Best 100 Product Inspection  and Factory Audit Company in China

Quality inspection is crazy important in your product manufacturing.

If you are looking for an inspection service or a factory audit company in China, then you need to check this top 100 list of the best China inspection agents.

As a professional freight forwarder in China, Bansar has worked with tons of inspection companies and we know which inspection company is better.

So choose a good product inspection company and partner for your next order.

How Can I Book for Product Inspection and Factory Audit in China?

Once you identify the right company for your product inspection and factory audit, simply send them an email.

Obviously, the company will get back to you.

However, just ensure you contact the right company. For instance, there are inspection companies in China who specialize in certain products.

Take for example; a company may focus on inspecting farm machines, and not food products.

Just ensure you hire a company with expertise in the product you want to inspect.

What is the Cost of Hiring Quality Control Companies in China?

Honestly, there is no fixed cost whenever you want to hire a company to help you with quality control process in China.

Still, you can use this simple trick – get quotations from different quality control companies.


It is the only way to get competitive rates in the market.

Again, if there is one thing you should be sure of, the price will depend on the quality control procedures you want to perform.

Some of the most common quality control processes include:
1. Lab testing in China
2. Product inspections in China
3. Supplier audits in China
4. Factory audit in China
5. Factory inspection in China
6. More importantly, even as you look forward to cutting cost on this, you must hire reputable inspection companies in China.

When should you Conduct Product Inspection and Factory Audit in China?

You should conduct a factory audit in China before you order for samples or the right products you need.

The same applies to factory inspection.

Remember, it’s through the factory audit and factory inspection in China that you will assess the capability of the Chinese manufacturer.

How will I Pay for the Inspection Fee?

Terms of paying for factory audit in China or product inspection in China varies from one service provider to another.

For instance, there are quality control service providers who will accept online payment, TT, Bank, Western Union, or PayPal. You will discuss this with the quality control service provider.

Also, the terms of payments may differ. For example, there are product inspection and factory auditing companies that will require:

Full payment of the agreed amount before commencing the inspection process.

A certain amount (maybe 35%, 50% or 65% of the total amount), then the remaining amount you pay before they submit the report. This is a common agreement among product inspection and factory auditing service providers in China.

Make full payment after completing the auditing, but before submitting the report.

Here, just choose an agreement that works for you.

Sinovoltaics Group Contact this Company

Sinovoltaics china factory inspection

Sinovoltaics Group is Dutch-German quality assurance, product engineering, and technical compliance consulting firm specialized in de-risking of solar photovoltaic assets and investments, which was headquartered in Hong Kong and with subsidiaries in Shanghai and Virginia (USA). Their services cover factory inspection, factory audits, lab testing, etc.

KRT Audit Corporation Contact this Company

KRT inspection company

KRT Audit Corporation is held US company, which serves among 65 countries worldwide, they offer China and Asia quality inspections and supplier audits for over 25 years ago.

Amazing Quality Control Ltd Contact this Company

Amazing Quality Control Ltd

Amazing Quality Control Ltd is a company offering Top Quality Inspection & Factory Audit Services All Around China since 2013. They have teams of inspectors controlling China manufactured products for over 250 customers worldwide in China.

Pro QC International Contact this Company

quality control company

Pro QC International provides the inspection, audit, measurement& testing, order control, corrective action, engineering, and other services for over twenty years among 88 countries.

AQF Contact this Company


inspection company

AQF offers Quality Control service, they serve global brands, importers, and retailers of Consumer Products in over 135 countries for more than ten years. Also, they specialize in hardlines, softlines, consumer electronics, and electrical products, AQF delivers Quality Control services in 14 Asian countries.

Eagle Eyes (CHINA) Quality Inspection CO., Ltd. 

Contact this Company


Eagle Eyes (CHINA) Quality Inspection Co.,Ltd

Eagle Eyes (CHINA) Quality Inspection Co., Ltd. which is a professional China Third Party Inspection company, they provide Quality Control, Factory Audit, and Container Loading Supervision service and they have qualified quality inspectors & Auditors in different fields all over China.

QIMA  Contact this Company


supplier audit

QIMA founded in Hong Kong, which is a professional quality control and compliance company that corporate with importers all over the world. They expertise in supplier audit, QC and lab testing for over 120 countries.

Chinawhy   Contact this Company


Chinawhy factory audit

Chinawhy founded by Chinawhy International Limited and Harbin Dolphin Trading Co., Ltd headquartered in Harbin China, which offers 500 companies who import from China since 2006. Their services include sourcing, factory audit, QC, supply chain management and other services.

InTouch Manufacturing  Contact this Company


InTouch Manufacturing Services quality control solutions

InTouch Manufacturing Services is a company part of AQF, with providing quality control solutions. They serve global brands, importers and retailers from over 135 countries since 2007. With expertise in hardlines, softlines, consumer electronics, electrical products, and industrial goods, AQF delivers quality control services in 12 countries throughout Asia.

SGS  Contact this Company


sgs product inspection

SGS has been called formerly the French Grain Shipment Inspection Institute and was founded in Rouen in 1878, which is global leading product inspection, testing, certification organization, with more than 97000 employees. And they open 2600 branches and laboratories around the world.

V-Trust  Contact this Company


V-Trust inspection services

V-Trust is an international inspection services provider registered in China & Hong Kong since 2003, which established Dr. Ted Zhang who has the experience in Audited 600+ factories in the last 23 years. As an independent third-party inspection company, V-Trust has an inspection network covering China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh & Malaysia. They have over 230 inspectors for a wide product range. In 2018, more than 3,000 importers and buyers all over the world benefited from V-Trust inspection services, and they conducted over 5,800 inspections per month. 

Guangdong inspection  Contact this Company


Guangdong inspection

Guangdong inspection was established in 2007 in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, P.R.C. They offer you inspection Services, audit, and other services. Their team of 12 inspectors is composed of engineers, technicians, and businessmen, covering plastic injection, electronic, LED, wood, houseware, furniture, leather, sports goods, toys, etc…

AQI Service  Contact this Company


AQI Service quality control inspection company

AQI Service was found in 2004, serving as a professional third-party quality control inspection company in China. We have teams of more than 40 active quality inspectors, providing professional quality control service, production monitoring, product development, sourcing, quality control to shipping and delivery in Asia.

The Inspection Company Ltd  Contact this Company


The Inspection Company Ltd

The Inspection Company Ltd was founded in 2007, serve the importers from Asia. They perform professional Quality Control as Factory Audit, Inspections Service and Sample Testing. Their product range covers Consumer Electronics, Multimedia, Fabrics, Garments, Furniture, Car parts, Promotional Items, Tools, Hardware Goods, both Indoor and outdoor Decoration and many others.

CIS  Contact this Company


China Inspection Service

CIS is delegated by China government company, they offer Factory Audit and Product Inspection services in China for importers around the globe, also provides importers with engineering services such as project management and Part Design based on their Team’s strong technical background. And they have expertise in the fields: Hard Goods,  Electrical & Electronic Items, Soft Goods, Mechanical Equipment and others.

Beijing Veritell  Contact this Company


Beijing Veritell-quality control service provider in China

Beijing Veritell Founded in 2007, headquartered Beijing, China, the company with over 20 branches among most cities of China, which is a leading quality control service provider in China, partners with importers (OEMs) and manufacturers(suppliers) around the world. They offer products inspection, supplier audit, consulting & lab testing services with the expertise in the Automobile, Electronics, Medical device, Aerospace, and other manufacturing industry.

