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Importing Shoes from China
Importing Baby Shoes from China 1
Importing Baby Shoes from China

China is a leading global sourcing marketplace in the world. It has more than a hundred thousands suppliers. Import wholesale baby shoes from China is the best choice you could make. Verified and experienced baby shoes manufacturers are in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangsu. These suppliers guaranteed you a high-quality baby shoe product. But don’t forget to double check the certifications for safety.

Importing Kids Shoes from China
Importing Kids Shoes from China

Finding your best selection kids shoe manufacturers is not that easy. But in China, there are certified and professional kid shoe suppliers for many years. Mostly these manufacturers are in Fujian and Guangdong. They update new and latest designs of kid shoes. Perfect for your wide range of shoe product needs today.

Importing Canvas Shoes from China
Importing Canvas Shoes from China

Canvas shoes were made of high-quality canvas fabric, comfortable, breathable. This type of shoe suitable for walking, running, and most outdoor activities. Import canvas shoes from verified top qualified Chinese manufacturers. Certified safe trading B2B, produce canvas shoe products at best prices. Various selected Chinese canvas shoe brands are prepared for you to choose. Selection of a wide range of products has provided.


Importing Leather Shoes from China
Importing Leather Shoes from China

China’s leather shoe industry maintained a growth trend in the previous year. One of the largest leather shoe manufacturers in China are in Guangdong area. These suppliers manufactured high-quality leather shoe with competitive price. They implemented a new standard for all leather shoes and boots, with uppers made of genuine leather, man-made. So you can guarantee its excellent quality products.

Importing Sport Shoes from China
Importing Sports Shoes from China

Sports shoe brands in China continue to fly off the shelves. Excellent suppliers of this shoe type are from Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangsu. Such top quality suppliers offer the best sports shoe without premium prices. These experienced manufacturers have been trusted for over years of manufacturing.

Importing Flat Shoes from China
Importing Flat Shoes from China

Reliable flat shoes products in China mostly in Guangdong and Zhejiang.  Finding these verified suppliers can help you save your time and cost. Shopping these huge selections of flat shoes from the best brands can be a good start for your businesses. This manufacturer provides high-quality products and best flat shoes for women that can be guaranteed for your flat shoe needs.

Importing Court Shoes from China
Importing Court Shoes from China

Guangdong and Jiangsu are top court shoe manufacturers in China. These certified Chinese court shoe manufacturers provide high-quality court shoe products in best price. Also offers a wide range of court shoe products. Guaranteed customer services for over years in the manufacturing industry.

Importing White Shoes from China 1
Importing White Shoes from China

White shoes are a trend shoe nowadays, the most manufacturer in China of this product is in Guangdong. They used all accessories in the best they can do. Guaranteed of their high-quality products at its reasonable price. Importing wholesale white shoes is perfect for your shoe shop and retailers.

Importing High heel Shoes from China
Importing High-heel Shoes from China

High-heeled shoes are more popular than ever, women love wearing this type of shoe. In China, Guangdong has the most certified manufacturers of a high-heel shoe. Importing from this supplier helps you save money, time, and efforts of the process. Thus, these top quality factories are expert of the services for many years.

Importing Wedding Shoes from China
Importing Wedding Shoes from China

Finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes for your gown is getting easier at all. We’ve got hundreds of gorgeous shoes at amazing prices. Wedding shoes manufacturing in China, mostly in Zhejiang and Guangdong. These factories provide hundreds of gorgeous shoes at amazing prices.

Importing boots from China
Importing Boots from China

In China, you will find most suppliers and manufacturers of boots in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shandong provinces. But there were also experience manufacturers based on different provinces. You will see latest, trendy boots styles in different sizes, patterns and prints. Bansar can help you find the best provider of boots that meet your business requirements.

Importing Sneakers from China
Importing Sneakers from China

Importing sneakers from China could be much easier when someone lends a help. Bansar, as a professional freight forwarder, we are very much familiar with all the manufacturers and suppliers of certain products. Manufacturer of Shoes, particularly sneakers can be mostly found in Fujian province. There are many suppliers based there that we can recommend for you.

