TCI Drill Bits

TCI or tungsten carbide insert is a hard material commonly used in drill bits. These inserts commonly look like a small button on the drill bit’s surface. Therefore, it is also referred to as button bit.

Due to its tungsten carbide inserts, TCI drill bits are extremely hard and wear-resistant. Thus, it can withstand high pressure and temperature during drilling operations.

TCI bits are designed to use both conical and chisel-shaped tungsten carbide inserts. This design maximizes the bit’s cutting ability, allowing it to penetrate rock formations quickly. The bit is also designed with a high cone offset, which further improves its drilling performance.

Generally, TCI drilling bits are designed with two tungsten carbide insert designs including:

Conical.  TCI drilling bits with conical inserts are widely used for foundation drilling, mining, and more.

Chisel. Drilling bits with chisel tungsten carbide inserts tends to be more aggressive compared to conical. Thus, it is ideal for high efficiency drilling operations.

tci drill bits

Advantages of TCI Drilling Bits

Superior Raw Materials. Our TCI drill bits are manufactured using cemented carbide and steel. Thus, you can assure long-lasting service and durability.

Easy to Control. Guaranteed that these bits are easy to control during directional drilling due to its lower torque design.

Reducing Impact Damage. Using TCI drill bits can reduce cutting structure damage to its less impact produced.

Milled-Tooth Vs TCI Drill Bits


Mill-tooth drill bits have steel teeth or inserts that are milled or cut into the bit’s body. These bits are typically used in softer formations such as clay, sand, and shale.

On the other hand, TCI drill bits have inserts made of tungsten carbide that are brazed or welded onto the bit’s body. These inserts are highly wear-resistant and durable. TCI bits are used in harder formations such as limestone, dolomite, and hard sandstone.


Ranking Bit manufactures TCI drill bits that are ideal for different applications including mining, thermal drilling, oil-well drilling, water-well drilling, and more.

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