Asia Quality Control  Contact this Company


Asia Quality Control

Asia Quality Control was founded in Hong Kong, which specializes in handling quality assurance, quality control, quality consulting, supplier audits operations and product testing management in Asia. They can help you reduce quality risk when importing from Asia.

PTS  Contact this Company


PTS china quality control solutions

PTS Founded in 2006, they are the first Sino-European JV company that provides tailor-made quality control solutionsauditing and testing for your supply chain in Asia. They have a central laboratory in Ningbo and headquarters in Shanghai with more than 140 professionals in the labs and main industrial areas.

CCIC SHAANXI  Contact this Company


18-CCIC SHAANXI pre-shipment inspection in china

China Certification & Inspection Group Shaanxi Co., Ltd (CCIC SHAANXI) is a professional company of inspection service, pre-shipment inspection, engineering service and training for the 30-years experience. Their clients include enterprises, organizations, governments, and individuals in the fields of petroleum, chemical product, mining, agricultural products, industrial products, consumer products, foodstuff, automobile, construction, logistics, retailing as well as some other key industries. 

HKQCC  Contact this Company


hkqcc china auditing service

Hong Kong Q.C. Center Ltd (HKQCC) was founded in 1995, headquartered in Hong Kong, they provide quality control, AQL table, pre-shipment inspection and auditing service in Asia.

Inspection for Industry  Contact this Company

Inspection for Industry provides Industrial Inspection and Testing information including pumps, compressors, valves, pressure vessels, boilers, etc. Their services include Pre-Shipment Inspection, Vendor or Source Inspection and consumer products, also covers site inspection and in-service (plant inspection). And they serve the fields of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, Power, Pulp and Paper, and also consumer products i.e. small air compressors, water pumps, generators, etc.

Tetra Inspection  Contact this Company


21-Tetra Inspection-China third-party inspection company

Tetra Inspection is a professional leading third-party inspection company. They mainly provide Product Inspection, Supplier Audit Services, Amazon FBA Inspection services, the fields of Hardlines, Electronics, Toys, Softlines, and other products.

Glory QC  Contact this Company


22-Glory QC china inspection company

Glory QC is a third-party inspection company founded in 2006. They provide QC Inspection, factory audit, product test for more than 500 importers and buyers from the world, their service covering all coastal areas of China. And they have more than 50 well-trained inspectors, reliable and experienced in inspecting a wide product range.

Shoes Examine Limited  Contact this Company


Shoes Examine Limited -china Quality Control Services Company

Shoes Examine Limited is an independent third-party Shoes Quality Control Services Company which operated by Shoes Examine Limited. Shoes Examine Limited is here in China to help you and new importers from all over the world, such as UK, Spain, Australia, and South Africa, etc., who facing shoes quality control problem to relief their concerned.

CCIC  Contact this Company



CCIC was founded in Shenzhen in 1998, which is a third-party professionally quality inspection in China. They mainly help the importers from China, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and logistics reduce the quality risk of good. Their services include Quality inspection; Supplier evaluation and review; Government and trade inspection (National countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Algeria, Egypt); Return goods identification; lab testing, etc.

GIM  Contact this Company


GIM quality control in CHINA AND Asia

GIM is a leading company that offers quality control in Asia. Their services include inspection services, audit, lab testing and certificates, video real-time inspection, etc. They have an international team of 38 people mixing Western and Asian and they are Implemented within all Asia. More than 900 importers, brands, e-retailers have taken advantages of their services. 

Luxiberg Inspection  Contact this Company


Luxiberg Inspection

Luxiberg Inspection provides professional inspection services in China and Asia since 2005. All their inspectors have the qualification of engineer; they are experienced and they have trained them to inspect as per European and American standards. They carry out factory audits, social audits, and product quality inspection services in China for importers coming from about 40 countries.

Sunchine Inspection  Contact this Company


Sunchine Inspection inspections companies in China

Sunchine Inspection founded in 2005, which is a brand of Sunchine International which is a Hong Kong-based multinational company specializing in export-import consulting and quality management. They are third-party inspections companies in China, serving more than 1,500 regular clients in various fields from all the Continents in the world. To be the most reliable QC partner of clients in China, to help you to buy and produce in China in all confidence and safety, it’s the mission of each member of Sunchine Inspection!

Coze  Contact this Company


Coze china quality control and factory audit,

Coze connects international manufacturers and importers to top-level quality control technicians in China. They provide exceptional QA, factory audit, lab testing service. Coze is on a mission to connect global manufacturers and importers with qualified local Chinese quality control technicians. Their goal is to provide an Enterprise Grade QA process at any location, for every product, and at every production stage.

C2W  Contact this Company


C2W china quality manufacturing services

C2W headquartered in China and regional offices in Bangkok (Thailand) and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), they offer competitive and quality manufacturing services including factory audits, sourcing and assistance in building a reliable supply chain.

Leap China Solutions  Contact this Company


Leap China Solutions QC inspection

Leap China Solutions helps western buyers who importing  Chinese factories reduce quality risk. Their services include QC inspection, China factory sourcing, China factory audit, China visit assistance, and other services. Leap Solutions is your team in China.

NBN  Contact this Company


NBN product inspection in china

NBN offers product inspection, container loading inspection and supplier audit services in China to global brands, retailers and importers, for assisting you to improve product quality and control major risks. We have more than 80 inspectors work for you across China to help you create a controlled supply chain environment–from raw material to finished products and then to shipment.

Centre Testing International Group Co., Ltd. 

 Contact this Company


CTI china inspection company

Centre Testing International Group Co., Ltd.(CTI), as a leading third-party inspection company, that integrates testing, calibration, inspection, certification, and technical services to provide one-stop solutions for enterprises worldwide. They have more than 60 branches with almost 130 labs, also open oversea branch among Taiwan, HongKong, USA, UK, Singapore, etc.


INF Inspection Technology Co., Ltd  

Contact this Company


INF china QC inspection services

INF Inspection Technology Co., Ltd(INF) is a leading QC service provider for more than 10 years of experiences. The clients are global brands, importers, and retailers of Industry and Consumer Products from more than 135 countries since 2005. Their services include QC inspection services, factory audit, product testing lab, and other services.



TOPWIN quality Inspection company in china

TOPWIN is a professional independent, third-party quality Inspection company. TOPWIN offers a full range of quality related services across China & Asia, including Product QC Inspections at any stage of production, Factory/Social Auditing & Laboratory Testing services. Their services are aimed at minimizing the risks of defective products from your suppliers in China. They try their best to offer the best services to importers, retailers, wholesalers and trading companies from all size and from all over the world, buying from Asia.

Insight Quality  Contact this Company


Insight Quality china factory audit services

Insight Quality is a US-owned quality assurance and sourcing company. They have offices in both the USA and China. They offer a wide service of factory audit services, product inspection, lab testing, sourcing services, and others.

Asia Textile Inspections  Contact this Company


ATI textile quality inspection in china

Asia Textile Inspections is an independent inspection service provider, having worldwide recognition due to its reliable services.  They are Pakistan-based organization, providing services of quality inspection, quality assurance, quality audit, third-party inspection, production check and QC china for their clients, retailers, importers, trading partners, and manufacturers. 