Importing Lace up shoes from China
Importing Lace-up shoes from China

If you want to import lace-up shoes for men and women, then China is the right place to be. Here, you can find a lot of manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality lace-up shoes suitable for your business. You can find a range of lace-up shoes, prints, design, premium-materials and so on. Enjoy extremely convenient as we will handle the shipping with ease.

Importing Jelly shoes from China
Importing Jelly shoes from China

Source a large selection of jelly shoes from leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it. Reliable suppliers are mostly based in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. You can avail jelly shoe products at competitive prices. Light, beautiful, cost-effective jelly shoe ideal for wholesale purchasing.

Importing Running Shoes from China
Importing Running Shoes from China

Are you looking for reliable and experience running shoes manufacturer and supplier? China is the best place. Manufacturers utilize quality materials when manufacturing running shoes. You can find different styles, colors, sizes, ideal for boys and girls. Buy high-quality running shoes at cheaper prices.

Importing Climbing Shoe from China
Importing Climbing Shoe from China

Import climbing shoes from top-leading Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. These manufacturers offer various high-quality climbing shoes at the best prices. Most of them can be found in Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Shandong provinces. Source durable and exceptional climbing shoes for your store/ businesses.

Importing Skate Shoe from China
Importing Skate Shoe from China

If you want to import skate shoes in China but you’re not familiar with how to find the best suppliers, then you must be in the right place. We are a professional freight forwarder with more than 10 years in the business. We are much familiar with the reliable, verified skate shoe manufacturer and supplier. We can recommend the best skate shoe partner you can rely upon.

Importing Brogue Shoes from China
Importing Brogue Shoes from China

Whether you nee brogue shoes for your business on any project, you must find the right partner in China. You will see competitive, strong-built enterprises, manufacturers and suppliers of brogue shoes. Perfect for business purposes. Bansar will help you find the best suppliers who offer the best services.

Importing Soccer Shoes from China
Importing Soccer Shoes from China

Import soccer shoes from China or wholesale high-quality soccer shoes is not that easy. You must select the certified suppliers and manufacturers. Most of them are based in Fujian provinces. ISO9001 certified company ensure safe and quality production. In China, you are in the right place to import soccer shoes.

Importing High tops Shoes from China
Importing High tops Shoes from China

Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Guangdong are top provinces in China that have reliable and professional suppliers and manufacturers. There you will find a large selection of high-quality high top shoes. Leading China suppliers will surely meet your requirements. 100% factory price guaranteed.

Need Bansar to Handle Your Shoe Shipping from China?

Shoes Sea Freight Shipping from China
When costs are your primary concern and time is not a factor, sea freight services is the best choice for your shoe orders.
Shoes Air Freight Shipping from China
Air freight service is best for your urgent shoe shipments. Also offers the advantage of a high level of security, as the airport safety controls over cargo are tightly managed.
Shoes Rail Freight Shipping from China
Moving shoe shipments by rail is increasingly the most cost-effective way of transporting freight. Offers many advantages you, including reliability, speed and can also help reduce congestion.
Shoes Door to Door Shipping from China
Door to door shipping can deliver your shoe shimpents safe, on time, with competitive freight cost

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The Ultimate FAQ guide for Importing Shoes from China

China is the principal sourcing market place worldwide.

It has thousands of suppliers who sell all types of shoes.

The following is a FAQ guide for importing shoes from China prepared to help you make better-informed decisions for your business.

Import from China

What do you need to consider before you start importing shoes from China?

There are several things you need to consider.

I will highlight the main ones below:

  • You need first to find out if it is possible to import shoes from China to your country. This will help you also to identify your import rights.
  • You need to ensure that you have conducted extensive research that will give you a sufficient understanding of your niche.
  • You need to find a supplier from the available import sites. There are various sites such as Aliexpress, Alibaba, etc. that have suppliers either importing large-scale or small-scale. It is essential that you do thorough research on which is most favorable for you.
  • Search for taxation and duty. This will help you to know the terms and agreements of importation of shoes in your country. Different countries have different terms and protocols that will determine the taxation amounts and customs clearance process.
  • Identify a credible custom broker. Having a credible custom broker is essential since it will help you deal with the customs and taxations.
  • Why should I choose to Import shoes from China?

    Most importantly, you need to know that China’s footwear industry is still the world’s leading footwear exporter despite experiencing stiff competition from Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam.

