorcycle manufacturers in China.

Some of the common types of motorcycles types you can ship from China include;

· Standard Motorcycles

They are the popular types of motorbikes on the road.

They feature easy-going ergonomics and are comparatively affordable.

Standard motorcycle

Standard motorcycles

· Sports Motorcycles

These are the types engineered with agility, speed, and cornering in mind.

They are quite durable and made of high-quality parts.

Sports motorcycle

Sports motorcycle

· Sport Touring Motorcycles

These designs of motorcycles feature more aggressive engine output and tighter fairings.

They also incorporate excellent cornering capabilities and are often tuned to be relatively soft and tolerant over long distances.

Sport touring motorcycle

Sports touring motorcycle

· Adventure Motorcycles

You can also import different types of adventure motorbike.

They feature high seat height, long-travel suspension, and high handlebar position.

All the features of these motorbikes guarantee comfort throughout the ride, irrespective of the distance and terrain.

Adventure motorcycle

Adventure motorcycle

· Cruiser Motorcycles

The design configuration of these types of motorbikes features low seats and high handlebars.

They provide a more laid-back riding position, which stretches the rider into a more aggressive stance.

Cruiser motorcycle

Cruiser motorcycle

· Touring Motorcycles

These are among the largest types of motorbikes you can ever find on the roads.

The design construction combines rear set handlebars and forward-set footpegs.

They give the riders a comfortable riding position for long-distance behind large wind fairings to break up the wind.

Touring motorcycle

Touring motorcycle

Café Racer Motorcycles

These designs of motorbikes present a more aggressive and forward-leaning riding position.

 Cafe racer motorcycle

Cafe racer motorcycle

Which Companies Offer Motorcycle Shipping Service from China?

Motorcycle shipping companies from China are numerous, both airfreight and ocean freight.

You only need to be meticulous when selecting the most appropriate one, which suits your needs.

Some of the common ones you may consider include the following;

  • BX cargo
  • HKE Logistics Company limited
  • Shenzhen Funzeal International Freight Co. Limited
  • Asia Booming Logistics Limited
  • Shenzhen QCYT Freight forwarders Co., Limited
  • Cooperate Logistics Co. Limited
  • Haitao Captain Business Services
  • ASC International Freight Co., Limited
  • Shenzhen CTD International Logistics Co., Limited

Nevertheless, you can choose to work with Bansar Freight Forwarders to get you the best shipping company for your custom needs.

What is the Cost of Motorcycle Shipping from China?

There are a host of variables, which determine the precise cost of shipping motorcycles from China. Some of these factors include the following;

Size and Weight of the Motorcycle

The cost of shipping motorcycles is based on their size and weight.

In most cases, shipping companies often charge insurance depending on the weight of the shipment.

In short, lightweight motorcycles are relatively cheap to ship than heavy motorbikes.

The reason is heavy motorbikes tend to use larger crates hence occupying bigger spaces.

They also require special packing gears to guarantee safety in the entire shipping process.

Delivery Distance

The pick-up distance and drop-off points play significant roles in determining overall motorcycle shipping costs.

In many instances, you’re likely to pay additional charges when shipping to longer distance or remote areas.

Shipping Speed

If you’re working with a deadline, you’ll need to get the motorcycle delivered within the specified time-frame.

It implies you’ll need to use faster means of shipping, often express shipping, which is costlier than other means of transport.

Of course, this comes with additional charges since your shipment is prioritized and moving it to the frontline.


Seasonal demand often affects motorcycle shipping costs from China.

For instance, during winter, you’ll require to use an enclosed carrier, which is more expensive than an open carrier.

Pick-up and Drop-off Locations

Transporting a motorbike to urban centers is cheaper than shipping in remote or rural areas, especially if you choose a door-to-door delivery service.

Individual Shipping Company

Different motorcycle shipping companies have various policies when it comes to providing these services.

They have varied rates depending on a wide range of elements.

You, therefore, need to inquire and do diligent research on all aspects of the cost of a specific company to find the suitable one.

In general, the actual shipping cost of motorcycle is not fixed.

However, the best approach would also be to utilize the online motorcycle shipping calculator.

How long does Motorcycle Shipping from China take?

Numerous factors determine the duration of the shipping motorcycle from China.

For instance, the specific mode of shipping you’re using often affects the number of days it takes to get this automobile to its preferred destination.

Express shipping would take lesser days compared to ocean shipping, which might take up to 60 days or more.

The actual delivery destination is another factor, which determines the duration of shipping motorcycle.