China Inspection Services  Contact this Company


China Inspection Services

China Inspection Services has over a decade experience specialized in Quality Control China Inspection Company, Inspection Service Include: ASIA inspection, quality inspection, product inspection, pre-shipment inspection, total quality management.

China Inspection Co., Ltd  Contact this Company


China Inspection Co., Ltd.

China Inspection Co., Ltd. approved by the State Council, is a comprehensive inspection, testing, certification, and accreditation organization, they are established in Hong Kong in 1982. Now they own 700+ employees serving you.

Top Inspection Limited  Contact this Company


Top Inspection LIMITED quality inspections and factory assessments in China

Top Inspection Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 2008, which is an independent third party inspection company, providing you with quality inspections and factory assessments in China for importers worldwide to reduce the quality risks before shipment. And they employ a highly dedicated and experienced team of trained inspectors and auditors, with backgrounds in electronics, toys, household appliances, textiles, garments, furniture, etc. 

AMREP China  Contact this Company


AMREP China inspection company

AMREP China was a global leading inspection company to deliver localized responses to our customers’ manufacturing problems in China. They offer QC, supplier quality engineering, supplier production management. And their staffs spread across other key industrial areas in China like Wuxi, Ningbo, Beijing, Suzhou, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Tianjin, Qingdao, and Dalian.

China Quality Control  Contact this Company


CQC China Quality Control

China Quality Control, as a third party inspection company located in China providing Quality Inspection, Factory Audit and Product Testing for buyers and importers. And they provide services of QC services in China, factory audit in China, product testing and certification.

Effition Inspection  Contact this Company


Effition Inspection company in China

Effition Inspection(EI) is a professional inspection company in China for almost ten years of experience. Their services include pre-shipment inspection, in-production inspection, factory audit, full check. They have our QC nets. Some of their clients are from Amazon and they are quite familiar with Amazon standard.

Cotecna  Contact this Company


Cotecna china inspection and certification services

Cotecna is a leading inspection company which providing lab testing, inspection and certification services. And they have 3500+employees. Cotecna announces it has completed the acquisition of Neutron, a global provider of testing services for food products, supplements, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products, based in Italy.

Trustvo  Contact this Company


Trustvo china quality control and engineering service company

Trustvo Headquartered in the High tech park of Suzhou, Jiangsu province, China, which is a professional quality control and engineering service company located in China, they provide service for global customers in terms of product inspection/QC service,container loading supervision,supplier factory audit/compliance audit,quality engineering subcontract,and sourcing service. Their services cover various industries,  such as automobile components, medical device, machinery, textile, garment, appliance, tools, accessories, toys, furniture, stationery, footwear, crafts, gifts, electrical products and so on.

HQTS  Contact this Company




HQTS quality control inspections and factory audits in china

HQTS was founded in 1987 as a division of Fujian Inspection and Research Institute (FCII) for Product Quality. They provide quality control inspections, factory audits, supplier evaluations, consumer product testing, production control and management, and quality control consulting throughout greater Asia.

CIS Inspection  Contact this Company


CIS Inspection china inspection service company

CIS Inspection is a professional third-party china inspection service company, which was established in 2001 and based in Beijing China. And they are specialized in offering inspection, testing, certification services, and quality technology services to the clients and strives to improve the market shares and lower inspection costs of the clients. They have offices or agents in many cities in China, such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Dalian, Hangzhou, etc.

OQC  Contact this Company


OQC china Quality Control and Management service provider

OQC  is a  professional third-party Quality Control and Management service provider that was found in 2008. They have 5 offices in China, over 1,000 inspectors operating in over 15 countries. Managed by foreign management help global brands, importers, and retailers of Consumer Products globally import from Asia.

Product Services Limited  Contact this Company


PSL china inspection company

Product Services Limited (PSL) was established in Hong Kong in 1978. They have operations office in Shenzhen (China), and staff based at various other China locations to provide technical and commercial support to buyers and suppliers of electrical and electronic products manufactured in the Far East. Now they have expanded our product range to include non-electrical household products, shoes, and jewelry.

Inspection Bird  Contact this Company


Inspection Bird product inspection i n china

Inspection Bird is a leading product inspection, audit, and testing company to help companies importing goods from China. They have more than 300 inspectors in China, certified by industry, ready to inspect your products at any time. Their aim is to create a global benchmark for quality and integrity within the manufacturing industry in China.

Bureau Veritas  Contact this Company


Bureau Veritas china inspection and certification services

Bureau Veritas is a professional world leader in testing, inspection and certification services (TIC) with more than 76000 employees serving 400000 companies among 140 countries. And they have 190 years’ history in this field to help their clients reduce risk, improve your performance and meet the challenges of quality, health & safety, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

InspectChina  Contact this Company


InspectChina Product Quality and Inspections in China

InspectChina is a division of AMREP China. AMREP provides Supplier Management and Product Quality and Inspections in China for the US designed High Technology Products made by China’s Advanced Manufacturing companies. They are committed to providing Consumer Product Quality, Quality Control Specialists, quality verification and inspection services, to help you minimize your risk exposure to poor quality and failure to conform to your purchase requirements by the supplier or agent in China.

VeriQuality Inspection Service Co., Ltd 

Contact this Company


VeriQuality Inspection Service Co.Limited

VeriQuality Inspection Service Co., Ltd is specialized in providing. product inspections, factory audits and smart solutions with you at each step of sourcing, serving 200+ importers across multiple industries from America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Asia, and Africa. And they have 50+ veteran quality specialists at your service in 30 cities of China and in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam.

Chine Inspection  Contact this Company


Chine Inspection quality control and factory audit company

Chine Inspection founded in 2008 is a professional quality control and sourcing company, with offering QC, factory audit, Lab testing, sourcing services in China and Taiwan. They are specialized in help the importers from China select the best deals & qualified factories to directly negotiate your purchases.

General Inspection Service Co., Ltd  

Contact this Company


General Inspection Service Co., Ltd

GIS (General Inspection Service Co., Ltd) is a third-party professionally quality engineering and management consultation and service company. They have the 15+ experience to provide you the services of product quality control, audit, Supplier management&development, One-stop purchasing service. GIS has 10 offices with 100+ employees all over China, to help you build or improve the quality control system, find out the problems in products and offer a professional solution to reduce the risk of receiving defective merchandise and minimize your damage due to inferior products. 

GFI inspection  Contact this Company


GFI inspection factory& product audit in china

GFI inspection is an independent third-party inspection company in Ningbo, China. They are committed to providing product inspection, factory& product audit, testing, sourcing services, helping importers, exporters, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, trading companies and logistics companies reduce the import risk.


Contact this Company



HONOR INSPECTION INTERNATIONAL LTD established in 2007, as a third-party Inspection Company help you reduce Risk And Cost In Purchase. And their services include product inspection, factory audit, lab testing and other more services.

Glory Benefit Inspection Service Co., LTD  

Contact this Company


Glory Benefit Inspection Service Co., LTD inspection company in china

Glory Benefit Inspection Service Co., LTD, as an international independent inspection company based in Guangzhou, China to provide professional performance evaluation, quality assurance, ISO review the factory services, etc. Their Product inspection including: home appliances, hi-fi, television, lamps and lanterns, electric power tools computers telecommunication equipment, toys, gifts, ceramics, kitchenware, stationery, clothing, garment, home textiles, shoes, hats, bags, leather, furniture, kitchen and bath, house and home, scouring bath, building materials, machinery.