    The country has a vast manufacturing base with countless opportunities for startups and small businesses.

    Most Chinese shoe manufacturers are situated in the eastern provinces of Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang.

    Nonetheless, the majority of Chinese shoe and footwear suppliers are not mainly focusing on exporting to established markets, including the USA, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

    Therefore, it is a suitable source of supply for your business options.

    Which is the most suitable procedure for importing shoes from China?

    It is essential that you find out the particular details for the shoes you want to import from China.

    For you to start importing shoes from China, you must understand the kind of shoes demanded in your country.

    For example, shoes with a rubber sole, sports shoes, leather sole, etc.

    You also have to define your order.

    Chinese manufacturers have specific details such as the type of shoe, the materials used, the size, the color, etc.

    In particular, for first-time importers, you may also need to do a consultation.

    IT is crucial to visit the factory and inspect the goods either in person or through a trusted agency.

    This is to ensure that the amount, standard, and packaging is favorable.

    You will then arrange the import orders.

    At this stage, you have to look at the quotation of the shoes and negotiate the suitable price that will favor you.

    Second, you may opt to have a sample sent, but the exporter must have registered with the appropriate Export Promotion Council who will mark that the sample is not for sale.

    This will be followed by you making an order of the shoes that you want to import with all particulars such as size, color, amount, etc.

    At this stage, you should follow up on the execution of orders.

    At this juncture, you have to review all aspects of supply chain management.

    First, you need to look at the international shipping procedure, custom clearance, local transportation, packaging, and shipment.

    It will help you to get the best from the procedure.

    Second, you need to review the pre-shipment inspection and do a quality check based on the pre-shipment checklist.

    PS: Here are the top 100 inspection companies in China you can choose.

    Lastly, you need to ensure that all the formalities and documentation are checked thoroughly to ensure mitigation of risks and your transactions.

    Proper record keeping and documentation is crucial.

    The payment depends on the terms of the contract, and it has to be cleared before the shipment.

    It is important that when the shipment reaches the tour destination, you have the necessary documents that will help you to clear with the customs.

    What types of shoes are available in China?

    Before you start importing shoes, you must define your niche.

    In China, there is a different type of shoes sold at both retail and wholesale.

    Different manufactures deal with different certifications that allow them to make different shoe products.

    The following are the most common types of shoes available in China for import purposes:

    a) Kids Shoes

    Kids Shoes

    If you have already established that you want to import baby shoes in China, there are experienced and verified manufacturers for this niche such as Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Fujian.

    These suppliers are known to provide high-quality products.

    It is crucial to deal with professional and certified suppliers with a constant update for modern designs.

    These companies are the most recommended since they will provide a wide range of baby shoes that will cater to your needs.

    b) Canvas shoes

    Canvass Shoes

    These shoes are designed from top-quality canvas fabric, breathable, and comfortable.

    In this niche, it is vital that you make sure there is demand for running, walking, and outdoor activities shoes in your country.

    There are available top-qualified Chinese manufacturers that have these types of shoes.

    Certified safe trading B2B have canvas shoes with the best prices.

    Different Chinese canvas shoe products are organized for you to choose the best product for you.

    c) Leather shoes

    Leather Shoes

    The leather shoe industry in China is popular with an increasing growth trend over the years.

    In the Guangdong area in China, there are plenty of manufacturers who have high-quality leather shoes at affordable prices.

    If you want to import these types of shoes, these manufacturers have a standardized quality for leather shoes ensuring they are human-made and use genuine leather.

    You are guaranteed to get excellent quality products.

    d) Sports shoes

    Sports Shoes

    After determining that you want to deal with sports shoes, it is essential to ensure you reach out to credible suppliers such as Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang. These suppliers will offer the best quality at premium prices just for you. There have a reputation over the years and have sufficient experience.

    e) Flat shoes

    Flat Shoes

    To import reliable flat shoes, you need to reach out to Zhejiang and Guangdong manufacturers.

    These are verified suppliers that will help you save on both cost and time.

    If you shop from their vast selections of flat shoes, you will get a good brand that will boost your business.

