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Yard Storage: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Probably, you’re wondering what yard storage is all about.

Well, this guide answers all your questions on yard storage.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is A Yard Storage?

It’s a place whereby shipping containers in a trucker are stored in a gated yard.

This happens where the containers might not be delivered to their final destination before their last free day.

Yard Storage

Yard storage

How Much Do You Charge For Yard Storage Services?

We usually charge for the yard storage services depending on the foot unit of the container. But it’s always an average of $20 to $450 per month.

What Types Of Goods Do You Keep On Your Yard Store?

We accept all types of goods so long as they are well preserved and may not cause any damages in the yard stores.

How Do You Qualify For The Yard Storage Services?

Anyone who has the legal documents required and can make payments for the yard storage services is qualified.

Are Your Yard Storage Containers Waterproof?

Yes, our yard storage containers are 100% waterproof, so there is no need to worry.

Our Office Hours And Gate Hours The Same Thing?

Well, office hours are when our yard storage offices are open for business, with the activities such as making payment in person if you wish so and making other official inquiries.

While gate hours are when our clients can access their containers, this will be done after gate clearance to enter the yard storage, no need to visit the office.

What Hours Do You Allow Access to Your Yard Storage?

We allow access to the containers from 10 am to 6 pm. Past 6 pm, no one will be allowed to the storage ward unless you have extended access.

Will You Provide Extended Access for The Yard Storage If Requested?

Yes, we provide extended access for yard storage for our business clients only. But in case you also need extended 24 hours access, with a valid reason, you will be allowed.

We need you to fill the special access hour application form.

You will be responsible for paying background checks for everyone you want to access the yard storage after the gate hours.

How Do You Book A Space For Yard Storage Service?

Booking a space for yard storage is easy and fast too.

You will only book via our website directly, or you can contact our customer care team, who are available 24hours to book the space.

Can You Book A Yard Storage Service In Advance?

Yes, you can book the yard storage services in advance by making a down payment of 25%.

 Yard storage

yard storage

Which Form Of Security Do You Offer For Your Yard Storage Services?

Our form of security to the yard storage is video surveillance and pin access to the yard.

Also, note that most of the managers live on the site of the storage yard for security purposes.

How Can You Tell The Size Of Storage Space You Will Need In The Yard?

We have our managers to guide you through the storage space you may need.

In the yard, or you can opt to use a size guide which we also provide for you to be aware of the storage space you might need.

What Is The Limited Number Of Containers Do You Need In Your Yard Storage?

We do not limit our clients for yard storage services unless the yard storage is full. In which we will refer you to our next nearest yard storage available.

For How Long Should My Container Stay At Your Yard Store?

Okay, our contacts normally run for one month in which you will be renewing monthly if you are interested in staying longer.

Your container may stay as long as you need in the storage yard.

What Are The Rules And Regulations On Your Yard Storage Services?

We have very simple rules and regulations guarding our yard storage. Below are some of the rules you may need to know;

  • Our offices hours are from 9 am- 5 pm from Monday to Saturday
  • The gate hours are strictly 10 am- 6 pm from Monday to Saturday
  • On public holidays and Sundays, we do not operate
  • Any late payment for the yard storage will be penalized
  • Only one vehicle will be allowed at the gate
  • You should assign one or two individuals only to access your container in the yard storage.
  • If you do not have all the required documents, you will not be allowed to use our yard storage services.

What Is The Process Of Terminating The Yard Storage Services?

Well, termination of our yard storage services is quite easy.

You will be required to give a two weeks’ notice and submit the contract letter to our office to be processed.

Offloading shipping container

Offloading shipping container

Do You Cover For Damages Inside Your Yard Storage?

Yes, we will be held responsible for any damages inside our storage yard.

What Does Will happen In Case Of Late Payment For My Yard Storage Services?

We generally have a penalty of 10% on top of your regular service payment in case of any late payment.

What Goods Do You Consider Hazardous For Yard Storage Services?

Explosives, flammable liquids toxic materials are considered hazardous in our yard storage facility.

If you have further questions about then give us a call for clarification.

What Documents Do You Require For The Container To Be Stored On The Yard?

What we need from you to get our yard storage services are;

  • Insurance cover/proof that your goods are insured
  • A national identification cards
  • Copy indicating the type of goods which are inside the container

What Happens If My Container Got Lost In The Yard Store?

We advise you to get insurance cover for such cases, which rarely occur.

But in case the container gets lost, we will investigate and cater for the losses as per the agreement.

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