Zhejiang Mixima Product Quality Inspection Co., Ltd

Contact this Company


Zhejiang Mixima Product Quality Inspection Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Mixima Product Quality Inspection Co., Ltd was established in Zhejiang, China, with 10+ experience in the field of quality control and inspection in China. They are mainly committed to inspection for clothing, adornment, textile products, and others.

QGS  Contact this Company


QGS inspection company in china

QGS is a professional third-party inspection company, which was founded in Hong Kong in 2003, with 7 branch offices in China, located in Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Tianjin, Suzhou, Qingdao, Xiamen, which covered the main manufacturing bases in China. And they are committed to providing Product Inspection services, Quality Assurance, and sourcing service, helping you import from China reduce the risk.

QCADVISOR  Contact this Company


QCADVISOR Quality Control Industry in China

QCADVISOR was founded by committed to Habib Rkha, which provides the highest level of service and integrity in the Quality Control Industry in China and all over Asia. And they cover most of Mainland China’s industrial areas. Therefore they seldom apply additional travel expenses.

Goodada  Contact this Company


Goodada Quality Control Inspection company

Goodada is a European Quality Control Inspection company with offices in Asia and Europe. And they conduct Quality Control Inspections, Product Quality Inspection Services and Factory Audits across 75 countries. And you can order their inspections online and receive their reports online.

Quality Control Services (Holdings) Ltd  

Contact this Company


Quality Control Services (Holdings) Ltd.

Quality Control Services (Holdings) Ltd established in Hong Kong in 1992, mainly specializing in hardline and Softline consumer product inspections, factory evaluations and audits. They can help you import from China ensure the quality and safety of your products and fit the standards and qualifications required by North American and European retailers.

TiptopChinaInspection  Contact this Company



TiptopChinaInspection is a professional quality control provider in China, with more than 70 full-time inspectors in different industries & more than 6 years experience in China Inspection Service. They have great inspection experience in many fields, such as clothes full check, furniture pre-shipment inspection, eyewear inspection, jewelry inspection, food inspection, cosmetic inspection, toys inspection, etc. 

Quality Control India  Contact this Company


Quality Control India product inspection company

Quality Control India is a professional product inspection company. They help the importers from China, Vietnam & India to operate Quality Control checks and inspects products for the desired quality. They specialized in product quality control, factory audit, and other services.

QC Partner  Contact this Company


QC Partner china product inspection

QC Partner was established in Shenzhen, China in 1992, with 20+ experience in product quality control in China. Their services cover product inspection, suppliers audit, quality assurance. And they have an international staff including North Americans and Europeans who not only have a very good understanding of China but also understand foreign quality standards. This helps them to provide second to none quality inspection services to you.

INF  Contact this Company


INF china Quality Control Service Provider

INF is a leading third-party Quality Control Service Provider since 2005. Their clients cover global brands, importers, and retailers of Industry and Consumer Products from more than 135 countries. From now on INF delivers Quality Control services for 1000+ customers all over the world among the technical parts, hardlines, softlines, consumer electronics fields, etc.

As International  Contact this Company


As International QC company in textile and garment industry

As International is a professional QC company in textile and garment industry, with 30+ experience providing textile QC, textile R&D, textile laboratory, supplier audit services to help distributors, industrialists, and commercial companies with their whole supply China.

AQM  Contact this Company


AQM china factory inspections

AQM founded in France in 2005, which is a general inspection company. They offer various quality services such as factory inspections, inspections centers, textile lab tests, audit and even an online solution to evaluate suppliers. Now AQM is an international medium-sized enterprise with more than 200 employees and is present in the main textile producing countries such as China, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

YEOA HK Ltd.  Contact this Company


YEOA HK Ltd. inspection company in China

YEOA HK Ltd., as a professional third-party inspection company in China, was founded in 2002. And their services cover factory inspection, laboratory testing, container loading, etc. Today they have done well over 25,000 successful inspections since their founding for hundreds of companies in Europe, Australia, the US, Japan, and China.

CSIC  Contact this Company


China Standard Inspection Co.,Ltd. (CSIC)

China Standard Inspection Co.,Ltd. (CSIC) was founded in Beijing, China, which is an independent third party inspection company with 50+experience. And they are committed to product inspection, authentication, and testing., etc.

J-PECO  Contact this Company


J-PECO china inspection company

J-PECO is a third-party inspection company, they specialized in oil and gas products inspection including valves, fittings, steel pipes, pressure vessels, flow meters, metering skids, pumps and so on.

JSD Inspection Services Limited  

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JSD Inspection Services

JSD Inspection Services Limited as a third-party quality and engineering services company in China, providing a wide variety of pre-shipment inspection, container loading supervision, factory audit, and quality assurance testing with our professional knowledge and technical skill.

OQCS  Contact this Company


OQCS inspection company in china

OQCS is an independent, third-party inspection organization with experienced, technically savvy and honest inspectors in China. They can help the importers inspect the factory and product reduce the risk before the shipment.

Honesty Inspection Service Co., Ltd  

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Honesty Inspection Service Co., Ltd. (HIS) china inspection company

Honesty Inspection Service Co., Ltd. (HIS) is an independent third-party inspection company who provide a full range of inspection services, factory audits (FA & SCA) and customized quality services in hard goods, electrical and electronic goods, soft goods, etc. They are committed to helping all importers from China minimize the risk of product quality.

RichForth Inspection Service INC.  

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RichForth Inspection Service INC. china inspection company

RichForth Inspection Service INC. (RIS) is a third party inspection company, Which providing importers with Factory Audit and Product Inspection services in China. They can help importers who purchasing goods from China make your business in China safer and easier.

Nordson International Inspection Service Co., Ltd

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Nordson International Inspection Service Co. , Ltd. China factory audit, product inspection

Nordson International Inspection Service Co., Ltd. founded in 2003, is an independent third party inspection company. They focus on China factory audit, product inspection, loading supervision, unloading supervision, and others. Their service is considered to both let the purchaser know the condition of the manufactories and products and help your company to improve the quality of the products.

Quality Control Partners Ltd.  Contact this Company


Quality Control Partners Ltd china inspection service

Quality Control Partners Ltd. is a third-party inspection service with 10+ experience in China. They can provide quality control, factory audit, and assurance. They offer an international hands-on approach in thorough quality management and communication. English, French, and Spanish, not to mention Chinese, are all spoken by the leadership team.

TS Inspection Services  Contact this Company



TS Inspection Services

TS Inspection Services is an independent professional inspection service company. Their services include, but are not limited to, Pre-Production Inspection, During Production Inspection, Pre-Shipment Product Inspection, Container Loading Inspection, and Factory Audit. They can provide inspection services for all areas of Mainland China as well as for Hong Kong and Viet Nam.

Kistop Inspection Service Ltd.  Contact this Company


Kistop-inspection company in China

Kistop Inspection Service Ltd. is a professional third-party inspection company in China. With years of experiences working with clients from the USA, Europe, and other parts of the world. Their services include China product inspection, China factory audit, supplier management, consulting and other services.