The pick-up and drop-off points also influence the period motorcycle shipping takes from China.

Other factors that determine motorbike shipping duration include prevailing weather conditions and shipment season.

You can always consult a motorcycle shipping index to determine the shipping duration for a motorbike to your location from China.

How do you Check Quality of Motorcycle before Shipping?

There are essential elements you must figure-out to authenticate the quality of motorcycle you are purchasing before shipping.

The main Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) elements for a motorbike include the following;

  • Engine and transmission
  • Bodywork and paint
  • Electrical checks
  • Tires

Ensure the engine and transmission systems are in mint condition.

It is essential since most of the issues arising from transmission and engine can be costly to repair.

The bodywork and painting must also be perfectly done.

Check for any dents on the body or scratches or any cosmetic marks.

Also, confirm the electrical system of the motorbike is in good condition.

All the switches should be working perfectly accordingly.

Then look into the tires and rims.

Figure out if there is any bend on the rims, which can be costly to repair or may affect the function of this automobile.

For a first-timer, it can be quite challenging to carry out quality checks and determine whether or not there are any issues.

In such instances, you may seek assistance from a qualified technician to take you through this entire process.

Which Documents do you Need for Motorcycle Shipping from China?

They can be quite a number depending on the country you are exporting the motorcycle when shipping from China.

However, some of the crucial documents, which cut across motorbike shipping from China include the following;

  • Insurance certificate
  • Inspection report
  • Automobile registration certificate
  • Payment invoice
  • Certificate of origin
  • Bill of lading
  • Import license

How much Taxes/Duty will you Pay to Ship Motorcycles from China?

Packaging motorcycle ready for shipping

Packaging motorcycle ready for shipping

The duty or tax for shipping motorcycles from China varies based on several factors. Some of these elements include the following;

Motorbike size – Generally, size of motorcycles in China influences the amount of duty you pay upon shipping.

Size, in this case, is often based on the engine capacity or cubic centimeters.

Therefore, motorbikes with bigger engine sizes will attract higher taxes than those with relatively small engine sizes.

Year or manufacturer–Primarily, the older the motorbike you are shipping from China, the lower the duty and vice versa.

These types of automobiles often have a depreciating value for every year they take.

Hence you’ll notice taxes for importing the latest motorbike will be higher than that of a relatively older one.

Value – The higher the value of the motorbike, the higher the tax you’ll pay for the same when shipping from China.

In a nutshell, there is no fixed rate for duty or taxes when shipping motorcycles from China.

However, you can always consult with your freight forwarder to get an idea of the duty payable for this automobile.

Moreover, you can always use online tax calculator to figure out the exact amount of duty you need to pay for importing motorcycles from China.

Which are the Top Motorcycle Brands in China?

With more the 200 individual motorcycle manufacturers in China, choosing the top brands can be relatively tricky.

Therefore, the selection is purely based on the customer’s preference and other elements surrounding their specific demands.

In short, the best Chinese motorbike brand is based on how suitable they fit into your specific needs.

Nevertheless, some of the popular brands of motorcycles in China include the following;

  • CFMoto
  • Lexmoto
  • Bullit Hero
  • Sinnis Apache
  • Jialing
  • Lifan
  • Jianshe
  • Zongshen
  • Keeway
  • Loncin
  • Jinan Qingqi

What are the Quality Standards and Certifications for China Motorcycles?

They are several, but the main ones include the following;


This is an abbreviation of China Compulsory Certification.

It refers to a conformity evaluation system marking necessary for importation and sales of products in China.

The essence of this standard is to protect national security, environment, human and animal health, and prevention of deceptive practices.

CCC marking is equivalent to several international standards although, there could be a few non-technical requirements, which must be adhered to.


It refers to China Quality Certification center, a mark of quality standard responsible for implementation of product certification.

This agency stipulates the quality standards for products mostly sold on Chinese market.


This refers to China National Certification and Accreditation Administration quality standard.

This body is responsible for coordinating compulsory certification and testing of a variety of products.


Conformité Européenne is an important quality standard, especially for Chinese companies selling in the EU region.

This mark stipulates that the manufacturer has confirmed its products meet EU environmental, health, and safety requirements.


This refers to a voluntary UK product certification mark operated by the BSI group.

This certification primarily focuses on products designed to guarantee consumer safety, such as motorbike helmets.

ISO certification

This quality certification is never labeled on any motorbike or its related accessories.

It focuses majorly on the various aspects of manufacturing plants rather than end-user.