    These manufacturers are known to produce high-quality products for women, and they are guaranteed to fulfill the needs of the end-user.

    f) Court shoes

    Court Shoes

    In this niche, you need to use Jiangsu and Guangdong manufacturers since they are certified and have a reputation for providing top-quality court shoe. They have guaranteed customer service and produce a wide range of shoe products.

    g) White Shoes

    White Shoes

    These types of shoes are a popular trend and the most reputable manufacturer in Guangdong for these types of shoes.

    The manufacturer uses all accessories and offers high-quality products at affordable prices.

    h) High-heel shoes

    High-heel shoes

    The popularity of high-heel shoes has increased over the years with more women showing love for wearing them.

    In China, the most certified manufacturer is Guangdong.

    Using the right supplier will save you efforts of the procedure, time, and money.

    Therefore, look for the top quality manufacturers that are professionals in the provision of services.

    i. Wedding shoes

    Wedding Shoes

    If you have defined your market niche to deal with wedding shoes, it is important you provide the perfect manufacturer.

    In China, Guangdong and Zhejiang shoe manufacturers are mostly known to offer gorgeous shoes at the best prices.

    There are other types of shoes that you may have demand for depending on your market demand such as boots (special use), gym shoes, hiking shoes, materials, parts, and semi-finished products, men’s shoes, running shoes, sandals, slippers, sneakers, training shoes, and women’s shoes.

    It is crucial you do thorough research for your identified niche and find the most qualified suppliers for you.

    The suppliers may have minimum requirements such as the numbers, the sizes, the colors, etc.

    Therefore, you have to be very careful to choose the right supplier.

    Is there an import duty on the shoes from China?

    Import Duty

    Absolutely but it depends on the destination country and the value of the shoes.

    Different countries have different customs policy and taxation.

    You have to find out the procedure, terms, and agreement in your country.

    The shipping agent that you use will also help you deal with taxation and customs.

    For the first time importers, it is vital to use agencies that are credible and trustworthy.

    For example, in the USA, different legal acts regulate different kinds of footwear.

    Although there does not exist a single standard applying to all kinds of footwear, business importing Protective or Children’s footwear must familiarize with these  Federal acts and standards:

    • ANSI Z41-1991 American National Standard for Personal Protection: Protective Footwear.
    • ANSI Z41-1999 American National Standard for Personal Protection: Protective Footwear.
    • ASTM F-2413-2005 Standard Specification for Performance Requirements: Protective Footwear.
    • Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA): Children’s Footwear.
    • STM F-2412-2005 Standard Test Methods for Foot Protection: Protective Footwear.

    The easiest way of importing products from China and all countries is through B2B websites.

    They have many sellers, buyers as well as facilities to send the product to the buyer in the original quality.

     What is the paperwork requirement necessary for importing?

    You will need to ensure that in your country, the necessary documents are retrievable.

    The most common documents include Bill of lading/airway bill; Certificate of origin; Commercial invoice; Import license; Inspection certificate; ISM (Imports Standard Mark) certificate and Packing list.

    Import license

    The process for import trade varies from state to state, subject to the statutory requirements, import policy, and customs of various countries.

    The importer has to ensure that the payments for the imports are made in the currency of the exporting country, China.

    How is the buyer protected while importing the shoes?

    This is a game changer question that has led to increased protection mechanisms for you.

    There are various ways in which you are protected.

    In the digital world, there exist different websites such as Alibaba, eWorldTrade, Global sources, Manta, Made in China and dhgate, etc. which are very useful in finding the best suppliers, manufacturers, importers, exporters, buyers, products, wholesalers and trade leads.

    They make it easier for people to get the information they need and have put safety mechanisms that aid in minimizing scoundrel people with malicious intent.

    For example, there is usually a trade assurance mark that is available for the suppliers to help you to distinguish the trustworthy and scoundrel suppliers.

    Additionally, different companies such as Alibaba have put in place a verification tag to assure you of the credibility of the supplier.

    Alibaba also has services such as the Alipayescrow service that aids in removing the fraudster suppliers from its site.

    How long does it take to ship imported shoes from China?

    It will depend on various factors such as your country and precise location, the available shipping method, and the supplier.

    Therefore, the period that will take for you to get your items will be based on estimation after considering all the factors.

    The good news is that Google maps can help you and the supplier estimate the distance thus determines the time.

    Thanks to tracking technology, it is also possible to track the shipment.

    You can choose ship your shoes via sea freight, air freight, railway freight for express shipping based on the number of your orders.