WQS China Inspections  Contact this Company


WQS China Inspections

WQS China Inspections is your leading reliable inspection services agent in China, which has 3 branches of China services (Inspection, IT and Chinese Business Assistants/Interpreting). They inspect most hardgoods and softgoods. We have much experience in furniture, garments, machinery, gifts, sporting goods, shoes, aluminum and steal products.

Forenergy Inspection & Consultation Co., Ltd.

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Forenergy Inspection & Consultation Co., Ltd.

Forenergy Inspection & Consultation Co., Ltd. Forenergyis a leading professional Third Party Inspection company in China, which was established in Xi’an China. And they are committed to Tubular, equipment inspection, technical consultant, Project management services for clients around the world, including equipment manufacturing, installation and debug of Oil & Gas Industry, Refinery & Chemical Industries, Industry Product & Infrastructure, Production Line Equipment, Electrical/Electronic Products, Offshore Engineering, Mining Engineering etc.

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TCO provides international buyers with a full range of integrated services to bring more confidence, security, and knowledge in importing from Chinese factories. They can offer you factory audit, quality control service, supplier verification, administration assistance, etc.

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Intertek china inspection service company

Intertek is a worldwide leading inspection service company with 130 years’ experience. And Intertek is an industry leader with more than 44,000 employees in 1,000 locations in over 100 countries. They mainly specialized in product inspection, testing, and certifying among most industries.

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CIS inspection service provider in China

CIS, as a leading inspection service provider in China, has 10+ years’ experience in inspection, factory audit, testing, and others. They have specialized in the inspection for electrical & electronics, soft links, hardlines field, etc. They mainly help manufacturers, retails, and traders who buy from China, that reduce the quality risk.

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Qtech Control Limited inspection company,

Qtech Control Limited is a UK inspection company, which provides a worldwide, independent, third-party vendor inspection, 3.2 certification, painting inspection, pre-shipment inspection, cargo quality control services, and marine surveys. Their services cover many countries: most European countries, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, China, and Japan. They provide a wide range of engineering inspection and quality control services in the UK and in many countries abroad.  And they have an international network of highly qualified and experienced mechanical and electrical inspectors.

Portman Quality Inspection Co., Ltd  

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Portman Quality Inspection Co., Ltd

Portman Quality Inspection Co., Ltd was founded in Hong Kong in 2004 and established a branch company in Hangzhou in 2012. is a leading third-party inspection company who help the global importers with the third party inspection and testing service in China and Southeast countries.

Honor Inspection International Ltd  

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Honor Inspection Factory Audit and Production inspection in china

Honor Inspection International Ltd was founded in Ningbo City, China since 2007. They are a leading inspection company. And their services cover Laboratory Testing, Factory Audit, Production Monitoring, Initial Production Inspection, In-process Inspection, Pre-shipment Inspection, Container Loading Inspection.

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SGS china product inspection

SGS established in 1878, which is the worldwide leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company. Their services cover product inspection, testing facilities, certification, and verification. Today they have more than 97,000 employees with 2,600 offices and laboratories around the world.

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Bureau Veritas UK Testing, Inspection company

Bureau Veritas is a global leader in Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) services, provider. They are recognized worldwide for excellence and innovation. We serve more than 400,000 companies, delivering a wide range of solutions that go beyond compliance.

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ati china inspection company

ATI is a leading inspection company with 13 offices worldwide and 100 plus qualified inspectors. They mainly offer inspection and audit services to help clients, retailers, trading partners, Importers and manufacturers to assess product quality, reduce the risk of quality.

Xi’an An-Core Petroleum Technology Service Co., Ltd.

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Xi’an An-Core Petroleum Technology Service Co., Ltd. inspection service company for oil gas pips&equipmewnt in China

Xi’an An-Core Petroleum Technology Service Co., Ltd. is a leading 3rd party inspection service company for oil gas pips&equipmewnt in China. They are committed to mill audit, pre-shipment, progress inspection, final inspection, and NDT test. Also, they can offer a flexible inspection package in any period of production flow. With much experience in inspection, An-Core business scope comprises of traditional oil pipelines, valves, drillings and gathering transportation equipment.

Quality Products International

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Quality Products International

Quality Products International was established in China, with many branches in Hong Kong, Europe, and USA.  QPI specializes in China manufacturing and China quality control management. And their services include Product development; Factory screening/auditing/ selection; Production monitoring; China and Asia QC inspection; Product testing & certification with their accredited partner.

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QCINASIA product inspection and factory audit services

QCINASIA Ltd was founded in 2002, providing product inspection and factory audit services in Asia. They are your best partner to help reduce risk and secure your imports from whole of Asia and Africa. They serve the fields cover: electrical& electronic, homeware&gardenware, toys, construction&items, textile, garments&garment accessories, etc.

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Baysource china quality control company

Baysource was founded by David Alexander, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, also has a strong presence in China. They mainly provide a full range of services from contract manufacturing to quality control and focuses more on importers who want to import Chinese products to the US.

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CLI inspection company

CLI inspection company specialized in providing China inspection services to importers and retailers worldwide. Their services cover product inspection, audit, testing for the many industries, such as Electrical and electronic products, Textile products, Household goods, Industrial parts, etc. 

Testing Technology Service Ltd  Contact this Company


TTS china inspection company

Testing Technology Service Ltd (TTS) is a leading third-party inspection company, they mainly provide product inspection, testing, factory audit, and technology consulting on quality control service. And they serve areas cover: China, India, Pakistan, and Vietnam (over 90% of export products are produced in these areas).


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CENTRE TESTING INTERNATIONAL inspection company in China

CENTRE TESTING INTERNATIONAL is a leading third-party inspection company in China. Their services cover Pre-Production Inspection, Production Inspection, Final random inspection/pre-shipment inspection, Supervision of loading. They can help you reduce the risk of goods being delayed & quality problem.

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Applus+ china product inspection

Applus+ is a leading inspection company, they provide product inspection, testing, and certification in all Mainland China. And they have China-based testing facilities and permanent teams located in main China regions to help you minimize the risks and assure the quality meeting all the relevant requirements. 

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TC Inspection china inspection company

TC Inspection is a professional inspection company in China. They provide inspection services, production monitoring, factory audit service, loading supervision, lab testing& certification, etc. They help to make sure that all your requirements, reduce risk, improve product quality and save lots of cost in the business. 

Product Inspection and Factory Audit in China-The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Anytime you’re buying goods, whether locally, or importing from China, you’d like to get value for your money.

But, how can you import quality products, equivalent to what you’re paying for?

Obviously, you’ll ask so many questions, such as product certification, factory audit, product testing, and quality compliance, just to mention a few.

Today’s guide explores all the nitty-gritty of product inspection and factory audit in China. It gives importers (buyers) and insight into what to look for to get quality products.

Similarly, it gives Chinese factories, or exporters, detailed aspects of what importers expect from them in terms of quality compliance.

Let’s dive right in:

Q: What is Product Quality Inspection?

It is a process or procedure that involves checking, testing, and measuring products’ characteristics or properties to ensure it conforms to the customers’ requirements and quality standards.

Normally, it is the responsibility of specialized personnel to perform the product quality inspection. Depending on the nature of the agreements, a manufacturer in China may carry out the quality inspection process.

Alternatively, importers or third-party institutions many collaborate with the Chinese manufacturer to conduct quality inspection process as a team.