ISO 9001 is the common standard for motorbikes in China since it relates to having quality management systems.

Why Work with Freight Forwarder during Motorcycle Shipping?

Motorcycle shipping from China can be tricky, especially when you do not have experience and knowledge of handling the process.

Therefore, it becomes vital to seek services of freight forwarders when shipping motorcycle from China.

Some of the beneficial reasons you need to work with such an official include the following;

· Cost- effective

Most freight forwarding companies in China, such as Bansar, often transport items in huge quantities.

It thus shows the overall cost per unit will be considerably lower.

This becomes an ideal option for small businesses with fewer shipments and cannot afford high freight charges.

Guaranteed Arrival Time

Working with a freight forwarder guarantees you a specific time limit for arrival of your motorbike on a specified drop-off point.

Freight forwarding companies often plan all routes, and alternate measures are addressed if there’s an emergency.

No More Dealing with Customs

Rules and regulations of importing motorcycles can be confusing and complex, particularly if you’re a newbie in this trade.

When you work with a freight forwarder, you’ll worry less about international freight.

Your motorcycles and other items can go through borders without any issues.

Expertise and In-depth Knowledge

Freight forwarders understand various legislation related to each shipping mode and type of shipment, such as motorcycles.

They have vast experience in selecting effective modes of transport as well as economical routes for the shipment.

Moreover, they’re always up to date as far as changing policies and procedures are concerned.

These ensure your motorcycle is shipped in compliance with international shipping laws.

Additional Services

Some additional value-added services may include real-time tracking, on-demand reporting, and purchase tracking, among others.

Some also provide you with information, which gives you an edge in the market and maybe vital to your customers.

How do you Find Reliable Motorcycle Supplier in China?

You must be meticulous and diligent in finding a reputable and reliable motorcycle supplier in China.

The ideal tips of getting one include the following;

Ensure they are Licensed

Always ensure you go for suppliers with accreditations from relevant bodies.

In China, not all suppliers are licensed to carry out this trade, especially when purchasing from ecommerce platforms.

You thus need to work with a licensed motorcycle supplier for easy tracing of their whereabouts.

Experience in the Trade

Generally, cross-border shipping is often complicated.

Therefore, make sure the supplier understands various aspects of international trade, particularly when purchasing from ecommerce suppliers.

Use Sourcing Agents

This is quite fundamental, especially when you are a first-timer.

They regularly work with most motorbike suppliers in China hence can help you to get reliable ones.

Use Referrals

This is arguably the best way of getting reliable suppliers.

You can always inquire and confirm from your associates to direct you to the particular suppliers they often deal with.

Check on Supplier Directories

There are verified directories where you can search for reliable motorbike suppliers from.

It is a comparatively secure method since all suppliers on such platforms are usually vetted before added.

Check Reviews

Also, make sure you check out the reviews of specific motorcycle shipping from online platforms.

This is vital since it gives you an idea of what the supplier is capable of doing.

You can see the feedback of other previous customers and how the rating they give the supplier.

Hence you can determine whether or not they are reputable and reliable.

What Causes Delays during Motorcycle Shipping from China?

There are a plethora of causes of delays when shipping motorbikes from China.

Some of the common causes include the following;

Remote pick-up and drop-off points – These will certainly lead to delays in motorcycle shipping.

It takes time for the carriers to get to such points to collect or drop off the item.

Unfavorable weather – Poor weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and snow, among others often cause vessels to move slower.

At times, such conditions affect visibility, making it hard to maneuver from one point to another.

It may also affect operations at different places such as port hence causing delays.

Customs clearance issues – When there is a lack of or insufficient paperwork for motorcycle, the customs department often put the cargo aside.

And this may happen for as long as the necessary documentation is availed and validated.

Eventually, this may lead to delays in shipping motorbikes from China.

Heavy traffic – This is usually experienced at the ports, especially when many shipments need to be cleared and shipped.

Long-distance – Most carriers have specific routes for shipping different types of products.

For longer routes, it may take a bit of time since the carrier needs to find a suitable way of getting to such destinations.

Holiday seasons – In seasons such as CNY or other Chinese national holidays, the delays are bound to happen since there is less activity taking place.

Most companies always close down for a period, thus affecting movement of goods and products.

How do you Reduce the Cost of Motorcycle Shipping from China?

The best approach is by using a reputable and reliable freight forwarder.

In most instances, such agencies tend to consolidate and ship several items in bulk to different places.

It thus gives them an advantage by getting discounted rates from the carriers.