    How do I determine the most favorable shipping company from China?

    You will have to do thorough research to determine which shortlisted companies are known to give quality shipping services in your country.

    You also have alternatives; you can opt for either shipment by air or by sea.

    There are popular companies that offer shipping services to many countries such as China ocean shipping company (COSCO), Hapag Lloyd, etc. When choosing the company, you should also consider the pricing.

    Is it advisable to use a sourcing agent when I want to import shoes from China?

    Best 10 sourcing agent in China

    Yes, it is advisable.

    However, you must take precautionary measures for due diligence before reaching out to an agent.

    In particular, consider their experience, professionalism, credibility, market knowledge, and good communications.

    These are the indicators that define a suitable sourcing agent.

    It is important to find the right support in your effort to import shoes from China.

    There are many possibilities of purchasing one product from various suppliers who have different qualities with varying price range; therefore, it is advisable to have professional guidance to avoid difficulties in the inspection and shipment of products.

    It will save effort, money, and time.

    What do I look for in a supplier?

    There are four main things you have to look for that is the credibility of the supplier, the quality options, minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements, and shipping options.

    The credibility of the supplier can be achieved through research on the reputation of the company.

    Most of the credible suppliers have websites where their details and their customer reviews can be identified.

    You have to be very thorough and use a well-known supplier.

    A mistake that most first time importers do is only to consider ricing.

    This has misled many people and led to losses.

    Therefore take all precautionary measures and consider all aspects of the business.

    You can determine the quality options through the quality management systems certification of the company.

    Additionally, review the terms set out by the supplier in their specification documents.

    For example, a specifications sheet may include the top materials used in manufacturing the shoe, lining materials, insole, outsource, insole thickness, Pantone colors, size, etc.

    These are crucial details that can help you to understand your target market better.

    The MOQ can be per order, color, and size.

    Different suppliers have different MOQ.

    It is essential that you review the MOQ depending on your budget and financial capabilities.

    The two common shipping options are Freight or ships.

    The container cargo also has FCL (Full container load) or LCL (Lessened Container load) depending on the quantity or urgency.

    FCL is the best option for a large purchase, but LCL is suitable for small purchases since it is shared amongst different suppliers.

    You need to have the knowledge of shoe regulations in your country for restrictions, labeling, document safety requirements, fiber compositions, etc.

    The cornerstone of importing regulations is to ensure that the products are safe.

    Therefore, adhering and following the right process remains vital since it will save you time and efforts at the clearance stage.

    What is the difference between wholesale and retail imports?

    Wholesalers work in the logistics business.

    If you are a wholesaler, you import goods from countries abroad and then resell the good in your country’s local markets to earn profits.

    As a wholesaler, it is easy to find proficient Chinese manufacturers, suppliers and then imports their goods and sells them for profits.

    On the other hand, retailers work in the customer service business.

    If you are a retailer, you import products in small quantities to customers for use and not for resale of the product.

    As a retailer, you must meet the customers’ needs, selections, convenience, and preferences.

    Wholesale is a good option if you order shoes in large volumes and huge quantities, and then import it through shipping and cargo.

    Retail is a good option if you want fast and timely delivery and then import by flight (which is expensive).

    What is the best import option, should I do retail or wholesale?

    Importing shoes in retail and wholesale are not the same business disciplines.

    There are a few things that you need to clarify before choosing to import shoes using either the retail model or wholesale model.

    These are:

    • Ensure that there is a local market for imported shoes.
    • Ensure the imported shoes are legally permitted in your country and can be easily obtained in the trading market.
    • Determine the import cost by counting all the import taxes, custom duties, and tariff rates.
    • After calculating the import cost, examine the effectiveness of that cost and figure out whether or not the import will be profitable to your business.
    • Find out the risks of importing goods from a specific market.
    • Ensure that the foreign supplier you are working with is reliable.
    • Read and understand the terms and conditions used by importers and exporters of that market.

What are the popular platforms that I can use when importing shoes from China?

To simplify the process of importing or exporting products from markets abroad, there have emerged numerous business portals to conduct trade activities.