More importantly, the method or procedures they adopt for product quality inspection must be acceptable and adhere to set quality standards (either nationally or internationally).

Have a look at this:

Quality Control process

Quality Control – Courtesy of Science Direct

Q: Why do you Need Product Inspection and Factory Audit in China?

Product inspection and factory audit in China guarantees a range of benefits for both the importer and Chinese manufacturers.

They include:

Product inspection

Product inspection – Courtesy of Sofeast

  1. You’ll get value for your money. This is because you will get high-quality products that meet the local and international standards.
  2. Costs saving – by conducting factory auditing in China, you’ll obviously deal with reputable and reliable Chinese manufacturers. Therefore, you will not incur the costs of returning goods back to the manufacturers.

Furthermore, with thorough product testing, you will identify defects or problems before packaging and subsequently shipping the products. Obviously, this will save you on both time and money.

  • It is a perfect way of building your brand in the market. Consumers like quality products that conform to standards, and performance or quality meet requirements on the label.
  1. Product inspection will ensure customers get goods delivered in time. Therefore, you will not waste time.
  2. Product inspection plays a significant role in building customer loyalty, which is key to business success.
  3. Through quality inspection, you can create a differential advantage; hence, you can beat competition easily.
  • Factory audit in China will motivate the manufacturer to achieve and maintain high standards of quality control. Companies that conduct consistent factory audit adhere to strict quality manufacturing procedures; hence, their products meet high-quality standards.

In a nutshell, to save time and money, build a brand, improve customer loyalty, have a differential advantage, and increase sales, you must conduct product inspection and factory audit in China.

For more insights, you can also learn more from this case study: Improving Outgoing Quality Control (QC) in Product Manufacturing.

Q: What is Factory Audit?

Factory audit in China is a broad term referring to a number of procedures designed to assess the following key parameters in the company:

  • Quality systems
  • Capability
  • Working environment

Whenever you’re conducting factory audits in China, it should conform to certain set standards.

In short, this is an on-site verification of various aspects of the factory. It relates to the production process, to whether they conform to the set standards or not.

3 Sample factory audit

Factory audit – Photo courtesy: In Touch Quality

Broadly, you can classify factory audit as:

i. Factory Social Compliance Audit

Social compliance audit mainly focusses on whether the factory in China compliance with the labor laws. For example, the factory should have:

  • No kids working within the factory
  • Workers are subjected to international acceptable working conditions

As you go about the Chinese factory social compliance audit, you need to pay attention to the SA8000® Standard.

ii. Factory Security Audit

Companies, especially in the United States, will do business with companies that comply with the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT).

Therefore, whenever you’re conducting factory audit in China, you should ensure the company meets the C-TPAT requirements.

iii. Factory Quality Audit

Quality audit is yet another important factory audit you must perform in China. The quality requirements will vary depending on the region, type of product, and where you intend to use it.

For instance, the company manufacturing pharmaceutical equipment must comply with the cGMP requirements, ISO standards and CE requirements, just to mention a few.

You can also learn more about this here:

Q: What is the Difference between Factory Inspection and Factory Audit?

Factory inspection is a process of assessing the manufacturing procedures, including the quality management system. It aims to understand the capability and the ability of the manufacturer to produce high-quality goods.

Normally, factory inspection will take place in China.

In most cases, the assessment aims to give a score, which may range from 1 to 50 or 1 to 100, depending on the method of the quality inspection process.

During the factory quality inspection process, you will assess whether the Chinese manufacturer:

  • Specializes in manufacturing specific product
  • Ability to adopt acceptable quality standards
  • Has the necessary equipment and related infrastructure

And, don’t get it wrong here – factory inspection is different from product quality control.

Quality control will help you track and monitor the quality of your product. Remember, you will conduct factory inspection before you order a product from China.

Quality assurance system

Quality assurance system – Courtesy of KAMATA

That implies by the time you will be conducting factory inspection, you shall not have placed an order for the products.

Already in Q 3 above, you had already learned about factory audit.

Now, let’s have a quick summary of the difference between factory inspection and factory audit:

  1. Factory audit focus on long-term assessment while factory inspection scope is short term
  2. Factory inspection in China gives a more specific detail, unlike the factory audit in China, which has a broad scope.
  3. Factory inspection helps you to keep on track (production process) while factory audit will help you find the right relationship with the manufacturer.

In short, both factory audit in China and factory inspection are critical procedures when importing from China.

Q: What is the Cost of Factory Audit in China?

The cost of factory audit will vary from one auditing company to another.

Besides, there are a number of variables that come into play when determining the cost of factory audit in China. For instance, the auditor will factor in the following:

  1. Size of the Chinese manufacturer or supplier you want to audit.
  2. Transportation costs – assuming the auditing company is based in Ningbo and factory is in Shenzhen
  3. Number of factories you want to audit, among other aspects.

Factory audit cost

Factory audit cost

However, the cost may be approximately $250. However, to get an accurate estimate, you need to contact the factory auditing company.

Q: Can I visit Chinese Manufacturer during Product Inspection and Factory Auditing?


If you’re serious about product inspection and factory auditing in China, you should send at least your representative.

This will be irrespective of whether you have hired a professional product inspection company or factory auditor.

When you collaborate with the team, it becomes easier to get accurate results and a clear picture of the Chinese manufacturer.

Q: Is there a Difference between Factory Inspection and Quality Inspection?

Yes, these are two different processes, yet most importers confuse the two.

Factory inspection in China focuses on the supplier’s internal processes (structure and system) that help to guarantee quality manufacturing process. It includes management systems, the existence of testing laboratories, manpower, R&D, and quality control team, among other aspects.

Implying, during the factory inspection process in China, you will not deal with a specific product.

Quality management system

Quality management system – Courtesy of Reuters

On the other hand, quality inspection focuses more on individual products. Though this, you can assess the quality of individual products, to ensure they conform to the set standards and requirements/specifications.

However, the two are dependent processes. And, to get it right, you should start with the factory inspection, before focusing on the quality inspection.

Q: Why Should You Conduct Quality Control when Importing from China?

Let’s have some of these facts straight.

Well, China is a manufacturing hub for most global companies.

In fact, according to the real-time information from Global Edge, you’ll realize that China exports a range of products from ICT, pharmaceutical machinery, electronics, etc.

And am sure, even the electronics around you, quite a number are manufactured or assembled in China.

That’s fact 1.

Tact two, with the high demand for Chinese imports, the truth is, you’ll get counterfeit products here and there.

The only way to deal with that is to adopt a strict quality control process. It should be a water-tight process that does not compromise quality.

In short, it is only through quality control in China that you will identify problems or non-compliance in time. Besides, it will ensure the products are safe and of high quality, thereby eliminating late shipment and possible delays.

So, you need to conduct factory inspection, product inspection, and factory audit in China regularly.

Q: What Quality Inspection Services Do You Need when Importing from China?

You need all.

It is because all quality inspection procedures complement one another. There is no way you will expect to get quality products if the factory does not meet the minimum threshold for factory auditing in China.

Therefore, you should conduct:

  • Factory audit in China
  • Factory inspection in China
  • Product quality inspection in China

With this, there is no Chinese manufacturer who will take you for a ride.

Q: Can you Hire an Independent Quality Control Team in China?

Yes, you can.