And such discounts are also trickled down to the customers.

Moreover, they have an established connection with most shippers around since they do business together frequently.

Therefore, it becomes easy for them to negotiate for better rates on your behalf.

How can you Get the Best Prices for Motorcycles in China?

Always window shop from different manufacturers and suppliers.

This way, you will be able to compare prices, making it easy for you to settle on the most suitable depending on your budget.

Learn to negotiate prices with your preferred suppliers.

Most of these types of automobiles do not have fixed prices.

If you have good negotiation skills, you will certainly get best rates, especially when buying a significant number.

Use a sourcing agent where applicable.

The good thing with using such agents is that they know most suppliers who offer best rates upon buying motorbikes.

They deal with them often and hence have established a good rapport.

Consider purchasing during trade fairs.

China has several trade fairs, which often allow manufacturers and suppliers to display their products.

In such events, the price for purchasing these items is often discounted significantly.

You can also consider purchasing motorbikes during offers and stock clearance among different suppliers.

They are always available at reduced rates during such seasons.

How can you Protect Motorcycle against Damage during Transit?

Always use professional shipping companies to transport the motorbike to your preferred destination.

Such companies usually handle bikes with utmost handling from packaging, loading, and unloading.

Consider using enclosed trailers, especially if your delivery destination is relatively far.

This protects the automobile from weather and other mechanical damage it could be exposed to in transit.

You must also ensure you obtain additional insurance cover, especially when you are shipping relatively expensive motorbikes.

The insurance coverage provided by shipping companies at times may not be sufficient or may not cover all possible damages.

How do you Prepare Motorcycles for Shipping?

  • Always ensure the motorbike is relatively clean by removing dirt and debris from the body and the tires.
  • Document any mechanical issue where applicable to make the shippers aware of the motorbike condition.
  • Always take images or photos of the automobile to act as proof in case of any damage on your bike during transit.
  • Document the dates and create a record, which you’ll present to the shippers upon arrival.
  • Make sure you leave some gas in your tank.
  • Pick all the keys and ensure you also have the copy with you after issuing the shipper with another one.
  • Remove all items when cleaning before shipping.

What is Motorcycle Crated Shipping?

This refers to transportation option, which involves packaging of motorcycle into a well-designed cage fitting its particular dimensions.

Essentially, the motorbike is utterly enclosed in a plywood crate during transportation.

How do you Crate Motorcycles for Shipping?

It is quite simple, but it needs a professional conversant with the process to guarantee efficiency.

Primarily, you’ll need to place a short piece of lumber in all the four corners but in an upright position.

Then line the base of the container using the lumber.

Now fasten it by drilling holes and screwing every corner.

Create the walls for your motorbike crate using plywood, then attach it to the frame.

Is Uncrated Motorcycle Shipping Safe?


It is reasonably safe since there are many security interventions always put in place when using uncrated method.

Motorcycles in uncrated shipping methods are usually secured in the trailer using soft tie-down straps and an E-track system.

This E-system is primarily a metal channel with a series of cutouts in the channel.

So these channels are secured to the trailer base and walls.

The motorcycles are then hooked to the tie-down into the E-track systems, which tightens and secures the motorbike in position.

In a nutshell, uncrated motorcycle shipping creates a slight possibility of bikes coming in contact with each other.

However, it remains one of the safest means of transporting motorbikes.

Should you Source Motorcycle in China from Trading Company of Factory?

The decision herein is utterly dependent on your specific demands.

If you need a large quantity, it would be ideal to source motorbikes directly from the factory.

The reason is most manufacturers often provide best deals when purchasing in bulk than trading companies.

When you’re looking to source these items urgently, trading company would be a suitable option.

They always have them ready, and their order fulfillment process rarely involves bureaucracy like in factories.

In case you need to buy assorted brands of motorbikes, sourcing from a trading company would be a better alternative.

It reduces the hassles of finding the different motorbike brands since you’ll get them all under one roof.

A trading company is also ideal if you’re working on a limited budget and perhaps in need of a few motorbike units.

Most manufacturers often place a fixed MOQ, which perhaps could be beyond your budget.

Is Motorcycle Inspection Mandatory during Shipping?


You have to submit an inspection report as one of the mandatory documents for customs clearance.

It thus makes inspection for motorcycle mandatory during shipping.

Clearly, motorcycle shipping from China can be a challenging process without proper information.

The best part – BanSar makes the entire process simple by handling all the critical process.

Contact BanSar for seamless motorcycle shipping from China.