Ningbo Freight Forwarder

With Best Shipping Rate from Ningbo
  • Arrange the pickup from Ningbo or area around Ningbo
  • Handle all kind of goods shipping from China
  • Rich experience to operate hazardous shipping goods and out of gauge (OOG) goods.
  • Ensure enough space even in peak season
  • Competitive shipping rate by both sea freight and air freight
  • Bansar will be your reliable Ningbo freight forwarder, contact to arrange your next shipment
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Sea Freight Shipping from Ningbo
Sea Freight Shipping from Ningbo

You have goods in Ningbo or near Ningbo and need a professional Ningbo freight forwarder ship your goods by sea freight. Then Bansar can be the better one. Whether you need to FCL shipping or LCL shipping, Bansar can always help your shipping from Ningbo.

Whether your suppliers are in Ningbo, Yiwu, Jinhua or any other cities near Ningbo, we can always arrange the pickup, and also provide the free warehouse if you need.

Bansar has rich experience in shipping all goods from Ningbo China, just leave your goods to us, we will do the left.

LCL Shipping from Ningbo
LCL Shipping from Ningbo

There are a lot of goods need LCL shipping from Ningbo, especially goods from Yiwu Market. And you may import different products from different suppliers in Zhejiang Province. So you need a professional Ningbo freight forwarder to help you arrange the pickup and provide you free warehouse, then ship all goods to your warehouse.

Bansar provide very competitive shipping rate from Ningbo port, and we’ll be 24/7 online to support your business, ask our best shipping rate from Ningbo.

FCL Shipping from Ningbo
FCL Shipping from Ningbo

If your goods are enough for one or more full containers, then you need to FCL shipping. There are thousands of containers ship from Ningbo port every day. Bansar also ships hundreds of containers from Ningbo port every week.

We can pick up your goods from anywhere in Zhejiang province and provide you our cheapest shipping rate and professional service. Just ask our best shipping rate for your next FCL shipping from Ningbo

Mix Goods Shipping from Yiwu
Mix Goods Shipping from Yiwu

Yiwu is the biggest market for most importers. And you may often import mixed goods from Yiwu market. Bansar can handle mix goods from Yiwu market for general merchandise.

We’re very professional for customs clearance and paperwork to handle your mixed goods, and also ensure you enough trucking service even in peak season for FCL shipment from Yiwu.

Ask our best shipping rate for your next shipment.

Why Bansar can be your best Ningbo Freight Forwarder
Why Bansar can be your best Ningbo Freight Forwarder

  • Competitive ocean freight and stable space.
  • The destination charge is lower than the market price for LCL.
  • We charge a reasonable local fee to shippers under the FOB term, in order to avoid complaints from them.
  • Free warehouse service.
  • Receive loading pictures anytime you need.

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