The truth is, even if you’re dealing with the most reputable Chinese manufacturer, you don’t have to trust their in-house quality control 100%.

In house quality control system

In house quality control system

As a matter of fact, every company out there wishes to maximize profits by cutting corners that help them reduce costs.

That’s why you need an independent quality control team in China to keep the company accountable in every stage of the manufacturing process.

More importantly, your independent quality control team should work closely with the factory.

Q: How Does Factory Audit in China Work?

A factory audit in China is a systematic process that helps determine whether the manufacturer or supplier will deliver the products to the required specifications.

It helps you get relevant information about the supplier or manufacturer. Without professional factory auditing process in China, there is no way you will be guaranteed of quality products.

During the factory auditing process, your team, or an independent factory auditor, should give information relating to the following:

· Verification of Company Documents

A reputable company should have all the licenses and company registration documents. They form some of the basic documents that define a company.

Besides, the factory in China should have certifications of quality compliance (where necessary) and certificates for registered patents if they have any.

· Main Production Area

Factory auditor in China should evaluate the product manufacturing area. It should include and not limited to:

  1. Production machines and equipment
  2. Process flow
  • Safety in the production area
  1. Production capacity
  2. Availability of workforce at all levels including professionals, skilled and non-skilled
  3. Sources of raw material
  • In-house production procedures
  • Outsourcing components, equipment, skills, etc.

Basically, the factory audit in China should focus on all factors that affect the production process. Whether it affects it directly or indirectly, the factory auditor in China should include that in the report.

· Warehousing

The company should have a proper warehouse for its raw materials and finished products.

Lack of proper storage will compromise the quality of the final product. For instance, it could be products that must be stored in a controlled environment, or requires specific conditions.

Factory audit in China must assess all the possible storage conditions.

· Quality Control Systems

Does the manufacturer has proper quality control systems?

Do they work with third parties to ensure compliance and conformity?

A good factory should have comprehensive in-house quality control (QC) system. Remember, quality control starts when the factory sources for raw materials, production through to the final product.

Besides, the company should have a well-equipped testing laboratory.

Also, R&D is a critical team here. They help the company develop new ideas.

· Experience & Expertise

How long has the factory been in the industry?

Does the company has an experienced professional team?

Are there any complaints or quality concerns about the company?

What do other clients say about the company?

Well, these are some of the most fundamental questions a factory auditor must ask.

Basically, a factory audit in China will give you a rough idea of what you expect from the manufacturer. Of course, the factory auditor in China should provide a complete report, including pictures and analysis.

Remember, this is an important report since it determined whether to partner with the company or not.

Q: What are the Stages in Product Inspection in China?

Quite a number of product importers from China find themselves at crossroads when it comes to the exact point when product inspection should start.

Get this clear today:

Product inspection in China is a continuous process. It should start from sourcing raw material to the point where you get the final product.

However, to make the product inspection process easy and straight forward, it should focus on the following:

Product inspection stages

Product inspection stages – Courtesy of Quality Inspection

Stage 1: Initial Production Inspection

It involves checking the quality of the raw material and the first samples of the production process.

Product inspection during this early stage will help identify errors or problems in time. Obviously, it is cost effective to make adjustments in the production process to meet your specific needs.

Stage 2: Pre Production Inspection

Before the factory starts mass production, it is important to verify quality and other vital aspects of the products.

At this stage, you need to confirm whether the product meets specifications. It should be in terms of quality, dimensions, compliance requirements, production schedule, and cost, among other vital aspects.

Stage 3: Product Inspection during Production Process

You need to verify the quality of the products during the production process. Through this, you can identify any deviations that can occur after stages 1 and 2.

It involves verifying all parameters such as dimensions, weight, appearance, assembly process, compliance, etc.

Of course, you can inspect products in batches.

Here are more resources you can learn from:

Stage 4: Product Inspection before Shipping Process

It aims to ensure the products meet the exact specifications of the manufacturer.

Normally, it evaluates whether there are any parameters that could have changed during storage in the warehouse. Besides, it ensures that the manufacturer has used the correct packaging method.

COSCO Shipping

COSCO Shipping

Remember, it is an extensive process that ensures products maintain their required status before loading into the shipping container.

Q: Where can I Find Product Inspection Companies in China?

Well, there are many companies out there that provide product inspection and factory audit in China.

You can scroll to the top section of this page. There is a list of best 100 product inspection and factory audit companies.

They will help you get the right product supplier or manufacturer in China.

Alternatively, you can do a random search on the internet. Just use the right search terms such as “product inspection companies in China,” “China factory inspection services,” or “inspection agencies China.”

Q: How Long Does Product Inspection and Factory Audi in China Take?

First, even before discussing the timeframe, it is important to note that there are a number of factors determining how product inspection and factory audit will take.

Some of the main factors that determine the time frame include:

  • The number of factories you want to source your good from – more companies will require additional time for both factory audit and product inspection in China.
  • Size of the factory
  • Quantity of products to inspect in China
  • Type or nature of goods to inspect
  • Nature of product inspection or factory audit in China – random inspection and audit will take a shorter time than a comprehensive one.

Whether you’re going for random or comprehensive product inspection, you must notify the company early enough. This is to give the company time to prepare for both the factory audit and product inspection in China.

For instance, there are companies that will require you to give a 7 or 14 days’ notice.

In most cases, for random product inspection in China, there are companies that can accomplish the work within 24 to 48 hours.

However, for comprehensive product inspection and factory audit in China, it can take 48 hours to 1 week, or even more. It will depend on the various parameters listed above.

By the end of each process, you should expect a detailed report about the production inspection and factory audit.

Q: Which Information Makes Up a Product Inspection and Factory Audit Reports?

For product quality inspection in China, your report will include information or parameters that define the quality of your goods.

It will include:

  • Product specifications such as dimensions, weight, capacity, etc.
  • Functional testing
  • Workmanship
  • Compliance with relevant standards and regulations,
  • Material type
  • Labels
  • Surface finish, etc.

On the other hand, factory audit in China report will have the following key components:

  • Information regarding the legal existence of the company
  • Safety and social compliance of the company
  • Factory production
  • Information about management
  • Factor’s quality control framework

Mostly, the company doing the product inspection and factory audit in China will present the report in PDF. It will also include pictures, statistics, or video recording where applicable.

Q: Why Should I Hire China Quality Control Inspection Services?

Hiring quality control inspection service provider based in China has many benefits such as:

  • Quality control service provider in China knows the country well and can easily access the factory.
  • You don’t have to worry about the language barrier since they speak Chinese
  • It will save you time and money
  • There’s a high chance that you will get competitive prices for the service
  • They understand the Chinese laws and quality compliance procedures

In short, the local quality control inspection providers in China will be a bridge between you and the factory in China.

It is for this reason that even the international product inspection company such as SGS has its office in China.

Even if you have to hire a quality control inspection service provider in your country, they need to collaborate with a company based in China.

Q:  Suppose I have my Quality Control Team, Do I Need Third-Party Quality Control Team?

Yes, third-party quality control team still play an integral role here.

They will help you arrive at a non-biased decision during product inspection and factory audit in China.

You see, there are times when the supplier or manufacturer may wish to conceal certain problems simply to avoid making losses.

Similarly, as a buyer, you may not have the knowledge and understanding of certain aspects. This could be due to inadequate training.