The following are some of the rising and successful platforms that you can use:

  • Alibaba: Alibaba has a huge variety of brands, including shoes, clothing, brands, accessories, electronics, etc. Through Alibaba, you can browse through and make deals with many suppliers and importers globally.
  • DHgate: DHGate is a digital platform with the main goal of allowing retailers, wholesalers, and importers to make deals using advanced & innovative methods.
  • ECplaza: ECplaza is a great B2B business site with a large scale of trading leads worldwide.
  • eWorldTrade: operating from the USA, eWorldTrade is a growing digital platform that aims to provide high-quality goods and services quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. It has millions of importers, wholesalers, and retailers of every category of products and goods from the world. The main objective of eWorld Trade is improving and enhancing cross-border businesses and trade.
  • Made-in-China: Made-in-china is internationally renowned suppliers of leads with reliable quality.
  • Manta: Manta provides high-quality leads and reports great marketing challenges.
  • Trade IndiaTrade India offer Business growth and high quality leads produced in India and sold all around the world

There exist other ways, such as a referral from your friends, business associates, or family.

Irrespective, of the platform you choose, ensure that there is sufficient credibility.

Overall, I have mentioned the websites, procedures, factors, and considerations that are most important if you want to import shoes from China.

However, more research is necessary from your end to get the specific requirements for your country.

Best 20 Shoe Manufacturers in China

1 Marcusius

Marcusius is one professional shoe manufacturer in China supplying an extensive line of products. The company produces and supplies casual shoes, dress shoes, crocodile shoes, lizard shoes, and many more. Marcusius also offer wholesale and custom-design products based on specific styles, photos, or samples. Their factory is located in Building C, Qinghuhui Creative Park, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China.


Established in 1997, OLICOM (Jinjiang) Imp & Exp Co., Ltd, also known as Huakai Shoes & Garment Co. Ltd develops the largest variety of shoes. The company mainly operates its business in the USA, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Czech, Argentina, etc. They have been providing strict and responsible quality control, quick and timely delivery services. OLICUM is a golden supplier on internet platforms such as Alibaba and Made-in-China.


Founded in 2007 with its headquarter in Jinjiang City, Fujian, Range Cover became a professional shoe provider in the manufacturing industry. The company is dedicated to providing unique custom shoes, including endless custom options, logo icons, and more. Range Cover has been supplying shoes to big companies, department stores, and others. This company has an annual capacity of 3,000,000 pairs.

4 Y. Jessi Shoes and Accessories

Based in Guangzhou, China, this manufacturing company has been one of the world leaders in PU shoes. The company participates in a various expos like The Canton Fair (China) and Riva Del Garda Fair (Italy). All manufacturing materials are all tested before using for production. Y. Jessi Shoes and Accessories offer products to wholesalers, retailers, and custom factory worldwide.

5 Dongguan GS Shoes

Established in 2016, based in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, company manufacture and develop high-quality shoes and footwear products. Specializing in designing, manufacturing, and exporting products for over 20 years, Dongguan GS Shoes become one of the world’s major manufacturing companies. They manufacture shoes for several shoe brands internationally.

6 AMC Shoes

Dongguan Ai Mei Cheng Shoes Co., Ltd based in Houjie, Dongguan, is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. They are engaged in designing and developing a large range of women’s shoes and kid shoes. AMC Shoes Factory is dedicated to providing strict quality control and customer-oriented service. The company offers a series of advanced technology where the products are developed. Over 18 years of focusing on high-quality shoe production, they obtained ISO9001, BSCI, and WCA certifications.

7 ChangFeng Shoes

Above 22 years of manufacturing experience, ChangFeng Shoes lead to be one of shoe suppliers and exporter in China. The company offers shoe products ideal for various purposes such as a wedding, interview, public speaking, social events, and so on. Since 1996, C&F makes a comfortable, extremely elegant, famous shoe design for all wholesalers and retailers.

8 Luhe Footwear

Luhe Footwear is a leading exporter of high end shoe in China. Over 10 years experience, the company has the capability to fulfil designers’ expectations and visions. Along with dedicated and professional team of workers, they can give professional and creative suggestions to each designer. Luhe Footwear export products to USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and Spain.


Founded in 1992, Li Yuen Group is one of world’s leading producers of safety footwear in China. The company is dedicated in providing complete footwear solutions worldwide. They have advanced technology to do so. Plus, guaranteed perform-well on extreme working environments as material is selected meticulously. As one of China’s reputable supplier, Li Yuen maintain leading position on the market today.

10 Weifang Shuangjie Safety Product Co., Ltd

Located in Weifang City, Shandong, Weifang Shuangjie Safety Product Co., Ltd is a professional large manufacturer of safety shoes. Combining research and development, the company is able to produce innovative outputs. The factory covers about 15,000 sq m and there is about 380 staff. With a production capacity of 12 000 pairs of shoes, they undertake a variety of OEM processing orders.


Otabo, with 50+ manufacturing experience industry, makes the company one of the most reliable sources in footwear manufacturing. They provide full support for every business need, from the material, equipment, to lab testing and quality control. Otabo can ship orders to countries around the globe.


King Order has 4 factories located in different provinces – Tianjin, Anhui, Zhejiang, and Fujiang. There are over 2000 workers as of now and have a range of production equipment. King Order is able to make higher quality safety shoes. As a professional manufacturer, this factory makes sure all shoes meet EN ISO 20345 standards. All safety shoes are exported to European countries, the Middle East, Africa, and the other 35 countries. King Order can produce safety shoes daily of more than 10 000 pairs – men and ladies safety shoes.

13 Hangzhou Jason Footwear

Hangzhou Jason Trading Co., Ltd is located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. It was established in 1998, providing a comprehensive selection of footwear products. As leading export enterprises, the company focus on increasing sales volume. The product range includes male shoes, female shoes, kid shoes like boots, sandals, flats, slippers, and more. They sell products to markets and countries such as Russia, Europe, America, Italy, and South Africa.

14 Relance Shoes

Founded in 2006, Quanzhou Relance Imp & Exp Co., Ltd owned 2 factories – development center and trading company. The company’s main products are running shoes, casual shoes, skateboard shoes, hiking shoes, football shoes, canvas shoes, children shoes, sandals, etc. Specializing in footwear production, Relance is dedicated to bringing quality and trendy shoe products at a more affordable price. This company delivers products in The United States, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

15 Anbu Safety Industrial Co., Ltd

Anbu Safety Industrial Co., Ltd has been in the business since 2002. They have a professional team of experts to produce a wide range of safety footwear and boots. They are focus on these types of shoes, the selection includes work boots, rigger boots, steel toe shoes, steel toe boots, and more. Being an ISO9001-2000 certified company, Anbu Safety Industrial Co., Ltd strictly adhere to quality norms.


As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of footwear in China, Yue Yuen became a well-known name in terms of branded shoes. The international brand of sports shoes and casual shoes like Adidas, Asics, Nike, Puma, Timberland, and Reebok, they are the designer behind it. Also, they are manufacturing quality shoes and sandals for wholesalers and retailers.


Established in 2013, XUJUN focus on quality leather men shoe products. It is a young dynamic team holding full capability to produce fashionable, superior quality and complementary products. Range of products includes suede men shoe, action leather men shoe, and cow scrap leather men shoe. Their main foreign markets are Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, Russia, and Africa.

18 Xiamen Biyate Trading

Located in Fujian Region, Xiamen Biyate Trading manufacture high-quality shoes for wholesale and retail purposes. Their products including LED shoes, sports shoes, canvas shoes, umbrella shoes, rain boots, as well as sandals, and slippers. Minimum order quantities are at least 500 – 10,000 pairs as per order. Xiamen Biyate Trading target markets are Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asian countries.

19 Qingdao Glory Footwear Co., Ltd

Established in 2001, Qingdao Glory Footwear Co., Ltd became one of the best China manufacturers and suppliers of safety shoes. They provide a wide variety of shoes including industrial safety shoes, kitchen safety shoes, office safety shoes, industrial boots, and safety work boots. Glory Footwear provides one-stop services and solutions for your footwear needs and requirements.

20 TrendOne Shoes

TrendOne Shoes, based in Jinjiang, Fujian China, manufacture and develop high-quality shoes and sell globally. The top 3 markets are Europe, America, and Asia. This company is much concerned with sample development and quality control. It has a professional service team – a business team, a QC team, and a documentary team. All work together to increase customers’ satisfaction. Founded in 1999, TrendOne Shoes has over 20 years in the footwear industry.

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