This is exactly the gap a third party quality control company will fill during product inspection in China.

Remember, a third-party quality control company is an independent institution that will offer:

  1. Added oversight ensuring the product meets the exact specification and requirements.
  2. Reduces risks associated with biased quality inspection in China, which may be due to the factory or buyer.
  • Helps in improving product quality by bringing on board professional, independent, and experienced quality control team.
  1. Eliminates or reduces the risk of having defective products
  2. A high degree of flexibility in product inspection

Third paty inspection companies

Third party inspection companies

From experience, you should hire third-party inspection companies whenever you’re:

  • Dealing with a new factory or supplier
  • In need of identifying defects or problems in time
  • Having recurring quality issues with products
  • Buying high-end products such as industrial machinery, expensive electronics

Here is a list of Third Party Inspection Companies in the World.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Product inspection and factory audit in China is not an easy process.

It is teamwork that requires patience, consistency, trust, and accuracy. Otherwise, you may end up spending a lot of money importing from China, only to get nil returns.

Whether you talk of strict quality control, factory inspection, product inspection, or factory audit, they all complement one another.

Therefore, if you’re a serious buyer, you must take all these into consideration when importing from China.

It’s this simple – adhere to strict product inspection and factory audit in China procedures, or lose your investment.

Q: Which Information Should I Provide when Booking for Product Inspection and Factory Audit in China?

Once you hire a product inspection and factory auditing company in China, they will give you a list of what they need.

However, in most cases, they will request for:

  • Details about your company
  • Information about the factory or supplier (Just the name and contact person is enough)
  • Purchase order or items you want to import from China
  • Technical information about the product you want to purchase
  • Expected quality standards specifications
  • Quantity of products to inspect
  • Contact information

With this information, your quality control service provider in China can go ahead to start the process.

Q: When I Contact the Quality Inspection Company in China, will I Talk to Inspector Directly?

In most cases, no.

The product quality inspection company in China or factory audit service provider in China is likely to assign a specific technical support team or account manager for you.

Your dedicated technical support team or account manager will take you through every process and will keep you up to date in every process. That is from the time you contact the quality control team in China, through to product inspection, submitting a report, and after the inspection process.

However, in case you want to talk directly to the product inspector in China, they will facilitate the process.

Also, if you have questions after submitting the report, the technical support or account manager will assist you.

Q: Who Takes the Responsibility of the Product Inspection and Factory Audit Report?

It is the product inspector in China or factory auditor in China who is responsible for all the finding of the report.

Pre shipment sample report

Pre-shipment sample report – Courtesy of China Quality Inspection

However, if they were working in collaboration with your quality inspection and auditing team, then everyone will be responsible.

However, it is not the responsibility of the China quality control service provider to make decisions for you. They will only advise depending on their findings on the report.

Q: Should I do the Shipment Inspection?

Yes, you must.

Through shipment inspection, you will save money and time. This is because you will assess the quality of products and the necessary packaging procedures.

Packaging copper nickel pipes

Packaging copper nickel pipes

Remember, poor handling of goods may cause extensive damage to your products during shipping.

You should ensure the products you’re importing from China are fully protected from the hostile weather conditions.

Q: What are the Common Defects of Imports from China?

Well, it’s nearly impossible to point out a specific problem.

Defects vary from one manufacturer to another, depending on the quality control procedures in place.

However, for electronics, you may find malfunctioning of the IC, boards, LED, and incorrect wiring. On the other hand, varying color shades, inconsistent edges or welding, and improper labeling are common defects.

Remember, all these defects will interfere with the product in one way or the other. Take for example, in the case of machines; they may not function properly.

As a rule of thumb, ensure the product serves the intended purpose.

Q: What Quality Standards Do Chinese Product Inspection Use?

Honestly, there are many standards for different products and global markets.

For example, standards for pharmaceutical machines are different from those of the textile industry.

It is for this reason that you need to hire a third-party inspection company in China, who understands the industry. With that, you will never go wrong.

In most cases, you will find a product inspection company in China who specialize in testing specific products. For example, the company may focus on:

  • Building material testing
  • Textile testing
  • Wooden material testing
  • Electrical and electronic products testing

Now, depending on the type of products and the intended market, the quality testing standard may vary. It is for this reason that you need to be clear on the product quality standards in your region before importing from China.

Let’s look at some common examples:

  1. Building materials must be asbestos-free and conform to ISO quality standards
  2. Furniture should conform to ISO/TC 136
  • Textile should not have AZO dyes and formaldehyde
  1. Electronic products should be RoHS, FCC, CE, ASTM, LVD, IEC, EMC, RED, UL, WEEE Directive, and REACH Directive compliant.
  2. Pharmaceutical machines must comply with cGMP, CE, and ASTM standards, just to mention a few.

Quality marks on battery

Quality mark on the battery

In a nutshell, what does this imply?

There are various standards and directives that determine whether the product you’re importing from China meets the minimum safety threshold.

Normally, it is important to be specific when it comes to this so that the product inspection company does not make any mistake.

Of course, to confirm some of these results, they will work with various product testing laboratories in China.

Third party product inspection in China service providers may partner with:

  • Third party testing laboratories such as Intertek, Bureau Veritas, TUV Rheinland or SGS
  • Mid-size international laboratories
  • Local laboratory
  • Internal laboratory in the factory
  • Laboratory owned by the inspection company

Now, whichever option you go for, ensure the testing facility adheres to the international testing standards. It is only through this that you will get reliable quality testing results you can trust.

Q: What Quality Certification Markings Should I Look for when Importing from China?

Like the standard specification, certification marking will depend on the type of products you’re importing from China.

Besides, it will depend on where you intend to take the product.

For example, all electronics must have UL, CE, and CCC marking amongst others. On the other hand, for pharmaceutical instruments, you will see additional marking such as cGMP.

Laptop charger inspection

Laptop charger

Well, the certification marking is an indication that a particular product has passed all the quality, safety, and performance tests. However, having the markings printed on the product is not enough.

You should ensure that the company is actually certified and authorized to have such markings on their products.

In the recent past, there have been instances where companies manufacturing counterfeit products use such markings.

Therefore, the company should provide quality certificates, which you should verify if they are authentic or not.

It is for this reason that a factory audit in China, alongside subsequent product inspection and testing, is a must.

Through such inspections and audits, you will know whether the products meet the necessary quality standards or not.

Q: Can You Tailor Product Inspection and Factory Audit in China According to my Requirements?

Why not?

Whenever you’re importing from China, obviously you have some goals and objectives. Or, you could be having some specific needs for your clients.

It is for these reasons that you must specify the various service tests you want to perform. Therefore, a good company should conduct tests according to your special requirements.

Q: How Can Product Inspection and Factory Audit in China Benefit Amazon FBA Sellers?

Amazon FBA adheres to strict quality control in terms of product authenticity and quality.

It is for this reason that you must conduct strict product inspection and factory audit in China.

For instance, violating the intellectual property policy or materially different product condition may be catastrophic. That is, Amazon may:

  • Cancel all your listings
  • Block, suspend or limit you from listing products
  • Block/suspend the ability to sell on Amazon
  • Withhold payments
  • Remove your Amazon FBA inventory

Clearly, you can see how maintaining quality standards is critical when you’re an Amazon FBA seller.

As a rule of thumb, focus on quality first before selling on Amazon.

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